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  1. Second half improvement! Both sides.
  2. SIAD but Seth can’t be head shoving dbs after td catches. We got lucky there. He is running high on emotions!
  3. This seemed like the shortest or quickest game I’ve ever watched. Like the clock was in high gear. So much we didn’t get to see.
  4. If we get some continuity on oline........
  5. Tale of two halves! I like it. Need Worm on next possession!
  6. We still can’t run the ball. Now we don’t seem to be able to stop the run either.
  7. It was certainly a joke. It was funny ( to me). It was not a good idea. The PROBLEM IS::::::If the other guy, you know the orange man said it ,the loony left would be loosing their ******* minds.
  8. How in a hell you gonna know what folks wearing at home?
  9. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/seattle-hires-convicted-ex-pimp-as-street-czar-to-work-on-police-reform/?fbclid=IwAR24Jcx9qP7vxApOtI9oBfbyxBd3O5rtF84aKsSZUmRcS9gElMn2wu6eQyA The New York Post reported that Taylor first found notoriety in Las Vegas, where he was sentenced in 2000 to more than five years in prison, serving little more than a year. Some of the girls he pimped for were underage. Taylor said in a YouTube video: “I was born from the streets. I come out of the deep darkness.” He then bragged about how he had children with some of the women who were there with him w
  10. My bigger concern was a 270 pound true ( I think)freshman starting at DT. Maybe they both kick ass.
  11. My gut tells me to expect some breakdowns early. But a youngster winning the spot is very encouraging as to his potential.
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