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  1. Pettway out indefinitely

    Yes, our bowl gameS will be played Jan 1 and Jan 8.
  2. Texas A&M Game Report Card

    Stat, what do you make of the downward trend on defense? Late season injuries? with chubb, michele, harris and scarbrough coming in over the next three weeks we have to at least be solid with our run fits and keep the passing game in front of us.
  3. JJ Replacement

    My problem is we too often take this approach at AU... "we need a national search to find the very best person for this critical position.......among the people I currently know, am comfortable with, and can control. "
  4. JJ Replacement

    My opinion on M M-D... M M-D is way too close to certain current occupants of the swamp. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, for her to drain it the way it needs to be drained. I am sure they are part of the big push to hire her. They may even be on the various message boards fanning the flames. Hopefully enough people who understand this are involved and will be able to influence the decision. We do not need a situation where people like TJ, for example, are running the show from behind the curtain due to their relationship with the incoming AD. We need somebody who has experience as a P5 AD. Preferably someone who has been an administrator on some level at 2-3 (or more) different schools. Someone who is NOT close with current occupants of the swamp. Someone with a proven record of identifying and being able to attract (and close the deal with) successful coaches. M M-D does not meet any of those key criteria. It is possible to be an impressive person with a strong resume and AU connections and not be the right person for this time at AU.
  5. Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    I don't think it is petty at all because it speaks to COACHING. Not who has the most resources or who has the best players or which school's boosters will sell out to win. COACHING.
  6. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    I heard he can hit the NARROW side of a barn - from 60 yards away.
  7. Anbody have any info on Pettway?

    I heard he was "flying around out there"
  8. Re-Watch the Game to temper your analysis

    @Malcolm_FleX48 so what is the likelihood that we turn it around offensively this season? Some of this talk is spring ball or during the (5 wasted weeks!!!) of preseason/ fall camp type of tinkering. How do you do that with another conference opponent coming up every seven days?
  9. Pregame Sights & Sounds - AU vs. Georgia Southern

    By the time y'all settle the discussion about the current locker room the construction of the new one will be complete. It will be in place for next season and will be at least 16,000 square feet.
  10. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    If they thought Hill was a factor in any way wouldn't uga have gone after him also? I love that we got him and believe he has a chance to be a great AU WR. It also can't hurt that he is apparently close with Fields. But you have to think uga would have been after him more if they felt that was a factor for Fields. I hope somebody can tell or show me otherwise.
  11. Finebaum: Something is different with Malzahn

    Couldn't get it to play. Probably for the best because it would have broken a seven year streak of not listening to that show (OD).
  12. The Myth of the Lopsided Rivalry

    If you want to make it even more interesting, look at the numbers BEFORE Bryant at bama. Bryant was something like 19-6 vs AU, but BEFORE and AFTER his reign we have more than held our own. During the Bryant years the attitude was kind of like the saban years in that the feeling was it is just this way because we are bama. Our program is just better. This is just who we are. The reality is pre-Bryant AU was as good or better. And we have held our own in the post-Bryant era, despite the fact that saban has been allowed to play by a different set of rules and pretty much own college football.
  13. Chip Lindsey

    Sorry for the bullet point approach but... The key will be our ability to execute in the passing game. If White starts that will mean an improved and healthy White. If Stidham starts it will mean he is better than an improved and healthy White, which was the best we had last year. You don't bring in Al Borges unless you are serious about turning the O over. He is there to fill an experience gap, which is really the only question with Lindsey - him vs SEC DCs. Lindsey had a good enough job that he would not have left if he thought he was simply going to be Rhett 2.0. This was a career move for him. If he thought he would just be the next guy to be forced to run Gus' offense but not really be able to coordinate it himself, I don't see any way he makes that move in a season where Gus has to win or likely has to move on. Clemson will tell us some things about this team but it is not a must win game by any means. A loss there doesn't take you out of any conference or national goal you may have set. What is a must is that this team improves during those first few weeks. The games before and after Clemson are absolutely must-win. Then, regardless of the Clemson outcome, you need to have improved enough to be prepared to handle what comes the rest of the way. The OL will be such a key in how this offense goes. Stidham can make the throws. And we will have have a couple WR step up as needed (NCM being one). We have to be able to block for the RBs and protect in the passing game. So much to like about this team if the OL comes together.
  14. Tolbert and Hastings

    One concern is that I was very inpressed by Hastings route running and quickness....until we played the teams that mattered. He didin't seem quite as quick once we played the teams with elite SEC talent. Is there reason to believe that has changed or are we fooling ourselves again and simply noticing a guy who is good enough to stand out in spring ball against our second string secondary? I suspect the answer is somewhere in between, as usual.
  15. Gus on 2017 staff

    Forgive me but... "stone has been decided"? Stone? who is the "you" in "you are done? JJ is done?