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  1. I actually agree. I agreed more before this spring. I just think it’s possible. Although I would not bet a nickel. If I had a good feeling about it I would vote for Tuberville. He is a horrible candidate.
  2. It’s not impossible. It is unlikely. I will be voting Sessions after work. I prefer him over Tuberville but more than that preference I want to see trump backpedal. I usually vote in the republican primaries because there are no democrats running in the local races in this area..
  3. One is a friends father and wealthy farmer. Two are husband and wife their son is also a friend. The other is another prominent retired farmer. All live three miles apart. Three attended the same church although the churches haven’t been open. These are very rural people.
  4. 4 people in my small community have passed away in the last week. All in their 70s and 80s. All COVID-19. Yes they had underlying conditions. No visitations, gravesite funerals where only close family will attend and wear masks. These are certainly not liberals either. One did have a funeral procession as the hearse and the family took a drive through the family farm and the community where hundreds of people stood and waved. You would really just have to see it.
  5. I don’t know if I ( the wife) buys this or not. I didn’t hear enough to make me give a damn either way.
  6. You have to require masks. You have to test players and staff almost daily. You have to give players choice of opting out for additional redshirt. Coaches, head coaches should accept a pay reduction to help offset lost commerce. Or just pay them a minimum amount and extend their contracts a year. Is canceled season better? Maybe..
  7. I celebrated 22 years yesterday. I wish you all the happiness I have found.
  8. And trump taking no responsibility.... not his fault.
  9. It was not a public street either. I’m guessing the hoa owns it. The protesters were trespassing/ breaking and entering. But yes they are a danger to anyone in their vicinity, including themselves when they brandish guns.
  10. The fact that they broke down a gate and entered private property might be enough to justify the legal part. It’s still stupid. This couple probably were just about as dangerous to each other as any other threat. I have no problem with what they did. It was how they did it that blew.
  11. I probably would have stayed inside myself. Especially if I had any indication the protesters were armed or had ill intentions. I would rather them hear and feel my gun before they see it and plan for it. That’s just my novice opinion. Showing some backbone can also be a deterrent. But standing in the front lawn with no cover is not a smart, tactical decision. It’s a attention grabbing decision. Which is what the protesters were doing too. What the couple did was stupid but if it’s illegal we are all in serious trouble.
  12. They are the people I would mistreat If I was in law enforcement.
  13. Not legal at all imo. All they have done is shown the world that these two idiots are now unprotected. An invitation for the next angry mob.