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  1. I don't think there is any malice in it. I just believe that there is great pressure to produce on the coaches part. We all know that you must have good players to be good and great players to be great. Enthusiasm can be directly transferred into money(hence the pressure). So some in the know take a small bit of information and tell it. It spreads like a wild fire. Soon enough we Auburn fans start believing that a player was going to come to Auburn. Others meanwhile are telling us otherwise. Yet we believe. Then when said player doesn't come, the people that brought the information forth are generally ridiculed and lambasted. The person simply relayed what they were told. Information is only as good as the person that provides it originally. The names of any of the people are irrelevant. There is a pattern. On a personal note: Cyrus K really broke me a fan. Since that point, I no longer gave a crap what any recruits says. I stopped giving the attention they want. He for all purposes was signing with Auburn. The dude had the coaches believing it. Had the Auburn media believing it. Had the inside source fans believing it. For all I know, he even believed it. Those outside the program were trying to give pause. Saying that while he is committed, there was a possibility that he would sign with bama. We as Auburn fans stuck our heads in the sand and believed that we were getting one over on Saban. Even felt sympathy for the guy when he struggled at the signing ceremony. Then he signs with bama. Of course he did. For anyone besides Auburn fans it made the most sense. If we Auburn fans woke up with our heads sewn to the carpet we wouldn't have been more surprised. So Auburn fans do what we always do. We raise all hell with anyone and everyone. We end up losing insider source fans because we burned those bridges and were delighted to do so. I didn't lambast those source fans and I can see why they wouldn't want to offer further information. If CW comes to Auburn great. If he doesn't, I'm fine with it. It doesn't effect my livelyhood or family so I will move on.
  2. For those of us Auburn fans that haven't got the memo yet I will let you all in on a secret. If Auburn sources are saying something is going to happen for Auburn that is positive and all other sources are sayig it isn't, believe the other sources. The names of either are irrelevant. It has nothing to do with this staff or with any Auburn staff. It is the reason I stopped following recruiting as closely.
  3. I am indifferent to Friend. I did see some progress in pass pro this past season but it seemed to come at the cost of run blocking. Chizik's staff almost immediately started showing results in recruiting. I haven't seen that at the offensive line position. I have at other positions. I will give Harsin and his staff time. For one, I have no choice. Two, it is only fair. Nothing that lasts is built quickly.
  4. If the current coaches don't fix the OL situation, they won't be the current coaches for long. I know that is stating the obvious but it has to be said and the coaches know this.
  5. If Auburn beats Ole Miss Saturday, they are making a good case for #1 in the nation. Yes I know Ole Miss has lost a few games but Ole Miss always seems to have Auburn's number. Especially at Ole Miss.
  6. So you see, it is simple. Play better and this is what is ahead. Except many times more amplified.
  7. Glad I read it. It changes my mind from indifferent toward him to wanting him to succeed. I can see why he is such a good recruiter.
  8. I don't think that he is worth that. I also don't believe that there is a snowball's chance he goes to EMU. A third thing I believe is that the longer this thing draws out, the lesser the chance he goes to Auburn.
  9. Charlie Batch offering $1 million for CW to go to EMU.
  10. Not only did the best Auburn player have an off night. Another of Auburn's best players(Flannigan) didn't play at all.
  11. Let us hope it comes to fruition.
  12. Yes. Auburn could have. That doesn't change the fact that I have been an Auburn fan for quite some time. Long enough to know that when people speak of good things about Auburn, bad things quickly follow.
  13. One ESPN host asked Pat Bradley if Auburn could win it all and Pat emphatically said yes. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.
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