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  1. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    10 games in back to back years. It's happened in our history. Hopefully we will be ready game 1 and don't need to take a few weeks to get things figured out.
  2. Peach Bowl could be historic

    Ok. Help me understand this guys... going into Saturday, we were the #2 ranked team in the nation. We didn't win the SEC, but we finished as the SEC runner-up. Penn State vs Washington in the Fiesta Miami vs Wisconsin in the Orange Notre Dame vs LSU in the Citrus. We get the Peach. How exactly does this work out? Also the Fiesta and Orange aren't even New Year Day bowl games? I just don't understand what's going on...
  3. Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    Here here!
  4. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Let's go boys! WDE
  5. Malik Miller

    Pretty sure Stidham is still on the field during the wildcat. I believe he lines up as a wideout. Not at all saying put Willis in the game. I cursed Gus for pulling that 1 play vs Bama. But I'm almost certain Stidham stays on the field during that play. See above comment. No one ever said that KP started most of last year because KJ "wasn't any good." KJ was the starter and got hurt. But going into camp, he started the season as RB1. KP only played because KJ got hurt. No one thought CAP "wasn't any good." If anything, some (myself included at the time) wanted CAP to play the year Trey Mason broke out. I remember Cole giving me a lot of grief about me saying that. Pretty sure CAP was the #1 JUCO RB. He had just got on campus. Trey had been playing here since he was a freshman. He had earned the role of RB1. We do have a capable legit RB1 behind KJ. KP. But he is hurt. We have Martin, Barrett, and Miller. We can still win if neither KJ or KP play, but our chances will be significantly less if we can't run the ball. Barrett has all the makings of a superstar but he needs another year or two, then he could be another KJ. Our next RB1 superstar will be signing soon. Right now our depth RB isn't great. We are average at best. Martin is very small, Barrett is young and seems to always catch a pass out of the backfield every time he takes a snap, and Miller is slow. And can't block well apparently. We will need Davis, Slayton, and company to step up if KJ isn't playing.
  6. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Moreso can he? Don't privacy laws say you aren't supposed to give specifics?
  7. Sumlin fired

    Texas A&M plans to fire Kevin Sumlin after LSU game Victory over LSU in finale wouldn't be enough for coach to save job Brent Zwerneman | on November 21, 2017 Photo: Rogelio V. Solis, STF IMAGE 1 OF 23 Kevin Sumlin started fast at A&M but never matched his 11-win first season. IMAGE 2 OF 23 BEST WINS Nov. 10, 2012: No. 15 Texas A&M 29, No. 1 Alabama 24 Kevin Sumlin's best win came in his 10th game with the Aggies. This pushed the Aggies into the Top 10 and made Johnny Manziel the Heisman Trophy COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin will be fired following the Aggies' regular-season finale at LSU on Saturday night, multiple people with knowledge of the situation said. Sumlin is expected to be dismissed in the day or days following the A&M game against the Tigers. The Aggies are a double-digit underdog to the Tigers, and an A&M victory wouldn't save his job at this point, the sources said. At his weekly news conference on Tuesday, a resolute Sumlin said he expects to be A&M's coach next season. "Why wouldn't I?" he said in response to a question from the Chronicle about his future. Told that the Chronicle had learned he wouldn't be back next season, Sumlin responded, "I haven't heard that." The Aggies have been good but not great under the sixth-year coach, failing to reach double-digit victories in the last five seasons after finishing 11-2 in Sumlin's first season and A&M's first year in the Southeastern Conference in 2012. Even that season, A&M finished third in the SEC West behind Alabama and LSU, and the Aggies haven't come close to competing for a division title since. Sumlin has two years left on a contract that pays $5 million annually, and the two sides are expected to negotiate a buyout in the range of $10 million. The Aggies (7-4, 4-3 SEC) have finished 8-5 in each of the last three seasons and would need an upset of LSU and a bowl victory to better that mark by a game this season. LSU has won all five of the teams' prior meetings as SEC opponents, a tidbit particularly irking to A&M's fan base, as the Aggies have tried establishing the Tigers as division rivals. Asked if he would have been thought of differently at A&M had he won a few of those games against LSU, Sumlin replied, "It would probably be different if I won a couple of games against other people, too." Attendance down A&M invested about a half-billion dollars in rebuilding Kyle Field and expanding its capacity to more than 102,000 a few years ago, and attendance was down this season as A&M lost at home to division foes Alabama, Mississippi State and Auburn. A&M chancellor John Sharp, an unyielding force behind the Kyle Field rebuild, has been adamant about producing a program that will compete with Alabama and others for SEC titles. The Aggies' top target is Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher, according to people with knowledge of the school's plans. Fisher won a national title following the 2013 season with the Seminoles, but FSU is 4-6 this season, easily his worst showing in eight years as head coach in Tallahassee. He has won at least 10 games in a season six times at FSU, something Sumlin has managed once at A&M in six seasons. Fisher's name first surfaced to the Chronicle as a candidate in September, after the Aggies blew a 34-point lead at UCLA in the season opener. Fisher, who is 82-23 at FSU, has said late this season that he will not address other jobs, including A&M. A&M athletic director Scott Woodward, brought onboard in part in 2016 to systematically evaluate Sumlin's tenure, and Fisher have a prior relationship from working together at LSU in the early to mid-2000s. Sumlin is a solid 51-25 at A&M, but his program's losses to division foes - especially late in the season - are what finally caught up to him. Sumlin has a losing record overall against the SEC West (16-19) and has finished no higher than fourth in the five seasons since 2012. A&M will go at least three years without a division victory at Kyle Field, considering the Aggies last won an SEC West game on their home field in October 2015 and won't play another division game at Kyle until November of next season. Last weekend at Mississippi, the Aggies won their first November game against SEC West competition in more than three years. Defensive hiccups Sumlin, who had the reputation of running a soft, freewheeling program early in his A&M tenure, tried toughening things up with the addition of defensive coordinator John Chavis from LSU prior to the 2015 season. While the Aggies' defense has shown signs of improvement here and there over Chavis' three seasons - along with an occasional big step backward - it hasn't been enough to save Sumlin's job. Sumlin also had to deal with the high-profile transfers of not one but two starting quarterbacks in December 2015, when Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray exited the program within about a week of each other. Sumlin's response on Tuesday that he expects to be A&M's coach moving forward was reminiscent of that of one of his mentors, R.C. Slocum, 15 years ago at A&M. "It's my intent to coach the team next season and for many seasons to come," Slocum said immediately following a 50-20 loss at Texas in late November 2002. Slocum was fired two days later and and soon replaced by Alabama coach Dennis Franchione, whose A&M tenure was largely considered a failure. Franchione was replaced a decade ago by Mike Sherman, who was replaced six years ago by Sumlin. A&M, which will go at least 20 years between conference titles considering the last came in 1998 when the Aggies played in the Big 12, is in search of its first national title since 1939.
  8. Nate Craig-Myers

