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  1. I am sometimes embarrassed to be a fan. I have learned in recent years, we are no better than most or any other fan base.
  2. Then investigate it. Don’t blackmail another country into it. That’s how conmen work
  3. It might “ appear inappropriate “. But the Bidens are smart. Much smarter than the orange man. If joe did anything for his or his son’s personal gain he would not have went about it like an idiot. It would have only been discussed between the two and we’ll never know. When Joe threatened to withhold funding upon replacing the prosecutor, he didn’t say ‘to protect my son or his company ‘. He didn’t tell ambassadors what his corrupt ideas were. Actually Biden had several other reasons to want the guy removed. Trump, as you can easily decipher (if you are honest with yourself) by not only his call but these witnesses. Not just a bunch of angry democrats. He’s a dumbass. Several republicans , including many here are willfully being dumbasses too. He’s simply a conman.
  4. When we beat another tube of toothpaste? I couldn’t help it....
  5. We haven’t been out much. He also fishes and we are getting ready for duck season. I’m leasing a farm in northeast Arkansas. But we went to the range Saturday. He was shaky with irons but hit driver fairly well. We got out of any routine this fall. Gonna be a busy spring.
  6. No problem. I found on last time I played.
  7. I hope so.. but there’s no doubt that’s our weakness. Other than the fumble and missing Joiner I thought he was solid. There was another play where he ran oob on the right sideline when he could have cut back inside for some good yards.
  8. I got sick of the drama he displayed in every word he spoke.
  9. I like this one but I have to search hard to find truckers songs I like that Isbell didn’t write.
  10. I think this probably clears him of colluding with Russia. He’s too unsophisticated to have pulled that off. But I agree with most of what you said. He is 100% guilty. It just doesn’t matter.
  11. All our problems are on the offensive line. We just don’t run the ball when we really need to. Even though our rushing offense is ranked fairly well. We can’t get the movement we need to force the safety down. When our young Qb struggles we lose. It goes back to recruitment of linemen.