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  1. I almost forgot about the labor secretary. The Hardee's guy that didn't make it. His picks couldn't possibly be worse. Just too many.
  2. Thx. I am in the process of moving to new house. Pc not set up yet. Phoning everything now.
  3. tried to post earlier. Having technical difficulties. try this
  4. Yes. Throw DeVos and Carson in there too. Mattis is the only one I like.
  5. Ok with his appointment? Damn homer. He is an oilman who was adopted by the kremlin. He is the worst of the worst.
  6. If pass protection improves, we are there. That is the biggest concern for me.
  7. Our leadership is an embarrassment.
  8. Stat, what did the rush numbers look like on first down? We had to be running against 9-10 every time.
  10. Yea, I covered that. You might ought to get that laugh checked out. It ain't working right.
  11. I don't understand the part about never having an opportunity or something of that nature. There was plenty of that.
  12. Why can't we just leave it alone ✌️
  13. Gus was th OC when this took place. He probably didn't have the authority to stockpile potential OCs for the event that he got a HC position then be hired back as HC in the coming years. That would take some serious crystal ballin to pull of. But obviously everything he does is wrong . Hindsight be damn.
  14. Laughing? You do know Dabo asked Gus for advice on an oc? Gus sent longtime friend Chad Morris. Who left year before last to SMU as HC. Give us Watson and that big wr and we swap places with them this past year. Dabo is obviously a good coach but offensive scheme genius he is not.
  15. I don't know that Dabo has his own scheme. When he needed a OC he called Gus for recommendations.