    If so, it would sound something like... Nate has had a great week of practice and we think we will get big things out of him.
  9. Stephen Roberts

    This is not correct. They expect excellence. And critique things that arent. This is no difference. EVERY SINGLE ONE of our players puts it on the line week in and week out. Roberts isn't the exception. You guys get too sensitive about critiquing individual players. Critiquing isn't criticism. If people criticise, I'm right there with you, but this thought of not saying anything that could hurt a players feelings is for the birds. These guys play major FBS football. This kind of post is expected when things aren't excellent. But what do I know? I'm just a fan of college football, who has been to many teams games all over the nation This thought of not critiquing gameplay and coddling players just because they are Auburn men is exactly the difference in us and the turds. It is also the reason we have 1 back to back 10 win season in our history. We don't expect excellence. Just my opinion anyway
  10. Nate Craig-Myers

    BTW wym means what [do] you mean
  11. Stephen Roberts

    There was one game where he put his hand up to fair catch it and got creamed right after and put the ball on the ground. I don't remember if we actually turned the ball over, we may have got it back, I dont remember, but I do remember him putting it on the ground. In my opinion (and the announcers) it should of been a penalty for interference. While he has been reliable catching punts and not putting the ball on the ground, save that one time, he hasn't been spectacular at actually returning punts. When it is kicked to him, 95% of the time he fair catches. We basically have 0 threat to return a punt. This is most likely an issue with blocking and not Roberts.
  12. Nate Craig-Myers

    That doesn't make much sense at all. Sure yesterday may have been an off day blocking, but he has been on the field. If he had not been blocking all season, he wouldn't be on the field. I can guarantee you that if Gus had an issue with his blocking ability, he wouldn't see the field. Gus won't have someone out there who can't block and tell Jarrett not to target him. I'm sorry, your point just doesn't make sense. The issue is that Davis and Slayton have stepped up and have gotten open. NCM, while my favorite player on our roster, simply hasn't gotten open, or he hasn't earned Jarretts trust. Whatever it is, it's not the fact Gus let's him see the field to be a weak blocker while telling Jarrett not to target him.
  13. Bammer Lookalikes!

  14. Bammer Lookalikes!

  15. Bammer Lookalikes!