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  1. Gus ran the offense until 2016 when he was forced to nudge his buddy Lashlee out the door. There was a reason for that... And that wasnt because he was successful. Below isnt directed at you DTR Also its absurd to suggest that the offense since 2017 was all on Lindsey. Strangely, Lindseys offense at Southern Miss looked nothing like the crap show we saw in 2018. Likewise his offense at Arizona State looked nothing like his offense here.
  2. Actually... If taking history into it... I totally forgot until just now... We likely beat UGA because i dont think Gus has lost a single game coming off a bye week in his career. So i would change the UGA game to a win.
  3. Loof, we always destroy the have nots. Im surprised you would even say this since you KNOW that as fact. But but but Gus is calling plays now. But but but Gus obliterated Purdue. But but but all Gus needed to do is call plays. But but but Stidham is gone now. How quickly people forget. How quickly people forget that....Gus didnt stop calling plays because he was successful...Purdue was VASTLY overmatched...and a freshman starter in the SEC is NEVER a good thing.
  4. First let me make it clear that im not taking anything away from Nix. Nix is quite possibly the best pure passing QB we have ever signed. But that doesnt miraculously make him a true running threat. Thats my point. Nix may be the best QB to ever play in Auburn, but that doesnt mean me will be considered the best DTQB we have ever had. Of course playing like Johnny Football and Mayfield would be amazing and anyone would be an idiot to criticize his play assuming he plays like Johnny Football and Mayfield. My point is that people are assuming left and right that Nix presents as much a running threat as Gatewood. And that simply is not true. And Gus absolutely did lose his mojo after the A&M game in 2014. Saying othrtwise suggests you havent paid attention. Perhaps you forgot what it was like going 8-5 with Nick Marshall at QB. Or maybe you forgot about going 7-6 and playing our bowl game in Birmingham? I mean if you are blaming it on the defense, our defense was just as terrible in 2013. Yet we made it to the national championship game. The fact is prior to the 2014 A&M game we found ways to win the majority of every game we played (we had lost a total of 3 games under Gus before 2014 A&M.) After that game, we found ways NOT to win. You cant just blame the defense. Its also interesting you chose to talk about points scored... After the 2014 season, until Lashlee was pushed out, we only scored 40 points aginst non Sun-Belt and worse teams 3 times... 2 vs Arkansas and 1 vs Ole Miss. Gone were the days of 40 every game. That all changed after 2014... And gone were the days of dynamic Gus. That also ended in 2014...against A&M. He lost his mojo in that game and hasnt been near the same since.
  5. This is the most likely scenario if history tells us anything.
  6. it wouldnt surpirse me if the team already knows who the qb will be come game 1.
  7. Did it though? Pruitt straight up exposed the Gus offense in the 2nd half of the FSU BCS National Championship game. He layed the groundwork for stopping that offense. Come the 2014 Texas A&M game and Gus lost his mojo. In 2014 with Nick Marshall still at QB we lost 5 games... The dynamic Gus changed on November 8th 2014. After going into the game ranked 3rd in the nation, A&M had taken what Pruitt did and shoved it down Gus' throat. We went on to lose every remaining P5 game on the schedule....with a DYNAMIC true DTQB...and Gus calling plays. In 2015 Gus is still calling plays and we go 7-6. 2016 Gus is calling plays and we go 8-5. This is when Gus is forced to nudge his buddy Lashlee out and hire a real OC. Now as far as you thinking that opponents just started to know what we were going to call by our lineups... You are out of your mind if you think that came from Lindsey. Lindsey never had that issue at Southern Miss. Lindsey never had that issue at Arizona State either. Apparently, by your thinking, Lindsey just suddenly started doing that when he was hired at Auburn. Hmm...interesting... especially since that is what was happening before Lindsey was even employed at Auburn University...and id bet dollars to doughnuts that his offense at Troy wont do that either.... So yeah Lindsey just started doing that when he got to Auburn... I cant believe you would suggest that with an straight face. Now to the second part... You are right if/when Gatewood wins the job he will present something that Stidham didnt. Nix on the other hand really is no more of a DTQB than Stidham. Nix may have better pocket presence, and Nix may seem quicker right now, but Stidham was quicker before he had years of college S&C under his belt. Stidham was the #2 DTQB out of high school and the #1 DTQB out of JUCO. All of you people expecting Nix to be a true DTQB are going to be dissapointed. Nix is mobile. He can extend plays with his legs. It wouldnt surprise me if Nix played much like Stidham, Johnny Football or even better Baker Mayfield... But under no circumstances will Nix be a true dual threat like Cam, Marshall, Craig, or RG3. Those guys presented a true threat to be gamebreakers with their legs as well as arms. That isnt Nix. It sure is Gatewood though. Seriously if you are a DB and you see 6'1 200lb Nix running at you and 6'5 240lb Gatewood running at you... Which one will be like a Mac Truck hitting you at full speed and which will be like getting hit by a pillow? Ok Nix wouldnt be like a pillow, but to suggest tackling the two of them would be the same is a flat out lie (not saying you said that.)
