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  1. Finebaum encourages Malzahn to leave for Arkansas... “As far as Chad Morris, there’s no reason to pile on,” Finebaum said on WJOX. “ I think the record is self evident as far as what kind of coach he was. As far as Gus Malzahn, I think he has to consider it. Regardless of this weekend or two weekends from now, we all know the circumstances at Auburn. It’s just a never-ending soap opera. There are people who genuinely love Gus Malzahn and appreciate him. There’s an equal number who don’t. I don’t think that’s going to change. “To me, he gambled two years ago. He made a lot of money. Now I would leave. I don’t think it’s a difficult decision for Gus. I would take the money. We’ve all covered transitions. You’re taking over for Chad Morris, who has one of the worst records, one of the most inept, incompetent and laughable programs I have ever seen in the history of covering the SEC. What do you have to do? … Go to a bowl game and they’ll give you a parade.” Malzahn is a longtime friend of Morris, and issued his own reaction to the news on Sunday night, via Auburn Undercover. "I hate it for Chad," Malzahn said. "He's a wonderful person, a wonderful coach. He'll bounce back. There's no doubt he'll bounce back. I just hurt for him. Morris was in just his second year at Arkansas after the Razorbacks hired him to replace Bret Biielema in Fayetteville. For an in-depth look at the candidate pool, VIP members can click here. Join now and get two months for just $1. 2COMMENTS “As part of my continued evaluation, I have come to the conclusion that a change in leadership is necessary to move our football program forward and position it for success.” athletic director Hunter Yurachek said. “It is clear that we have not made the progress necessary to compete and win, especially within the Southeastern Conference. Throughout our history in football as well as with our other sport programs, we have demonstrated that the University of Arkansas is capable of being nationally competitive. I have no doubt that as we move forward we will identify a head coach that will help lead out program to that benchmark. “I want to express my personal and professional regard to Coach Morris and thank him for his investment in the lives of our student athletes.”
  3. How do the VDP Dirtbags get away with all they do? Meet Joe Morrisey... Joe Morrissey now is the biggest player in Richmond Virginia state Sen.-elect Joe Morrissey in Petersburg, Va., in June. (Parker Michels-Boyce for The Washington Post) By Norman Leahy November 6, 2019 at 5:28 p.m. CST One clear result from Tuesday’s elections: The biggest player in Virginia politics is state Sen.-elect Joe Morrissey. With Democrats set to have a 21-19 majority in the next General Assembly session, the man whom the party tried to keep out of office, or at least only marginally inside the tent, is now the kingmaker. That’s right: A lawyer who has been disbarred twice, went to jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor (a woman he has since married) and who cut an ad for and endorsed a Republican for commonwealth’s attorney in Henrico County over a two-term incumbent Democrat is the guy who can sustain or dash Democratic hopes. Give Morrissey credit: He’s one of the most astute political operators and indefatigable campaigners in Virginia. As I wrote after his June primary victory over incumbent Democrat Rosalyn Dance, Morrissey could shake up both the Senate and his fellow Democrats in some very positive ways. And there’s at least one Democrat who will be very happy to see Morrissey in the chamber: Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax. Morrissey has been a vocal Fairfax supporter, believing the scandal-plagued lieutenant governor is a victim of a “smear campaign” who will eventually be “vindicated” of all charges that he sexually assaulted two women. Why does the Morrissey-Fairfax bromance matter? If Democrats are at all serious about running a clean, ethical show in Richmond, then they can no longer dodge holding hearings into the sexual assault allegations against Fairfax. (Its been almost 18 months and they havent even held hearings???? WTF?) That’s doubly true because Fairfax has aggressively pushed the issue in a $400 million civil suit against CBS. If Fairfax is eager to bring this into the public arena and settle political scores along the way if he can, then the House of Delegates should, at minimum, begin laying the groundwork for hearings. Not doing so would mean Democrats are only interested in strong ethics when there’s a political advantage in doing so. And we’re not that cynical yet, are we? Maybe not. But would-be House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax) may come to regret not having accepted the offer of Del. Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) to hold hearings into the allegations earlier this year. At least with the committee chairman’s gavel in Bell’s hands, Filler-Corn could have pinned any fallout on the GOP. With the GOP now little more than a smoking ruin, Fairfax is her problem. And he shows no signs of making a resolution easy. But perhaps Filler-Corn’s attention is currently elsewhere — say, focusing on the leadership challenge from Del. Lashrecse Aird. Others may wonder what could have been done to minimize if not entirely avoid having to deal with Morrissey in the next session. Here’s one possibility: Had Democrats won even one additional Senate contest, Morrissey would have been demoted to occasional political annoyance. Maybe it would have been the expensive, divisive and ultimately very close race in the 12th District between incumbent Republican Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant and Democratic challenger Debra Rodman. The 12th has been trending Democratic in recent elections, and Rodman was riding that trend — right up to the point where she called Dunnavant a “quack.” That was bad enough — a gaffe, for sure, but not necessarily fatal. But Rodman later elaborated, saying that her vote for Medicaid expansion had “delivered more people health care” than Dunnavant, who opposed expansion, did during “her whole tenure as a politician.” That “quack” remark ended up being an enormous political gift to Dunnavant’s campaign. And it was one for Morrissey, too. His takeaway, though, is much bigger than Dunnavant’s. Morrissey gets outsized influence over his caucus, the Senate and perhaps much more. And Dunnavant? She gets to spend four years in the minority with the rest of the GOP.
  4. I am just having fun. I forgot the pretend woke crowd can never hear a joke with looking for the reason to throw another pity party. Epsteins clients are Elites on both sides. That is clear. The idea that I think that this is Clinton only is crazy. I am just having fun sharing memes by people I know on FB and elsewhere
  5. FROM YAHOO NEWS: Anchor says Buckingham Palace pressure killed ABC's story on Epstein (Finally, a major news company pushing the story.) The video was published Tuesday morning by Project Veritas, a right-wing organization that has attempted a number of “sting” operations against media organizations. The group said the video was leaked by an “ABC insider.” Robach also said that she believed Epstein was murdered, saying, "So, do I think he was killed? One hundred percent, yes, I do. He made his whole living blackmailing people. There were a lot of men in those planes, a lot of men who visited that island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment. When I heard he was found dead in his jail cell, I was like ... I knew immediately.” In August, Epstein was found unconscious in his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center — the federal jail in downtown Manhattan — and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital in what medical examiners later ruled a suicide. Following Epstein’s death, Trump promoted the conspiracy theory that the Clintons had him murdered. A pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother to perform an autopsy said last week that he believed there was evidence it was murder, not suicide. NPR reported earlier this year on how ABC News failed to air Robach’s interview with Giuffre. Harvard law professor emeritus and Epstein defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, whose name has also come up in the investigation of Epstein, pressured the network to kill the story. “I did not want to see [Giuffre's] credibility enhanced by ABC,” Dershowitz told NPR, stating that he believed he spoke with two producers and a lawyer within the same 24-hour period. ABC News also declined to air the interview a few months later when Giuffre filed a defamation suit against Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of recruiting girls for Epstein to abuse. Maxwell is the daughter of British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, who drowned under suspicious circumstances in 1991. Maxwell has denied any involvement in Epstein’s crimes. Giuffre alleges that Epstein told her to have sex with Prince Andrew, hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin, former New Mexico Gov. Democratic Bill Richardson and former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell. A spokesperson for the Dubin family said in an emailed statement: “The Dubins were horrified by and completely unaware of Jeffrey Epstein’s unspeakable conduct. They categorically deny the allegations and have evidence disproving them.” Mitchell and Richardson have also denied Giuffre’s allegations. “I was defeated, once again, by the very people I spoke out against, and once again, my voice was silenced,” Giuffre told NPR. “I could not believe that a formidable network like ABC had backed down and given in." In statements following the video’s release, Robach and ABC News said that the 2015 story failed to reach