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  1. Thank you! ah ha!
  2. Yes, please explain eagles nest forum. I am gold and don’t know how to find whatever it is I’m able to access.
  3. people demand we all believe 2+2=5 Whoa, hold on a minute, when did this happen?
  4. Donation sent. Appreciate the fine work!
  5. Certainly looks that way.
  6. What does it mean when someone says it takes 2 to tango? It Takes Two To Tango is an idiom that can be used in various situations, but the meaning can roughly be boiled down to “the situation happened because both people acted, therefore the blame cannot be placed solely on one person” It is a way of expressing that in a situation involving 2 (or more) people, both parties are equally involved!
  7. They both could bounce back big, and quickly. However, they could have and should have by now. Michigan cannot get past Ohio State, and in some years Wisconsin. Texas loses 2-3 games a year. I don’t feel sorry for either of them, but wish they would pressure OSU and Chokelahoma!
  8. They are the big 10 equivalent of Texas!
  9. She is kinda hot! LOL!
  10. Once the games start and you are watching on a Saturday in the fall it is beautiful. However, I do agree the challenge is with all the outside noise, crappy rule enforcement, commitment / de-commitment, NCAA, transfers, whiny coaches, cheating, and did I mention favoritism to certain programs.
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