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  1. You sound like you want coddle a bunch of damn white folk that are either Antifa or Nazis. This is ridiculous. I don’t want broken bones or blood. That’s why I give a stern warning. If you are here after curfew and there is violence, your health and life is in jeopardy. And I don’t want to hear s*** about it afterward. Your choice...No more officers are going to be asked to get killed or injured playing nice. Go home or get dealt with. . What is your suggestion?
  2. Regardless of how we got here. We are here. We can’t wait , just hope for these idiots to stop burning cities down. It’s clear it’s going to have to be a forced act. It’s not about George Floyd any more. Hell these damn thugs are more white than black. It’s going to take some force and intimidation.
  3. It’s similar to Covid 19. Some claims that pneumonia was the cause of most deaths. Covid is the cause of the pneumonia. The knee caused his condition to kill him. So yea the knee killed him.
  4. That’s not what they have been doing. You have to literally start mowing people down. You can’t just sit back and hope they quit destroying the country. Let it be known after curfew you could very well be shot and there will be no investigation. So get off this effing streets now. It looks like the Middle East right now.
  5. You arrest whoever you need to to quell the riots. You announce that the curfew will be enforced then you aggressively enforce it. People are still going to be raising hell. You have to walk the walk. To days of this in the news and it’s over.
  6. I can’t see putting up with that s***. The videos I’ve seen today show nearly as many white folks as black doing this. I hate Trump. I blame some of this on him. But he told governors to get tougher on these idiots and I agree with him on that.
  7. That’s a shock. My totally non medical mind wonders how he lasted 9 minutes.
  8. Man I just hope everything gets better soon. We have different experiences. I have come off wrong with you before and I gotta work on me. This has you stressed and I respect that, so I’m not going to argue those past arguments. But I’ll say this, the reason you are not setting car fires, burning buildings and businesses, attacking innocent people and stealing TVs is you are a better man than that. The people doing it are simply not good people.and yes many of them are white.
  9. Are you burning buildings? Are you destroying cars. Are you attacking people who are trying to protect their property? Hell no you’re not. Why not?
  10. That’s about when it ramped up. It would be nice to see the other three cops charged with something. I don’t think that will help either.
  11. The root cause is irrelevant when buildings are burning and firefighters are being attacked. Store owners are being beaten with 2x4s for trying to protect their goes on.
  12. I’m going to ruffle a lot of feathers. But I’m gonna be very consistent or inconsistent. You can decide. In Charlotte a couple years ago we lambasted Trump. Me included. For saying there are “very fine people “ protesting with Nazis. We claimed if you rally with Nazis you’re a damn Nazi. I stand by that. It goes both ways though. I don’t know what percentage of protesters are just attending the riots and watching the bad guys set fires and destroy property and attack innocents. If you are going to continue to be a part of that, you can’t be too damn good yourself. It’s gone too damn far.
  13. if anyone is ok with this s*** ..... it’s beyond time to end it. It’s time to load the shotguns.
  14. It’s time to put an end to this s***. I like the way they stood back and let Minnesota vent for a couple days. I figured police cars would be destroyed. Not surprised about the police department building either. This s*** is not dying down or tapering off and people are getting hurt. It’s going to take some force and it might be ugly.
  15. I work at a Japanese auto manufacturer. We are extremely diverse. I have stories that I’ll spare you. We have 3 of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met in admin. I met a couple of their American husbands outside of work and they likewise are awesome people. The story I’m going to tell is about a translator we had when we first started. Single party girl. I’m married so I didn’t get to know her but she was eventually let go. No telling how many fights or divorces she had a part in. She was the reason yoga pants got banned. From the stories...The only thing she would have been angry about is not being acknowledged as the Dominant.
  16. What’s the name of the place? Asking for a friend. Or one of David’s seven friends.
  17. You don’t realize how many of these people I personally know. I can introduce you to an Asian lady, in law of mine who will stomp your ass for spreading these stereotypes ( which is exactly what all these links stated they are). She’s a 4or 5 th degree black belt too. Back in my days of playing poker I was surrounded by many Thai and Philipino women. That s*** wouldn’t go over with them. The ones I know now are wealthy independent people. You can probably buy poor destitute woman from Asia or any other continent that will submit to anything to get out of poverty. I think it’s a mistake to think that’s an inherent culture.
  18. Electrical diagrams are the basis of my education and I love working with it but don’t in my job. So fixing things outside of work is satisfying. I did hvac for a while 25 +years ago but usually installed. Brazing/ sweating is no problem. Refrigeration is not very complicated it’s just such an investment into the equipment and gas and recovery machine that I can’t justify going into. I can get friends with license to buy units for me and I have installed a few for myself and family but only package units. If it’s a split unit I hire it done.
  19. If I’m picking one season Fairley had the best single season ever.. DB had a great career with two great seasons. I’m 47 and honestly just barely remember Rocker.