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  1. Can’t find the game on Watch ESPN. Is it being played?
  2. Was that CBP last game?

    Wow, that is a really dark and negative viewpoint. If Pearl is gone, I would agree that next year will be tough. We would probably have some players transfer and/or leave early, and recruiting would go down the tubes. However, if Pearl is back, we will likely return everyone who played this year (including Anfernee). It’s possible Heron might go pro but I think he is the only possibility. We will also bring in a four star freshman forward and have a talented transfer guard becoming eligible. There’s even an outside shot that Wiley or Purifoy comes back. If Pearl stays (meaning we have been cleared), recruiting will pick up again and this team will have another year of experience under it’s belt. I believe the future will be bright if that is the case. If Pearl is gone, the program is dead in the water.
  3. Sunday tip

    6:10 pm central on TBS.
  4. 2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    So how in the world does a team that finishes 12th in recruiting not have anyone ranked higher than 12th? If someone ran 7 race finishing anywhere from 12th to 465th, would they have any chance of finishing 12th in the combined standings? Doesn’t make any sense.
  5. Austin Troxell

    Thanks PTB. Hope he’s able to overcome the setback. Would love to see him on the field.
  6. Austin Troxell

    How is Austin doing? Has he recovered well from his knee injury? Does anybody know if he partipated during bowl practice, and if so, how he looked?
  7. Anybody heard anything about wether the game might be cancelled due to weather? Hope not since they would be without Hall.
  8. Malzahn wants 8-team playoff (Merged Threads)

    Fine, then use the Coaches Poll. The main thing is not allowing some committee to hand select “at large” teams (bama).
  9. Malzahn wants 8-team playoff (Merged Threads)

    I'm sure most of us were frustrated with the way the playoff process allowed for bama to once again slip in the back door without playing for or winning a conference championship. I saw recently where Gus is advocating an 8 team playoff, but I think that would be a mistake and here's why. If they go to an 8 team playoff, that more than likely will include at large entries (non conference champs) into the field. My thinking is that we should go to a 6 team playoff. These slots would be filled by the 5 power five conference champions and 1 of the group of 5 conference champions. That team would be selected based on which one was the highest ranked in the final AP poll. We would be able to do away completely with the selection committee. To me, the beauty of this plan is how much less subjective this is compared to the current format, if you don't win your conference you are out. The only other subjective element other than selecting which group of five champion gets in, is seeding the teams. My idea would be that you again use the AP poll and the 2 highest ranked team would receive a bye. This at least provides some type of reward for finishing high in the polls. What does everybody think?
  10. Demographic Curiosity

    64 Male Lake Martin, Al 1971 - 1977 Bldg. Science degree (co-op student) Grew up in Huntsville, moved to Texas after graduating and lived there 42 years. Retired back to Lake Martin in 2009. Suffered thru the Barfield years which may explain why my tolerance level is so high. On the other hand, my son was at Auburn from 2001 - 2005 and never experienced a loss to the evil empire.
  11. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    No, you’ re stupid. You’re stupid for being an Auburn fan (not). Why don’t you do yourself and all real Auburn fans a favor and go find another team and coach to constantly malign.
  12. Men vs. Tennessee

    Great win for Auburn, but I thought I had seen it all as far as bad referees. This group had to be the worst I have seen this year. There must have been a dozen touch fouls toward the end of the game that was the only thing keeping Tenn in the game. Only called them on that end of the floor too. I am amazed we were able to win with that crap going on.
  13. You really need to find another team to root against.
  14. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson

    Will is part owner of AUC (Auburn University Club). He also just recently started in either mortgage or real estate type of work. Really nice guy.
  15. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Absolutely it was targeting. Crown of his helmet to KJ’s ear hole. Incredible there was no mention by Danielson.