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  1. Some observations from game 1, through this weeks practice info, and up to now, no Gatewood. not hearing much Pappoe. Where is Britt been. where has Truesdale breakthrough been no Shivers, or Matthew Hill. what am I missing?
  2. Ok, so 3 fumbles from Whitlow. Gus used to sit RB’s when they fumble.
  3. Well, they had lots of interviews, and responding to social media so that takes up valuable practice time!
  4. I mean, it’s got potential! LOFL!
  5. Bystander to this speaking. I can’t agree more about people dissing someone’s kid. I am proud father of an Army soldier, and when I hear people bitching about good in life, family, sports, etc. I can’t help but feel sorry for people that spend time being negative. Momma, please don’t let 1 person, or a few ruin the apple barrel. Every fan base has a lunatic fringe so we are no different. This team gives their all, and I bet everyone would be shocked to see how hard they work! We all want to win, and have “bragging rights” but don’t let wins or losses define who you are! Back to you’re regularly scheduled programming!
  6. Well, it’s in a parallel universe, and that made me chuckle!
  7. We are at zero, and holding!
  8. We can’t score a TD, really?
  9. I’m in Jacksonville. Hate anyone is in the path. Like everyone else we’re waiting for this thing to figure out what the hell it’s gonna do.
  10. That would be some funny shifter.
  11. Hopefully 1 is University of Auburn! We got them!
  12. Or RT! Now that’s funny right there!