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  1. Many reasons. None of which can be fixed by any system of government. ( that’s what caused it).First of all we must acknowledge it’s only 3% of serious crime anyway. It’s not like we are at an everyday race riot.( Hell, here in a couple of hours two black men who I have known about 40years are going to climb into the boat with me with a cooler of beer and and a box of crickets... we are going to have a good time then maybe have a fish fry. we won’t mention anything about any of this. We hardly ever do.) Staying in a constant state of mental oppression because of a system of “racism” that is so blatant to you that you have to use Emmit Till to even explain it is self defeating. If you need to find discrimination, you are going to look hard for it. If you look hard enough, you are going to find some pockets of it. The question is how bad can it be? In a nation of 330 million people of different ethnicities,you will see some interracial crime. It’s not possible to eliminate it. But god forbid we blame,shame and guilt trip the race that TAKES THE OVERWHELMING BRUNT OF IT?
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/us/buffalo-mass-shooting-suspect-wore-hazmat-suit.amp This doesn’t look like a kid radicalized by right wing news. It looks like a kid starving for attention. What gets more attention these days than racism, white supremacy? The demand far, far outweighs the supply. Something to think about. I’m sick about these 13 families that are forever broken by this sick bastard. The guy, ex cop who shot back is a damn hero, I have on my FB page. I can’t imagine how sick race hustlers and white liberal saviors would feel if they learn that their own ridiculous need to keep the hustle alive actually played a role.
  3. Y’all love this stuff. You crave it. You need it to keep the boogeyman alive. Constantly trying to make race an issue can only lead to these events. It can’t get better until you let it go. In the grand scheme it ain’t bad now. Turn off the news. And yes it happens both ways. More so one way than the other. The dishonest left won’t address the other side. Deny, deflect keep the race hustle alive. It’s too profitable too politically valuable.
  4. Seven years ago….. how many of these events have happened since? How many people have defended these two nut jobs?
  5. violent inter-racial crime involving Blacks and whites is like 3% of serious crime...and it's 80% Black-on-white. Selective, biased media coverage is the ONLY reason you did not know this.
  6. I’m convinced it’s an illness. Nothing we say is going to matter. I can’t even respond to the ridiculous response to my post. Not only does no white man approve of this evilness. No one excuses it. Explains it away, Nothing. They act like Fox News is just sitting back snickering off camera.
  7. Good article. Other than his family I doubt anyone would be against a swift public hanging. I also wonder if the leftist who seem to be aroused by the “ white man bad” narrative have any comments on the NY subway shooting or the Wisconsin parade slaughter?
  8. This X1000. Especially if you consider crime and welfare “social concerns.” I don’t have to know, need to know or want to know who got knocked up and terminated a pregnancy. I can’t help but know when I or my family are victims of crime. . You take away abortion, you add estimated 6~800k more kids raised in the environments that produce this. Throwing that social safety net has always just made it worse.
  9. Cardwell is going to be an excellent NBA player. Not yet.
  10. That’s the democrat hypocrisy I was referring to.
  11. Ordered his book this week. I don’t know when I’ll get to it. I liked the movie.
  12. This is the ugliest of politics. I hate that it has to be constantly hashed out decade after decades. I don’t like the arguments either side puts up. But I may never be considered a Republican because I remain pro choice. I think deep down many Republicans don’t give a s*** they just feel like this is how they are supposed to react to fit in. I don’t understand how or why most pro lifers seek out sadness. With some exceptions, abortion only affects you if you let it. I won’t even get started on the hypocrisy democrats show when arguing choice.
  13. Full schedule. Full capacity, no mask requirements no testing of players, staff no mention of quarantine. Good season.
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