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  1. replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    That's never been a problem for him, at least not with us. Getting more talent to sign up... that's an entirely different story. Hopefully he can sign us a tackle better than Bailey Sharp this go around. That isn't a knock on Sharp, he is a fine backup, but we will need to sign better quality tackles on this go around for Grimes.
  2. Class superlatives

    Is it just me, or did anyone else feel like the writer has some sort of man crush on Michael Harris? Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Harris AT ALL, but seeing him pop up so much caught my attention. Either Harris is going to be all world for us, man cush engaged (for the writer,) or both, lol
  3. football tidbits

    This is why I don't understand going after the smaller guys (not counting worm who is a bowling ball, but guys like Kmart) especially when we pretty much use a WR now in the role we used Omac.
  4. Why did Holland leave early?

    I don't think it's about how much better he would do. I feel that drafting a one year star really high is risky. If he had dominated the SEC for more than one season, he wouldn't seem as much of a risk. But i will say him doing that backflip is down right impressive.
  5. Why did Holland leave early?

    I 100% agree with this. I just pointed out that Davis being a sure fire 1st rounder isn't set in stone as say Carlos Rogers was. He was a sure fire 1st rounder. As much as I love CD, he didn't own half the field like Rogers did. As far as Holland goes, I sure wish he had stuck around for another year and improved his stock, but that's just me being selfish wanting him to dominate on our DL again next season. But I think it's ok, I feel Coe will step right in and not miss a beat. But it sure would be been nice to see sensei mud lined up for us next season.
  6. Why did Holland leave early?

    I love Davis, but a guarnteed 1st round lock, he is not. I agree with the rest you said though.
  7. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    Yep. And the whole issue with Notre Dame may cause them to leave the NCAA, and once one school does it, that could be the first of many dominoes to fall.
  8. Auburn - Best Class Outside of the Top 10

    Unfortunately the game has evolved. You won't consistently win with top 15 classes. You may catch lightning in a bottle a few years but you won't consistently be a top 10 team if you don't consistently sign top 10 talent. There is a HUGE talent gap from the top 3 to say 9 or 10. I'm not at all saying I agree with this article, but there is a reason Alabama has been on top of the football landscape. They have signed the best talent year in and year out. Now, yes, they can get away with some things we can't... Some blatantly... how they have acquired the top talent is an entirely different story/issue, but the fact remains they stay on top because they sign the best talent. Any team that wants to consistently be the best, must sign the best talent. Top 15 classes are great, but you will always have teams that just out talent you any given year. That being said, I hate Bama. I can't stand how they can get away with anything and everything. But they stay on the top because they sign top 5 talent every year. No way their current run happens if they average signing the 15th ranked class over almost the entire last decade.
  9. Offense Needs to Change

    LoL, for the record, I got Miller and Martin mixed up. Miller is the one who doesn't have the speed to contend in the SEC. Miller definitely has the speed, but I dunno about his body style. He is so small.
  10. Offense Needs to Change

    1) I don't feel Miller will ever be that guy. In all honesty it's like he peaked in his 10th grade year. Add in the fact he just doesn't have SEC speed. I have always thought this about him since he signed, and has done nothing in his time here to show otherwise, even just by playing in mop up duty. 2) I hope Asa will be a stud for us. But in all honesty it may take him a year or two. I just don't see him taking an SEC beating year 1 as RB1. 3) I totally agree on Whitlow. He has superstar written all over him. I hope he is ready, he is going to get his shot...starting with the soon coming spring practices. 4) There is nothing I would love to see more than worm stepping in and taking over in our backfield. At first i was extremely sceptical about his size and speed as well. His speed based off his recruiting profile, and his size... well he is small, but a bowling ball for his size. I think he has become my favorite signee, and I truly have become one of his biggest fans! I cant wait to see that after next season, but when you have a thorughbred, you run it. You don't sit him on the bench. I don't think people understand just how good of a QB Jarrett Stidham is for this program. He stepped in and only had the 2nd best passing season in the history of the program... only behind Craig. And when DC put up all those yards, he was a 1 man show. He didn't have an ALL-SEC RB in the same backfield. I loved the 2010 and the 2013 offenses. They were both very different offenses, but they were sure fun to watch. In 2019, Willis is going to have a push for the QB job. If Willis wins the spot, I look for more of a 2013 Nick Marshall type offense. Running the zone read with Willis pulling off to the side. If Gatewood wins the job, I'd expect more of a 2010 offense. While it's still a zone read, it's an inside zone read. I'd expect Gatewood to pull it inside like Cam did. If Nix wins the job, if expect more of a Jarrett Stidham offense. The offense we run will be based off the strengths of the QB.
  11. Offseason Coaching Changes

    No one asked who Brown was. Golf said who, but was asking who you thought should replace Brown who just also happens to be a stellar ST coach. I can't tell if you are trolling, or if you really believe the things you post/say...
  12. Looking Ahead: Washington

    I wasn't at all saying I thought we will lose to Tennessee. I said it's not an automatic win. Same concept as what happened vs UCF, because they have superior roster talent to UCF. I think we will beat Tennessee... let me be clear about that issue. Just after UCF, I'm going to have to see us lighting it up before I consider a game vs the talent they have on their roster an automatic win.
  13. Breakdown of 2019 targets

    He is the #1 DT QB. And he is as much of a DT as Stidham. He may run a lot in high school, but won't be Nick Marshall. The #1 overall QB in the 2019 class is Spencer Rattler, a kid out of Arizona that is committed to Oklahoma. Texas A&M also has a pro style QB that's rated higher than Nix, but not as much of a difference as Rattler. Rattler is 31 overall Grant Gunnell (A&M) is 50 overall Nix is 76 overall
  14. Will Jalen Hurts transfer from Bama?

    You forgot Cory Grant. Who signed with Alabama after high school, wasn't released, had to walk on then was awarded a scholarship. I don't see hurts staying at bama, but I sure don't see him coming here.
  15. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    Well that was disheartenig. I really wanted Ross. But oh well. We are set at WR anyway, but it sure would of been nice to pick up the #1 player in the state for once... not to mention, a WR of his skill... This hurt. Not because of need, but because I really wanted him and it's yet ANOTHER kid from our back yard NOT coming to Auburn.