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  1. Auburn Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Ole Miss Kentucky Missouri LSU Wisconsin 46
  2. AuburnGeorgiaMississippi StateTennesseeAlabamaOle MissArkansasKentuckyTexas A&MLSUMissouri 44
  3. Wow! What a great looking family you have. Hard to not root for a young man like Shaun. I expect him to become a legend at Auburn. Congratulation on raising a family as a single parent. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy.
  4. I still say there is no good reason to publicly name a starter. The team needs to know, but not Oregon or us for that matter.
  5. I hope he doesn’t. We need for Oregon to have to prepare for both qb’s all the way to game time. Hopefully, Gus can pick a starter and manage to keep it quiet till the pregame interview.
  6. For past seasons, you have compiled stats for how many 30 game starters and 20 game starters are returning. I’m not certain those were the exact numbers, but it was something like that. Have you compiled those numbers for this season, and if so, how it compares to previous seasons?
  7. Everything about Auburn football is a question mark in your book as long as Gus is the coach.
  8. Did you actually graduate from kindergarten, or did they just move you up to avoid embarrassing your parents?
  9. Oh, and by the way, I now remember why I do not post on this board very often.
  10. You know as well as I do that “dyehard” does not really want Auburn to win. His hatred of Gus is what consumes him. My correction of his grammar was only done because of his insult to his elder, something that seems to be way too common these days. I called him “diehard” because I do not consider him worthy of using coach Dye’s name. It is really ironic that this board is named “AU Family”. Most here act nothing like how a family should act. Ain’t that the truth?
  11. Being a true southerner, I appreciate that joke. I am not normally a grammar cop, but this guy needed to be put down. Possibly, he is too young to have learned proper grammar. Just to be clear though, I do not hate or begrudge people because they do not like Gus. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just do not believe true Auburn people would ever wish for an Auburn loss for any reason. Sounds like what a bammer would do.
  12. You really might want to learn how to put a sentence together before you start challenging people’s intellect. You never end a sentence with a preposition. Now, run along, it’s past your bedtime.
  13. Not even close to an accurate comparison. If you are saying you think we are more likely to start 2-4, that is an opinion and you are entitled to your own opinion. If you said I hope we go 2-4, that would be the same as dyehard’s statement and I would lump you in with him, not an Auburn man. I am sorry to hear that you are not enjoying being an Auburn fan. I have been one most of my 66 years and can assure you that it is not always easy, but it wouldn’t be the same if it was. I am not saying you have to be happy with everything that happens, I’m not. I am saying that a true Auburn man never roots against Auburn or wishes for a loss for any reason. That is what diehard was saying.
  14. Laugh all you want, but anyone wishing for a blowout of any Auburn team for any reason, is absolutely not an Auburn man.