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  1. Garner absolutely could recruit and develop interior defensive linemen but seemed lost as far as generating a pass rush. We havent had anything resembling a pass rush since 2017 when sensei mudd roamed the sidelines. This even became clear to Gus as coach Al Pogue took over coaching DEs in his only season coming from WVU. There is no question Garners ability to coach up interior linemen though. D Russell and T. Trusdale are better examples of him coaching up talent than D. Brown. Brown has elite ablitiy that cant be coached. Garner sure could coach up those DTs but had seemingly no clue
  2. First time for me in the stadium was my first Auburn game. The ORIGINAL deflategate 1993 Auburn vs Mississippi State. Terry Daniel boomed 2 punts for like a 57 yard average and Jackie Sherrel was convinced Daniel had helium in the balls.
  3. Im not too sure what to think about thesw guys. They have some big name guests on the show but at the same time get some big things wrong. For example, one video they gave ALL the credit to Caddy for signing Tank. I posted a comment saying Horton did the heavy lifting on recruiting tank and Caddy just helped hang on to him when he signed. Horton had done the recruiting, and they acted like I had no clue what I was talking about. I know that is how I saw it described on this site. I remember our resident recruiting expert correcting me when I gave Caddy credit for the closing of Tank...
  4. To be fair he coached the Iron for days. Maybe weeks. Certainly no where near a year. Edit* 3 months. Just looked it up. Hired by the iron in October 2018. Hired by Auburn January 2019. And just because he played for us doesnt mean everyone was behind the hire or him being retained.
  5. Then you must not have been there lately
  6. So has anyone actually answered the question of his eligibility? Either: A. He signed with an agent and is ineligible B. He did not sign with said agent C. He signed with an agent but everyone missed where it no longer makes you ineligible. I have yet to see an answer to this throughout multiple forums...
  7. So we just gonna leave Al Pogue listed as an analyst when he was an on the field coach?
  8. Yall gonna feel really weird when a lot of these DEs yall are talking about are stand up OLBs in our new defense...
  9. Here is the issue being shelved a few days ago. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/2021/01/12/ncaa-president-mark-emmert-rules-nil-delay/6641152002/ Earlier today Emmert announced he still expects to move forward sometime this year https://www.lakenewsonline.com/story/sports/college/2021/01/14/emmert-ncaa-expecting-get-athlete-compensation-issue-done-2021/4152965001/ I mean I did a search for "Mark Emmert Transfer 2021" and both were found in like 30 seconds
  10. No. Its not the same. Whoever said that has seen a lot of overload or other pressure type fronts and thinks he has shifted to a 4-3. They are fundamentally different. We have recruited 1 gap DL since Tommy Tuberville. Bill Oliver was the last real 3-4 coach we have fielded. We will now be running a 2 gap scheme. Also as far as him transitioning into a 4-3 because of "modern offenses" makes absolutely no sense. Masons claim to fame was being the person to create the blueprint to stopping the Chip Kelly Oregon teams. Almost everything I just said comes directly from an article
  11. Our lineup has just been recruited for a 4-3/4-2-5 base since Bill Oliver coached the defense but SURE. Our current guys on the DL are much better suited for a 3-4 than what they were recruuted for 🤷
  12. Al Pogue coached DEs this year. He was not an analyst.
  13. Its great he is returning. With us swapping to a base 3-4 we will play twice as many LBs as we have run for a while.
  14. On offense you are correct. But defense is a total rebuild basically. Besides all of the transfers and kids declaring for the draft, we are swapping from a 4-2-5 base to a 3-4 base. Our current DEs will be stand up linebackers in this defense. We dont have any true NTs, we dont have 3-4 DEs. Swapping from a 1 gap technique to a 2 gap technique requires a different style of DL. And almost our entire DB group is gone. Luckily most of our LBs are staying... Defense is almost a complete rebuild. But in the long run it will be worth it as it will better prepare kids for the next level wh
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