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  1. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    the video is on Facebook or the Baptisms. Who are the 3 players? Noah Ig?????? is one, i think?
  2. Finally believing in Nate-Craig Myers

    Nate will get 60 catches.
  3. Malzahn reviews 6th spring practice

    Is “next season “ 2018 or is ‘18 “this season “?
  4. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Chizik added one at Iowa st. He told of the resistance to it in his book. No idea if they kept it.
  5. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Well there’s a lot of wasted time 🍺
  6. Trade War!

    Exactly! You must be productive. It’s called “Value Added”. You can’t sustain on a service based economy. I supported Bernie because of this. I can’t oppose it now because of Trump. Although I still hate the bastard and I don’t agree with HOW he does anything, I can’t be against tariffs. I wish he had built a stipulation into the tax reductions that corporations that outsource aren’t eligible.
  7. Trade War!

    That’s a problem too.
  8. Obama had a team of advisors. He heeded their advice or discussion took place internally. Trump has a bunch of “handlers “ trying to keep republicans in power yet prevent a childish, narcissistic prick from embarrassing the country (at best destroying it at worst). He can’t heed the advice because he has to flaunt his power of being a dictator to someone. So his own damn inner circle leak this s*** in disgust. Probably hoping to get fired and be considered a hero by the 70+% of the country that disapproves of trump. It’s not about being ok for one president and bad for the other. It’s about the chaos in this White House. Leave Obama out of this.
  9. Trade War!

    My problem with trump is his bloviating. That Carrier plant in Indiana is an example. He blew a ton of smoke. It’s now worse than expected before they were given tax breaks. I don’t believe anything he does or says is done in earnest for the people of this country. He is a self serving prick. He brags at how he can sell. I can’t get on board with such an ego. I don’t oppose the tariffs simply because trump imposed them. I want a neutral party to assess the impact, pros/ cons. But I don’t think he did it to help steelworkers. There is an advantage for his or hi family to be had.
  10. Trade War!

    I find it interesting how politics have seemed to change sides on trade since trump won. These arguments were much different when Romney ran vs Obama. Republicans used to defend offshore outsourcing and blame the loss of jobs on regulations almost totally on regulations. Dems wanted to bring jobs back. Now it’s all flip flops.
  11. Russia has and always will be a global threat. The change is the fact that Obama had never had his nose up Putin’s ass crack the way trump does.
  12. Reminds me of West Virginia RB Noel Devine. I wish i didn't remember Devine, because he slashed us. The WORM is anticipated and much welcome by this fan.
  13. In my world Facebook is how i communicate with most of my own family. Brought me back in touch with old friends that i haven't seen in decades and may never had seen again. Some live in the same county, some in Europe. I thought it was ridiculous till 2011. There has been some drama too, but by far a very positive for me.
  14. Well, this is probably not a bad idea. Was it influenced from other religions or seen as a sore from those within. I honestly thought the school was in Indiana. Point is these changing of mascots due to insensitivity(or calls for changes) have been happening well before social media. I never even heard of this place.
  15. You are not going to have any luck with this effort.