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  1. Auburn2Eugene

    Liberty University visiting Auburn in Nov

    I just read up on the double match up. I couldn't remember ever seeing that happen before. Last time was 1998. Also, they will be doing a home and home again next season... "it’ll happen again next year, with New Mexico State hosting on Oct. 5, 2019, and Liberty hosting on Nov. 30—a veritable home-and-home-and-home-and-home, four games between two teams located over 1,800 miles apart in a span of just 420 days." the article goes on to state that they could even play a 5th time if both schools are bowl eligible. Incredible.
  2. Auburn2Eugene

    Hurts and Tua: a tale of deceit and betrayal

    Seriously. I just rewatched last year's Iron Bowl and the announcer (I think it was Danielson, but could be wrong) kept calling Hurts Cam Newton. Multiple times during the game they were praising his 26-1 record or (whatever it was) and saying that Auburn is going to have a difficult time stopping Hurts because he is basically Cam Newton back there...
  3. Auburn2Eugene

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    We must be watching a different QB. The Stidham I've seen isn't scared to lower his shoulder and try to get an extra yard or two. Now if he gets the extra yardage or not is a different story... But he certainly tries... I mean in the LSU game, we were 3rd and long, and he scampered for almost all those yards, lowered his shoulder, and came up a yard or so short, but he didn't run out of bounds "avoiding contact at all costs." Oh, and include me in #TeamMeta. Stidham is severely hampered by our offense, and for all of you who complain about Stidham are going to complain even more about Nix. Nix is a shorter Stidham with less arm strength. Neither have any business in our offense. Had Patrick not attended Auburn, I don't think there is a snowballs chance in hades Bo comes to Auburn. I don't think there is any chance Stidham returns to Auburn, and I also don't think he gets drafted anywhere but the 1st round. He has the things NFL scouts drool over, and how he preforms in our Mikey Mouse high school offense means very little to them.
  4. Auburn2Eugene

    Bama trolls

    We both know that isn't how it will be seen, but sure... Hey, as long as the orange and blue shaders are on, why not just say Jalen Hurts is all that's needed for Gus to have a dynamic offense again?
  5. Auburn2Eugene


    There is a difference in passing on 1st down and passing on 1st down after a first. But of course you already know this. And you also know which I was talking about.
  6. Auburn2Eugene

    Bama trolls

    Jamal Couch from Mississippi State has announced transfer, so it's not just us.
  7. Auburn2Eugene

    Bama trolls

    Well they aren't wrong. Kodi can recruit with the best of them, but as far as coaching goes, he is absolutely no better than CDC. And when a former #1 overall recruit leaves because of how he is being utilized in our offense, who happens to also play WR, you BETTER BELIEVE Pickens is watching.
  8. Auburn2Eugene


    No, and maybe it is 73% or could be 69%, I dont have the exact numbers. But if you can't tell we are still rushing up to the line and running it up the gut after a 1st down, you aren't paying attention.
  9. Auburn2Eugene

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    Yeah that's true post bowl game, but I'm just saying there haven't been many opportunities for him to hold a players only meeting. I just hope this turns out to be a rumor. It's going to hurt losing NCM. And it's going to hurt far worse than just losing his production. *Pickens is watching* I'd like to hear some insight from Momma Worm on this...
  10. Auburn2Eugene


    8 out of 10 times on first down its still hurry up to the line, run right up the middle. Nevermind he doesn't have the RB who can take that. Nevermind he doesn't have the inside blocking to block for the run that everyone knows is coming right up the middle. That's what I mean by Gus pounding it blocking or not. Gus hasn't shown he can change this yet. It still happens after a majority of our 1st downs.
  11. Auburn2Eugene

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    It's not like there have been many chances/reasons to have a players only meeting lately. I mean after the LSU loss last year, sure but he was still new to the team at that point. He wasn't going to be leading any at that point. Then there wouldn't have been any reason to have another one until around the SEC Championship. There haven't been many reasons to have one at other times.
  12. Auburn2Eugene

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    He played on Sunday... I don't know how much he played, but I know I saw him in on a few. But NCM is a shame. He would have multiple 1k yard seasons WR in a different system. I mean look at the freshman at Purdue and the sophomore Colorado. They don't do much blocking, but they make plays and catch the ball... Because that's what WRs main goal is... To catch the ball... We have another thing coming if we think we will hang on to Pickens if we just expect him to block 90% of the time. It sure makes the Justin Ross decision and words make more sense... If you have any question about Auburns WR development compared to say Clemson, read up on Justin Ross and what he said after choosing Clemson over Auburn in last years class...
  13. Auburn2Eugene


    I don't think that's even a question. OL isn't on the same planet with last years RB isn't in the same galaxy as last year WR seems to have played better last year DB isn't in the same category as last years. I don't think it even compares. Everyone said RB and OL would determine the season... And it has so far. We can't run on legit defenses. That creates issues normally. Under normal circumstances, the coaching staff would throw more if the running game isn't performing. Not this one. Gus will pound it right up the middle, blocking or not...
  14. Auburn2Eugene

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    Me too. What I wouldn't give for a bunker subscription right now. I see multiple posts on the subject there, and can't find any on any other forums. Where there is smoke there is fire... Let's hope it's just a cloud being mistaken for smoke. If Harris, NCM, his brother, and Barrett also leave... Well... Let's just hope there is no truth to these stories.
  15. Auburn2Eugene

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    So is this players only meeting just a rumor to have happened, or did it happen? A players only meetings the day one player has transferred, and 3 others including one starter are being said to be considering transferring, is a big deal if it really happened...