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  1. I have hope. However 2015-2018 have taught me to expect certain things from a CGM coached team... Gus takes a while to know what he has in his team. This schedule wont allow for a slow start. Gus needs to get everything figured out during the "preseason." Gus usually starts the familiar face over the more talented one. He cant do that this season. Gus cant win @ LSU. He needs to find a way to win at Death Valley. Gus also needs to never and i mean never let his foot off the gas. All of these things are things that always happen or never happen. Gus needs to buck the trend if he is to survive. Having a losing season is the only way to miss a bowl game in modern football. With the likes of Bubbas Backyard BBQ Bowl in Cheyenne Wyoming, any team from a major conference finishing 6-6 will make a bowl game. Also since 2012 teams with 5-7 records are eligible for bowl games... So having a losing record is the only way to not go to a bowl. Ooooh grasshopper. Your kung-foo VERY strong!
  2. Claude Allen Greene IV is not Jay Jacobs. Until he proves otherwise, I refuse to believe he will allow his program to be set back by a coach he did not hire. We are paying top 5 money for a coach that no one in their right mind would call a top 5 coach. So you can accept things as JABA, but Auburn Athletics is under different leadership. Like I said, ADAG is NOT JJ.
  3. Wow! Am I seeing this correctly?!? We just won a bowl game with me as the head coach?!?
  4. That is the very reason I feel that he KNOWS that he needs to start the most talented. He cant afford to start the less talented familiar face. The two point conversion attempt vs UDub and the safety given up against Alabama State will weigh heavily on his they should. I expect Willis to start Spring as QB1 and even though no starter will be named, he will not be at the top at the end of Spring. It would not surprise me to see Willis drop to 3rd on the depth chart and transfer before the season. I love Willis. He puts his body through incredible difficult situations for Auburn University. He will always hold a place in my heart for that reason alone. But the fact that he is a Jr and will most likely be dropped behind a RSF Gatewood and TF Bo Nix will most likely lead to a transfer. I could be wrong. Willis COULD excel in the Spring and go through the entire season as a starter leading us to the national championship. But then again, Bama COULD decide to come clean admit they have cheated and lost institutional control. Neither seem very likely. #TeamGatewood
  5. I have said since last year that Gus most likely is gone after the 2019 LSU game and I'm sticking to it. 5-7 is my prediction. Oregon - L Tulane - w KSU - w @A&M - L MSU - L @ Florida - L @Arky - w @LSU - L Ole Miss - w UGA - L Samford - w Bammer - L I hope beyond hope that I'm wrong. But I just dont see it going any other way. Maybe 7-6 with a win vs Moo State and then a meaningless bowl win.
  6. Yeah because Auburn basketball has ALWAYS been on par with football. LoL Bruce winning the "SEX" championship in basketball is more on par with Auburn Football winning it all.
  7. Yeah nothing like the ole Gus taking 3 or 4 games to figure out his best lineup. Trust be damned. The most talented should start. We should not let someone start just because they have been around the longest... That's #ButGus for you. I've never in my life seen a coach who just wastes the "preseason" as much as Gus does. Maybe by game 4 he will figure out his teams strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately for Gus, starting the season that way in 2019 may just be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I hope he can do something he has NEVER done in his time as head coach of Auburn and have his best lineup figured out by game 1 and not game 3 or 4.
  8. Sucks we are a 5. I hate being a 5. Almost every tourney a 5 loses to a 12. It's horrible the brackets were filled out last night. That fact alone should get the sec to move the championship game to Saturday. If they want their championship game to mean ANYTHING that is... Also, Marcello didn't say anything negative about Auburn. Jeez you guys always find something to complain about when it comes to him. You all (who constantly kick on him) won't be happy until he leaves and covers someone else. He stated a fact. The fact is they haven't lost since a couple days after New Year's Day. That's what he stated. Was it filled with Auburn fluff? No. He stated a fact. Not everything has to be tinted orange and blue.
