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  1. We need to restart this thread. CLK is not an option. CDS is facing allegations over the Prime Prep Academy. So, take those two off and lets see how it goes again.
  2. The real root cause was that this man was a nutjob. If you want to discuss Radical Reform of the Mental Health Community and finally start talking about REAL DTP issues, i think most of America is ready for that now. Where is the Bill or at least the hard proposal for the reforms? Lets talk about that. It is very obvious that we need to start this. Flame wars over what are really not the topic issues do nothing for anyone. One has to wonder when we stop the name-calling of the other side, whichever side that is, and the shouting matches. They do nothing. To pass anything, we have to have both sides at the table. "Well Dave, the other side says so & so..." The other side has always said so & so since the beginning of time. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/the-origin-of-americas-ugly-politics/#x Educate yourselves...
  3. Tre Smith 126 yards. I still remember one tide fan on one of their 2000 message boards saying that "we are making the lil white kid look like Bo Jackson." My REC Family members to this day SWEAR CDF threw that game on purpose. I remember fans on PFRN saying we were going to lose 40-0.
  4. 2002 Is my thought for the game this year as well.
  5. Blind squirreled it, no doubt... lol
  6. I am just happy that for the first time in about 10+ years, we actually look like an Auburn team out there. Run the ball for 200+ Yards two games in a row. We had two RBS both over 100 Yds. We havent done that since 2009. We have done it 2X in the last two weeks.
  7. If we hire a non-entity like Steele, Beamer, Clawson, Grimes.... Pearl was a Homerun Hire. We need a Homerun Hire like that for Football...
  8. Yes... I said nothing about Cohen and from covering and watching AU sports for 41 years, all i can say is that IF Cohen makes a real decision and not told who to hire by the PTB, like always, I will be shocked.
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