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  1. Not going to hurt myself but thanks. Quite sure I need a new valve. The utilities department gives water heaters and other appliances fee for people to use gas. Not sure if it applies to fireplace inserts. I’ll call tomorrow.
  2. Mueller Becomes the Accused

    PT, are you not out raising $ for Roy Moore's recount fund?
  3. Mueller Becomes the Accused

    Mueller is slow playing waiting on a pardon. then new charges not covered in the pardon. Like a reverse dual.
  4. This is the first time to mess with one. been searching web. not much info on my specific problem. I did follow troubleshooting suggestions and ended up buying an 11$ thermopile. realized that was not the problem. the pilot flame is too big and not touching the thermopile enough to generate the needed millivolts to open the main valve. The pilot adjustment screw can be screwed all the way in or out with no effect on the size of the pilot flame(this is the problem no other soul on the interwebs have ever mentioned) So i will now dump 130$ on a new valve unless i find some advice in an unexpected place like this.
  5. I remember him telling him he would pay his way to auburn. Which is probably not permissible but I don’t think he was buying him for auburn. Barkley saw the talent early.
  6. Nice article on Gus

    I have no complaints with discipline. I don’t know that he let anyone have too much rope. At times I thought he cut it too quick, then later admitted he was probably right.
  7. 4 Freshmen who could breakout in 2018

    By mid season I predict Asa will be solid rb2.
  8. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    Well for him the easy part is over. Now he just has to do it. I’ll bash him AFTER the game. Smack talk is safer that way.
  9. I agree. I guess my criticism is for the actions against the baker. A wedding cake is not a huge immediate need. Not much inconvenience. Wait till you are denied something that could cause real or even punitive damages before rolling your dice.
  10. I can agree with the writing. Very logical. I would draw a line somewhere not sure where though. I have heard a story before it might have even been hypothetical but imagine two men traveling with car trouble. The only repair garage for miles maybe on weekend with few options. Maybe just flat tires. Do you let the mechanic or the tow truck company discriminate? I wouldn’t like for that to be an option. That kinda sheds more of a light on taking action against a baker. It won’t be a huge inconvenience to just find another bakery. Tow truck not so easy. So I say choose your battles wisely.
  11. Moore or Jones?

    One of my FB friends, old hunting buddy haven’t had much to do with him in past 20 years other than FB, is actually commander in chief of Sons of Confederate Veterans...... if that doesn’t say enough. He was blasting Shelby pretty soon after results.
  12. Moore or Jones?

    Last night actually.
  13. Moore or Jones?

    I find it difficult to believe 4% of blacks voted for Moore! Where to these demographic breakdowns come from.
  14. Moore or Jones?

    I made the same point earlier elsewhere. I credit the republicans, the sane or semi-sane republicans for being tired of being embarrassed for this win . But my earlier post is also correct in that he still BARELY WON. so the black votes, the votes of people we had banging on doors who got people who aren't even interested in politics to understand the situation to register. Jason Isbell, St Paul n the Bones, Barkely, Corey Booker, took every bit of it to make this push. It's still sad this dipshit won the primary in rather large fashion. Those voters aren't dead either.