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  1. I don’t either. We still hear about it.
  2. It was a tweet. It wasn’t funny. It’s being deemed racist. IMO it’s overblown.
  3. My guess is the playbook. Gus wanted to skin his hide once earlier last year. I like his athleticism. I actually hope he stays on offense.
  4. Thanks. I use a CPAP. But I don’t know what the difference is or exactly how it would work after the conversion as opposed to a ventilator. Between this and the Dyson vacuum guy the price of ventilators might be more reasonable in the distant future.
  5. A couple of days ago he actually sounded closer to a normal human being than I’ve ever heard.
  6. The Florida governor must really be ashamed. Basically admitted he wasn’t alarmed until Trump changed his tune.
  7. Post at least a portion of the article please
  8. So that means we we concede to fact checkers to settle all arguments here now? If so I concede I’m wrong. And I say that not even remembering what we were talking about anyway.
  9. You control what you want to be facts in your own head. Congratulations you’ll always be right that way. You‘are working with alternative facts. Feel free to carry on.
  10. According to some we almost doubled that up a couple years ago! We’d really been hard to catch if that had happened!
  12. Better options to be successful on 3rd and short. Consistently.
  13. You must watch Tiger King. CNN posted the sheriff in Florida is getting 6tips a day on the bitch’s missing husband.