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  1. And all Dads worry about this. You think every Dad in the world doesnt? Captain Obvious, you are no different than 3BN+ Dads in the World. If someone had done this to my daughter, well I would get caught up on all my reading in the jail cell. Many people, many grown, rational people have lots of questions about this. Why wait sssooo late? Why? Does she not feel like she left this guy out for other women to be harmed? Did she let them down? Did she not owe other women a heads up? Why wait till this was so late, the confirmation hearings all but over? All she had to do was pick up a phone and call anybody. Ronan Farrow would have answered I am sure. Just cause she wrote the DF Letter didnt mean she couldnt have come forth earlier on her own. If this happened, this is her fight. She really didnt need the DNC mishandling it for her. When Roy Moore Accusers came forward, en masse, I was one of the first here to believe them. They came forward with time to spare and time to get thru all the hand wringing etc. There were several women AND witnesses. This is a 30 plus-year-old he said-she said by one woman. No witnesses to the day, actually there was one witnesss and he denies it all too. So, in reality it is 2:1. Roy Moore was in his 30s, and a DA. BK was a teenager at the time. Look I dont really like BK. I wouldnt have chose him. I dislike Trump intensely, but my FEELINGS, or your FEELINGS, etc dont really matter here.What can you prove? How believable are you? Why didnt you come forward earlier? Obama got a raw deal with Garland, no doubt. Want to talk about that? I am ready. Trump may appoint 3 Justices to SCOTUS. But HE WON THE ELECTION. Like it or not, The folks holding the seats are the ones that get to vote. All the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth does zero to change all that. If you dont like what is going on START WINNING ELECTIONS.
  2. And there are problems even with what you say. Trump is a bedsore on rational human thought. He is a black hole of anti-intellectualism.Kavanaugh is eminently qualified and to be perfectly truthful is probably not as bad it could have been seeing Trump made the call. Trump making the call I am surprised it isnt Andrew Dice Clay, Kanye West, or maybe even Dr Roxo. The statute of limitations has long since expired. Why did this woman with a PhD not come forward during all the other confirmation hearings K went thru? Will we even hear her testimony? Could the pick have been better? Absolutely. Would I have chosen him? No. But it is what it is. If you want to control SCOTUS? WIN ELECTIONS. It is that simple. I am thankful that DJT didnt name some other clown, or reality star, etc.
  3. This is going the way of the Thomas-Hill Debacle. Confirmation almost over, suddenly some woman that no one has really heard from before in all the process suddenly appears and has basically un-supportable claims that no one has heard a thing about all the time he was in the public eye. I am not calling Hill or Blasey liars. I know several women that have been in similar situations and have indeed chosen to be silent and regretted it. I can understand the stress and the weight of coming forward. I really do. Whether it was against Clarence Thomas, WJC, Ted Kennedy, or whomever, the cycle is always the same. Call the women liars, slut-shame them, accuse them of partisanship etc. The list is endless. There is, however, one point to be made with Thomas and Kavanaugh. They have had literally dozens of women come forward voluntarily and vouch for their character. I believe the headcount supporting CT was 39 or so. Kavanaugh has had 65+ vouch for him. Both have Republican & Democrats, Feminists, Lawyers, successful women from all over the political spectrum stand up for them voluntarily. We saw just the opposite with WJC, Ted, Weinstein, Affleck, Franken, Lauer, Rose, Moonves, etc. As time wore on, the number of their accusers grew. I am not claiming to be clairvoyant, just pointing out an observation. I hope no one on this forum ever has to be called out for something they did as a TEENAGER. God forbid I ever get called out for my high schools years, all i could do is throw myself on the mercy of public opinion. I was first class immature back them. Freely admit it. My buddy at MSNBC is telling his audience that because Kavanaugh has applied to the Supreme Court that "getting drunk underage disqualifies him." I have seen Robin underage drunk and smoking dope while on the job when he was a disc jockey for a Christian radio station. For your amusement, THE moment from the Clarence Thomas hearings, when he was being lectured by Biden, Kennedy, and Metzenbaum, three of the horniest drunken old coots in DC at the time. Metzenbaum, Biden, and Kennedy for once in their lives shut the hell up.
  4. Maybe he was just making fun of people that over react to everything. I mean THAT was the point of the 4chan hoax on this. Do you really believe that real racists ENACTED this? Or are they just kind of riding the flow of what the 4chan-ners did? Truth is it is likely a combination of the two, but the problem is that not every man-woman-child-grandparent that uses an okay sign is a racist. I bet that in the last year, the number of people using it as a meme and a hoax out number the WP Users by a healthy margin and that the people using it innocently because 1) those that dont pay this close attention and 2) those that really dont give a damn far out number all of them put together.
  5. DKW 86

    On Fascism

    Steves is a family favorite at my house. We usually have him on the DVR at any time.
  6. If you want to see just how dedicated the MSM is to this lie, go to Snopes and get the link to the Vogue article. While they added an addendum to the article and link back to the original NYT misleading article, they did not update the NYT original article nor remove the picture of Haley. Their article is still linkable in all its misleading glory...
  7. There will be a SJW campaign tomorrow about racism in ASL Community....
  8. That is hilarious. They know their target audience. This reminds me of the idiot for buzzfeed? That thought that there was a KKK symbol at the World Series last year. Or Sania Kay, the bama grad that has started another twitter storm over the K Corner at a Braves Game.
  9. In case you want to know the thinking behind the article, do the link on Gardiner Harris. He has written other articles that are just as slanted. This last article was rewritten by someone else correcting Harris obvious bias. Pompeo took a residence on a military base to save money. Instead Harris twists the story into Pompeo kicking an officer out of housing. He lies about the housing is on a minor, nearly unused base near Arlington. Folks this was a cold blooded hit piece by the NYT. It did exactly as it was intended to do.
  10. The AmericanMedia know how this system works. The NYT gave the story plenty of time for twittishits to go do their damage and that was the whole point. Now they can CLAIM they did the right thing while knowing they let lil twittishits like Hogg go drive the fake news cycle to millions of mindless minions.
  11. DKW 86

    How’s the economy?

    I describe myself as Social Liberal, Fiscally Conservative. I would love a BBA. I would support it as best I could. After the Bush43/Hastert Leadership back in 2005, i quit listening to the Republicans. They do not mean a word of it and it is pointless to give this any more time. It is what it is.
  12. DKW 86

    How’s the economy?

    You are right. No Presidential Candidate does mean it, but the Dems arent promising it every year
  13. DKW 86

    How’s the economy?

    This why I may never vote Republican again. They do not mean a word about balancing a budget.
  14. I know you didnt read it... 3