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  1. This is embarrassing...why can’t they go after Cristobal or Napier until they get which ever one they can get? Hiring a coach that the fans and students aren’t excited about seems detrimental to our football program.
  2. Please no Kevin Steele. Does anyone believe Bill Clark can recruit against UAt, Clemson, UGA, and UF year after year?
  3. Prayers are being sent for James and your entire family.
  4. I wrote an email to AU's president a few weeks ago regarding Jay Jacobs. I believe if we all send emails/letters to him and the BOT, they will get the message regarding the replacement of Jay and Gus. Our athletes and assistant coaches deserve great leadership from their head coaches and the AD. Once AU has a competent, professional AD, he/she should be able to hire great head coaches and manage a reputable athletic department.
  5. That is wonderful! I hope your brother and family have a great time at the game.
  6. Prayers sent for you and your family
  7. I was embarrassed tonight for our offensive players. They deserve better coaching and game preparation than they are receiving.
  8. So proud of these student athletes!
  9. Praying for Libby and her family
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