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  1. I have a good feeling about Sal Palentonio. Or whatever the tall wr/te name is.
  2. Some of you know I am no pot smoker or supporter. I don't pity those caught with it because they know the consequences. which are over 99% harmless unless you are a repeat offender or in other trouble. But Colorado seems to have proven the benefits of loosening regulations and collecting tax. I think the dumass AG is politicizing a problem that is not really a problem. Seems to be a habit one month in to this administration..
  3. Zero examples of fake news by MSM. Just news he doesn't like..
  4. Does anyone think Dunn did this for mostly academic purposes and Gus just decided to give him a shot while not expecting a big contribution ?
  5. Pass blocking as a whole was not good. Hasn't been in a while.
  6. I think if trump had someone between him and twitter this s*** would be better filtered.
  7. Federal employees should be democrats. If they support their own interests.
  8. But subordinate to the administration. I see both versions.
  9. I think i understand homer. if i do i agree. Simply define the word "Fake'. If you create something totally false in order to deceive, it will come out in the wash. Probably sooner than later. All MSM, cnn, fox, nbc are biased but held to certain standards for ethics. They are held to these standards by each other. if they breach these standards they will go to war. I think almost all if not all news reported by both cnn and fox is either true or believed to be true by the reporter and network. they have sources that sometimes are dishonest or so biased it borders on dishonest and result in inaccurate reports. Inaccurate does not equal 'fake'. I think the president does himself no favors by claiming "fake news" while he has been so dishonest and biased himself.
  10. no accident. i officially changed his name in honor of musberger.
  11. you are mistaking him for Kyle Allen.
  12. Inaccurate There is some evidence they did happen. Maybe not 100% smoking gun. THat does NOT make it "FAKE". Look up the definition of 'fake".
  13. I think we ARE loaded here. Kyle Allen, NCM, Slayton, and Stove not in that oerder are all very good. I still like Hastings in certain situations too. Ryan Davis ..... Hard to think of one that I don't feel good about.
  14. I don't consider us loaded. I may change that thought.