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  1. Taibbi: Kansas should go f___ itself... Very interesting read on Frank Thomas' follow up to What’s the Matter with Kansas? , is called The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism. Very long article, i will let you do the link. Basically Frank again makes the point that 1) he was correct in WTMWK? and predicted the emergence of someone like trump. 2) He is again predicting bad things ahead as Neolibs spit even more venom towards anyone that isnt them.
  2. Note to self: “I gotta get new friends.” 😉
  3. Absolutely true. Support 1000% I would add my .02: We must quit buying/donating APCs etc to police departments. We must stop the militarization of the police.
  4. there is a humorous object lesson in listening to stupid people too tho. Listening to Glenn Beck years ago (2002 or so?) got me to really look at what and who Fox News had on the air. Mark Levin had a show on back then too. Beck-Levin-Hannity-Rush-Fox News hell they became toxic to me and my family.
  5. This is a no s*** reaction: Kim and i had our Tax Refund stolen out of our mailbox and cashed at the Alabama Central Credit Union without any ID on a three different signatures. That happened in 2012 and we are still waiting on the prosecution of the guy. We lost $6700 and the damn Credit Union cashed the check by absolutely ignoring all lawful ID requirements.
  6. Voting should be done at your local bank ATM using a bank card or license. Secure. Photos. Instant tallies.
  7. We have professionals that cant accurately predict the weather with billion dollars worth of equipment, satellites, radars, planes. We cant predict an Election with $20M worth of polling... etc, etc, etc... Imagine having a job where whether you are correct or not wont be decided until you are in the grave 40-50 years. Talk about your cushy BS jobs... Real World: "What did you do today hunny?" Theoretical Physicist World: "I solved world hunger and solved the warp drive engine issue." Real World: "Oh yeah, that's nice...would you get the trash before you sit down?"
  8. AND...we are free to discriminate on the validity of all these ideas. Just because someone says it, doesn’t make it so...😂 Theoretical Physicists....still laughing at that one. Sheldon Cooper and his comments and projections on what no one living will be around to grade him on. <smdh>
  9. He does indeed sound like the trendy woke provocateur. But maybe we need that so we can demonstrate how sad it looks at times? I am not worried.
  10. Besides the obvious humor, I really like the level of your thinking. If humans are to be better, than we have to give up the silly, petty, quarrels we have had for millenia. We must mature, improve, grow. You dont do that butting heads and heaping scorn on anything that doesnt look like the last 5000 years of mankind's horrible progress.
  11. The dedicated collection centers solves just about every problem I have with it if it is executed correctly. In NJ, they simply used the USPS and it was a ****** mess. But folks, if you look, this is a MAILOUT Process. The USPS is not collecting anything. In Fact it really isnt MAILIN at all. I have had Mail take 14 days to go 10 miles to Tanner, AL from Decatur. There is just too many screwups using USPS, especially in the rural areas. Mailstamp issues, late ballots, etc. Chain of Custody, etc etc etc.