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  1. OMG I love Maher more every day. Intelligent informed people having a meaningful discussion... At 9:20 when Lis blows up people using the Holocaust, Nazis, etc in every conversation, PURE ******* GOLD.
  2. So, me and the rest of America, all 330M that own guns, possibly even yourself, own guns for the sole purpose of killing an innocent person?
  3. Yes: Bernie Pete, DeSantis, Tulsi,, Warren, Liz Cheney, Romney??? HELL NO: trump, Biden, Harris, Newsom, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, **** NO: CRUZ, Hawley, any 2020 Denier.
  4. I persistently hope that we will have a valid third or fourth party at some point in the future.
  5. Well, if Talk = Action then all this would mean something, But it is just talk. And if you fall for the talk, then you are just a fool. In 2008-2010, we had ample evidence for investigating, arresting, trying and imprisoning about half of Wall Street. We didnt even investigate. We never looked hard at ANYONE that had just raped the American Taxpayer and Home Buyers like never before. Now, that kind of LARCENY is a Sacrosanct Business Model and an everyday event. If people think it isnt, they are just buying the party line of Bull s***. There is no real difference in these two parties. Even if they enacted laws, WHO-TF is going to enforce them? We have laws on the books about fraud, grift, outright deception and theft. We have the Sarbox Laws about illegitimate reporting of company position, etc. Washington no longer even pretends to enforce laws on Wall Street. It might interfere with their income stream. But go ahead. If YAASF and want to believe a bunch of meaningless words then go right ahead. Or, you could read history and understand that it is all just BS and face the reality. I KNOW THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH THE PARTY RIM JOBBERS HERE THOUGH. SAD...
  6. Well then, guess what? I know several same sex couples that are born again. If it’s sin then it is no worse than my being fat etc. We all sin. The blood washes us clean even though we may still sin. Will it cost you? Yes, certainly but no more than the rest of the imperfectly born again.
  7. So, all fat people, all smokers, all serial adulterers, etc they all go to hell because they dont stop sinning? So the Blood of Christ isnt really the important thing, it just if you can stop? If I stop doing X, repent, and then lead a sinless life for the remainder of days, except that just before i die from cancer I take another drag on a cigarette, therefore dishonoring God's Temple, then I go to hell? Right?
  8. So: 1) Homosexuality is one of the greatest sins and needs to be eradicated? or 2) Homosexuality is just a sin and should be treated as we treat ALL SIN?
  9. ICHY, we have people demonize people all the time on this forum and across the nation. It is never right and always an abomination. We demonize all Republicans as MAGAs and all Democrats as Lunatic Progs that want to DTP, and Do Catch and Release for Illegal Immigrants and Criminals of all stripes. Of course we are a free people with 335M Opinions and none of that is true. But we have people on this forum that think ALL Republicans are Racist MAGAs and some that think ALL Dems are so open minded their brains have fallen out. Neither is true...
  10. "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius." I have an ex BIL that just finished 25 years for sexually assaulting his then 2yo granddaughter. He is a crazed loon psycho and the reason I keep a 9MM by my bed and knives hidden all over the house. If he comes after me, it is a long story-he blames me for things in his life, I will send the bastard home and take my chances with a jury of my peers.
  11. She was never even questioned under oath. Real investigations do not start and end with no one being put under oath...My7 point is that they are approximately equal, IMHO. She destroyed or deleted 33K Emails. No one said a word. Houma's/Weiner's Laptop was covered in classified docs.
  12. Dude, dont bother. You are dead on accurate, AND it wont mean a thing. Their are some on here that are absolutely sold out that Whatever their party does is somehow better than the other party. It does not matter one bit what the corruption is or who is damaged, the PARTY is always 1000% Correct and they snivel and drivel as they lick the asses of those that would take a dump on them in a millisecond and never think twice about it.
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