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  1. You are acting as if we had played two Championship caliber teams and had blown them out. Yes we are 2-0 and ranked in the top 10 RIGHT NOW. But being ranked in the top 10 in the first month of the season is a LOT different than being in the top 10 of the final rankings. A lot of the early season top 10 rankings are meaningless if you don't finish that well. Also you have to consider the fact we have the SEC behind us. If you think we are the 8th best team in the country, you are going to be in for a rough time come November. Yes because silencing people is always the best route to go. I get it if you are directly attacking someone. That should be removed. But removing posts because they make you uncomfortable is always the best route right? /Sarcasm
  2. Don't forget Moore. He will move inside most likely as well.
  3. If Pappoe was bigger absolutely. He just doesn't have the size to be a weak side DE (which is what our "buck" position is) and take on OTs.
  4. Also I'm no Gus fan, but I am not a Gus hater, I will give him credit where it's due. However to those who want to replace him.... deep pockets or not, lets look at what it would cost to replace Gus after this season. Ok first let's start with Chizik. Do you all remember when Chizik was fired? His buyout was 7.5 million and over 11 million once you bought out the assistants. There was an uproar over how much the buyout was. Now let's look at the highest buyout EVER paid. The highest buyout EVER paid was when Notre Dame paid Charlie Weiss to go away. That buyout (for the coach alone) was just over 19 million dollars. For Auburn to fire Gus after this season, the buyout for Gus alone is around 28 million dollars. Almost 10 million dollars more than the highest buyout EVER paid. That doesn't even touch the assistants...and our DC makes more than some head coaches of smaller universities. We would probably be looking at around 35 million dollars in total to buyout the current staff. Then when you also consider the buyout of the next coach and assistants, that number could likely double. Possibly 70 million dollars to replace coaching staffs. This at a time when ALL Auburn sports are cutting their budgets by 10%... This would also most likely halt the football only facility the day Gus is let go. Replacing Gus just isn't a smart move right now. Because things could absolutely be worse than winning 8 and maintaining top 10 recruiting classes. Don't get me wrong, I will be happy the day he is no longer the coach, but this year just isn't the time. I don't think Auburn wants to set the new record buyout at close to 30 million dollars to pay Gus to go away.
  5. Did baseball and basketball suddenly become the big money sport for the university? Didn't think so. Also as garbage as the two coaches were before BRUUUUUUUCE, they weren't paid top 5 money. So...we have sports that aren't as important to the everyday Auburn fan, we have sports that aren't as important to the universities (or Athletic department) revenue stream, and coaches who (while terrible) were not paid top 5 money. Why would you even try to compare the three? You are trying to compare star fruit and tomatoes. Sure they are both fruits but no where on par with the other.
  6. What would these be? Because I think you are throwing crap against the wall and hoping something sticks. EACH AND EVERY negative thing I've ever seen on this forum about Gus is about his on the field decisions. In fact, most who criticize Gus even point out how he runs a tight ship, that players aren't getting into trouble, and that he seems to genuinely love Auburn. I have NEVER seen a direct attack on Gus that wasn't about his decisions AS A FOOTBALL COACH. So do tell. Because I don't believe this for ONE INSTANT. I'll ask you the same thing. What do you consider a "personal attack?" Because I've certainly never seen anyone directly attacking Gus Malzahn the man and not Gus Malzahn the coach. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two.
  7. Yep if that happens, we are likely looking at an end to the football only facility again for a while.
  8. The NCAA is a pitiful excuse for a governing body. For a long time we have been at a point where I felt the schools were just waiting for someone to make a move. This could very well be the spark that destroys the NCAA as we know and (generally) dislike it today. Personally I see nothing wrong with players being able to make money off their likeness. Be it a football player who gets a check from EA for their likeness being used on a video game, or a water polo player who is wanting to make posters with their pictures on it and offering swimming lessons. It doesn't have to go as far as having Nike and Dodge reps at players homes on recruiting visits. There is a difference in student athletes being paid for their likeness and all out minor professional league. And this bill is about being paid for their likeness.
  9. Auburn is only projected to win four out of the final nine games of the season, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index. The FPI is a metric that “measures (a) team’s true strength on net points scale; expected point margin vs average opponent on a neutral field”. As one of the two teams in the country that is tasked with playing both Georgia and Alabama every season, the yearly schedule is tough enough for Auburn. Throw in a road trip to Gainesville for that second cross-divisional matchup, followed by two consecutive SEC road games, and things get even harder. Here are the projected win probabilities for the rest of Auburn’s season, according to ESPN’s FPI: Sept 14. vs. Kent State: 98.5% Sept. 21 @ Texas A&M: 43.3% Sept. 28 vs. Mississippi State: 69.2% Oct. 5 @ Florida: 41.9% Oct. 19 @ Arkansas: 90.7% Oct. 26 @ LSU: 20.1% Nov. 2 vs. Ole Miss: 84.4% Nov. 16: vs. Georgia: 47.2% Nov. 23 vs. Samford: 99.1% Nov. 30 vs. Alabama: 22.2% Doesnt look too good
  10. I don't care what Tank told JL. Tank was sold on us not running one RB into the ground...which is exactly what is being done so far. Not everyone thought that. Some of us knew they have been predetermined handoffs and have voiced it quite recently in another thread. To be fair JF3 wasn't going to be a good passing QB under any circumstances. Him coming in to throw 13 times per game every game wouldn't have made him a better passer. He was just bad at passing the ball. That's why Auburn was his last stop as a QB
  11. What? We already have a stable of RBs who already don't get touches. And with the deficiencies at OL, he is the QB that we will probably need to win football games. This isn't a knock on Nix. If we had a legitimate SEC OL, Nix could absolutely be the QB to win us football games. But the fact of the matter is that our OL play is atrocious... and with atrocious OL play comes a need for a player like Gatewood. Everyone in the stadium knew Gatewood would be running the ball... including the Tulane defense that had largely corralled Nix, KMart, and Boobee all night long. Gatewood drove it up the field. His running ability is what makes him in my eyes the best option until something comes together for this OL. Because continuing to run Nix out there with this OL can very easily ruin him.
  12. This I will accept and will even go back and edit my post
  13. LoL this is a hot take right here. Grimes recruited all these seniors, but it's not a Grimes problem. LoL you can't make stuff like that up. 😂 Grimes is the cause of all of this. Hand looked like crap because he was coaching Grimes pitiful recruiting. Hand isn't doing too bad in Austin Texas... But he was the problem here 😂 I mean it's like you people don't really pay attention and just believe everything said here. Not everything/anything related to Auburn is the best in the business. AT SOME POINT YOU HAVE TO TAKE OFF THE ORANGE AND BLUE SHADERS.
  14. Why is that? Because we haven't seen them? The fact is Gus has always ridden one horse. This is no different. Gus better start listening to Caddy about the rotation or there won't be a Tank in the stable next season.