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  1. That's IT! No more sweater vests! :-)

    I hate sweater vests about as much as I hate houndstooth.
  2. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    I agree. We executed a solid game plan. No drama. Played the seconds, Won big on the road. But OMG...How bad is Mizzou?
  3. Russian news for Salty

    FBI has never said they had proof collusion nor "election hacking." The FBI has said that there may be money issues dealing with Manaforte, BUT no one has indicted nor arrested him for anything so far even though the wiretap etc has been ongoing since 2015 or so. I am going to say this for the umpteenth time. As of now, there is no proof of anything. The VIPS report pretty soundly scientifically debunked the BS hacking allegations. Collusion? Nothing so far. Money laundering etc: We will see. The FBI et all have been chasing that case for quite some time now and so far....nothing. That could change tomorrow tho. Hacking and Colluding? I think that is pretty soundly been debunked by VIPS. They are scientifically, soundly, professionally showing us that the allegations make ZERO sense versus the real evidence. Its been over a year now? Why hasnt anyone in law enforcement seen the server yet?
  4. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!
  5. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    Austin 56 Columbia 0 Waiting on stats now.
  6. Who is doing that? You read the message i sent out to you and tex and ben. History cannot be washed away. It is what it is and what we are living with today is a direct result of it. You cannot simply wave your hand and ignore 120-150 years of history. You, me, and our kids are paying for the decisions made made prior to our being here.The modern Democratic Party has a history it needs to deal with, especially when it is impacting today. NOTHING exists in a vacuum. To be able to deal with issues today, you have to engage fully.
  7. Do not agree with that at all. Like i said above, i know Dems that disagree with you on this. The timeline is one thing, the actual damage done by people was far worse and it was done decades ago. By 1948 they were just getting cranked up! Some of the worst of the worst actually happened after 1948.
  8. Well, isnt that convenient, and just like you to say. The Dems were by far far far away the worst offenders. I am not defending the Racists today at all. AT ALL. They are wrong. PERIOD. But lets be historically accurate and less hysterically predictable.
  9. By the way, the Democrats havent been this upset since the Republicans took away their slaves. KKK was the First Resistance! ssssshhhhhh i am trolling yall and you need to take this history lesson in good clean EDUCATIVE FUN.... As is true in American History, by far and away the worst Racial Atrocities lynchings, Cross burnings, whipping, shootings, were done by members of the Democrat Party over a period of 120 or so years. That is simply fact. We live in a state that ranks 49th in Education for the last 150 years largely because we were run into the ground by the ADP for decades. I am a member of the ARDC. A Reform Branch of the ADP trying to get the dead wood out of state politics. This state didnt just start to suck when the Republicans took over in the 1990s. The Democrats had their/our hands in it for 120 years previously.
  10. No, we are simply discussing historical facts. Here is Democrat George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door denying blacks the rights to go to UAT. Auburn was already integrating at this point. This picture demonstrates just how silly modern Democrats are. It appeared on Chris Hayes' All In 2-3 years ago Do you think for one second they dont know that Wallace, one of the most Legendary figures in the Democrat Party, a man that ran for President fairly successfully 2X wasnt known as a Democrat? Oh hell no.! He was a Democrat's Democrat. He was fiercely loyal to the Democrat Party up until his death in the 1990s. It didnt end in 1964...not by a long shot. Yellow Dog Democrat Someone (generally from the South) who would vote for a yellow dog if it was a Democrat. Alternately, someone who would rather vote for a yellow dog than a Republican. The term probably dates back to the 19th century and gained national recognition in the 1928 Presidential election. Today, used most often as a term of approval or self-identification. My daddy was a yellow dog Democrat and my granddaddy was a yellow dog Democrat — I’ll never vote Republican. I built a website for a local Democrat in 2008, County Commissioner, in N AL. He frankly told me that in his eyes, half of the Alabama Democratic Base today, roughly 20% of the Voting Electorate, was YDD. Dont tell me that they are not prevalent even today.
  11. I know this is going to hurt..but...Who was more wrong? The Racist Democrats 1865-1970 who lynched blacks and burnt their homes and wrote the Jim Crow Laws and refused them the right to vote...Or a bunch of Thugs who want to throw fists at people a couple of weekends a year?
  12. Enough blame to go around. so lets pass it all around? Every body get a share of the blame. I feel the Democrat KKK Members should by far and away get the most blame.
  13. Dixiecrats in 1968? Or are you trying to tell me all those Yellow Dog Democrat KKK members suddenly joined the Republican Party? They didnt. Yellow Dogs are Yellow Dogs exactly because the Republicans Freed Blacks. And i wont bite on the Donald insult. That is demonstrably false. I simply pointed out the truth. I dont like either party. It might not be long until we tear down monuments to both. FDR had a racist streak in him. He could have let blacks serve in the military equal to whites. He didnt. The Democrats formed the KKK. The Democrats in the KKK terrorized the nation for 100+ years. The Republicans built the National Park System. The Republicans under TR busted up the monopolies and trusts. I know you want to hate the Republicans, its the simple minded thing to do. But history will tell both sides of the story. The Northern Republicans and the Liberal Democrats voted in the CRA, and the Great Society. The Southern Democrats fought them tooth and nail.
  15. Russian news for Salty

    Mueller is off chasing some very questionable financial transactions. Collusion and Hacking, he has moved on from.