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  1. Thank you Zeek! You did a great job today.
  2. I am thrilled that Tank is staying!!!! He should do very well next year.
  3. Mrs Bigsby has a point. It appears that Auburn fans have been brutal in their criticism of certain players last year and this year. Some of us forget that most these players are kids. It is sad to me that fans can’t express their frustrations and disappointment in a nicer manner. What happen to the golden rule?
  4. I agree that Jay Gouge has been an excellent president of Auburn University. I hope the BOT will find a great hire to step in and continue the good work that is being done now at Auburn.
  5. Shaun Shiver is one of my favorite college football players ever! He is a class act and tough as nails. Best of luck to him as he enters the next phase of his life.
  6. I hate this for Bo Nix and the team. When Auburn fans see him on campus or wherever, they should thank him for the successes he did have this season….and wish him well!
  7. This is embarrassing...why can’t they go after Cristobal or Napier until they get which ever one they can get? Hiring a coach that the fans and students aren’t excited about seems detrimental to our football program.
  8. Please no Kevin Steele. Does anyone believe Bill Clark can recruit against UAt, Clemson, UGA, and UF year after year?
  9. Prayers are being sent for James and your entire family.
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