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  1. I rewatched the game last night. I saw so many mistakes he made . Most that I didn’t think I would see from him based on what he’s done so far. Some forced errors, some unforced. I really needed to read this article. I’ll just leave it at that and say War Eagle Bo. You have your chance to play out of a hole and I’m glad you are up to it.
  2. I’m literally crying as I read this. I just don’t know what to say but you are a hero right now, my friend. I can’t imagine... When God and these doctors get him relieved and back to normal you should treat yourself to something. Whatever it takes to relax and reset.
  3. I didn’t think we would need to get Bo calmed down. Lol. If anything I thought that would be a given. But as for Arkansas I dont think our coaches are thinking about LSU at all. They should be in the third quarter of this game but not now. But I would predict that we go run heavy early then some bombs but not show a lot of short and underneath unless we need to. I hope we are working on the short and underneath stuff. We have to be able to covert 3rd and short. That’s probably the weakest part of the offense vs Florida. Although we were still in position to win without those conversions. If we start converting those early that game takes a totally different route.
  4. Leaving Iraq wasn’t as much of a blunder as going there in the first place. But Iraq was a different animal. You had two sides fighting each other for power killing us in the middle. I don’t think we had taken any side. We just got out of the way to let them finish each other off. Syria has several sides. One in particular is a problem for the US and it’s interest. The Kurds were as helpful as they could possibly be in protecting our interests. Pay the bills, provide tools, training, keep Turkey, Iran, Russia back and they handle the nitty gritty s***. You really can’t ask for a better deal from an ally. If you are not concerned with trumps international business dealings( that he never divested from) I hope you don’t have any concerns with Hunter Biden either. Because that would be ridiculous.
  5. I don’t think anyone would have cared about the Kurds until this ISIS formation. They were an afterthought. But ISIS proved to be a serious problem and the Kurds proved to be a very effective strategy in dealing with them. As far as “how long do we do something like that “ do it as long as it suits your interests and guards you from having to send your own boots to loose 11000 soldiers. ISIS is not gone but the easiest most strategic way to deal with them if they rise up again probably is. I cant even imagine the hell that would be raised if Obama was in this position and just so happen to have business interests in Turkey.
  6. Exactly what was the point of posting this?
  7. I don’t know if I would pledge a permanent allegiance with the Kurds. butI don’t think we have ever depended on the Kurds or taken advantage of their help to the extent we did to fight ISIS. A blind man can clearly see the value the alliance gives us now. I don’t think it equates to the positions we were in in regards to them in the past. They lost 11000 we lost 6. I think we owe them AND ourselves the support to stay alive and keep Isis locked down. It was relatively easy and cheap compared to what it will cost us the next time. But trump has two towers in Turkey. So we should really question if he is putting “America first.”Even those whose heads are stuck in his ass.
  8. alexava

    LSU vs Florida

    That’s a terrible decision.
  9. I’m find it hard to pull for Florida. I hate Mullen. But I am
  10. You can score on the turds. Stopping them.......
  11. I’ve only watched a few minutes but cocks pass rush is impressive.
  12. I don’t even like to predict anything anymore. I look forward to seeing it fold out and I don’t have any preferences. But I would like to see DJ develop into a stud. I just can’t predict he will.
  13. it was pretty big news back then.
  14. Yes but wish I’d found the show first. I really like it. I don’t know if you remember. It was a few years ago the ugliest woman in ny state works at a prison was screwing two prisoners then helped them escape
  15. I watched two episodes of “Escape from Dannemorra” on the plane ride. (And a whole Alan Jackson concert). It’s on Showtime. It’s a good show so far.
  16. Cam, D Craig, Stan, Nick M, Campbell in this order.
  17. Cadillac was my favorite. I remember Bo barely. Tre, Kenny, Ronnie and Kerryon in no particular order.
  18. You mentioned you wanted to live in a more diverse area..... I cannot imagine more diverse city than this. This weather is in my wheelhouse though. I wish I had time to explore the outskirts of the city. I don’t care for inner city life at all.
  19. We just can’t lean out against the glass. Lol.
  20. Long, long way from home. Something different than the bama- Florida beaches for a change. Love seeing the left coast but no way in hell I’d live in Seattle.
  22. I guess it’s the same as horse which I hear is considered delicacy by some but I wouldn’t knowingly eat horse. But Africans probably eat anything they have Available. Were all these animals targeted or just shooting what you see? The first picture looks like a water buffalo. I would think that is a good meat.