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  1. I havent even been on this site since like the 2nd game. I got tired of arguing with people, seeing people unfairly banned (jeff,) and just all the BS here. Some people like you have a real sense of football. Then we have the others... You are in the minority my man. And I dont care what anyone thinks about me. So y'all like it up with him asking that. I mean I only went from posting around 20 posts per day or more to not even visiting the site, but whatever
  2. As far as the title goes, thats wishful thinking at best. Nix could go 2-56 against Ole Miss and Gus still wouldn't even consider pulling him. With that clown what you see is what you get. How anyone could still support him is beyond me. I mean I guess you guys are happy as long as we beat the lesser talented teams. Who cares Gus has beat LSU, UGA, and Bama twice... Na we just ignore the Ls... Especially since you know, we ONLY LOST BY 3 TO THE #1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY! Gus has got the fanbase to a point where we are all about moral victories. Some of you people need to wake up and see you have a steaming pile leading us and stop acting like its all rosey
  3. LoL at you simpletons who thought Dilly Dilly was a good hire. I told y'all he had NO BUSINESS being a QB coach or OC, not at a school like Auburn. He was only a couple years removed from being a graduate assistant. But nope, all of you told me how wrong I was. LoL it sucks I was right. But I already knew I was.
  4. How has Gus split the fan base? That's easy. Playing favorites over talent, refusing to incorporate anything other than a high school passing game, hiring unqualified yes men on his offensive staff, not being able to count to 5, and I know I started with playing favorites over talent, but his refusal to even consider making a change at QB when his QB is playing on par with JJ6 and JF3. The real question is how ANYONE could still support the buger eater AT ALL?
  5. Reading through a lot of these comments and it becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR why I stopped coming here. Some of you people will only be happy if Gus is the coach. Who cares he almost always goes 8-5? I get supporting your team or your coach, but when said coach refuses to even consider pulling an entirely ineffective QB playing on par with JJ6 and JF3, this is what you get. And to anyone with eyes, it was CLEAR that Gatewood had been told he would go in when we were at the 5 yard line. He started to run in without hesitation. YOU DONT DO THAT IF YOU HAVENT BEEN TOLD YOU WOULD GO IN ON THAT SITUATION ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE BARELY PLAYED ALL SEASON. Then to have Gus grab him and shake his finger in his face... That was basically spitting in Gatewoods face. I dont blame him for ONE INSTANT. I hope he transfers to Oklahoma and puts up video game numbers... And just puts egg all over Malzahns face. This is horrible. Gus has wasted arguably the best front 7 we have ever fielded... And the fact he wont even consider a change says ALL that EVER needs said about Malzahn.
  6. Ok guys y'all can put this in another thread if you think it belongs there, but I just discovered something that is kind of astounding to me. And this is not a Bo vs Joey thing. Don't take it as such, it's not meant to be that. I was commenting on a YouTube video and while doing research for my comment I discovered that as of right now, Bo Nix has EXACTLY the same completion percentage as JF3, who almost everyone on this board would say could not hit the broad side of a barn. Yeah I know Bo is a true freshman, but true freshman or not, having the same completion percentage as JF3... I just can't believe it...but it's true. JF3 and Bo Nix as of right now both have a 53.8 completion percentage. What can Nix do to improve his accuracy? I have a hard time believing that if his dad couldn't get his completion percentage above 60 percent, that his QB coach here (3 years removed from being a graduate assistant) is going to be much more help. Nix completed less than 60% of his high school attempts. Yes he was a record setting QB, but he set no records when it came to completion percentage. What do you guys think? Do you not find it concerning that Nix is completing the same percentage as JF3?
  7. Depends on when we lose. There is 0 chance we would finish #4 if we lose to UGA and Bama. If we lose 2 of our final 3, even being undefeated before that, losing 2 of the final 3 likely would drop us out of the top10
  8. Ah ole Vernon. I like Vernon. He tends to see things through orange and blue shaders most of the time. But he's a good guy. I just really hope he stops recording while driving. He hasn't done it lately but he has quite a few of his videos where you can CLEARLY hear he is in the car recording.
  9. I love Josh Pate/The Late Kick
  10. No he gets credit for seeing things in year 7 that we have complained about since year 3 or so. It only took him 4 years to see the things almost everyone in the stadium and announcers knew
  11. I don't know that it's a "rep" thing. Nix had PLENTY of reps and then some in high school, and wasn't much more accurate than he has been for us. Everyone seems SO SHOCKED that Nix has a 50 something percent completion percentage, when historically, Nix has never been an accurate QB. Yeah he set records, but that was simply because of his attempts. He would air it out between 30 and 60 times per game, and historically only complete about half of them. So why is everyone so shocked that he is only completing half of his passes now? That's all he has ever completed.
  12. Well to be fair, these are 3 EXTREMELY different types of offenses. With Stidham and now Nix we run pretty much the Chris Todd offense. If Gatewood was QB1, you would likely see the 2010 offense leaning on the inside veer. If Malik Willis was QB1 you would have seen the 13 offense relying on the outside zone read.
  13. I REALLY thought that we would get beat. Gus had the guys ready to go from the start. Have to give him credit. Our offense overall is still concerning. The OL did a decent job last night. Nix did some good things but is VERY MUCH still a work in progress. The continued lack of RB rotation is very concerning. But we are 4-0. Not bad when I thought we could just as easily start 2-4 as 6-0. So while there is plenty to still be concerned about, there is also plenty to be excited about so far.
  14. Also... I'm pretty sure directly calling other posters disparaging names is against the rules of the board. YOU MAY WANT TO EDIT THOSE POSTS