their editorial standards. "As a journalist, as the Epstein story continued to unfold last summer, I was caught in a private moment of frustration," said Robach. "I was upset that an important interview I had conducted with Virginia [Giuffre] didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s editorial standards about her allegations. My comments about Prince Andrew and her allegation that she had seen Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private island were in reference to what Virginia [Giuffre] said in that interview in 2015. I was referencing her allegations — not what ABC News had verified through our reporting." ABC News released a statement saying that “at the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story. Ever since, we've had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it. That work has led to a two-hour documentary and six-part podcast that will air in the new year.” Epstein was arrested in July on charges that he sexually abused and exploited minor girls. In addition to Clinton and Prince Andrew, Epstein also had associated with Donald Trump. Records show that Trump flew on Epstein’s private jet on occasion, and they were photographed together at social events. “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” said Trump in a 2002 New York magazine profile of Epstein. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta was U.S. attorney in Miami when Epstein faced charges in 2007 for, as the Miami Herald put it in its award-winning reporting on the case, “assembling a large, cult-like network of underage girls — with the help of young female recruiters — to coerce into having sex acts behind the walls of his opulent waterfront mansion as often as three times a day.” Acosta, who negotiated what has been criticized as an inappropriately lenient plea deal in that case, resigned after Epstein’s arrest this year.
  6. If Biden tanks, she may run. She may see it as a moderate dem alternative to Warren and Sanders.
  7. ABC News Is Investigating Source Of Amy Robach Footage Leak We have leaked footage of a reporter who did her job, busted her butt digging up a monumentally huge story. ABC killed it, likely at the request of US and British Elites. Ronan Farrow makes a career out of this and another story and getting them published around the NYT. Why is it that the MSM in America are always busy doing CYA on their buddies? Meanwhile they deny that the Epstein Story met standards, they rolled with... Avenatti was evicted from his law Firms Offices. He was arrested in California for Wire Fraud in Stealing $Ms from his own Clients. He was arrested for Fraud in related case for submitting just embarassingly fraudulent documents on the value of a small coffee company he owned. He was arrested for trying to shake down Nike for $Ms of dollars. Listen to the last video. He is accusing Nike of....Being a Shoe Company! He is being sued and sued and sued by past clients for fraud. and on and on and on it goes. Nothing he said has come true to anywhere near the level he alleged. Did Cohen pay Stormy Daniels? Sure. And Trump is Trump. Tax Evasion, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Eviction from his own Offices, such a great guy. This guy met all the standards that ABC News had. But not the Epstein Case? Remember Avenatti and Swetnick? The "Third Accuser of BK?" Swetnick accused BK of Gang Rapes, etc, etc, etc, etc, She had credibility issues from day one and Avenatti, Media Whore that he is, once again tried to show he would stoop to any level to get on TV. By the time it was over, Avenatti and Swetnick were disgraced publicly. It was stated over and over again that Swetnick & Avenatti's Story was nothing but a shakedown based on known lies by known liars. Her story caved under the most basic of questioning. So we are back to Avenatti being totally okay with ABC News, met their standards. Michael Avenatti arrested and charged with embezzlement and attempt to extort Nike The last link is to the LA Times Story on Avenatti. Embezzlement Extortion Tax Evasion Wire Fraud Eviction Stealing from Clients Filing Fraudulent Business Documents Being an all around douchebag. By the way, he was also Running for President, Selling or about to sell, his own Men's Care Products... Michael Avenatti on His Style and Skincare Routine: “I Own It.” If you take the time to read this, beware. VF is giving Avenatti a blowjob, a rimjob, and a tongue bath all at the same time. A $500/hr hooker doesnt give more oral than Vanity Fair. 12, Count them 12, links to bull**** media coverage where lil to no standards were used to slam the Right folks. But let a real journalist develop a story with interviews, video, leads etc BUT DOESNT FIT THE NARRATIVE, and that story gets spiked for three years. We see it clearly with Farrow and now here. Whether you choose to care or not is not on thinking people. There are none so blind as those that REFUSE to see.
