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  1. It’s hard to argue with that. Send this to Gus.
  2. Maybe a kick in the nuts and he’s too bashful to have it published?
  3. Joey looks great at what he’s been able to do. I am glad we have him. I want Bo to clean up his misses but he is not doing terrible either. As far as being “fair” , I think they had a fair chance prior to the season. We might need to make a change down the road but I don’t see anything that appears unfair.
  4. I don’t think he hit his helmet at all.
  5. We need to keep throwing it. Or start
  6. Bo must be more accurate. Boobee has to pick up blitz better and catch the ball hastings has to catch the ball. In a very small sample I like Wilson.
  7. You might have a point. They look disinterested. Not physical either.
  8. He has already been ruled out this week. That was a few days ago.
  9. K state is impressive in some ways but man to man miss st is just physically stronger..
  10. My guess is you won’t know anything till next Saturday.
  11. No fuss just discussion. The back view that I hadn’t seen yet made me less sure of my initial call.