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  1. JF was one of the players of that era that I believe could excel in todays game. He was just a great athlete. Don't remember anything like that, but he was a pure shooter, amazing ball handler. Only saw him play twice, I saw us beat Kentucky and Jimmy took the team on his shoulders that day.
  2. Did not attend Auburn, unfortunately, I was accepted and ready to go when my 17 year old world fell apart. We want go there, just part of life.
  3. Correct, saw my first AU basketball game when I was 16, in Montgomery in a dark and dungeons old arena.
  4. I was around with Joel Eaves, great era. Jimmy Fibbie was one of my all time favorite players.
  5. It would seem that negative recruiting is in full force.
  6. I believe there is a "Bad Moon Rising"
  7. Dang, been waiting on your predictions so I can go bet my life savings.
  8. Don't hate everything Tech, just BOBBY DODD, God rest his obnxious, dishonest, cheating soul.
  9. IMO, The recruiting class is on the rocks regardless of this outcome. If I was a top recruit, I would no longer consider AU.
  10. Thanks for spotlighting an Iron Bowl that happened and I was not yet alive. First time that has happened.
  11. Prior to Spurrier, UF's football history was, dismal.
  12. We cover the spread. Us. +9.5 Them - 10