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  1. VA Gov Ed Northam & Attorney General Mark R. Herring are caught in racist garb and in blackface. What happens...Nothing. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is caught in racist garb and black & brown face. What happens...Nothing. Dem Donor Ed Buck Arrested After 3rd Man’s Overdose, Charged With Operating West Hollywood Drug House Even with 2 dead men, what happens? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Epstein and His Elitist Friends Abuse Underage Girls for Decades. No reasonable criminal prosecution, and civil suits are slow rolled. What Happens...Nothing. Conclusion: There must be at least 3 different levels of Justice in the world. The one for black and brown people. The one for commoner whites. and a whole other level for Monied Elitists...
  2. Wow, the Smear Industry just got its business model. Usually, the media pays out cash to a lawyer or a broker to cover the whistleblower, it is just how it is or was done. But now...Wow. As for donations to whomever...We have all seen and we all know that people SAY things that NEVER happen all the time. I would bet that Mz BF will donate some of that money and keep the a large chunk of it. And i cant say I am appalled at that. She will be hounded the rest of her life. There is certain to be a book deal at some point, maybe even a Lifetime movie. Welcome to 21st Century America...
  3. For the party lackeys here, if you counted the lobbyists in the last two or even three administrations you would see that they are exploding in numbers and power. This is the War that Warren and Sanders are talking about. I guess it is my war too. Yes, I am sending money to people fighting to get power back from the corporatists. But if you think that there are substantive differences between DNC and RNC...there really isnt anymore. They are both owned by Wall Street Lobbyists. THIS is the thing needing to be addressed in America.
  4. My issue is like the authors. Can i prove anything happened? Nope. Do i feel that somethnig happened? Probably did and the circumstantial evidence is too profound to hold otherwise. The language used in the yearbooks, the persistent skirt chasing, the party boat that had a known reputation for setups with powerful men and young women...But at the end of the day we have to come down to one of three things. 1) Are unproveable rumors enough to destroy a man and his family over? 2) Is this the new standard? Are we going to go back and destroy JFK, WJC, Bush43 etc over the garbage they got into 40 years ago? 3) Or maybe we can grow up and stop doing this and admit that everyone has some crap in their past that they would like for history to forget. In the coming years, twitter and youtube and instagram are going to ruin just about everyone in politics and maybe even entertainment...IF WE DO NOT GET IT UNDER CONTROL. Years ago WJC couldnt even politically admit that he even "inhaled" although everyone with a brain knew he had. Now, BHO is open about the choom era of his earlier life. Maher talks about it openly on his show. But they never had addiction problems. Limbaugh had an addiction so bad that he ruined his ears and throat and still, the most conservative people in America looked the other way. Ten years ago Obama could not publicly say that LGBTQ Folks should be allowed to their rights to marry whomever they want. That public acknowledgement of what now seems pretty obvious to most here was verboten even for a Democrat. Joe Biden struck out on his own and changed the lives of LGBTQ folks by simply saying out loud what we follow as policy today. Obama just decided to agree with Joe, AND America took time, looked at it and agreed. Earlier in my life, I rode bikes with some pretty good fun loving guys that chased women and unltimately treated many like dirt. I was by no means the worst offender, but...It was a part of my life. Am I now a forever wortless POS because of a temporary raging hormone and drinking problem? Christ doesnt teach that. There is a teacher in Florida that mowed his country home's yard in the nude. He was fired and now wants his job back because once the investigation was over, the Education Authorities refused to take his certification. He was tenured by miles etc. He was nude yet, doing what? Mowing his lawn. He wasnt chasing down anyone etc, he was working in his yard. Tending to his business, harming no one. He has a 20 year track record of being a great teacher. In England, I know, a Liberal place to most Americans, in reality far more conservative than America. They now have a law that takes into account what are you doing into consideration and that is also happening now in Florida. Nude? Doing what? As long as what they are doing is not sexual in nature, the local authorities have made the decision to no longer arrest those that are keeping to themselves, doing nothing more nefarious than disagreeing with a questionable social construct. May I also say...WHAT A CONCEPT! So...In 21st Century "Insane-Triggered-Woke-Snowflakey AND Overly-Self Righteous-Impose-the-Rules-of-Man-on-Others America" there actually are adults out there that are saying "Wait...what is actually going on here." I have hope that some of the adults are about to take back over.
  5. BK is kind of slimy, but...Hardly Vetted???? Here is yet another set of authors who went after him for a year and came back with little to nothing.
  6. 330M Americans MAY have had corroboratiing Evidence. Were they supposed to interview them too? Dems MAY try and Impeach BK from SCOTUS...Wow, so going forward, if you have anything you can sling against the wall, we will endlessly drag the American people thru endless Investigations etc.
  7. Quietly...Post of the Day. The Republican Party, when Reagan was setting the agenda, was against big govt, monopolies, lobbyists, deficits, etc. You know, the Inside the Beltway crap. Now, they are just the Right wing of the Party of the Monied Elites.
