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  1. I see a BENCH PRESS conversation potentially brewing.
  2. It was a mistake. Trying to fire him with cause and not honor the buyout was another mistake. Hiring Allen Green was probably the bigger mistake.
  3. It’s been said that he stated that as his goal.
  4. The classified documents are just an attempt to make Hunter’s laptop go away. That’s the Biden takedown, the fbi, the media. I still think the swamp is playing chess with the discovery of the classified documents.
  5. Be careful. You gonna get axed for medical misinformation. It’s still happening here.
  6. Does anyone know which of the two were hit when the boyfriend returned fire? Where Miles and the other guy both armed and firing?
  7. I’m curious to what made it “capital “ murder?
  8. Agree. I think he quit. I think he knew it was coming eventually and didn’t want to prolong it. I also can’t say I blame him. The way they went after him personally....it was not repairable. He really just showed he held the favorable position in the stand-off.
  9. Why do they still call it NIL? If fans are funding it and it’s going to recruiting, it’s not NIL.
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