  8. Haynes king commits to A&M. Cant find his thread if there even is one
  9. Playing Wazzu isnt the same as playing Kent State/Georgia Southern/Utah State/and Arkansas State. Not by a LONG shot. There is nothing wrong with scheduling big name middle of the road opponents. Except it will be our luck that the second we schedule Illinois they would be top 5 by the time we get them. Im not saying we need to schedule top 10 teams but then again we havent exactly done that. Oregon was hot garbage when we scheduled them. Helfrich had run that team into the ground. Clemson wasnt a CFP team when we scheduled them. UDub hadnt been anything when we scheduled them either. But scheduling those kind of games just makes you better. Prior to Bruce Pearl Auburn basketball would always do real well before SEC play started. That was because they would schedule basically high school teams and lose out the rest of the schedule once conference play started. Now Bruce has us scheduling real OOC games. And 2004 absolutely is a valid comparison. Like i said many major media people have commented multiple times on Alabamas strength of schedule. They too play in the SEC. And if Bama is getting grief for their schedule, they would tear us apart for scheduling complete no ones as our OOC games. Its just one game. We can lose it, win out, and still make the CFP.
  10. This is why. If they were so worried about Justins well being, Jaiden would not still be in Athens FOR THE VERY SAME REASON.
  11. The "fans" in general at oregon are awesome. But up there they let people go out to their cars at halftime and people get stupid drunk and are obliterated by the time they leave. They tend to do things to vehicles outside Autzen after a loss...especially if you are like most and park outside the stadium grounds. I learned to ride the LTD or EmX which are both public transportation systems in and around Eugene.
  12. Ok here is my take on this.. First off you people who think we have no need to schedule big OOC games must be young or have short memories. Anyone old enough remembers what 2004 felt like... I have no quarrel with scheduling big time OOC games. I NEVER want another 2004 situation to EVER happen again. I also dont care about moving to the East. Yea regionally it makes no sense with us in the West and Missouri in the East, but we dont HAVE to complain about it and use the schedule as an excuse for mediocrity. Also anyone who has watched many things on college football this year know a LOT of people are complaining about Alabamas schedule. Well guess what guys... THEY ALSO PLAY IN THE SEC...and we dont have the equity in the media Alabama has... So as soon as we go cheap on our schedule and go undefeated it will be the first time 5 major universities go undefeated and we will end up getting left out of the CFP. Then us scheduling soft OOC games will come back to bite us in the backside. far as Bryant goes... Bryant says that he picked Missouri because the coaching he would get would help get him to the NFL. I mean he isnt wrong, going there will get him more prepared for the next level. However he referenced the coaching Drew Lock got while there... The problem with that thinking is that Locks numbers in 2017 is what really put him on the map. And that was under OC Josh Heupel. Locks numbers regressed significantly under Dooley. In 2017 under Heupel Lock passed for almost 4000 (3968) yards and 44 TDs with 10.2 YPA. In 2018 under Dooley he passed for around the samw yards (3498) but almost half the number of TDs (28) and 8.5 YPA. Lets not pretend Bryant will get the coaching that really put Lock on the map.
  13. Well yeah. We would still be SEC Champions and wouldnt have lost since the first month of the season. The odds of that happening are astronomical.... But the impossible has happened before. Who's to say it cant happen again?
  14. To be fair, i didnt get much of that at all. I got a LOT of hate wearing my auburn stuff and with my auburn stickers on my car... Got my car keyed a couple of times and got a window busted out, but didnt hear a whole lot about that run. But they absolutely hate us... The fans especially. And i count their Heisman candidate QB as a fan as well as player, so he shares that hate for us. Justin Herbert is a hometown kid. He is from Eugene. You can bet your bottom dollar he will be looking for vengeance.