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  1. 1972 Gator Bowl, AU vs Colorado My first bowl game, first game attended not played at Legion field or Cliff Hare. We won big, will never forget Buffy pulling his handlers all over the field. Great experience that I will never forget.
  2. I was a basketball fan early in life, Joel Eaves became my hero. Probably 1954 - 1955, football came later in my life. The 1957 team pulled me in and made me an avid fan for life. I have always been proud to been an AU fan and will until I die.
  3. I was born and raised in Alabama, lived in Ga. 16 years and lived in Fla. For 36 years. My qualified thoughts in order of preference is as follows: Bama fans are arrogant and obnoxious. Pull for them against gators and dogs. Gator fans refuse to admit they played football before Spurrier and somewhat obnoxious. I hate Mullen. Hope they beat the dogs. Dog fans are arrogant, obnoxious, delusional and some are just ignorant. Hope they never win.
  4. Pulling for A&M here FL - LSU don't really care.
  5. Extended forecast is for temps in the upper 80's and of course we have that florida humidity.
  6. I am on I 10 heading to Dothan, getting out early. Stay safe eveyone.
  7. Jimbo and Pruit can't be far behind?????
  8. Tucker Frederickson will always be my all time favorite player, he was a terror on both sides of the ball
  9. That's a short period in December we turn the a/c up to 78.
  10. A lot of us are guilty of blanking out those years....
  11. Good for you, I wonder about his post but do not speak negatively ever. I am a 74 year old Male with onset dementia. I have been AU fan since the 1950's, I remember every game I attended. I cannot remember things like the year, score etc. Sometimes I use Google and I have been criticized by some on this board for doing so and I just ignore those post. So please everyone, do not talk negative about a4e until you know the complete story.
  12. We played Vandy in the 1955 Gator Bowl (I think), the next bowl was the 1963 team played Nebraska in the Orange Bowl (?). Probably played New Years day 1964, heart breaking loss. Last drive by Jimmy Sidle, Tucker Fredrickson and crew ended with a incomplete pass in the endzone as time expired. I lost my first football bet (10$ with my boss). Broke my heart and my wallet.
  13. We were AP national champs in 57, no bowl game though.
  14. Is it standard practice to review poessions during To's and change the score?