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  1. Auburn2Eugene

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    If Stidham plays another season of college football, it likely wouldn't be at Auburn. He can and should grad transfer. If he wants to see his stock skyrocket, he should go play for the mad pirate in Pullman Washington. Leach would have Stidham looking like a all world QB. I mean Leach has a grad transfer from East Carolina that will pass for around 4000 yards this season. I would like NOTHING MORE than for him to go play for the mad pirate, and for him to become the #1 pick in the next years draft, just to make all of you who have complained and put this seasons struggles on Stidham shoulders eat massive crow. There have been SO many Auburn people calling Stidham out and complaining about every mistake he made... Nothing would please me more than for him to transfer and put up video game numbers... Just to shut all of you who endlessly complain about him up. Thats what he SHOULD do. That's what I would do if I were Stidham.
  2. Auburn2Eugene

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    Purdue could put up monster numbers in the passing game as well. They have the best freshman WR in football on their squad. Rondel Moore I may not have spelled it correctly, but that kid is a gamer. And has put up over 100 total yards in almost every game this season. I can see it now. That freshman WR would put up video game numbers against us most likely. They don't have a lot more in terms of elite talent in the skill positions, but Moore is a 5'9 MONSTER.
  3. Auburn2Eugene

    Evaluate the Progress of the Offensive Line

    Regardless of who is at center, its not on the center when both guards just stand there and let their guys waltz right past them. Center has been bad, but its first year guys. Both of them. One of them hasn't player since their Jr year of highschool. Regardless, Horton and Harrell have played absolutely terrible this season. Which is strange since they both entered this season with at least some starts, unlike center. I feel like this has a lot to do with Gus subbing more and allowing the defense to sub more. We have lost the HU of the HUNH. We bring in certain players and the defense knows what we are going to do based on who we bring in. Maybe if Gus didn't sub so much this season and kept the same personnel on the field, things could of been different... But oh well... Gus is gonna #ButGus Or even have time to check out of. Seems like there were articles before the season saying Jarrett would have the ability to check out of plays, but when it takes all but 9 seconds to get the original play called in, there is simply no time to check down.
  4. Auburn2Eugene

    Thought this was very humorous

    The simplicity of the drawing accurately portrays our simplicity on offense.
  5. Auburn2Eugene

    The High Cost of Holding Onto Gus

    Also, what happened in the TENN game multiple times doesn't happen every game to every team. Pruitt was jumping like Michael Jordan on the sidelines calling out EXACTLY where the ball was going before the ball was snapped. That ABSOLUTELY does NOT happen every game to everyone on offense. Funny if it happens every game, why is it we haven't seen our coaches do that? Even once? At least that I can remember. Much less multiple times in the same game
  6. Auburn2Eugene

    The High Cost of Holding Onto Gus

    I'll give you one thing, at least you are consistent. Or... My 9 year old daughter... Who doesn't understand my "addiction" to Auburn football. Seriously, she has straight up called what was coming. Of course it's because I was yelling about the plays before hand. She saw them lined up the same and straight up called the play. MULTIPLE TIMES. I guess she is a good coach? Because you know, the good coaches and players can easily call out what play is coming. I'm starting to think you are either Gus, Kristi, or someone close to them. You consistently defend the most atrocious things. And why is the execution down? Because we have consistently underperformed in recruiting the OL and RB positions. Its amazing what having a NFL RB and NFL players on the OL can do for you.
  7. Auburn2Eugene

    Hastings, Stove and .....

    Bo Nix is as much of a DT as Stidham is. Stidham was listed as a DT coming out of high school and when he signed with us. Nix is a smaller shorter version of Stidham with less arm strength. Nix may be a step or two faster than Stidham right now, but that's as a high school kid that hasn't been in a college S&C program. Now I'm not exactly thrilled with our S&C coach, I've not been for a few years (and have the posts to back that up) but let's see just how much of a DT Nix is after he has been on been on campus for a couple of years. Something tells me he won't be much faster than Stidham now. Almost every Auburn fan was excited we had signed a DT QB when we signed Stidham... Because that's how he was listed. Nix, like Stidham is no more of a DT than Sean White or Brandon Cox. Just because someone is listed as a DT, doesn't make them the DT that we had seen in Cam or Marshall. Now if Bryant signs, he would be more of a DT than Nix and Stidham combined.
  8. Auburn2Eugene

    Secondary school

    Oregon for me... But that's a given.
  9. Auburn2Eugene

    The future is bright!!

    I think it's pretty safe to assume who is leading the Gus fan club these days. There are people on here that I was certain would never lose Gus' back. They have. Its got to be pretty dang lonely being a member of the Gus is awesome club these days.
  10. Auburn2Eugene

    Gus's record til now

    These are my favorites
  11. Auburn2Eugene

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    Could he? Sure. Will he? Absolutely not. History repeats itself. Everything else is irrelevant.
  12. Auburn2Eugene


    It should. As well as a nonexistent running game. Which goes back to the coaches and recruiting. Last I checked Stidham couldn't recruit linemen or running backs. He couldn't design the offense around his strengths either. It all comes back to coaching But Stidham is the popular guy to put all the blame on. It's easy to blame the QB. Now we see why the backup QB is the most popular player on the roster
  13. Auburn2Eugene


    Bo Nix is a smaller shorter version of Stidham with less arm strength. If coach double bubble is still around, there is going to be a lot of the same complaining about Nix as there is about Stidham. Our pass concepts are simple. That's not just a narrative around here. Even former players say as much. There is no way you think we have a sophisticated passing game of you have watched our games. But sure... It just doesn't fit the narrative around here LoL. Our QB play didn't make Fitzgerald have the game of his career against us. Our QB play didn't make Jarrett Guarantano have a career day. Our QB play didn't make Burrow have a career day. And with no blocking from the line and a nonexistent running game, neither Brady or Brees or Cam would excel in this offense this year.
  14. Auburn2Eugene

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs Georgia....

    The thing I thought I saw: We got one game closer to being able to drop the turd of a coach.
  15. Auburn2Eugene

    Deshaun Davis on fake FG

    While it is the job of the defense to stop the offense, calling a fake field goal up by as many as they were with the time left on the clock, was a classless move by Smart. In no way am I defending Gus. I am defending the team. The players who play the game. It was entirety classless. Any way you try and spin it. You don't pass the ball up by 17 with almost no time left. You just don't. Karma is a b word. I hope it comes back and bites him.