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  1. alexava

    Mo Brooks weighs in on climate change

    I like Joffrion. However I’m voting in the republican primarily. Some local races have only republicans running and a couple are family friends. I like Walt Maddox too.
  2. alexava

    Could ua have a down year? I can dream!

    Not much more we could have done short of beating Uga twice, splitting with clempson ( or Oklahoma) and beating bammer again. Not sure the Patriots could pull that off.
  3. Mine does great. I paid 299$ for it and got an extra mag. I might treat myself to a Judge. Been eyeing them for a while.
  4. I have the cheapest gun on the market today and it won’t jam. S&W SD9 VE The two stage triggers suck though. It’s a very heavy pull and once it wouldn’t fire at all. I have heard you can get a kit to replace this trigger. I was told recently S&W lost a lawsuit to Glock over this gun and had to pay about 10$ per unit over patent infringement. No idea if that’s true.
  5. The turtles are why I don’t leave!
  6. alexava

    Could ua have a down year? I can dream!

    I think they were going pretty good this last time we beat them.
  7. A Sheriff I know well had an automatic pistol jam on him in the 80s when trying to shoot tires out on a runner. He said he’d never carry another one. Of course that changed. I don’t know why he went back to automatic (semi). Probably quality dependability improved in his eyes.
  8. I read an article a few months ago. Don’t have time to find it now. It explained that it illegal or not allowed to officially track production of guns but it had estimates on assault weapon production. To make a long story short, between Sandy Hook in 2011 and last year the quantity of assault rifles in the us doubled.
  9. I waited patiently and expected to learn it was an assault rifle. When I heard it was a shotgun and six shooter I was surprised. Actually impressed a kid took down that many without preloaded magazines. I’m glad he wasn’t more heavily armed.
  10. Isn't that a copy of Columbine? Weren't they the " Trench Coat Mafia"?
  11. Very possible. I could walk into my kids school in any one of at least a dozen doors. Some of these doors I only park or stop the car maybe 30' from the door. There are at least two SROs but they may be elsewhere. Then if it's a shorter barreled gun or its broken down in a book bag till you put it together in the restroom.....would not be too hard. This kid might had been somewhat skilled with guns to shoot 20 people with this artillery.
  12. As much as we do need to talk about gun control, this may be one case that more control would not have helped. If early reports are accurate he used a shotgun and a .38 revolver. If they were taken from his dad, legally owned , no laws I would support would have prevented this. It is still early but it’s likely not a case of him toting a machine gun with a dozen or so magazines.
  13. alexava

    More Evidence of No Russian Collusion

    You’re just one of them liberals or liberal people who don’t want to believe it.