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  1. Am I crazy or did Aubie lead out the team in a white Cadillac or was that the Tenn game when we threw oranges
  2. Love me some Eagle Rare. Getting impossible to find
  3. First of all I can’t believe a football thread has gone 6 pages about our coach’s wife and daughters choice of attire. As a grandmother of teenagers “Get Over It”. It’s 2021. Times are changing. I’m not saying I agree with everything the “younger generation” does and believes but I respect their right to express their emotions for lack of a better word. I mean we wore bell bottoms. Really? The team looked good (although Akron) and FOCUSED for 60 minutes. Lets celebrate that. WDE
  4. The obsession with Gus is way overboard. Last I looked Harsin was our coach so has to be Statue of Liberty play
  5. All I can say is may the best man (for Auburn) Win. I trust our coaches to make the right decision
  6. In reference to OP title this really isn’t new news. The real news is how Harsin, staff and our glorious players handle playing tough schedule. See y’all in State College WDE
  7. "I like the idea of NM playing the first half, and when our opponents make all their adjustments, start JJ in the second half. Adjustments wasted." I like the idea of NM playing the entire game. We are a different team with him in there. I think we would have scored on that drive but it also gives LSU and MS State something to think about. Qu
  8. Arkansas does this in their stadium. Very annoying IMO.
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