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  1. Sorry, sometime I just have to let my lack of knowledge show.
  2. You are 66, born in 43. I was born in 44 and I am 78. I love your math.
  3. We are in Dothan, don't mess with the major cats.
  4. The dark mode has to go, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. To each his own, but prefer our traditional home uniforms. Best in CFB in my opinion.
  6. I am with you on this one. Just win...
  7. D'ont know much about rotation or number of plays. I do remember back in the day UT was our second week game, we opened with Chattanooga and Shug only use 3 offensive plays. His scheme worked and we beat a favored UT.
  8. Ben Tamburello and Kendall Simmons. This OL can use some help.
  9. 2013 SEC Champsionship, 400 + yards rushing, 600 + total yards and 59 points. An offensive explosion and a championship, defense was not stellar but who cares.
  10. Have not played Disney in 30 years but in the 80"s, Buena Vista course was my favorite. Not Disney but I like the Grand Cypress courses, even the "New Course" is fun.
  11. Don't remember the year, but the name of the stadium was Cliff Hare. We played Chattanooga opening game of season, I believe.
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