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  1. I totally agree. What we have seen the past 8-10 games is some very pesky defense. I think it has turned into offense and gotten us more shots. I don’t think we are going to run it all the way but we are at a point where we could stay hot shooting the ball. It still infuriates me when we have a advantage on a break and take a three,even when we make and we’ve been making them.
  2. We just look so much more energetic and shots falling, we getting good position on the boards.
  3. Was that Doughty that gave the ball away
  4. Missed two layups but making about everything else. Good start!
  5. I’m proud of myself. Been getting boat ready to fish tomorrow. Just opened my first beer.
  6. I want to win as much for Barkley as myself!
  7. Practice? We talking about practice? ....Iverson
  8. You are probably correct but we can multitask.
  9. I don’t remember a week of spring practice this quiet since the internet was invented.