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  1. The emails, THAT THE BIDEN CAMPAIGN HAS NOT ONCE DENIED have been very telling. The more sane media members are beginning to see that the Russiagate was just total BS based on rumors only an idiot could believe. The dossier was a piece of very poorly made election smear that was paid for by the HRC Campaign and the DNC. They employed a foreign national that was a known bad source for Intelligence. The piss tape? How f'in stupid do you need to be to have ever bought into that as reality? Well apparently about 80% of the MSM and almost all of the Democrat Party did...sadly. I
  2. A face palm from ichy is better than a participation trophy anyday. There is that.
  3. From RCP: This is why I can vote for a Green Candidate with a clean heart. Alabama: Trump vs. Biden Auburn Univ. Trump 58, Biden 39 Trump +19
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen: The VEEP from MBNA. Wall Street spent over $74 million to back Joe Biden’s run for president, topping Trump’s haul If you buried your head in the sand and bought that "Ole Joe from Scranton" crap, you are an idiot. Biden is Republican Lite without the Lite.
  5. https://taibbi.substack.com/p/10-ways-to-call-something-russian
  6. The Biden Family: the Democrat Party version of the Palins.
  7. We need to rename this the Dismissal Thread... Some of us are so good and so practiced at not even trying to engage, they just run for the first thing that pops in their head. A good ole dismissal... This place is a hoot...some are so stale and predictable that it boggles the mind with their consistency at never engaging in real discourse. It makes you wonder WTH they hang out here for...
  8. As far-fetched as it sounds today, I 100% believe that is where we are heading with packing the court.
  9. I agree. They never expected three SCOTUS picks. This has changed the court for years if not decades.
  10. Back to Packing the court. just know this. I do not like it one bit. Merrick Garland should have gotten the vote. But...packing the court plays right into their hands long term.. They will pack it as soon as they get power back and that will happen. You ready to see the never ending war for SCOTUS.
  11. Packing the court will always end bad. While I do not support Trump nor his choices, elections mean things. That the Cheeto man got to name three is just sick. However, packing the court will send us into a spiral. The next time the Republicans take the Senate, they will pack the court their way. And on and on it goes. We could have a SCOTUS of 15 or more and climbing every time the Senate swaps power. That is not good for any one.
  12. Never knew this thread would be so irritating to some. Its okay tho, I needed the laughs I am getting from it today. =
  13. My friend that was hosting it had only allowed it to his friends. I got it on Public now.
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