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  1. Men vs. Florida

    Turnovers! Do I need to say it again?
  2. Men vs. Florida

  3. Men vs. Florida

    Turnovers just like SC game cost them!
  4. Men vs. Florida

    A 17-2 run would be nice!
  5. Gonna be a new sheriff in town, and he will reside in AU backfield!
  6. Al Borges... Gone again

    Somebody needs too. You really can’t make this stuff up!
  7. calling Jalen Hurts the N-word

    He may not be a starter, who knows! He is still A QB!
  8. 2018 3* TE Matt Alaimo

    He probably is already the right size! I thought the discussion was on his ability to catch?😂 cracked myself up!
  9. Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    I paid over face value to get in last week from a season ticket holder. Wished I had waited. I did get fan fest tickets also. That said I haven’t seen a game live in 10 years. Airfare booked hotel booked new auburn shirt bought tickets in hand see ya at the game!
  10. I don’t know if he knew or not, but I believe this. Sandusky was his boss for 5 years! Struggle to believe he did not hear or suspect ANYTHING!
  11. calling Jalen Hurts the N-word

    Regardless of win or lose race should not be involved. The media doesn’t help when discussing QB’s and they have to throw in he’s a black QB when describing one as such. Don’t hear hear that the pitcher is a black pitcher in baseball! He is a QB!