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  1. Goodbye, Al Franken

    Franken Second Accusation being met with Silence on Capital Hill. Add 2 More Total of four... While some are applauding him for asking for the Ethics Investigation, I suddenly came to the realization that he will likely skate on all this. If Hastings and Rankel can skate, he certainly will too. WTF is wrong with these people????
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Day everyone! Beat !
  3. Moore or Jones?

    Hence Reform. Worley and Reed are sssoooo out of touch with reality. A one party state is going to lead to bad things. When my ballot here locally had like 12+ non-contested races, it really kind of scared me. That means that Republican Primary voters are effectively electing almost all the local leadership.
  4. Are The Clintons Finished

    Proud, Tom Perez is stacking the deck again in the DNC with Clintonistas. I would all but bet the farm that HRC is already setting up to run again in 2020. I am receiving fundraising emails from HRC weekly. You dont send out fundraisers unless are lining up the assets for another run. Why else fundraise?
  5. Titan, there is rationalization in any decision, or at least most decisions. I think this guy is nutz, plain and simple. Some want to rationalize voting for a guy that may be a nutjob pedophile because he is simply a Republican. Some, myself included, are rationalizing voting for a Pro-Abortion Democrat because we really havent moved on Abortion in 44 years. In my defense, while I am as Pro-Life as anyone on this board, I just cannot see sending Moore to DC. He is laughably unqualified for this job. He makes horrifically bad decisions. Dating teenage girls while he was in his 30s. He made a decisions to not follow what superior courts had already decided. That's why he was forcibly removed form the bench 2X. In short he cannot be trusted to make sound decisions for the People of Alabama. He just cant be trusted. So, my point, while we all make rationalizations daily, some "rationalizations" are really just nuanced explanations and some are just plain old excrement like the nutjob in the article. His rationalization is based on nothing more than IRRATIONAL Emotionalism.
  6. Moore or Jones?

    Its why we have to Reform the ADP. Right now, we have a one party political situation here in the State of Alabama and that is how we are getting nutjobs like Moore elected.
  7. And now Charlie Rose is on the hot seat

    No...No he isnt. He is just another pervert.
  8. And now Charlie Rose is on the hot seat

    Wow...<smh> I suddenly cant get the term "Dirty Ole Man" out of my head.
  9. Goodbye, Al Franken

    Hey Hey Ho Ho These Dirtbag Molesters have to go.
  10. Goodbye, Al Franken Al Franken, may actually be about to lose his career.
  11. So here is the gist: Republican: National Leadership wants Moore gone, Alabama Rank and File want him to stay. Save a seat, but hurt the Party. Democrat: Locals are demanding that Franken Resign. Nationals want to keep the seat and want Franken to stay. The Question, which is more important? Possible Temp. Power of one more vote, OR The Longterm Health & Character of the Party? I think that Character Matters. If someone's decision-making abilities are that poor, then they will be making many more poor decisions as well.
  12. Goodbye, Al Franken

    Everything in the world wrong with American Politics in one article. Look: If you are so blindly ignorant that you are going to support someone, anyone that you know is immoral and has enormous character issues then you need to leave politics. You are not a leader anymore. You are nothing but a mindless lemming.
  13. Goodbye, Al Franken

    Then I am very proud that you said that openly and without reservation. I believe that what WJC got away with is partly to blame for the flood of harassment charges we are seeing now. Other powerful men looked at WJC and said: "hey, I can get away with it too."