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  1. ***Auburn 52 Arkansas 20 -- Postgame Thread***

    I agree, or someone else coaching special teams. A kick returned for a TD in 2 straight weeks is unacceptable. You should. Everything he said was right Not so fast my friend! Just because you can see Georgia for what they are doesn't mean you are "on the bus." It means you can look at football objectively and not just through the eyes of a fan. He didn't say Georgia would lose now did he? He simply stated they have played NO ONE and haven't been tested. Which is 100% true. The one decent team they played, they barely squeaked by, and have beat up inferior competition. So yeah, UGA IS going to have a rough night at Auburn. Doesn't mean they will win, nor does it mean one believes in/is a fan of Gus... not one bit.
  2. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Don't be a yes man and you get pushed out with half of the fan base now despising you. Say hi CDC...
  3. Al Borges?

    Well you know they say it' a fine line between genius and madness... Seems like he has taken that next step.
  4. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Thats disheartening, coming from you... It's the truth, but it is what it is. Good point. Mine too, it's funny when that happens.
  5. Al Borges?

    And Al Broges was my man crush for the season (I got in late) but he absolutely should be taken advantage of, it's a shame he isn't.
  6. Al Borges?

    Make no mistake you absolutely can win with the spread. The problem with Malzahn is that the playcalling has been horrific. I was a critic of Lashlee for a long time, but with how Gus has the final say in play calling now, it's clear HE is the problem with the offense. This is quite odd because his offense is what he hired him for. BUT that is ABSOLUTELY on Gus and not the "spread" offense. Truth be told, something got to Gus...he lost HIS edge. That doesn't mean there is a flaw in the spread offensive scheme. I hate to say it, but Saban and Alabama right now is a once in a generation "thing." He has only lost 13 since 08. No coach has more than 2 wins over him since then. Gus has 1 (spread) Freeze has 2 (spread) and Meyer has 2 (spread) and Dabo has at least 1. So the spread absolutely can beat Alabama. Had Gus continued to recruit DT QBs, rather than trying to prove it could work with a pocket passer? Who knows what could of happened. But again, that's a problem with Malzahn, NOT the spread offense. That is the whole issue with people wanting to change back to a pro style offense. This team has been recruited to win now with the right coach. Changing to a pro style offense will give us a few bad years of growing pains. Everything is different from the offensive linemen to running backs to wide outs, to tight ends. EVERYTHING has to be recruited differently. 2012 bring any flashbacks? I still believe Kiehl Fraizer could of excelled here had we stuck with a spread style OC rather than trying to force him to run an offense he was not recruited for and had never ran a day in his football career, which got in his head, but that's just my opinion.
  7. Time frame to replace an AD?

    I know. I was just noting the 3 major issues as of late.
  8. Coordinators Silence

    Two words. Jay Jacobs. Leath seems more interested in other issues rather than the athletic department (at least to me.) Can't blame the defense for this. Well, think about it. Running on first down 17 consecutive times... And then the deep pass. Seems awfully similar to the offenses prior to chips arrival. Doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out. You are welcome to, but your blame is misplaced. The defense gave up 3 points in the 2nd half. 3. And they were on the field a majority of the time after half time... And gave up 3 points.
  9. Time frame to replace an AD?

    While that seems reasonable under normal circumstances, the current "issues" within the athletic department are not normal circumstances. Sex scandals, former coaches suing the University, and FBI arrests create special circumstances. We shouldn't give JJ the opportunity to retire and sail off into the sunset. He has given the Auburn Athletic Department a huge black eye. Be it softball, baseball, basketball, or another terrible football coaching hire, he has given the Auburn Athletics Department a black eye, it's time the University get the kahunas to act. He has hurt Auburn University. Sure he has made tons of money for the Athletic Department, but it isn't just about money. It's time for JJ to be removed. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should he be allowed to retire. He needs to be fired. Yesterday.
  10. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Thats ridiculousness
  11. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    Absolutely not
  12. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Yes there is
  13. Fire him now. Start the search.

    No way! Chip won the Pac with 3*s, leftover 4*s none of the California schools wanted, and the RARE 5*. He came within a field goal of our Cam Newton team. Chip will be coaching in the SEC soon. Better hope it's with us and not anyone else in the West
  14. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Let's not go overboard now.
  15. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    SMH... thanks for the response