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  1. Interesting side note. I mentioned Kyle Whittingham(no inside info) as a possible replacement at Auburn in another thread. I also mentioned Whittingham to another person and he asked if Whittingham was the coach when Utah beat bama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl. I had no clue. So I looked it up. What I found was that Brian Johnson was the QB on that team.
  2. Kyle Whittingham from Utah. Don't know if the religions will mesh(he went to BYU) with Auburn's but he is a good coach without the resources.
  3. I'm not sure where the names come from but I did hear Brian Johnson and Dave Clawson on Jay G. Tate's Brain Drain show. The names come from a guy on the bunker/ON3 with the user name JHead. Seems to be knowledgeable from my experience.
  4. Oregon OC Kenny Dilligham named Arizona State football coach
  5. There are a lot of people in Auburn's fanbase that worry too much what others think. Meanwhile, no matter what happens the same ones are making fun of them anyway.
  6. Oh no. I'm upset about what a third party will say to me about the actions of someone that isn't me. It crushes my spirit. <--- Sarcasm.
  7. No. Not really. Those are the teams that are dysfunctional. Others are less so. Florida could win 10 games consistently. UGA would win 10 games consistently. Kentucky could win 10 games every now and again. Maybe once in a 15 year span. Missouri is a toss up. I could see them doing it but only once. USCe is a toss up. I could see them win 10 games twice in a 20 year span. Alabama would win 10 games consistently. Arkansas could win 2 in a 15 year span. Auburn could win 10 consistently but wouldn't due to dysfunction. LSU would win 10 consistently. Ole Miss could win 10 games 4 or 5 times in a 20 year span. Miss State could win 10 games 1 time in 15 years. TAMU could win 10 games consistently but wouldn't due to dysfunction. I believe the SEC is tough as well but outside the top teams, it is a toss up. The SEC is top heavy. It doesn't matter if we want to admit it or not but bama, LSU, Florida, and UGA have carried the SEC credibility for a while now. Equally, the ACC is top heavy but with fewer teams. They only have Clemson as the torch bearer. I just think it is crazy to discredit the ACC. GT beat Auburn when Auburn was good. Clemson has beaten bama. I'm not willing to write that league off like that.
  8. Vandy, TAMU, and Auburn off the top of my head. Possibly Missouri.
  9. Dabo is a bammer. He seems like an idiot although I cannot personally attest one way or another. Likely not. He wouldn't take the Auburn job. If he would(he won't), he would be the biggest hire Auburn could ever get. Instant upgrade on all fronts if he were the Auburn coach. If he would(he won't), he would be proving number 2. Some of you are making yourself look foolish stating that he wouldn't meet your standards. If you couldn't live with Dabo being the head coach, Auburn can do without your fandom. He would replace you with many more. If he failed(he could possibly), you could/would come back on every platform that you have a user name on and tell us how correct you were. That you were never fooled for a second. You'd relish and enjoy it. I'm tired of writing this list.
  10. Kiffin told Ole Miss players Wednesday evening that, unless something significantly changes, he’s planning on staying as the head coach of the Rebels, sources tell On3 and OM Spirit. That is still an open ended statement. I think the Ole Miss writers are making stuff up as time goes on. Maybe Kiffen is playing Auburn. Maybe he is playing Ole Miss. Time is running out on this game.
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