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  1. I think he'll be a pass rush specialist on obvious pass downs immediately. Maybe correct as a regular starter in year two. He has room and the tools to improve. I'm glad for him to get a shot.
  2. I guess I just don't watch enough football other than Auburn. I don't know hardly any of these players. I really liked Adams chances to go earlier. Not surprised on Lawson. How bad, or how long was Chad Kelly supposed to be out injured? I thought he was a lock in the NFL.
  3. Is this a huge change in opinion or am I remembering wrong.
  4. He needs to stay out of trouble without that Tuscaloosa bubble wrap he had protecting him the last few years. Rolondo McClain comes to mind. He may not be a bad guy but he is obviously not bright.
  5. I honestly have no idea about the depth chart. So many have huge potential. Not enough balls to reach all that potential but I hope our offense is not so run heavy now. Spread the wealth. ...... No pun intended about lack of balls.
  6. He is very talented. Nearly unblockable just doesn't finish well. Like a good ball striker that can't make a six foot birdie putt.
  7. His number of missed sacks and tfl hurt him worse than measurables.
  8. Warning!
  9. Watch it with the ear jokes.
  10. I think the link did emphasize the monument of Beauregard was representing his service to the confederacy not his work postwar. Maybe the city will replace it with a different memorial depicting his later accomplishments. If that wasn't in the story it might have been in my cousins comments. He is a very middle of the road politics guy.
  11. Since it would actually be 1000$ (500x2) you are off a little bit. But it's the chance to confiscate the defaulted principle that entices me.
  12. Not me. I am just voluntarily mediating a possible transaction of funds in hopes one or both participants succumb to mortality.
  13. I was and am all for taking the rebel flag of f government buildings and property. It was popularized for the wrong reasons after the war. While the monuments were representative of the confederacy, they were not exploited like the flag was. One of my peeves with the far left is they don't know when to stop. Either way I don't give a rip but seems a waste of resources. While I know the sight of a rebel flag stirs negative emotions for a lot of people and understandably so. I don't see these monuments doing the same.