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  1. Gus is the definition of insanity!
  2. Well, not all of em! But we still are looking up at ugay, LSU, turds!
  3. Nice, . Enjoy! Having some angels envy myself! nit sure these are strong enough for this!
  4. We can win every game until we don’t!
  5. We dominate the nobody teams, but you are not wrong when we have to step up in class!
  6. Pressure to beat a rival at home! Not Mississippi State!
  7. I hear ya! Ok Gus you said it! Show us all!
  8. I would agree with that! What’s Texas a&m& whatever getting with jimmybo?
  9. That would be Arthur “Digby” Sellers!
  10. Finished the sentence for you
  11. Yeah, and correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we the only team that does this? To me this falls under... if it was so awesome, everyone would be doing it!