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  1. Once the games start and you are watching on a Saturday in the fall it is beautiful. However, I do agree the challenge is with all the outside noise, crappy rule enforcement, commitment / de-commitment, NCAA, transfers, whiny coaches, cheating, and did I mention favoritism to certain programs.
  2. Thinks that make ya go... burrrrrrrr!
  3. No, is it top half, or bottom half?
  4. No one is sure about the “half” part!
  5. I heard those quotes I would bang my head against the wall after several years of the same ole things! bourbon is helping now!
  6. ...and building quality depth! geez, I hate to even type that I’m so over Gus saying it. The therapy has helped me though!
  7. My personal sports rule. No team goes undefeated unless it is my team!
  8. The 30 for 30 on Miami parts about him are pretty interesting.
  9. "This is a bummer, man. That's a, that's a bummer." -The Dude
  10. The chocolate chip cookie at chick fil a could be one of the best on earth!
  11. I think I’m getting on the Oral train!
  12. This could be career ending, which also could leave out TV roles. Should have known better!
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