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  1. Ask Tennessee
  2. Not a sore subject. A misconstrued interpretation of simple facts is more like it.
  3. Two years old. Hired a lawyer .... like everyone in the White House recently. Does the 3500 lawsuits trump has been involved in not bother you? But Bernies wife does,,,
  4. I don't think choices were ever taken away. Just influenced. Comey influenced it more than anything. But I think he was independent of party.
  5. Villainous to the the loser in the election maybe. I befuddles me that you don't see a more serious problem from not just a foreign entity but an adversary, in many ways. We have a president who has shown for 70 years he is a greedy, heartless, untrustworthy fraudulent piece of shite with investments all over the world including Russia During campaign he showed such appreciation and respect for Russia while he was busy insulting every other demographic under the sun. Then this entity helps him get elected? I hope for all our sake there was no collusion. But there is plenty of reason to check it out. And yes it will be overplayed by many trump haters. He earned it.
  6. Obviously people there either really liked HRC or had something to gain from it. Neither being treasonous. Russia however is much different than the DNC.
  7. Are you curious as to why Russia favored dt?
  8. im with the coaches. its hard to say about O-line projections when you havent seen many of the options. but that "early in camp" thing is horse crap. we never figure anything out early in camp. we make a decision about 4 or 5 practices before kickoff and adjust for 3-4 games. just have to hope our first few opponents are still looking for their groove too.
  9. i hope he is ok long term. if he plays again that is great. he should be motivated.
  10. nonsense
  11. hell yes he knew. they discussed it in debates, he sanctioned russia.
  12. Russia intentionally "interfered " with the election. No denying that.
  13. Bill's "without a majority"was much much different than trumps. No one beat Bill.