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  1. My wife won’t stay home. I am calm until I am not!
  2. I have one of those as well on my Auburn Wall of Fame! All are signed. Bottom left is Chizik, on a recruiting letter.
  3. Ok, I’m sold! Sign em up
  4. Absolutely! He would be a beast with our D staff, and Tuck Fennessee!
  5. Anyone know where he is or what / how he is doing these days?
  6. I believe the Kouandjio brothers is who that was.
  7. Gotta vote for Tennessee game hit for 2 reasons. 1) away game so all the home fans could feel it! 2) runner had steps, and fumbled. Hit, and fumble recovery! I had pleasure of going to the Texas game.
  8. As a Falcons fan it pains me to say you are right. He is good!
  9. That is idiotic! you probably believe everything you’d read!
  10. Just our luck they will play their best game of year! They do suck, and we need to remind them of this!
  11. This loser whining mentality is getting old by fan bases! I guess every fan thinks even their mediocre teams should be undefeated! And the Kentucky fans think they should be undefeated forever. They are the Bama of sec b-ball!