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  1. So much potential. If they all stick around......
  2. I just recovered. I don’t need it. If the Over 60 folks get it and it works this will be no worse than the common cold.
  3. Good news. Experience is needed.
  4. He might have bought the course?
  5. Agree on all points. And before anyone criticizes us, I think we all agree he’s awesome. But can be awesomer. Lol I am reminded of Nick Marshal. His demeanor just seems so laid back that he can’t get rattled.
  6. That’s what I was referring to when I said he would get even better. He probably did that in high school without much problem. Two games is not enough to adjust to longer, more athletic opponents. He also has to figure out how much some of his teammates are able to handle it in traffic and adjust to that.
  7. I don’t think anyone would say Cooper is not a special player. But he is going to be SO MUCH better. This is about as talented of a team as Auburn has had IMO. When they get the sloppiness cleaned up...... still haven’t had a full lineup yet either.
  8. I don’t blame him. ( if true) I don’t like recruiting either.
  9. I don’t care who wins. I’m pulling for Ohio state to get it closer now. I’m pulling for overtime.
  10. Back tracking or they never approved it? I’m still not convinced this was a free year of eligibility.
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