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  1. We got here because between these two pathetically corrupt parties, we havent voted FOR someone, (Obama may be the exception) in decades. We tend to vote AGAINST someone or for the lesser of two evils. 1968 Humphrey or Nixon? LOTE 1972 Nixon or McGovern? This really wasnt close so I have to say people were likely voting for Nixon at the time. 1976 Ford or Carter? about 50-50. Ford was not popular and made mistakes. Carter was a neophyte that knew next to nothing about governing. 1980 Reagan or Carter? Votes were for Reagan and against Carter 1984 Landslide Reagan 1988 Bush41 or Dukakis? LOTE 1992 Bush41 or Clinton? Clinton was as popular, as Bush was unpopular. Almost LOTE. 1996 Clinton or Dole? Clinton was hated by many. Dole was a corpse. 2000 Bush43 or Gore? LOTE. 2004 Bush43 or Kerry? LOTE 2008 Obama or McCain? As many voted against each other as for the other. LOTE? I Dont think so. 2012 Obama or Romney? LOTE. 2016 Trump or HRC? LOTE 2020 Trump or Biden? LOTE So since maybe 1984 most elections could arguably be said to be LOTE Elections. Some of us are just hungry for someone to VOTE FOR. These two parties are just NeoLiberal Wall Street Whores. Not much difference and almost nothing to look forward to. I was involved in politics for 25 years. Voting LOTE is just stupid. If these two parties cant give us real alternatives, we need to reform the system.
  2. Returning to the discussion: Something has happened, and I could be totally wrong, but I think he hit the wall over the last few weeks. I dont give him much of a chance anymore. But then again, I never once thought he would win in 2016. NOT ONE TIME. I thought he had a chance MAYBE, but never once thought he could pull it off.
  3. Bird, this is first grade simple. We are working on destroying a second generation of Black Males. Lets be conservative and say we have 4% of the Black Male population in prison. As some get out, we imprison more. We maintain 4% of the BM Population in prison over time (since we are being conservative, lets say since 1994, or for 26 years) we may have 10-maybe 15% permanently disenfrachised to vote and certainly damaged chances to ever get a good paying job once released. We have damaged their lives. their marriages, their kids, We have compromised a generation of Black Male income AND damaged a whole generation, soon to be two generations, of Black Community Wealth Creation and Retention...AND the answer is to continue to do this? WTF? Folks most of these arent violent crimes, most are simple possesion charges and non-violent crimes. We are wasting $10BNs to destroy a whole segment of our population, THE LEAST ABLE TO AFFORD TO DEFEND ITSELF. We have to address the outcomes. If the crime rates are falling dramatically, violent crime is falling steadily since 1991, how the frick are we still adding more and more people to prisons? Why are we still building prisons? What are we filling prisons with? Non-violent perps that are by and large YBMs.
  4. 2010. Inmates in adult facilities, by race and ethnicity. Jails, and state and federal prisons.[59] Race, ethnicity % of US population % of U.S. incarcerated population % of racial group White (non-Hispanic) 64 39 0.45 Hispanic 16 19 1.1875 Black 13 40 2.306 Asian 5.6 1.5 0.21 Here is one of several problems we have to address. Unequal outcomes in the judicial branch.
  5. I am puzzled by this too. Why are weekly deaths of black men not even news anymore?
  6. My dealings with racial issues has become intentional. I have to go out and make it happen with my black friends and coworkers. Casual things really dont mean crap. I am still waiting for some white man or woman call out the outrageous differences in sentencing.
  7. Sir, welcome to my world. Since the 1994 Crime Bill, the Three Strikes Bill, we have donme nothing but fill prisons to shove money toward the For-Profit-Prison-Industry. The rest is obvious if you back up. If DJT meant what he has said over and over he would be releasing some of these NON-VIOLENT Black men from prison. Apprently he means it only for about 30 seconds when in front of the right cameras. The 1994 Crime Bill is on Jozo. On some issues he is more of a pathetic joke than Trump, of course now Jozo is tryng to siatance himself from the 94CB. He is talking out his ass about being so racially sensitive when the clear reality is that he could not care less. He should be talking a clear overhaul of the 94CB and be very specific. Nonviolent offenders let go etc. folks, 25 years for weed IS STOOPID. It is stupid to waste that much money on incarceration and to waste the lives of good men that did something stupid 25 years ago. If it is nonviolent, fine them and move on.
  8. Eating in the bathroom? Puke!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Apparently, Biden is so stupid he doesnt even know that the he doesnt know how to use the toilet. The very idea that he Takes Notes AND Eats...while sitting Backwards on the Shitter... You cant make this stuff up folks.
  10. I am more into the video aspect than pics come to think about it. And I defintely prefer manscaped... 😉
  11. If all that is accurate, and I have no reason to question it, DJT should be removed from office. The Church, Washington DC, Hell even the White House all belong to us, the People, and not him.