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  1. Search twitter for: Ducasfademup_12 or this @YFBurnna_cmh I think one of those are his twitter handles. Ducasfademup_12 ‏@YFBurnna_cmh 19 Oct AU over A&M YEAAAAAAAAA I can't wait to get there turn up #WAREAGLENATION
  2. I agree...pre-season polls and awards are absolutely pointless. If at the end of the season, AU is the worst team in the SEC, then we make a change. If AU surprises some folks and TB gets things turned around, that's fine by me!
  3. Hard to argue with the pick. One thing I don't agree with is naming a true freshman, that has never played one second of one game, pre-season POY. WTH is pre-season POY anyway?
  4. Dude didn't fit in down here and decided to move back to NJ, I ain't mad at him. I bet if they sent me up to NJ for a week or 2 I'd be finding a bus ticket back to the Plains pretty quick.
  5. Well I'm headed out there Friday am and I can't wait. I like our chances, but I am really looking for soaking up a new college atmosphere and seeing how the folks in College Station do things. All I ask is the same effort we've seen so far this year ('cept the 1st qtr of the LSU game). Proud of our guys and looking forward to a great game.
  6. I've never met him, but from what I hear, Wallace just has that type of personality. Never met a stranger, very charismatic, engaging....natural born leader. Kind of guy you'd want on your team, or running your company, or (I dread the day I have to face this...) dating your daughter.
  7. Shoot me a message if you're interested. Selling for a friend who bought on stubhub and can't go.
  8. I'm interested....we are at the HoJo and it looks like a dump. Is the room a double or single?
  9. Would JaQuay Williams count in this category? I hated to see him go. Granted we have bigger needs on D, but I think JW could have done some damage under Gus and Rhett.
  10. Frats, GDI, Sororities aside....get there early, get loud, stay late. I'll be over in the grown-ups section in the North end zone doing my part. WDE!
  11. Can you imagine what it would have been like if AU was facing a Malzahn coached Arky State team led by Dyer and Oku last week?
  12. Check out the front page of the Mobile Press Register and Birmingham News. #neverforget
  13. Dude, if the shoe fits wear it...if not, just ignore the post. Nobody called you out personally (full disclosure, I was not a frat guy but I definitely cheated a time or two in college, threw up on myself more than once, wore extremely douchy clothes, and acted like a jerk for no apparent reason). Not all fratties are bad guys, but there's some level of truth behind every stereotype....which is why people get so offended by them. I had a ton of friends who were in fraternities...still friends with them to this day. Someone please ship me back to my early 20's in college where my biggest is
  14. No doubt...I'm out there in short and under armour shirt, drowning in sweat about to DIE. I can't even imagine what it would be like in a coat and tie. Then to have some DEW-SHHH fratty with bangs and boat shoes stumble in 5 mins before kickoff and tell me to go get his ditzy GF a sprite to pour her Malibui rum minis in. Ha-yulll NO.
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