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  1. Our Backup QBs

    You are correct, Gatewood was not a full time starter. But why was this? Was it because he was terribly inconsistent and had to be pulled for an unknown player? Or was it because the other QB was also a legit recruit? The answer is B. Riley Smith was a legit 3 star QB who signed with Boise State. So while you are correct, Gatewood was not a full time starter in high school. It was because he had a legit teammate who also needed playing time to obtain his offers. It's not like he was pulled for some random backup due to lack of production. As far as Gus and talent evaluation goes, for the most part you are correct. But Gus didn't evaluate Gatewood and give him his 4 star ranking. Gus didn't rate Gatewood as the #1 Athlete recruit in the nation. Everyone wanted Gatewood. Yes we have. I'm not stating otherwise. But to say that a player is a complete bust after only a handful of SEC caliber practices is a completely different story from a totally different universe.
  2. Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    I'd like to see Gatewood do it, but (prior to Willis last season) the last 2 true freshman DT QBs we have had that played packages as freshmen didn't turn out so well. Many say being thrown into the fire too soon is what killed Kodi Burns and Kiehl Frazier. I personally still think being thrown into a pro style offense when he had only ran CGMs offense is what did Fraizer in, but what do I know? Honestly KJ was great at the wildcat last season. But before last season it hadn't worked in years. Especially when you consider that everyone, their grandmother, and their dogs know what's coming as soon as we line up in that play. Every now and then, there is the triple reverse pass, a flea flicker, or the surprise pop pass, other than those 3 other plays, it's always a run...up the middle (or at least in the A or B gap.) If we are to be successful with that play, we have to have the ability to pass out of that formation. That's why I think if we HAVE to see the wildcat, let Boobie cover it since he was a high school QB and we would at least have a chance at completing a pass out of that dang formation. And I will believe Malik Miller is a SEC RB when he actually does something. Which he hasn't so far. I think you guys put waaaaaaaaaay too much stock in him. If he was even the smallest amount capable, he would of been used as more than a back up mop up duty RB. Not just the mop up RB, but the backup mop up RB
  3. Our Backup QBs

    So the kid who should still be in high school, who signed early and has had only a handful of SEC caliber practices is already a complete bust, but a different kid who is just a junior in high school, is our best hope? You serious Clark? Some of this stuff just can't be made up.
  4. That's Smarts

    Kickers may be the smartest, but I know for sure there was a certain kicker here in the early 2000s who sure liked to party... And party a LOT. He certainly wouldn't of made it on a Gus Malzahn coached team. Either way, proud of those guys. I hate seeing legatron go, but it is nice we are keeping our kicking team in the same bloodline.
  5. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    Ok... but like I said, they still don't pin them at the 1 like a punt. And if a kicker has the leg to kick it to the 5, with the ball soaring like an eagle in the clouds to give the return team time to pin them inside the 10, that kicker can absolutely kick it into the endzone with a lower trajectory.
  6. Dinson has shoulder surgery

    The vape? That smoke is from a vape. I mean i guess passing around a vape is alright... just not too common. Didn't you know people get all up tight about questioning our S&C program? Seems Russell has more fans than Gus has. Even people that criticise Gus will defend the S&C program at all costs. Meanwhile, our biggest rivals make us look small by comparison. BUT that's JUST BECAUSE of them taking steroids.... it couldn't possibly be that they have a superior S&C program.. As far as Dinson goes... that sucks. We were already razor thin in the defensive backfield. As @bigbird said, it's time for Smoke, but relying on a true freshman is never ideal. I hate this. This Spring was... disappointing to say the least. I just hope that it doesn't make Gus go easy in the future and us come out soft in the regular season. Thank goodness we have an elite S&C program...
  7. CJ Tolbert

    Yep. Thats a big issue in this offense. I'm hope Worm walks in the door and he and Asa are RB1 and RB1A for us next season. And you are totally correct, it will come down to protection and not fumbling
  8. CJ Tolbert

    I was hoping the same, but he is so young. He should still be in high school. Just like Gatewood, he needs the summer of a college S&C program. Let's see how these guys look in the fall before making any rash decisions. The HUNH runs much better when you don't make substitutions. So having Barrett at WR on the field with the RB could do wonders for us. Quan Bray was a high school RB. Barrett could really work out well. With the exception of Oklahoma, all the other examples you gave ran pro style offenses where changing players is a norm. Oklahoma, while being a spread offense, passes much more than we do, and more passing leads to incompletions which allows for substitutions. So those examples aren't great ones for what you are trying to say. We do need 2 RBs ready to play at any time. I agree, but unless Gus ever hands full control over to Lindsey, we are going to have more of the same.
  9. DLine- Just how good can they be?

    Our DL has sure come a long way. It took coach G a minute to get em started, but once he did... There were doubters in him. I was one of them early on. My oh my how wrong we were.
  10. Malik Willis starter?

    Great post @abw0004
  11. Malik Miller a 'steady force'

    He has never been considered as a "fast" or even a "quick" guy. His recruiting profile has him listed at 4.76 speed in high school before injury. I know 40 times don't equate to football speed, but that isn't world class speed we are talking about there. That would be great for an OL or DL, but as a RB, that isn't SEC RB1 speed. I love MM. He is an auburn man through and through, but that doesn't mean we can't point out obvious deficiencies in his game... and speed is a deficiency.
  12. What Gus said about Second Scrimmage

    Be that as it may, but there’s no clear evidence that deer antler is any more likely than red meat to provide unfair IGF-1 boosts to athletes. And if they are doing that, how is it the SEC hasn't cracked down on it? It's clear the NCAA won't do anything, but why wouldn't the conference?
  13. Those Carlson Boys Can Kick!!

    I just hope he continues his brothers streak of made PATs. It was nice not having to worry about the PAT for the last 4 years.
  14. What Gus said about Second Scrimmage

    I'm confused as to how any of you could question people questioning our S&C coach. Line our guys up next to UGA, UAT, and LSU guys. All one needs to do is open ones eyes and see the difference... Line them up next to each other... size speaks for itself. As far as Gus saying he thinks we have the best S&C coach... Gus has also said a NUMBER of things that aren't remotely true. The way to tell Gus is lying (at least to the press and by extension the fans) is when he opens his mouth. This is nothing new. I'm truly in awe how anyone could question people questioning our S&C. I am not saying FIRE RUSSELL. I am saying I ABSOLUTELY understand if someone else says that.
  15. Troxell pushing Ashley at right tackle

    Same here. I KNOW someone who is looked to around here said just that. REALLY good to hear about AT. This makes me wonder what's up with the other Prince. The one who most schools recruited as a DL. Not Tega, but Sammons I think is his name.