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  1. Or RT! Now that’s funny right there!
  2. I got 1 word for Tar Heel fans... Waaaaahhhhhhh
  3. Well, we just need to get them out. Could be enough! Play D, no E’s, go home champs of regional! Simple!
  4. Great people don’t have school colors! They are just who they are!
  5. Never met either of them, but lived through his voice on radio. I am crying as I type. So sad, and prayers for the remaining family.
  6. And a 50% chance of that happening! 🎲🎰
  7. While I don’t disagree with anything you wrote, I will hold off until after big cat weekend into June. We get into mid summer and progress is minimal then the lack of results will have spoken loud enough.
  8. Only the snowflakes care!
  9. If Zion’s injury last remainder of season I would bet he was sat deliberately without saying as much. Blame the injury, and if anything ever comes out they can say they sat him. Wouldnt surprise me at all!