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  1. Those not watching don’t start now. Terrible start!
  2. She will have the same amount of time I do!
  3. He was a hero to me as a kid. Heisman year I was 11. Got an autograph at a Parisian’s with my mom while he was shopping one day. also have this!
  4. I’ve said for a long time that 1 of the greatest things God did was provide mankind a true unconditional love mate. They truly are a person’s best friend!
  5. Speaking of Harsin, I thought he might be part of the pregame panel with Saban! hehehehe!
  6. I agree we could utilize 1 stud LB for sure!
  7. The retired ones I don’t think have good 40 times, their bench press is not as impressive as once was. They get up to pee to much at night, and probably don’t have any eligibility left! LOL
  8. I think you’re right. In my view he would be the best reach / catch out there.
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