  9. Something tells me Tom Green hasn't watched much Auburn Football. While our WR position is stacked with a sick amount of talent... That doesn't make the spots interchangeable. Maybe he has missed the last 7 years. Perhaps he has missed what former WRs have said... The only way our WR spots are "Interchangeable" is if it's opposite day.
  10. Yep. Changed positions twice and this is his second number change given to a true freshman as well. 2017 Barrett wears #5. 2018 gives 5 to incoming true freshman Anthony Schwartz. Swaps to #10 in 2018. 2019 comes with another number change. He gives up his number for a second time, to an incoming true freshman, in as many seasons.
  11. #TeamGatewood Also i think DJ Williams may overtake everyone and be the next star of our backfield. Had a dream about Auburn football last night and Williams was our star RB. Thats what i will stick with until it happens. Or not.
  12. Will the pro day be streaming anywhere?
  13. Well it is something to be said that he is a senior and we are losing all of our starting linebackers. If the medical staff won't clear him is one thing. But that isn't reported as being the case, at least not yet. There wasn't anything in the article negative at all... But sure. Keep on being scared of the big bad Boogeyman media and their constant negativity about Auburn
  14. I think Slayton may have helped himself with his 40 time. I find it interesting that Ryan Davis didnt run the 40. Seems like he could of done well there. I wasnt surprised Deshaun Davis didnt run the 40. Also, its unsettling that Ryan Davis and Slayton are having to defend their route running abilities. Both referenced our offense as being "simplistic." Seriously. The WR who leaves Auburn as our all time receptions leader... The WR who has the best two years ever (as far as receptions go...) Has to say “I know there were a lot of things I wasn’t able to do at Auburn, I wasn’t able to showcase. I was kind of asked to do certain things. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t capable of doing other things. Me being a team player, I was just doing what I was asked to do.” and "Maybe the offense doesn’t present itself to show those talents or shows the abilities, but I definitely want to take charge of [the idea] Auburn does have receivers.” As well as “I can run any route you ask me to run. I feel like I’m as good as anybody in the country. I feel like I showed at the East-West Shrine game and will continue to show that here and at pro day." The player who has the top two seasons EVER as far as receptions go should never have to say those words. Also Slayton having to say “I definitely think I’m underrated as a route runner, but that’s why I’m here. I have an opportunity to show I have the ability to run (various routes). As a player, you want to have a complete game. You want to be seen as someone who is good in all aspects of the position. I’ll have an opportunity to show that off (Saturday).” Its a real shame after 3 years of playing games at Auburn, he feels he will finally have an opportunity to show off his route running abilities at the combine. It may seem like my post has turned into a bashing post. Its not. Its just our WRs should NEVER have to say these things. Gus needs to progress his offense. The game of cat and mouse between OCs vs DCs is like trying to walk up a down moving escalator. You always have to progress or you are going backwards. There is no standing still. The offense needs to evolve, or its going to die. Link to quotes
  15. I usually agree with you on most things, but this is beyond ridiculous. Skin color has less than nothing to do with this. Your comment is a prime example of what is wrong with this country. This has NOTHING to do with his skin color. It has to do with the fact he was signed as a walkon kicker... An onside kick specialist. No walkon kicker is just going to get reps at WR when they first step on campus. It has to do with his size. 5'9-5'10 165 lbs. Its completely understandable he wasnt given a shot at WR his first year. That I agree with you. And the fan base is thrilled some little guy, signed as a kicker, is one of the quicker players on the team. The fan base loves the idea of the underdog. Otherwise many of us in this state would be Bama fans... We love rooting for the underdog. It doesnt matter if they are white, black, red, yellow, green, or purple. Its about being excited for the underdog. But those are the reasons. To suggest its because he is white is absurdly ridiculous. That is IF he is even invited. Not everyone gets a combine invite. Just because you are a senior at a SEC school, doesnt automatically warrant you a spot in the combine.