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  1. To me it’s not a dislike for Gus as much as UCF. When they decided to be national champs on their own I then decided to hope they always lose. The winner of the Super Bowl may have 3 losses to 3 other teams. Since those teams beat Super Bowl Champs during season do they get their own Super Bowl Trophy? So I see uCF brat like loser mentality. Back to Gus. Now I know they will always be average with him as HC so there ya go!
  2. Well, it’s when … I got nothing!
  3. I just want to make sure about this. So basically what I’m wondering is… how big is the whiskey bottle you are referring to? 750ML or bigger?
  4. You know the old saying? everyone wanna be a beast till it’s time to do what beasts do!
  5. If UGAY was playing the taliban…well… I’m not sure!
  6. While they do make the playoffs some, the beatings they take brings me joy!
  7. I think he has 1 year, plus COVID year of eligibility left! 😂
  8. That must be her brother’s jersey she’s wearing.
  9. Personally could care less if FSU never wins another game!
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