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  1. Having all 3 QB's and D.Pierce, and J Ross with equal talent in those positions yearly is WAY more exciting!
  2. It is just another example of their deliriousness!
  3. George Godsey from Houston Texans is now available
  4. Has it been mentioned possibility our new OC is still coaching in NFL playoffs?
  5. I'm done like our offense!
  6. Time for everyone to step up. This game is winnable!
  7. If Gus would open up the O just a bit we can compete with them. We keep being predictable then yeah we got a long night left!
  8. Is Trey Mathews playing?
  9. Just not Chandler Cox Cat, please!
  10. I hope we win, but if we don't we won't get shut out like Blow hi O State!
  11. Hogs! LOL! Couldn't resist!
  12. Urban can go away now hopefully! Sick of ohio state getting passes so many times and laying the egg. This love affair with urban can't stop soon enough!
  13. While I could care less for either team, harbaugh can go suck a pickle!
  14. At this point I think Petrino feasts on lesser competition. His resume against big teams is not overall impressive. He would win NC year after year in lower level most likely. I just don't see him as a top level D1 coach at this point.