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  1. Only the snowflakes care!
  2. If Zion’s injury last remainder of season I would bet he was sat deliberately without saying as much. Blame the injury, and if anything ever comes out they can say they sat him. Wouldnt surprise me at all!
  3. It wasn’t in the script! 😂
  4. I cracked myself up, and your response just added to it! Good stuff in a world that sometimes needs to loosen up!
  5. On an unrelated note, where does that smoke come out?
  6. Agree. For example look at Wisconsin / Miami that just ended. Who will have a better offseason? Guessing Wisconsin also, I never have figured out why any team doesn’t show up ready to play a bowl game because it isn’t what they played the entire season for. Should have have a better season to get to a better bowl, or play for championships. Scoreboard is on, practice all year, and for many players they’ll never play again after the bowl game. WTF would you not give 100% for?
  7. Can he take it to the house at any given time? If yes, put him in and let’s find out!
  8. Well look at pettway for example. It appeared he was destined to block for whomever until he was able to breakout. WR for example, only certain ones go deep, and certain ones get screens. Now, maybe the use of the phrase “ pigeon holed” was not as accurate as I was meaning. However, one would like to see RB or WR, or TE get to be more versatile in their respective positions. Now I realize a lot is with CGM, and there is my point. Open it up Gus!
  9. While I agree with Henry being better my point is does Gus really know what he has in HJ? many have argued that sometimes no one is sure if Gus know what he has in many players because he pigeon holes them to a specific role. Walks like a 🦆, talks like a 🦆, then it must be a 🍩 is what I think Gus does sometimes!
  10. I agree and think about how Kam Pettway came on once given a chance. Also, how does Gus really know if he isn’t a Derrick Henry type back?
  11. Exactly. Or an “on field analysist”!