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  1. Anybody know if he announced his decision yet?
  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Mississippi State Arkansas Auburn Florida Georgia Kentucky LSU Clemson Tennessee Washington Notre Dame 44
  3. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Mississippi State Florida Georgia Texas A&M South Carolina LSU Missouri TCU Miami Georgia Tech 46
  4. Gus

    Just seems like this isn't your type of bus, besides, maybe Gus doesn't want you on his bus.
  5. Gus quote

    It must really suck for you to have to watch Gus lead Auburn to such a convincing win. Or maybe your take is that Georgia really wasn't any good.
  6. Gus

    Maybe you should find another bus.
  7. Sorry needed break from board.. I am back

    The fumble was "karma". That catch for a first down should never have been overturned. If it takes 5 minutes to review, it couldn't have been irrefutable evidence. What ever happened to that being the burden of proof for overturning a call?
  8. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    I don't know for sure if Kirby is cheating or not. Probably is, due to his time with Saban. I really was referring to Saban as far as the "win at any cost" statement. As far as Kirby is concerned, I just don't like him and think he was trying to "play" Auburn when he interviewed.
  9. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    AUHI, if you think Pat Dye and Saban are cut from the same cloth I don't know what else to say. They aren't even close.
  10. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    I will never regret not hiring Kirby. Don't think his personality is a good fit for Auburn. Feel the same way about Saban. Wouldn't matter if you assured me we would win numerous National Championships. Winning at any cost is not acceptable to me. Flame away.
  11. Question for the refs out there. What is the rule on interior lineman downfield on punts. Seems like these delayed rugby style kick like Ole Miss executed would put the linemen well beyond where they allowed to be.
  12. Intensity Training--Best Laboratory?

    The only way we make the playoff is to win out thru the SEC Championship game. There is no way we don't make the playoffs if we do the above. Therefore, "style points", really don't come into play for us this season. There are other seasons and circumstances that style points would make a difference, but not this year.
  13. Mid Year Schedule Assessment

    I know this is getting way ahead of things, but if Auburn wins out in the regular season, a very strange thing is likely to occur. We would obviously win the west but would very likely have to play Georgia again in the SEC Championship game. If we were able to beat them again, we would then probably have to face bama again, assuming their only loss being to us would likely get them in the playoff. So, for Auburn to win the NC, we will possibly have to beat our two biggest rivals twice.
  14. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    They probably would not admit it on this board, but I am sure you are correct.
  15. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    I guarantee people will complain wether we win or lose, even if we win big. They will find something wrong with what Gus did, or conclude that, once again, the opponent was no good.