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  1. I understand. No one gets to pick their family members!
  2. I was going to post that as well. He died and his beloved turds lost last iron bowl he ever saw! Somehow, that is justice!
  3. I don’t want to be, but will have to invest in more bourbon!
  4. My wife won’t stay home. I am calm until I am not!
  5. I have one of those as well on my Auburn Wall of Fame! All are signed. Bottom left is Chizik, on a recruiting letter.
  6. Ok, I’m sold! Sign em up
  7. Absolutely! He would be a beast with our D staff, and Tuck Fennessee!
  8. Anyone know where he is or what / how he is doing these days?
  9. I believe the Kouandjio brothers is who that was.
  10. Gotta vote for Tennessee game hit for 2 reasons. 1) away game so all the home fans could feel it! 2) runner had steps, and fumbled. Hit, and fumble recovery! I had pleasure of going to the Texas game.
  11. As a Falcons fan it pains me to say you are right. He is good!