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  1. YOUR question was answered by naming OUR starting RB from the last two seasons. But you know, move the goalposts whenever I suppose.
  2. Me either my friend. Me either. We actually saw what having a game changer at punter does in 2013 when Steven Clark could flip the field and just pin teams inside their own 10. I thought Gus knew this when he signed Syposs... I know Syposs leaving was a surprise, but I'm shocked we didnt make some sort of move at the position...
  3. Ok so Nix will be the punter... Makes sense we are going to rely on the starting QB to be our punter. That works for the short field punting. What about when we are up by 5 and need to flip the field?
  4. I hope he gets better. I hate seeing anyone going through something like this...
  5. With no spring ball it's likely he starts the season as the starter. He probably doesn't finish as the starter, but he likely starts out as the starter. Either way the question was about Auburn/SEC RBs who started 2+ seasons meaning 2 or more... And he was our starter last year and the year before...
  6. Well, I get he wasn't a superstar, but Boobee Whitlow was a 2 year starter and entered the transfer portal, or he would have been out starter for 3 or more seasons. I get he played so long ago, people could forget about him... Anyway, hope Tank is fully recovered from his injury, and he learns to hang onto the ball...
  7. We have had the common cold since the beginning of time, and we have yet to come up with a vaccine. AIDS has run rampant since the 80s and has killed vaccine yet... I think it's wishful thinking in it's purest form thinking that we will have a true vaccine in around a year.
  8. I assume you are stoked about the importance put on northshore this class. I remember you saying last year or the year before that you wished we would recruit northshore more...
  9. It isn't just Georgia. In Oregon they would have commercials on the radios and the TVs saying "there is no magic number it is all about impairment." You could blow a 0.01 or even a 0.00 and of the officer feels you are "impaired" in any way, you get a DUII... Lost my license to blowing a 0.02. And to get it back I have to go through a 3 month out treatment program 5 nights a week in Birmingham. Nevermind that I live well over a hour away and work every night... Such BS
  10. Wow this is getting to Ole Miss levels with UT now. Fulmer doesn't seem to care about possible repercussions... Let them pull this with one of Bamas commits. Something tells me the REC would relish the possibility to pay Fat Phil back. Mark your calender folks. Its just a matter of time... Either the REC will put Tennessee back to the stone ages or the NCAA is just gonna stop policing these types of things because Tennessee is going full Will Wade in football recruiting.
  11. How many high school aged kids do you see wear Nike or Air Jordans? How many do you see wear UA shoes? Then go to a basketball game or court...look at their shoes. 8 out of 10 will be wearing Nike shoes. The majority of those kids who have played basketball for 18 years and have ALWAYS worn Nike or Jordan shoes. When they get to Auburn they can no longer wear Nike or Jordans because to play basketball at Auburn they HAVE to wear UA shoes. Yes Bruce has us recruiting at a level higher than any in program history BUT to pretend like it wouldnt help is naive. To pretend that the shoes they play basketball in does not matter is flat out WRONG. Brands matter to these kids...much more than they did when i went to school in the 90s... Suggesting otherwise just says you dont know much about todays youth.
  12. Here is just a quick verification of Pappoe at Pickens signing ceremony I DO understand why Auburn fans are super excited about the possibility of Green signing to go along with Cooper... But I learned a cold hard lesson in February of 2019... Which was... Just because an ultra talented prospect (Green) wants a current signee (Cooper) at their signing ceremony DOES NOT mean that prospect will sign with us... We have seen this page played out before when the ultra talented prospect was Pickens who had current signee Pappoe at his signing ceremony. Lord knows I hope we sign Green, Thor, AND the kid from Texas. Could you imagine? But until we have the basketball history equivalent to that of a Memphis, we will ALWAYS be the underdog for these ELITE prospects.
  13. PRETTY SURE that Pickens had Pappoe at his signing ceremony. Just because someone wants a friend there doesnt quite mean what some of you think it means...
  14. O.K... Original artical says 4.6 out of 10. So that drops him from: (6.9-9.0) A high impact player who won’t change a program but will certainly be a very good contributor and starter. To: (4.1 to 6.0) A solid impact can be expected in the right scenario and has the potential to battle for a starting job. Which is closer to: (1.1-4.0) Not a big impact expected, likely a non-starter and down the bench depth player I mean I get it that everyone thinks that anyone who comes to Auburn is the bees-knees. Especially on this site... But we are talking about a guy who was projected as preseason fourth-team All-MAC by Athlon Sports... Maybe he can hold his own and will surprise me like Driscoll but I wont hold my breath. Im not a sunshine pumper like a some of you on here. But nothing would make me happier than to be wrong about this young man.
  15. I am 99% sure that he didnt play a single snap last season. Pretty sure he is a redshirt freshman.