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  1. When the umbrella of protection is removed, the results can get ugly. Is Smart next ?
  2. You are correct, it only took 3 days for Pruit and Fulmer to get released. Question is "will Steele and Gardner remain."
  3. I am in, thanks to all involved in keeping board going.
  4. Especially an OL that can block. Our OL play today was just bad.
  5. Got my email yesterday. My plates expire in September, "just in time inventory"
  6. If that is meant as a geriactics swipe, you missed by a mile.
  7. Never been there, my wife went there on a business trip about 25 years ago. She bought me a golf shirt. I wore that thing until it faded out. That is one course I would have loved to play.
  8. It could be as simple as deny the inbound for 5 seconds and return to man D after ball is in play.
  9. Humm, careful with what you say about us geriactics. Grey power!!!!!
  10. Raining here also, forecast for upper 50's with 10-20 mph winds. I think I am about 45 miles from you.
  11. Not a fit day for golf tomorrow, cold and windy.
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