  8. 1) BK was a marginal at best nominee. Likely earned his cred on the Starr Team and being Anti-Abortion. . 2) When the "Victim" has no recollection of the event, and her friends have no recollection of the event, and we are reduced to Third Person Renditions of "Rumors"...Hell give up. We are in mid September and I hereby nominate this as the Dumbest F'in Thing written on this board in Calendar Year 2019. I am DKW and i endorse this message. This brainless schnook was drilled apart by the press and the Democrats. There was nothing that wasnt ridiculed and destroyed. From "Boofing" to the "Rape Boat" to whatever, I didnt believe most of his denials either but no matter what you "believe," you have to be able to prove it at some level. If anyone had 5 seconds of compassion to the garbage his Wife and Kids had to go thru...the family is permanently ruined. Reputations in Tatters. But still, even RBG likes the guy. 4) I still think that BK was a D- Nominee. He was a sop to the Anti-Abortionists. I think he is unqualified academically and intellectually and should have been disqualified on that alone. 5) The idea that the NYT left so much out of this article just illustrates total lack of character we have in America media.
  10. Commentary: ‘Epstein is the tip of a very large iceberg’ By Nicholas Kristof | The New York Times · Published: 19 hours ago Updated: 11 hours ago Jeffrey Epstein got away for years with raping underage girls, and the public is properly outraged that powerful people seemed to shrug and let him off easy. But the problem isn’t one tycoon but many tens of thousands of men who pay for sex with underage girls across the country. And society as a whole reacts with the same indifference that authorities showed in the Epstein scandal. “We see it as this singular narrative about this one guy,” said Rachel Lloyd, who wrote a superb book, “Girls Like Us,” about her own experience being sexually trafficked as a teenager. “There’s a much larger narrative out there about girls, often girls of color, who are commercially sexually exploited, often with impunity. “It’s part of the same behavior, part of what we allow as a society,” Lloyd added. “He got away with it because society said he could, and that’s what other johns think as well.” Lloyd now runs a first-rate program, GEMS, in New York for girls and young women who have been trafficked. The people she helps haven’t been whisked off to Caribbean islands on private jets, but the pattern is the same: sordid exploitation of vulnerable girls by older and more affluent men who get away with it. Indeed, girls across the U.S. are often treated even worse than in the Epstein case: Some end up arrested for prostitution while their rapists get off scot-free. If we want to channel our outrage at the Epstein case in a productive way, we could: A) ramp up prosecution of pimps who traffic children; prosecute johns who rape girls and boys; C) assist programs for survivors of trafficking; and D) support initiatives that help vulnerable youths avoid being victimized by predators. “They’re not billionaires, but it happens all the time,” said Shelia Faye Simpkins, who ran away from home at 14 and into the arms of a pimp. She was raised by an alcoholic who was addicted to drugs and taught her, when she was 6, how to perform oral sex on a man. Simpkins said intervention by social workers might have spared her a brutal career being beaten by a pimp when she didn’t earn a daily quota of $1,000. She estimates that over the years she was arrested about 200 times for prostitution and other offenses; her pimp, never. Eventually, Simpkins escaped that life and now works with an outstanding program in Tennessee called Thistle Farms that helps exploited women start new lives and find employment. As world leaders prepare to gather at the United Nations, some 40 million people are effectively locked into modern forms of slavery, according to the Global Slavery Index. That includes sex trafficking but also child marriages and a great deal of forced labor. In the United States, no one knows exactly how many children are sold for sex, but estimates have run between 10,000 and 100,000 in any given year. Whatever the number, it’s too many. President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump have both denounced sex trafficking, with the president saying he will leverage “every resource” to address this “urgent humanitarian issue.” Ivanka Trump has said that fighting trafficking is a major priority of her father’s administration. But while the attention is welcome, it seems to be largely hot air — and Trump’s lurid descriptions of trafficking seem mostly to be a misleading rationale for his border wall. In fact, under Trump, the federal government is easing up on human traffickers. Federal prosecutors initiated only 171 human trafficking cases last year, substantially fewer than the 241 in 2017 or the 223 in 2016, according to the Federal Human Trafficking Report series. Bradley Myles of Polaris, the organization that runs a human trafficking hotline, (888) 373-7888, notes that the number of T visas, which are given to trafficking victims, has also dropped, and a housing program for trafficking survivors has been canceled. “I’m glad the issue has bipartisan support, but I don’t think enough is happening,” Myles said. “Epstein wasn’t this one bad apple; this is more of a systemic issue.” If we could leverage outrage, there’s evidence of what works abroad and in the U.S. A group called the Freedom Fund has a report coming out this month showing that expanding grassroots initiatives could lead to huge reductions in forced labor in India. Likewise, new studies of My Life My Choice, a Boston program for children who have been trafficked or are at risk of being trafficked, find that the girls become less likely to use drugs, engage in delinquent behavior or be arrested when provided counseling, mentoring and other support. The program’s participants on average were first sexually exploited at the age of 14 which should remind us that we need more help for vulnerable children, and less impunity for pimps and johns who exploit them. “What was so painful about the Jeffrey Epstein case is that it wasn’t shocking,” Lisa Goldblatt Grace, co-founder of My Life My Choice, told me. “A wealthy white man leveraged his money, privilege and power to sexually abuse, to rape, young girls.” Or, as Yiota Souras of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children put it: “Epstein is the tip of a very large iceberg.”
  11. i think he was told/asked/volunteered/whatevered to no longer post on the political forum by one of the moderators. I am sure someone will chime in and explain.
  12. Most important game of any season is...The Next One.
  13. Liberty students protest in wake of reports about Falwell