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  1. The text said meet me at midfield for a brief meeting. Where is Dr. Roberts?
  2. Agree with that about OL, and in some other areas there was improvement and competitiveness. However, from the growth of a team in a week by week effort from being coached up is what I am referring to. The penalties, fumbling, key missed tackles, etc. Expect any team to show more growth by week 5 than what we showed. If LSUe was top 10 and were coming in hot we would be thinking differently.
  3. The coaches job is to prepare, correct, prepare, teach, prepare, coach, prepare, etc. What makes this whole debacle even harder to watch is the regression of a team effort. My question is now, how does a collection of college football players not progress weekly in some sustainable way? I’ll hang up and listen!
  4. I am more impressed with the desire and heads up play than the actual play. That is an acute sense of awareness few QB’s possess outside of back to pass!
  5. This is the same bag o rocks that proclaimed UCF national champs after beating AU in Chick fil a bowl game. National champs in a non national championship game! No one other than UCF ever proclaimed them that either! There are rakes and shovels, but he is a useless tool!
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