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  1. Jamaica for me. Were you a member at Bay Hill?
  2. It’s ok for trump to lie multiple times every day because Obama lied twice in eight years.
  3. I still only remember one late hit from Fairley! He was considered dirty because he was dominating. Even targeted by officials vs bammer because of this reputation. Even some of our own fans seem to have been duped in to recalling his play as dirty or unsportsmanlike.
  4. I wonder what the Arkansas qbs had to say about Fairley?
  5. All this pissing for nothing? Damn!
  6. There was only one dirty or late hit by fairley in this game that I remember. I don’t think we’ll see another DT that dominant. But he was not even as good as D Brown the season before. If DB improves that much, watch out!
  7. Well normally I’m somewhere in between. This was a wild 33. As you can see it is a very short course and because of my son I played it from the white tees.
  8. I leave Saturday morning. Not playing again. But this same week next year I’ll holler at you and certainly take you up! And maybe meet up for a beer!
  9. We played Cocoa Beach Country Club today. Good first nine. 33 with only 2 pars. On back everything was going left off the tee 40.
  10. I have a Pal 2 and a Zing 2 I switch back and forth. Three or 4 others most loaned out. I’ll never get back.