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  1. Who votes for freshman of the year awards?
  2. Recently taken on a liking to Foo fighters. Not that I didn’t before but seeing a lot of stuff that shows Grohl’s talents. And he is probably the nicest rock and roller in rock history.
  3. I was told this was the case. A person I had some business dealing with last fall knows a player on the team very well. He had nothing bad to say about Gatewood at all. But as being capable of running the entire offense and leading the team on the field it wasn’t close. He also said Joey didn’t lack anything as far as throwing. It was just all the detailed parts of being a Qb that most fans can’t understand because they can’t be statistically measured.
  4. I can eat broccoli but don’t love it. I love Brussel sprouts. Halved roasted. Brushed lightly with olive oil sprinkled with seasoning and bacon chips. Haven’t thought about using the fryer for them..
  5. Yes. It kicks more than she cares for. But she likes the size and fit. Next time I’ll use self defense rounds for her to practice. She needs practice.. I’m going to get a magnetic mount for her Forerunner too. But it’s in the night stand when I’m out of town or at work. It’s there for peace of mind. She probably wouldn’t hit an intruder unless it’s point blank but she can scare him off. She can rack it, barely. But she’s going to need more practice to get comfortable with operation of loading,unloading etc. right now she can click the safety, point and shoot.
  6. 624 total yards! 13 of 14 third down conversion to end the game. That’s how you lose.
  7. I think it’s there. It’s gotten better but will never go away. Most of us are guilty of this bias. Few realize or admit it.
  8. They will never be that good again . They will still be good just not like that.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll start it soon.
  10. The only game I can question the defense was the bowl game. We let Minnesota run for ? 215..? We looked like we were wearing skates. Couldn’t tackle the RB downfield well at all. The rest of the season I think we were just short of amazing. There were a few plays we let happen in a few games. When you can point out a few bad plays that means you played well. But the bowl ...... we just kept getting punched in the mouth.