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  1. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Texas A&M Florida LSU South Carolina Tennessee Alabama Florida State Oklahoma State Georgia 64
  2. Talent = Wins

    Does the # in the 1st column represent total players on scholarship? If so, that really does show how low we are in comparison to other teams. 1st time I have seen these numbers referenced against our competition.
  3. Auburn 46 Ga. Southern 13
  4. AU Ranked #5

    Would love to see Stat Tigers experience factor numbers for 2017. Never can remember the exact formula, but has to do with number of players returning with 20 games experience and number with 30 years experience. Seems to have been a fairly good barometer of future success in the past.
  5. uat Postgame W[82-77]

    Oh, one other thing. Hopefully that put a nail in bama's chances for the NCAA tournament.
  6. uat Postgame W[82-77]

    This team is going to give me a heart attack one of these days!
  7. Favorite Iron Bowl Memory?

    Has to be the Punt bama Punt game for me. I was a sophomore and it was my first Iron Bowl in person. Hate to admit, but I had given up and my friend convinced me to stay to the end. Glad I did, and this is the main reason that I rarely give up on an Auburn game or team ever since then. Another vivid memory from that game was the reaction of the bammers. They looked like the walking dead leaving the stadium. They were in absolute shock.
  8. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    This question is for those that have some actual knowledge of Joey's current situation. Apparently he is not starting for his current team and is therefore getting very limited QB reps. Will he be the likely starter next year, or is he looking to transfer? Also, with so little to go on this year, does the recruiting world, and more importantly our coaching staff, still feel that he is a blue chip dual threat QB talent?
  9. "What are they thinking" - UGA

    I am still upset about that. One of the players gave me his secret code and I ended up losing $500!
  10. Notes on the running games this Saturday

    Georgia is ranked #20 nationally and 3rd in the SEC in rushing defense, giving up a little under 120 ypg. They have, however, compiled this ranking against teams with an average ranking in rushing offense of 80th. The only team they have played not included in this average is Nicholls State which is an FCS program. Kentucky is the best rushing offense they have faced with a ranking of 31st. Kentucky averages 215 ypg and actually rushed for 186 against Georgia. We can, and will, run the ball on Georgia.
  11. Thanks, glad to know I haven't completely lost my mind!
  12. I have seen mention of Tannon Snow (Washington transfer) several times on this board. Is her high school sister still coming to Auburn? I thought I remembered seeing that she had either commited to or signed with Auburn. Also, wasn't she rated by some recruiting service as the #1 player in the country. Sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhere.
  13. Tony Stevens

    Thanks, had not heard that.
  14. Tony Stevens

    Don't know if this has been discussed, but was Tony Stevens injured? Did he play at all?