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  1. I believe Lloyd had only daughters. No sons.
  2. Are our gals taught not to swing at first pitch strikes?
  3. I was not at the game but I still have the Bham News clipping from Sunday morning which reads "Tech Wrecked Auburn for real".
  4. The 1950' revisited, I Remember it well.
  5. No, I remember "Roll Ducks Roll" t-shirts in 2010. All my Bama friends bought them. I thought that was classless so this is just a little payback.
  6. Dang, look who's talking !!!!
  7. Anyone have any info on Woody Barrett's progression. I followed him through HS.
  8. LSU 13 AU 6, it pains me to say this but I don't see our offensive woes going away.
  9. AU - Many. - Ark. St.- Few
  10. Heads will roll if you piss off us old farts.
  11. I'm older than you both and I use a "smart phone".
  12. Surprised there is no news on Coe
  13. CBS announced that Verne Lundquist will step down at the end of the 2016 season
  14. Signed up last week