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  1. Anybody have any idea what channel and time for the Kansas game? Will be out of town and want to set up to record. If not, does anyone know when they will set times?
  2. There are actually quite a few people in college football who have liked, studied and somewhat adapted Gus’s offense (Chad Morris is an example). I am sure he is aware of who most of these people are. Some might still be coaching high school. Just saying that there are probably a number of possible choices, but Gus would be the one who be the best judge of who.
  3. Gus is an not only an offensive minded head coach, but he is one that basically invented an offense. He is never going to totally turn over his offense to his coordinator (frankly, I wouldn’t want him to). What he needs is to do is find a coordinator that understands and agrees with his philosophy but can blend some new twists and refinements into it. I’m not sure Chip is that guy. Those that say Gus should step away from the offense completely don’t seem to understand how this works. That won’t, and shouldn’t happen as long as he is our head coach. I realize that him being gone is what some ultimately want, but I don’t feel that way. Hopefully, this team will continue to grow and improve. Hopefully, Gus will continue to grow and improve. I believe both will happen.
  4. There are only two possibilities to describe this officiating crew. They are either incredibly inept or they are corrupt. In either case, they should never be allowed to ref again.
  5. All I am saying is that he was not 100%. I dealt with sprained ankles throughout my brief athletic career, and they do not heal in one week usually. Ankle injuries can be very bothersome for backs who depend on their cutting ability.
  6. I seem to remember that Kam Martin sustained a fairly bad ankle sprain in the bama game immediately after Kerryon went down. They taped the crap out of it and sent him back in but you could tell he was hobbled. I suspect that he was far from 100% for the championship game.
  7. Once bama moved an entire family from Hawaii to Alabama, the deal was cemented. No way bama (Saban) is going to piss off that family that they have “heavily inve$ted in”. Baby brother is being groomed at a bama pipeline high school, and will take over when Tua leaves. The only reason Hurts is still there is because Saban had to have a serviceable backup.
  8. Was actually referring to WDEWDE’s statement not you Ellitor. Not saying either of you is wrong, but that it would make sense to see what happens against LSU before judging this line. Also, for anyone to say that this OL won’t likely improve, seems a bit rigid to me. Most people seem to feel that Grimes is an excellent teacher. Why wouldn’t they get better?
  9. Not sure I understand what you saw in the ASU game to reach that conclusion. We gained over 400 yards rushing and protected the qb’s. I realize it was an FCS team, but it looked like we did what we needed to do. Next week will tell us where we stand. If we can’t run the ball effectively, there will be reason for concern.
  10. Mark my words: Jarrett Stidham becomes the all time single season passing yardage leader for Auburn. South Carolina beats Georgia week two and wins the east.
  11. AU - 17 UW - 21 Line needs gelling AU - 64 ASU - 10 Good scrimmage AU - 42 LSU - 13 Starting to click AU - 52 ARK - 17 Pigs overmatched AU - 42 S. Miss. - 10 A. Martin shines AU 31- Miss. St. 17 Late TD seals it AU - 46. UT - 7 Uh-Oh Pruett! AU - 34 Ole Miss. - 21 Rebels put up a fight AU - 41. Tx A&M - 24 Tigers pull away late AU - 24. UGA - 28 UGA scores late to seal win AU - 72 Liberty - 0 Everybody plays AU - 31 bama - 21 Hard fought win AU - 28 UGA - 17 Once again, only 2 loss team to make playoff
  12. This was on of my favorites also. My son also went to every game that year. He was in the aviation program, so he and a classmate flew a twin engine to most of the away games. Needless to say, I believe it was his favorite season. He also had the satisfaction of knowing that bama never beat Auburn during his time there. Unfortunately, our only win during my time was 1972, which was my favorite team.
  13. Very proud of this team. Great game guys!