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  1. Just our luck they will play their best game of year! They do suck, and we need to remind them of this!
  2. This loser whining mentality is getting old by fan bases! I guess every fan thinks even their mediocre teams should be undefeated! And the Kentucky fans think they should be undefeated forever. They are the Bama of sec b-ball!
  3. You are an idiot! Coach Cal is Lilly white, right! Plus you are just butt hurt! Try this to soothe some of your pain!
  4. Not sure why no one has mentioned Tommy Thigpen! now that’s funny right there!
  5. Agreed! Pearl is building a brand and the program up. Gus is head coach at a major college program, and continues to try to figure out his offense!
  6. I always wondered if they were real though?
  7. You are correct on both fronts I bet. That said, still wonder if he is any other coaches radar.
  8. True. Would be nice if he had been interviewed somewhere by now?
  9. 2 time SB champ & 1st round draft pick is a good start for a coaching career!
  10. You both could be right! I mean who’s to say South Indiana A & M or Central Connecticut State for examples may have wanted to interview CM, but he took staying in SEC!
  11. Bo has to get better at these easy throws
  12. Totally agree. That change has the D on field majority of 1/2 half, and O is ice cold!
  13. Great idea! This should provide opportunity for the TV announcers to talk about Pat, and highlight his play on field, and how he was a great man off the field.