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  1. Dont apologize. The Forever Gusers dont realize their complaining about peoples views are as (if not more) derailing than the "negative" comments. Its hard to be positive when we see so much negative. I used to be a huge Gus fan. But i got off that bus after 2017 LSU and i doubt ill ever get back on it. Because sure we may go 11-1 and make a CFP run in 2019, but we all know in 2020 Gus will be right back to 4+ loss Gus. Point is, we are getting destroyed in recruiting. Our rivals are stacking up 5*s when we argue about how stars dont matter and how a 3* is as good as a 5*. We are losing guys because someone on staff couldnt count to 5. We are getting slammed by thr national media over their accurate assessment of our player development. We havent had a 1st round draft pick since the 2013 season. Gus always takes 3-4 games to figure out his teams strengths when most others know week 1. I would 💘LOVE💘 to be in The Forever Gus crowd. It would mean we have turned around all of those things i listed above. But that isnt reality and it likely never will be. Frankly, i dont care if you are onw of the banned guys being talked about. They were right a majority of the time, but they lacked candor. They were blunt and too the point. Thats something this site really needs. On topic, Grimes needs to stop talking about the OL and let them show us. He also better pray to god, allah, zeus, odin, or whatever being he believes in that NOTHING happens to Tega or Driscoll.
  2. Slow down turbo. Drago stayed 4 seasons. Coached by Grimes 2 and Hand 2. Was Smith considered a high draft pick going into his 3rd year? No. Does that mean Hand deserves the most credit No. But giving all of Dragos development to Grimes is... well... insincere AT BEST.
  3. Is he going to be playing baseball for us as well?
  4. To be fair, we dont need ANY more bodies at OG. While it seems to some we have abandoned OL recruiting in recent classes, we havent. We have missed on basically all of our top OT targets and most of the backups. OG on the other hand, is a different story. If any OG could just be lined up at OT we would be fine, but they can not. i understand you said you were hopeful for quality perimeter blocking, but what about this guy and his history makes anyone think he is going to be a good blocking WR? Auburn asks MUCH more out of their WRs as far as blocking goes. It takes some guys years to be able to get their blocking down... He wasnt coached to block at Oklahoma like he will be asked to do here. Their WRs dont block near as much as ours. They actually run legit routes. Ok so he wasnt asked to block at OU like he will be asked to do at Auburn. Youngstown State? LoL even if he was asked to block at YSU, the players he was asked to block arent in the same stratosphere as the ones he will be asked to block in the SEC. Between YouTube videos and other forums, people automatically presume he will be an exceptional blocker. And how people think that mystifies me. I know you arent saying he will be a good blocker Jeff, i just dont get it...
  5. Well wasnt it kind of warranted?
  6. Highly touted guys dont work out all the time. People dont blast Calvin Ashley, Nate Craig-Meyers, or Byron Cowart. A HUGE part of the issue with JJ6 and his underwhelming play, was that the fanbase bought into the whole Jeremy Johnson for Heisman deal. The majority of them did so because of the things Gus would say. Gus bought into the JJ6 for heisman as well. Fans listened to their coach. We expected what he was saying to be true. JJ6 had kind of a triple edged sword swinging against him. Fans listened to the media and they listened to the coach. It wasnt just about stars with JJ6. He looked like a superstar in his spot starts. Fans expected him to play like he did then. He didnt. JJ6 had JJ6 working against him, he had the media working against him, and he had a young coach who didnt know to play down the things the media was saying working against him. It was just a perfect storm... But that doesnt mean anyone blackballed him. It doesnt mean he was treated unfairly. It doesnt mean anything other than the fact he didn't transition into the college game as everyone thought he would.
  7. Was cut from Detroit. Link Any chance he will rejoin the staff? Pretty sure he worked in recruiting before being signed by Detroit. Now that his time there is over, will he return to the plains or keep trying for the NFL? Im not all about this thought that bringing back former players is the best thing since sliced bread, but Williams is still young enough that he can really relate to kids and could really help us out in recruiting.
  8. Duke was talented enough to be drafted. JJ6, not so much. Thats not on ANYONE but JJ. Duke led the CFL in receiving yards. JJ couldnt make it off a CFL practice squad. There isnt any comparison between the two.
  9. I dont disagree with that at all. Im just saying that we are one injury away from being worse on the OL than last season...
  10. And yea! ANOTHER WR! We sure needed someone there. Its not like we have recruited better at WR then just about any position over the last few years... Oh wait... This is just an underwhelming announcement...AT BEST.
  11. Yeah as long as ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens to Tega or Driscoll we will be fine. Let one of them go down... Then lets talk about how good we are for this year.
  12. I think thats a little presumptuous. Grudge or not, to think that someone who makes a living off of talking about college football, couldnt see the things we see is foolish. No, the issues with Gus are glaring. So much so that arm chair QBs like me (and you) can easily point out just mind boggling boneheaded coaching someone on staff not being able to count to my (now) 10 year old daughter who hates football being able to call the play before it happens... Professional sports journalists dont need to come to free fan sites to get their takes on Gus. The film and NFL draft history speak for themselves. Grudge or not, the issues are obvious to anyone who knows how to look. On the bright side, and i know Gus haters hate hearing this, but Gus is still maturing into the coach he will become. Normal growing pains happen. Especially with the inconsistency at OC he has faced and his back and forth im going to call plays, im going to be a ceo type coach, im going to call plays, im handing over playcalling duties, and now back to im calling plays. He has to figure out what kind of a coach he wants to be. Even little Nikki started out as Nick Saban and not the $aban machine he is today. It takes some coaches longer to take that next step than others. Gus can still right the ship. But he has run out of free passes. He HAS to win NOW. AND he needs to sustain that success. This 10+ win season followed by multiple years of around 8-5 or 7-6 only to make another run is getting old. He needs to find a way to AT LEAST turn those 8-5/7-6 seasons into 9-4s. Then he would find leeway with the fans, but until he improves his player progression, he will continue to be blasted by the sports media.
  13. Yeah and Tubs was the same way. If you take away his first season and his last season, there were only 2 seasons he finished with less than 9 wins, but he always seemed to lose games he shouldn't...especially against Arkansas. Its strange, Gus and Tubs were both from Arkansas, and Arkansas always had Tubs number. Gus meanwhile absolutely obliterates Arkansas. Of course there could be some hard feelings over some things in the past... But my point is...Tubs, like Dye, was very consistent until the end of his days as coach.
  14. Awe poor baby. GTFOH with that nonsense. I love JJ6. I adore anyone who puts their body through the rigors of SEC football for my enjoyment. But if you are most known for one play...and that play is immensely embarrassing, i think i would work on my game more and not call out fans, and CERTAINLY not suggest you have been "blackballed" from the NFL. No, JJ6, your frightened play is what cost you the NFL. No one but you. And this didnt help...