  8. I dont think the "Average Trump Voter" sees DJT as anything but... ADDED: DJT is still a clown, IMHO, long as he wasnt HRC, that was enough to get many in America to vote for him or against HRC.
  9. ABC’s Excuse for Failing to Report on Jeffrey Epstein Makes Absolutely No Sense How do you go forward when you KNOW you have sold your soul to what may be Americas Biggest Group of Pedophiles? The funniest thing on this forum is when people see real live facts and still facepalm the story. If facts bother you, go the hell away.
  10. Oh it is. Very successful, giving, outwardly focused, generous to a fault. But completely ate up with Fox News. Before i die, I want to be able to make a dent in the RusHannity cult here in America. So the work begins. Everyone one of the guys there, almost all very successful family men, with great kids and servant hearted families were still all in agreement that Trump was being undermined everyday. Now, I get that these folks hate mainstream DNC folks. I get that. When we have people that have been in Congress 20 or more years, they arent there to do anyone any good but themselves. McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, etc. This is the real problem and i understand how some fully realize it now. Go to the link above.We have had >100 members that have served over 36 years. THAT is part of the problem and why we may never be able to correct it. When you have been in Congress that long, you owe every bank, business, and Special Int group every vote. 1 59 years, 21 days 1 59 years, 21 days John Dingell (H) Democratic Retired 1926–2019 2 57 years, 176 days 2 57 years, 176 days Robert Byrd (H, S) Democratic Died 1917–2010 3 56 years, 319 days 3 56 years, 319 days Carl Hayden (H, S) Democratic Retired 1877–1972 4 53 years, 118 days 4 53 years, 118 days Daniel Inouye (H, S) Democratic Died 1924–2012 5 53 years, 60 days 5 53 years, 60 days Jamie Whitten (H) Democratic Retired 1910–1995 6 52 years, 336 days 6 52 years, 336 days John Conyers (H) Democratic Resigned 1929–2019 7 50 years, 61 days 7 50 years, 61 days Carl Vinson (H) Democratic Retired 1883–1981 8 49 years, 305 days 8 49 years, 305 days Emanuel Celler (H) Democratic Lost renomination 1888–1981 9 48 years, 257 days 9 48 years, 257 days Sam Rayburn (H) Democratic Died 1882–1961 10 48 years, 0 days N/A Sidney R. Yates (H, I) Democratic Retired 1909–2000 11 47 years, 159 days 13 46 years, 57 days Strom Thurmond (S, I) Democratic, Republican Resigned, retired 1902–2003 12 47 years, 3 days 10 47 years, 3 days Wright Patman (H) Democratic Died 1893–1976 13 46 years, 292 days 11 46 years, 292 days Ted Kennedy (S) Democratic Died 1932–2009 14 46 years, 235 days 12 46 years, 235 days Don Young (H) Republican 1933– 15 46 years, 0 days 14 46 years, 0 days Charles Rangel (H) Democratic Retired 1930– 16 46 years, 0 days N/A Joseph Gurney Cannon (H, I) Republican Defeated, defeated, retired 1836–1926 17 45 years, 247 days 15 45 years, 247 days Adolph J. Sabath (H) Democratic Died 1866–1952 18 45 years, 142 days 16 45 years, 142 days J. Lister Hill (H, S) Democratic Retired 1894–1984 19 45 years, 87 days 17 45 years, 87 days Thad Cochran (H, S) Republican Resigned 1937–2019 20 44 years, 297 days 18 44 years, 297 days Patrick Leahy (S) Democratic 1940– 21 44 years, 297 days 19 44 years, 297 days Chuck Grassley (H, S) Republican 1933– 22 44 years, 0 days 20 44 years, 0 days George