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  1. I am disappointed to see that he is not permitted to “throw batting practice or catch bullpen”. I guarantee saban has his analysts doing that. CKS should be able to as well.
  2. I think roster management in this case has more to do with recruiting and how many are needed at a given position and who or what is available in a given year. Making sure you don’t get to 2021 with an uneven roster and have to scramble to shore up a key position. Tech is calling him a GM. It is a chance to take another step up the ladder and another step toward becoming an AD. This will be a critical hire for Gus. IMO, what Suddes came in to do was some of the things Muschamp was apparently critical of when he took the SC job. Roster management and organization with and around recruiting.
  3. Except that they didn’t even win their DIVISION just last season. AU controlled the game against them.
  4. He may actually believe all that - it is not a stretch or anything. But I believe it is more likely that this column was almost completely done before AU made that run in the last five minutes. Instead of taking a look at what happened as a whole and then writing about it, he took his “Gus is bad and AU will be 6-6” column and converted it to a “yeah, well, Gus is still bad and AU will be 7-5” column.
  5. I am pretty sure Campbell has a $10 millon buyout we would have to pay. Not happening in our situation.
  6. Boosters would have to step up to pay $15 million this year and there would be around $4 mill to pay for each of the next four years after that. It is doable. My problem is I have seen the value of Gus as being tied to his system and ability to run an offense. I don’t know what you get from him as a head coach (backing off from the O). So if the idea is he needs a great OC to come in and run things we are paying $7 million for not a whole lot. Tub was a good CEO type coach who struggled when the right OC (and to a lesser extent DC) was not in place. Malzahn doesn’t bring that same CEO skill set.
  7. I saw a post elsewhere that indicated there may be some AU donors who are reluctant to invest in the new football complex project, “because of Gus and his tendency to blow clearly winnable games.” I am not going to tell people what they should and should not do with their money. Each person has to make that decision on their own. But this, to me, is one of the more short-sighted, maybe even ignorant, things I have heard. I can recall touring the current athletic complex when it was built some THIRTY YEARS AGO. During that time it has served several AU head coaches and administrators, along with countless athletes. Given this reality, any money given toward a project to build a new football only complex for Auburn would be an investment in that, Auburn. This building would serve Auburn, help recruit kids to Auburn, and help the current AND FUTURE Auburn staffs in their quest for championships for years (and years) to come. It would be around to serve current and future coaches, players and administrators for decades. To make this as some sort of stamp of approval or disapproval of the current staff shows a lack of understanding, in my opinion. If Gus is around long term to enjoy it and get the most out of it, that will mean he has built a program we can all be proud of. If not, your gift will have made it easier to attract the next coach, and the next one, and the next. And it will make it easier for them to be successful once they arrive. If we had waited until we hired a basketball coach we all believed in 100% before building Auburn Arena, we would never have been able to attract a coach like Bruce Pearl. We began building it when Jeff Lebo was coach and, I believe, renovated (or modified) it somewhat for Tony Barbee when he came in. I don’t think there is any chance AU fans were all in for either of those guys. But the investment in Auburn paid off. Give your money or don’t give it. That is your call. But don’t hold on to money you would otherwise be willing to give because you are afraid it might help Gus!?!!?!?! This is an investment in AUBURN.
  8. His analysis is more meaningful as we get deeper into the season due to the scoring margins and all, but he almost always has something that I didn’t know or did not think of.
  9. Will StatTiger be posting his AU-UW pregame analysis here at some point?
  10. Actually just for the b’ball student section.
  11. Nice preview of an opponent I don’t know much about. Thanks for putting this together. I like that they are giving more credit for true road wins and this should be another chance to get this team in a different environment before hitting the road for conference play.
  12. Yes, It was stated that MTSU has 11 Jrs or Srs on that team. They will do some serious damage this year and make us look good in the process.
  13. Does anybody feel like the relative silence means they are talking with people who are currently ADs elsewhere? If I am leading a search or a potential AD I am trying to keep my name out of the news in case I don’t get the job and have to stay at my current school. I think the fact that it has been relatively quiet is good news. If names start leaking people sometimes get spooked when people At their current school (including board members and presidents) start coming up and asking.
  14. Of the ones I have heard, I favor this move also. I like the experience at various stops because you learn something, and take something, from every place. Very familiar with the SEC having spent about a decade at Ole Miss. Also familiar with the state given his time at Troy. But disconnected enough from AU to be able to look at things with a clean slate. I am sure there are others who would do a great job but all I know is the list I have seen.
  15. It is also my understanding (I say that because I don't work in the athletic dept., do not live in Auburn and I am not any of the individuals involved) that she drops by the AD to visit over the last several years when in town, so it is easy to see who she is closest to - especially when she stays with a certain family at times when in town. Jackson and Hargrave are the two I have heard. I don't want to make this political, so please excuse the term, but I see what needs to happen in our athletic dept as similar to what needs to happen in DC. We need to drain the swamp and identify who is carrying their weight, who is making a difference, who deserves to be there, who is qualified for their position, who is a mole, who is a bad apple and on and on. I believe a person who comes in and is close to those already in the AD would be more likely to either maintain the status quo or would lean on those people they are closest to and get bad advice on who should stay and who should go. Much like the establishment jobs in DC, many of these jobs provide a nice six-figure salary and not a whole lot of accountability. Some know they are in a better situation than they could ever hope to be in anywhere else and will do whatever it takes to hang on for dear life. I am sure a lot of it has been going on since JJ announced his resignation and it will only get worse as the new AD steps in. Given this, don't you think you would be fighting to make sure the next AD is someone you are already aligned with? I believe that is the reason her name came up from day one. People from the inside making sure her name was on "the list". I have some concern that Leath may be influenced somewhat by internal opinions or forces in making this decision, and that could lead to us doing the feel good, JABA thing. I say that not because he is that type of person, but because any human being who is new in a job would find it easier to make the decision that more people around you want you to make. Then, even if you fail, you all fail together. The difficult thing is to make the right but unpopular decision knowing everybody around you will say I told you so if it doesn't work out. Having said that, I will support the person Leath decides to put in there, because I truly beleive he wants a strong AD who will allow him to not have to be putting out fires every other month. That should lead to him making the right decision for the right reasons.