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  1. alexava

    Zach Smith twitter war with Hermann

    Dirty bitches
  2. alexava

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    Back to the op. I don’t think he can be successful having an OC that runs gus’ system. Either he has to turn it over to chip ( or someone else) with full authority or run it all himself. There’s no middle ground. But the lack of available, serviceable linemen and rbs is my main concern. We are one or two good offensive linemen from having a 10-2 or better record this year. I don’t know how we got here. We recruit so well but it’s all WRs and D linemen I guess.
  3. alexava

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    Well we have one thing in common. I also expect Gus to be our coach next year. However I hope he gets the offense back on track and think he can. But it all depends on getting some transfer players or freshman phenoms. You seem to be happy being unhappy about it. I won’t try to stop you anymore.
  4. alexava

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    👌 so it took 5-6-7 ?? Years for opposing defenses to figure him out. Got it. I guess it’ll take him 6-7 years to figure out that they have figured him out. 09, 10, 13,14,17 Gus had the best or among the top three offenses in the SEC. 16 wasn’t terrible either. The opposition defensive coaches are slow learning bastards. They are also more inconsistent than he is
  5. alexava

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    That’s the point I was making earlier. Gus is great when that’s his job and only job. If he’s building and calling an offense 100% of the time he’s hard to beat. If he’s running an entire program he’s splitting the offensive part to others and losing value. He spreads himself too thin. When he was OC or even HC in 13&14 you rarely if ever saw a delay of game penalty or that dumbfounded look of lost while trying to get a play called. He was confident almost cocky. Cranking the right hand demanding hurry up with the play being called or already known. Even in 09 before he ran the zone read, which is why I maintain other coaches didn’t all the sudden “ figure him out”. He was a step ahead of almost every defense he played. I’m not excusing his lack of continuous success. It’s on him. We are obviously not equipped at the two main positions he needs to run his system. That’s on him. He has been slow to adjust the game plan but when he does it isn’t enough for most people. He’s backed himself into a corner to where he needs players from transfers rather than high school youth. We need a minimum of two starting offensive linemen to transfer in to stop the bleeding next year. I don’t believe he’ll be fired this year.
  6. alexava

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    Horrible ceo. He’s pure offense and damn good at it. The more he tried to step away the worse we got. The offensive line has been under recruited and underdeveloped. QBs and rbs too. We really can’t fix it unless we leave him alone and hope he changes something or fire him. Firing him doesn’t seem to smart either as there are not any obvious replacements.
  7. He also didn’t know the difference between England, Great Britain and the UK. I can’t give him a pass on that. Especially a golf fan.
  8. This is cool. Makes me like Crenshaw for his good nature.
  9. alexava

    8-17! (merged threads)

    If there was no raise or extension what would we owe.
  10. alexava

    Big Plays Given Up By Our Defense

    I have seen people saying the defense basically quit out of frustration towards the offense. That’s bs. We were 4-1 ranked in the top 10 when Mississippi State gashed us for about 400 yards rushing. We are just very mediocre all around except rushing offense where we are bad.
  11. alexava

    8-17! (merged threads)

    You’re right he emphasized “ don’t throw it “ after that play.
  12. alexava

    8-17! (merged threads)

    If you need an assistant treasurer....,
  13. alexava

    8-17! (merged threads)

    Ok just donate 32$ million and it’s done
  14. alexava

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Hold damn it
  15. alexava

    **Georgia Game thread***

    We do ok but we gotta do better than this today