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  1. DKW 86

    Strozk Escorted From Building

  2. This. One man's fair is another man's unfair. There is an infinite number of ways to draw a district. and no matter how you draw it, someone will object.
  4. DKW 86

    Pink Pistols & the Gay NRA...

    I got to get new friends...
  5. DKW 86

    Imagine if Obama had praised Kim like this

    Trump also called Kim "The Rocket man" and stated that "My button is bigger than his." Take a grain of salt with all this. Months ago he was beating the war drums over NK. Today he makes nice with them. Tonite, he may start a war with a bad tweet. The scary thing is that he is so freaking inconsistent. As for liking dictators: Well, Trump did stand up to Assad. Obama certainly did not do that. Dictator lovers? Try Carter. Samoza & the Shah. We kissed up to Hussein as long as he was shooting Iranians. We backed Battista, et al.
  6. In context of the late 1970s, Trickle Down made sense and probably worked. In the 70s, we spent $BNs dodging taxes in tax shelters that did nothing for the economy. We flipped the game in the 1980s, and we had an economic boom that was awesome. The key words were IN CONTEXT. The answers that worked in the 80s do not apply now. We are not coming out of extremely high marginal tax rates and pent-up investment money. The answers that worked back then worked for that situation. The error of the late 20th and Early 21st Century is BLINDLY trying to relive the 1980s out of context. In the 80s we did some awesome awesome things. We saw the defeat of Communism in the USSR. The Economic Boom. etc. BUT THAT WAS THEN. I really prefer a slower more regulated economy. I live in horror of what the new Republicans are setting us up for yet another economic bust with even higher and higher deficits. Anyone tell me that the Republicans are serious in any way about balancing the budget gets laughed out of the room.
  7. DKW 86

    want o discuss confederate monuments?

    I am NOW scratching my
  8. The very idea that anyone even thinks that is a good ad is just ....words fail. Folks, there are real Democrats out there that think and work and want to make life better. This guy? He is just doing a Jr High School Grade Video that is just sad commentary on how completely lost some Democrats have become. I dont know anyone educated that wouldnt look at the cheap-silly-hysterical optics and not laugh in this guy's face. America...we are not all like this.
  9. DKW 86

    want o discuss confederate monuments?

    My .02: My family turned away from the "CBF" years ago. It has been adopted as s symbol of racism and hate. I dont care what you think about it. The REAL CBF is not even used by these dimwits. They do not care about the real history etc, or even getting it correct. They want to use that flag as it is indeed a symbol of racism, etc. As said before, move or put the monuments into cemeteries, battlefield parks, and museums.
  10. DKW 86

    California Water Control Law

    They have a water shortage because they refuse to complete the planned long ago reservoirs. Last article I read on it showed that at least 6 planned reservoirs were left unbuilt.
  11. DKW 86

    children in cages...

    I too feel that the Congressman being held out was totally wrong, and more the point TELLING. At this point Trump is just going to be Trump. He has always been a totally overblown man of really few real-world accomplishments. Anyone keeping score at this point is wasting time. Score it all in November.
  12. DKW 86

    children in cages...

    Okay. I have no clue what that has to do with what I posted. Trump is indeed doing this. No one disputes that. That the pics that first came out showed it happening under the Obama Admin, that there was photographic proof of it happening under the Obama Administration. And that defenders would simply deny or overlook that fact is my point. Like has been stated in this thread, Obama actually deported more than Trump ever will. This is just a political talking point by now. Almost all of America really doesn’t care about what is true anymore if it embarrasses their chosen side.