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  1. alexava

    Are They Coming Home?

    I’m sure he’ll want more talks. Hell, he got what he wanted and gave nothing. Why wouldn’t he want more talks.
  2. alexava


    I was a huge Dodger fan for about 6 weeks. My cousin was released from the Blue Jays organization in May. Signed with Dodgers, doing well in Oklahoma then out of the blue, released by Dodgers too. My kids got me a LA visor for Father’s Day. It’s on the auction block now I guess.
  3. alexava

    Trump Has Learned Nothing

    Using alternative facts....yeah kellyann is awesome.
  4. alexava

    Why is Manafort in Prison Isolation"

    Probably, in part, his own protection. There are many people of color in prisons. Some would probably love to shiv a n associate of a blatant racist.
  5. Saying he “ misspoke “ is as dishonest as anything the stupid bastard has ever tried to sell. But he knows who he can count on to buy it. The usual crew has their spoons ready for what ever he dumps on their plates. Just remember his denial he used when the gold star widow from Florida said he was brash to her loss and didn’t recall her husbands name. The whole “I’m a smart guy, Ivey League educated, had the file in my hand “ It saddens me worse than it pisses me off.
  6. alexava

    Are They Coming Home?

    We’ll Obama didn’t even try to get them home because he’s not a patriot.
  7. The tirade he went on about patriotism calling football players “sons of bitches “ should be ringing loudly in memory today. The parallels and irony are astounding. Those sons of bitches didn’t backtrack like this piece of s*** just half ass did. The sooner he’s impeached, arrested, chokes on an olive pit or has a Titleist shanked into his temple the better off the world will be.
  8. alexava


    No freaking idea! Actually on one, two or any others. It’s all unknowns.
  9. alexava

    Phil’s moving ball putt

    Hitting the driver a mile high no matter how it’s teed is an interesting problem. What type driver is this? It seems almost impossible with a big headed driver. Are you moving sod?
  10. alexava

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    It could just as likely be jalen hurts.
  11. alexava

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    Sorry if I missed something, what type work do you do that allows you to live anywhere across the south?
  12. alexava

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    I’m a wing lover. I don’t think there’s ever been too many days they don’t sound good. I limit myself to once a week not to totally destroy my ticker.
  13. alexava

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    At my yearly Cocoa Beach trip. We pulled out of Athens al Friday around 4:00. Pulled off I20 in Pell City to eat dinner. Saw a sign for Big Deddy’s Wings and BBQ. Followed it and was not disappointed. Best wings I’ve had since Beauregard’s closed in Madison. The waitress introduced us me to big Deddy after I told her his services would do well in Athens. He was intrigued, I think. Try it if you’re in the area. It was kinda slow but worth the wait.
  14. alexava

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    Just reading this hits the feels.
  15. alexava

    Are They Coming Home?

    So he’s only 99% full of s*** !