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  1. Rumor is that he is getting $8 million. It seems outlandish at face value so I hope I have read that wrong. Also rumors are that Manning is asking $10 Million. It is no wonder that Auburn has difficulties if these are true.
  2. When KD comes through in OT to clinch the team a share of the regular season SEC Championship.
  3. I too think a good offense helps a team win consistently.
  4. Auburn fans shouldn't accept the losses to anyone. Pat Dye called it Amen corner for a reason though and I hate that phrase. I take great issue with this past season's record. If Auburn only lost to bama and uga so be it. The greater issue is the losing streak at the end of the season. Pat Dye while calling it Amen corner did not play a national title winner at uga and only one at bama. Dye was 5-5-1 in 1992. The Stallings national title team of 1992 wasn't his problem that season. It was the other teams. Had Harsin not lost to teams that didn't play for the national title we wouldn't be sitting here having this discussion. So Harsin just needs to start winning the winnable games. Even the bama game was winnable. The margin of victory in those losses were minimal. The sky is not falling. I also don't subscribe to the not being able to recruit. They did well this season. Not great and one could argue a less volitile situaion in LSU would have made the situation worse. One could also argue that the needs were not met. I would agree with that but I don't place it all at the feet or Harsin and staff. Auburn doesn't play to win at the highest of levels. Auburn plays to succeed. It is a much lower bar.
  5. Frank Beamer at Virgina tech had these records: 1987 2-9 1988 3-8 1989 6-4-1 1990 6-5 1991 5-6 1992 2-8-1 1993 9-3 Beamer only started to succeed in his 7th year. It would be unheard of today. The results are that he is likely the best coach VT will ever have. I'm not saying Harsin is that guy for Auburn. I'm saying that he at least deserves the chance to implement his program with full support. To think people are giving Harsin crap when two of the 6 losses are to the two teams that played for the national title. Then again Auburn plays them evey year now don't they? I feel it should be taken into account.
  6. I'm glad you do as do I. It is like this to me. If Harsin doesn't succeed, it's his life and that of his family. I cannot possibly care more than he does and he cannot care more than I do about my job. If he fails, I will not be the cause of it and I hope his failure wouldn't be the expedited by Auburn University. One year is too quick and the job too complex to make that judgement. However there is certainly enough cause for concern. If one of your concerns is Corn was not afforded the same leniency, I can understand it. I would have liked Corn to have been let go after the year was over. I do feel though that if the issue with his group were happening as reported, it was the right move.
  7. We can agree to disagree. I do not know if Corn was fully to blame or not. Most of us will never "KNOW". I know this, the WR play progressed this past season. Some of the players making that progress wasn't making it with others. To me that means developing players. The pressure at Troy is way different than at Auburn. Some coaches are good at lower levels and worse as the competition increases. Corn wouldn't be the first if that were the case. Again, I do not know. Again we can agree to disagree. There are some people that want Harsin to fail at all cost. That means up to and including having Auburn fail. People were on board until the vaccination situation happened and then they wanted him fired unquestionably. I read it with my own eyes here and elsewhere. The best thing about this is that resonable people can agree to disagree as long as neither party gets in their feelings and act childish.
  8. I don't disagree with most of these points. I really don't. I share in the concern. The difference is I am not as willing as some to not give him a chance moving forward.
  9. Sorry Bird but I have to disagree. Some people were against Harsin from the moment the vaccination situation occurred. He lost them then. Nothing he could have done once it happened.
  10. The Corn firing was absolutely the right move if the WRs couldn't line up or know the plays. Kiesau got production out of Shed Jackson which had not happened before but don't let me complicate the issue with observable facts. The War Rapport guys have a good line of logic said just now. Some Auburn fans are wanting Harsin to fail even if it means Auburn fails.
  11. The same people that would be pissed if Etheridge left for uga are giving Harsin no credit for Etheridge staying. I'm perfectly fine with people calling the fouls both ways but some of you are as bad as SEC refs.
  12. Look, I'm a show me type of person. There is absolutely nothing wrong with questioning Harsin and some of his decisions. With responsibility come questions. I have some myself. What I am having issues with is the next step which is people not giving it a chance. Sure we can give Malzahn the chance time and again but not Harsin? I have even seen a comment that is hedging if the moves are successful.
  13. You guys are insufferable. A lot of you had your minds made up before Harsin coached a game. No matter the hires, it wouldn't be well received. Keeping Etheridge is big. Yet it gets glossed over and Harsin's credit get glossed over.
  14. Maybe I am just tired but I didn't understand it either and it was directed at me. I watched his WR corps drop a lot of passes. Nothing ever progressed. Game after game. Sure he could walk into a room filled with the best recruiters and have a chance but it didn't matter. Then when Malzahn didn't promote him to the position he thought he deserved, he didn't take it well. It was always about DC to DC. So no. I am great without him being at Auburn ever again as a coach. As a past player he should be around the program in that capacity if he wants to be. Just not as a coach.
  15. To those that want Craig. Do you not remember the incident between LSU and TAMU that he started? Do we not remember him acting like a whiny a$$hole to Malzahn because he wasn't going to be OC? As for me, i'll pass.
  16. Hahaha. Sure boss, whatever you say.
  17. So am I not to assume that the Auburn leadership teaches young adults to lie to get their way? Am I not to assume that the Auburn leadership teaches young adults to spread any falsehood if it furthers your agenda even in the event you know it's not true? Creed be d@mned.
  18. Let us assume none of the b.s. currently going on within the football program is happening. The PTB still wouldn't have a clue what a good football coach looked like. Further if they happened on one, history dictates they would be unable to close the deal.
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