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  1. WDEIke

    Who Do You Want?

    Ties to KS nad all he'd have to do is make a solid OC hire.
  2. WDEIke

    Who Do You Want?

    What about the Mad Hatter?
  3. WDEIke

    Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    favorite beer: cold beer worst beer: warm beer
  4. WDEIke

    What do you most want to see Sat vs Clemson

    I want to see constant pressure on Tahj Boyd from our front 4 so that we can drop seven in coverage and leave him nowhere to go. Except to the ground, hard of course.
  5. WDEIke

    Next Man Up - The sky is not falling

    Think about when AJ Green went down in 2010, then an unknown JUCO signee by the name of Brandon Moseley stepped up and anchored the right side of the o-line on a national championship team. It sucks to lose Dismukes but he can be replaced.
  6. WDEIke

    Favorite Auburn Game

    2009 WV "The Rain Game" I'll never forget it.
  7. WDEIke

    So who has received their tickets?

    got mine today too!
  8. WDEIke

    Aj Turman

    anything new?
  9. WDEIke

    The Joy Cannot Be Contained Thread!!!!!!

    Not many posts I know, but I've been lurking since the site was born almost. But I have to say loud and proud I BELIEVE IN AUBURN AND LOVE IT!!!!! And not enough can be said about this group of seniors. They have shown more heart than ever expected this group will be sorely missed. but WAR EAGLE and on to the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP YOU AUBURN FOOTBALL TIGERS!!!!!!
  10. WDEIke

    My very Early wish list

    Don't forget about the huge need at DB. We have to get Enrique Florence.
  11. WDEIke

    Sorry... Off Topic.... but....

    I second that.
  12. WDEIke

    Everyone Take a deep

    Amen and WDE!
  13. WDEIke

    News on DJ Howard

    Say it ain't so. I have faith in our coaching staff that they will land both of these great young men. Cuz with Gus' O and playing in the SEC there is no such thing as too much depth at RB.