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  1. Auburn2Eugene

    Josh Marsh

    We need a button for I agree, but maybe wouldn't say this thing myself
  2. Auburn2Eugene

    New RB Coach wants and news

    I know its you, so I will take your comment with a grain of salt, but our special teams were exceptional in 2018...especially blocking kicks. Now 2017... I would agree...2017 our special teams were anything but special. That changed in 2018 when CLP took it over from CTH.
  3. Auburn2Eugene

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    For everyone thinking Nix will waltz in and start... Remember this... Trevor Lawrence didn't start the season as QB1. And Justin Fields barely got to play at UGA. It usually takes some time to get a TF ready to start You do realize if we let the QB race go that far into Fall practices, it's basically wasting the entire Fall practice... We need to name a starter as soon as possible to get them reps with the 1s.
  4. Auburn2Eugene

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    I don't think Saban is some god. And at the start of his reign, I'm sure he did cheat and bend the rules as much as he could, but he doesn't have to do that anymore. The results speak for itself. Any high school kid who plays football knows if they go to Bama and excel, they will play for championships and they will be drafted highly. I absolutely hate them, but facts are facts.
  5. Auburn2Eugene

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Exactly. Its the same with GRob and our WRs. However, unlike Drago, they haven't done well.
  6. Auburn2Eugene

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Which is it? Dyer or Jovon? You do realize that they were half a decade apart? Dyer signed in the 2010 class and Jovon signed in the 2015 class. I would argue that we have struggled since the class Dyer signed. Yeah in the 2015 class we signed Jovon and KJ. So we could cut that class from the struggle list. We could also argue to throw out the 2018 class as well. Asa and Worm were great signees but Asa is gone and Worms body will likely never allow him to be RB1 in the SEC. I'm not saying he can't, but its unlikely he ever becomes a 20+ carry up the middle guy. So I would argue the 2018 class absolutely counts as struggling. I have a post history stating how much we struggled in RB recruiting, but I was told we have had 1000 yard rushers X amount of years in a row and that I was wrong. At least now people are starting to wake up to the fact we have in fact struggled in RB recruiting. Hopefully now with a fresh face, that will change.
  7. Auburn2Eugene

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    His measurables got him drafted #2. If it was Auburn that got him to that elite spot, then why didn't Shon Coleman get drafted top 5? Because he didn't have anywhere near the measurables GRob had. Had GRob gone to Bama, LSU, UGA, FSU, Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, Michigan State, Troy, or UAB he would of still been drafted in an elite spot. Not many 6'5 300+ pounders can do a standing back flip. That just oozes athleticism... But at the same time your idea that it should be an easy sell for years to come... We did get him to an elite draft status, and he didn't excel in the NFL. He wasn't taught anywhere near enough to have him drafted that high overall. He was drafted that high because of his measurables, athleticism, and raw power. GRob was completely raw going into the league. He is no different than the WRs we have had drafted. Both GRob and our drafted WRs went into the league without a complete game. GRob was an exceptional run blocker, a true road grader, but was as raw as they come as far as pass blocking...and the league is a pass happy league. Below isnt directed at you AUDevil As much as knock Kodi on his coaching skills, he absolutely can attract talent. We have more talent from true WRs right now than we may have EVER had. That makes me think that maybe moving him to RB coach wouldn't be the worst idea. At least he could bring in talent. But I'm sure Porter could also bring in the talent and he actually played the position and has a history of bringing in and coaching top RBs. So Porter moving over also could work well... Then maybe if Gus is real about wanting to use TEs again, we could let Kodi coach WR/TE and as much as I HATE the idea, bring in a 2nd OL coach to help pull the weight recruiting that Grimes obviously cannot cover.
  8. Auburn2Eugene

    Bama departures

    I thought you were a realist. This comment says otherwise.
  9. Auburn2Eugene

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Yeah he hasn't lost anything. He only grew up an Auburn fan. His choice only came down to Alabama and Auburn. His words: “Auburn and Alabama were my top two,” Martin said. “Growing up, I was a fan of both teams, and I like both programs and both campuses. But at the end of the day, my instincts kept bringing me back to Auburn. It’s the best place for me and my future.” Link But yeah he didn't lose anything. Only the confidence in the coaching staff of the team he grew up liking. I mean people who love Auburn, LOVE AUBURN. But sure...he didn't lose A.SINGLE.THING. No, I'm sure that he wouldn't of thought he would play 5 years, but I am 100% positive he didn't think the coaches were so incompetent they couldn't count to 5. So not everything we thought before the beginning of the season worked out now did it? There is no way to honestly spin, twist, sunshine pump, or rationalize not being able to count to 5. Even from you. Any attempt is being grossly dishonest.
  10. Auburn2Eugene

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    It was pretty good if you like the whole post apocalyptic type of movie. I love them. Its my favorite type of movie. This one was pretty good but had a beyond terrible ending. Which isnt rare for me to say. I rarely enjoy movies endings... But this one was just a terrible terrible terrible ending. However its definitely worth a watch. Its no "Black Mirror," but its not "The Room" either.
  11. Auburn2Eugene

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    I can't see the issue. Or even the comparison of the two. In my opinion, Fields should NOT get a waiver to play immediately. And Asa SHOULD. Here is my thinking: Asa was done in by incompetence. Not pointing any fingers, but someone on the coaching staff COMPLETELY screwed the pooch and somehow could not count to 5. Fields has this "story" of racist remarks being thrown his way. He was SO WORRIED about his safety, he continued playing the rest of the season, AND he has a sister that is SO WORRIED about her safety (and her brothers) that she is still a UGA athlete. One case is not like the other. One was totally screwed over by someone on his former coaching staff... One transferred because he couldn't beat out the starter, and uses a story from months ago (AFTER FINISHING THE SEASON WITH THE SAME TEAM) as the reason he should get immediate playing time. One case is not like the other.
  12. Auburn2Eugene

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    72, you are better than that. That's straight up LBS.
  13. Auburn2Eugene

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    As far as Horton... I don't understand how anyone could be surprised by this. I love Horton. He came in as one of the most respected RB coaches in the game. He was a great coach and great recruiter. Lately, he seems to be a shell of his former self. As my boy @GwillMac6 said, it seems he has been mailing it in for a few years now. It was time for us to move on...
  14. Auburn2Eugene

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Robinson is like 6'5 over 300 lbs. He can do a standing backflip. Link Get outta here with that nonsense
  15. Auburn2Eugene

    Patrick Suddes leaving

    He will certainly be missed. Wish him nothing but the best. However anyone that knew anything about him knew he wouldn't be here forever. He changes jobs more than most change cars. We were just another brick in the wall for him.