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  1. Oh so you mean the top 5 or 6 programs in the country would start to take 80% of the top high school talent? What would something like that do to the world of college football? How would the rest survive? It would surely be an end to the world of college football as we know it... OH WAIT....whats that you say? That is how its been for some time... Yet college football survives... In reality the main thing different is the money will be public.
  2. I still don't agree. I dont think that there should be any limitations on destinations for transfers. And yeah coaches can have non compete clauses... But they would still do it. Do you think for one instant if Dabo had a non compete clause in his contract for Alabama, and bama broke the bank to come get Dabo, that the non compete clause would stop Dabo? Not for one millisecond. It would just cost Alabama a TON to buy out the contract but they would. You cannot be niave enough to believe a clause would prevent one coach from leaving school A for school B. Clause or not if Bama and Dabo both wanted it to happen it would...without question.
  3. Recruiting coordinators spearhead a team's recruiting efforts, run the recruiting board, screen prospect's highlight tapes, communicate with recruiting services and formulate relationships with high school coaches, among a ton of other duties. Plus, they still have to coach a position. It's a big job that is among the most important hires a head coach makes when assembling his staff.
  4. The school nor conference can stop a coach from jumping from one institution to another. The exact same rules should be in place for the people who make those coaches millionaires 20 times over.
  5. No. Just No. The school should not be able to block anyone from transferring anywhere. We had absolutely no case, cause, or reason to block Antwuan Jackson from transferring to Ohio State or Clemson. But we did. He had to go the JUCO route to enroll at his chosen destination. Ohio State was nowhere on our schedule and still isnt. We also blocked him from transferring to Clemson. Clemson wasnt on our schedule when he would have gotten to play... Although i could understand blocking him from clemson since they were on the schedule in 2017... But Ohio State? Gus just blocked him from Ohio State because it was his #2 school. Jackson picked us over Ohio State...and there were 0 (ZERO) legitimate reasons why we blocked him from transferring to Ohio State. The school should have NOTHING to do with where a player could transfer... If there are limits, the ONLY limit should be to prevent players from transferring to any team already scheduled within their eligibility period. So in Jacksons case, as long as Ohio State was not scheduled in any of the 4 years Jackson would play. Then sure. It makes sense to limit their transfer to that institution. But the rules for one should pertain to another. We play Kentucky next year but couldnt stop Gatewood from transferring there. I know thats because of the rules of the transfer portal, but the Jackson case still bothers me. I absolutely hate that he left. But once that decision had been made, the school, coaching staff, or conference should have NO SAY in where a perspective transfer were to enroll. Period.
  6. How Did You Choose Your Screenname because I started in auburn and ended in eugene
  7. They changed him to a pro style. Seems more in line with his play.
  8. I guess. Maybe his son? I misspelled his name in my earlier post. Its actually spelled how you spelt it... But if you click that link he is on the bottom of the listings. Kind of OT but still Auburn football related, in that same signing class, Ronney Daniels signed... He incidentally was our 2nd and most recent 1000 yard WR in our history.
  9. This kid is listed as a DT but from his HUDL film he is 99% a pocket passer. He is a lot like Nix in that he escapes pressure with fluidity and keeps his eyes down field. The kid is absolutely a playmaker with his arm. As far as his legs... He is either the fastest 4.9 40 guy ive ever seen or the kids trying to catch him are 5.5 to 6.0 guys.
  10. Allen Tillman? But im pretty sure he played WR for us. But Tillman and Phillip Gargus were the 2 QBs we signed in 1999 and Campbell signed in 2000.
  11. LoL yeah sure... and then you woke up. It'd sure be nice though.
  12. Run first team historically or not, the FACT of the matter is that every single season his QBs passed for more than ours EVER have. That is a fact and is not up for debate. Last i checked we have had QBs since Sully. Pretty sure we have had another QB win a Heisman... In todays game... Pretty sure Jarrett Stidham passed for the 2nd most yards of any QB in our history in 2017... And his numbers didnt touch those by any Morris coached Clemson QB. That terrible 2014 year you point to... Well they still passed for more than our record best ever. D. Craig holds the record just in case you were wondering. And yeah you are correct about the offensive numbers at Clemson. But looking at stats alone doesnt tell quite the whole story. 2014 Deshaun Watson was a true freshman. A less talented QB (Cole Stoudt) started the season as the starter but Watson played significantly. It was how we imagned the Gatewood/Nix situation would play out...with both QBs playing. The more talented true freshman Watson took the starting job from Stoudt a couple games in and passed for almost 500 yards against a conference opponent. Then early in October, Watson broke a bone in his hand. He missed 3 games. He returned for Georgia Tech only to tear his ACL. So the 2014 season you keep pointing to as this putrid offensive outing was filled with craziness. The best QB on the team was a true freshman. They played QB carousel for a few games, the freshman took over only to be injured a couple games later, then came back to tear his ACL... AND THEY STILL PASSED FOR MORE YARDS THAN ANY QB IN OUR ENTIRE HISTORY.
  13. A lot of Wilsons attempts were as a WR Chad took a carbon clone of the Malzahn offense and advanced it...he made it better with a LOT more advanced passing game. And a LOT of those passes go to TEs. That is something Gus has never done as a head coach. So yes, "a few passes to the TE" will in fact mark a significant change in offensive philosophy. Also a couple of good years before falling off significantly? Are you mad?!? Not as in angry but as in crazy?!? EVERY SINGLE SEASON as Clemsons OC their QB passed for more yards than any QB in our ENTIRE 100+ years of playing football. All but 1 season during his time as OC they had a 1000 yard rusher with backups getting significant yards. EVERY SINGLE SEASON they had a 1000 yard WR. Which by the way we have had 2 different 1000 yard WRs in our ENTIRE history. But sure he dropped off. LoL his "falling off significantly" at Clemson would set new benchmarks for seasonal statistics at Auburn.
  14. Autograph sessions, events and such are a whole different ballgame from what im talking about. I am specifically talking about things like video games and posters advertising services offered of oneself. What you are proposing directly conflicts with the non money making sports players advertising themselves on posters for like lessons. Because say a swimmer, gymnast, rugby player have their poster advertising lessons... Im a parent of course I'd jump at the opportunity to have my child trained by a collegiate player in their chosen sport. Ok so i respond to the poster and hire said gymnast. What you are proposing would make that athlete turn in the money they make from the lessons... If you expect that every athlete would just hand over the cash they made training little johnny, i dont know what to tell you. Sure your system works great for the big money making sports who would be looking at MILLIONS. But the other guys are getting bent over by that proposal
  15. At least this season it will be EASY to tell who is running the offense. Just watch completions or at least attempts to the TE position. If we attempt/complete a lot of passes to the TE then Chad is in control. The TE is a vital part of his offense. We have not had this opportunity to easily tell who is running the offense as we do this upcoming season. Lashlee and Dilly Dilly were both brand new coaches that had no offensive identity of their own. You COULD tell with Lindsey but it involved going back and watching the offenses of his previous OC stops...which lets be honest... most would not do. Most just saw us pass more and automatically thought well that must be Lindseys doing. Most wouldnt actually do the work of watching film from his previous stops. They just saw what was on the field for us. Well this time we can easily tell... Just by watching our own plays. If the TE is really involved in the offense all season, Chad controlled the offense all season. If the TE is as absent as its been since Lutz... then we easily know its the same old same old...