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  1. More likely to fumble, yes, but I witnessed Cadillac lose the ball 5 times in a single HS game and he did ok at the next level (and the level after that).
  2. Best aggressive running at AU since Kenny Irons IMHO. Kid runs with an attitude. Have to find a way to get him the ball more often! Impressed!
  3. Fedora could be one to watch as new AU OC - his $3M per year buyout from NC would cover any salary concerns from what Gus would be able to offer under his revised contract restrictions. Let NC subsidize our new OC. Just something to keep him connected to the game for another year until he can land another HC gig.
  4. First game to see in person this season and noticed Coynis Miller make a few plays. Very impressive for a FR inside DL. Think he has good potential.
  5. aTm - 23 AU - 24 Not sure I believe this even as I type it.
  6. Apart from the obvious OL woes we are facing, could the QB conundrum being discussed here and elsewhere actually tie back to the subject of coaching philosophy? Case in point - Nick Saban (in a National Championship game mind you) replaces a QB who had lost a total of 1 or 2 gams in his 2 year career with a guy who had never started a college game. The coach was more worried about trying to win a ballgame than being second-guessed by the media for such a radical move. In the case of Gus, he has demonstrated that he can be loyal to a fault when it comes to making bold moves that could be subject challenge by the fans or media should they not pan out as planned “Stubborn” is an adjective that has been used to describe that behavior and it’s hard to argue against it. The real question is “why?” and what it will take to exercise that demon from him. His contract extension may exacerbate the problem, yielding complacency when a sense of urgency is required. Real leaders are also risk takers, willing to take the heat when those risks fail. My fear is that Gus is playing it “safe” right now while all the other coaches are playing as if their jobs depended upon the next game, willing to take the calculated risks to accomplish their goals. But it’s not all on our HC. We as fans have a role to play here, too, by encouraging him to become a bit more of a risk-taker by carefully measuring our reactions in those situations where the risks don’t play out as planned. Because we know that all of those outcomes will not be favorable, even for the best of coaches.
  7. Watched the game from the Bulldog box suites that evening and recall being so embarrassed by our play that the joy of winning escaped me. Cowbells fell silent and the crowd as well. Easily the most boring game I ever watched.
  8. The point was that Worm has higher top end speed. No doubt about that.
  9. Michael Dyer build. Different running style. Higher top end speed.
  10. Bigger get than many will appreciate At this time. His maturity will undoubtedly improve the locker room and development of other QB’s. Really excited about his signing!!!
  11. Perhaps, but I’d be surprised to see a highly rated HS QB who opted to play Pro BB “float” the ball a lot. Could be, but I just doubt it. Would think the failure mode would most likely be quick/quality decision-making, as is the case with many QB’s.
  12. I recall the coaches recruited Cord quite aggressively out of HS and I’m sure they have a good feel for what he can do. And while there may be some physical “rust” to knock off, the additional 2-3 years of mental maturity should more than offset that potential handicap.
  13. Recruiting for a great 7 on 7 squad....
  14. A reasonable way to look at it. Not worries here about weight (or the lack thereof). More about strength, toughness and knowing how to leverage the weight he has (assuming he can keep the ball Off the ground). I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen and wish him well as he establishes his own personal brand in the backfield.