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  1. One of my favorites! And the OP is correct, very underrated! Jim Fyffe ...” Hello Huntsville “ every time he dunked. He was a strong dunker!
  2. Really bad. However bad Kelly feels like embarrassing us and LSU is not that good.
  3. Did I hear announcement from sidelines that his status was going to be reconsidered Monday? Or did I just imagine that? Pregame?
  4. I haven’t gambled in 18 years. But this looks like easy money.
  5. I fished until 1:30. Watched recording with zero idea about anything. I’m glad I didn’t rush.
  6. Figure out how to block somebody on offensive line. Is it physical, scheme or effort? Go hard in film room with linebackers on playing gaps. And I don’t care who plays QB. Just don’t pull TJ when he’s got momentum.
  7. I didn’t get to listen to all of it but enjoyed their discussion. Agree with most.
  8. He would have had to pump fake to 11 first. The pulled off 8 on the throw.
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