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  1. I have no confidence he will improve much at all. What really concerns me is I’m not sure TJ is any better, maybe worse. I hope I am wrong or this can be a long season.
  2. I think TJ will and should start next week. I also think Bo will probably be back in the game before it’s over.
  3. I don’t think I have ever watched the opening ceremony for a Ryder Cup before. I just happened to notice these pro golfers don’t have ugly wives.
  4. Been a minute since I checked this thread but I had to show my new creation. Wife is making me concrete our counter tops. I’m doing a few less committed projects for practice. This is pallet wood. They are a _______ to take apart
  5. When you throw that fade( inside the 5), you have to throw it immediately. If he had options, it was pre-snap. There’s no set of progressions that includes a fade after the first option.
  6. I don’t like or dislike Harsin. But he is THE man boring interview we have ever had as a coach.
  7. I read his wife’s book about a year later. Good read.
  8. Seems like a big change for a 3 rd year college qb. Hoping it’s a continuous improvement.
  9. Get your infusion and be ready next week, Worm!
  10. I skimmed this thread and it wasn’t fun at all. It is why I don’t frequent this place as much as I did in the past. Some miserable ***** for sure.
  11. He’s gotta show me. That would be hellacious improvement. I thought it more likely Irvin beat him out.
  12. So, if I understand: Greene is told to make budget cuts. He makes budget cuts and some want him fired for making budget cuts? I don’t blame him for taking interviews. I never blame anyone for taking interviews. I don’t pretend to know the inter workings of our AD or Administration. I just think AG is an interesting, cool dude. I wish him good luck wherever it be.
  13. I have not got any vaccine. I had Covid. I will consider it a year after my illness. I don’t have firsthand experience but several people I know who had Covid had more serious side effects from the shot. Many chose to not get the second shot because of the illness with the first one. I’m curious if anyone here fits into this category?
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