H. Mahon (H) Democratic Retired 1900–1985 23 44 years, 0 days 21 44 years, 0 days Warren Magnuson (H, S) Democratic Defeated 1905–1989 24 44 years, 0 days 22 44 years, 0 days Charles Edward Bennett (H) Democratic Retired 1910–2003 25 43 years, 299 days 23 43 years, 299 days Justin Smith Morrill (H, S) Whig, Republican Died 1810–1898 26 43 years, 152 days N/A William B. Allison (H, S, I) Republican Retired, died 1829–1908 27 43 years, 110 days 24 43 years, 110 days Charles Melvin Price (H) Democratic Died 1905–1988 28 42 years, 359 days 26 42 years, 359 days Ed Markey (H, S) Democratic 1946– 29 42 years, 288 days 25 42 years, 288 days Bill Young (H) Republican Died 1930–2013 30 42 years, 241 days 27 42 years, 241 days Henry M. Jackson (H, S) Democratic Died 1912–1983 31 42 years, 157 days N/A Carter Glass (H, S, I) Democratic Resigned to become U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, died 1858–1946 32 42 years, 58 days 28 42 years, 58 days John W. McCormack (H) Democratic Retired 1891–1980 33 42 years, 0 days 29 42 years, 0 days John Sparkman (H, S) Democratic Retired 1899–1985 34 42 years, 0 days 30 42 years, 0 days Jack Brooks (H) Democratic Defeated 1922–2012 35 42 years, 0 days 31 42 years, 0 days Orrin Hatch (S) Republican Retired 1934– 36 41 years, 362 days 32 41 years, 362 days William R. Poage (H) Democratic Retired 1899–1987 37 41 years, 305 days 33 41 years, 305 days Robert L. Doughton (H) Democratic Retired 1863–1954 38 41 years, 305 days 34 41 years, 305 days Joseph W. Martin Jr. (H) Republican Lost renomination 1884–1968 39 41 years, 276 days 35 41 years, 276 days Dave Obey (H) Democratic Retired 1938– 40 41 years, 69 days 36 41 years, 69 days Clarence Cannon (H) Democratic Retired 1879–1964 41 41 years, 59 days 37 41 years, 59 days John C. Stennis (S) Democratic Retired 1901–1995 42 41 years, 30 days 38 41 years, 30 days Kenneth McKellar (H, S) Democratic Lost renomination 1869–1957 43 40 years, 297 days 39 40 years, 297 days Richard Shelby (H, S) Democratic, Republican 1934– 44 40 years, 297 days 40 40 years, 297 days Jim Sensenbrenner (H) Republican 1943– 45 40 years, 240 days 41 40 years, 240 days William Natcher (H) Democratic Died 1909–1994 46 40 years, 207 days N/A Claude Pepper (H, S, I) Democratic Lost renomination, died 1900–1989 47 40 years, 157 days 42 40 years, 157 days William P. Frye (H, S) Republican Died 1830–1911 48 40 years, 10 days 43 40 years, 10 days Ted Stevens (S) Republican Defeated 1923–2010 49 40 years, 0 days 44 40 years, 0 days Carl Curtis (H, S) Republican Retired 1905–2000 50 40 years, 0 days 45 40 years, 0 days Peter W. Rodino (H) Democratic Retired 1909–2005 51 40 years, 0 days 46 40 years, 0 days Pete Stark (H) Democratic Defeated 1931– 52 40 years, 0 days 47 40 years, 0 days Tom Harkin (H, S) Democratic Retired 1939– 53 40 years, 0 days 48 40 years, 0 days George Miller (H) Democratic Retired 1945– 54 40 years, 0 days 49 40 years, 0 days Henry Waxman (H) Democratic Retired 1939– 55 40 years, 0 days 50 40 years, 0 days Barbara Mikulski (H, S) Democratic Retired 1936– 56 40 years, 0 days N/A Eugene Hale (H, S, I) Republican Defeated, retired 1836–1918 57 39 years, 364 days N/A Jennings Randolph (H, S, I) Democratic Defeated, retired 1902–1998 58 39 years, 362 days 51 39 years, 362 days Leslie C. Arends (H) Republican Retired 1895–1985 59 39 years, 352 days 52 39 years, 352 days Daniel A. Reed (H) Republican Died 1875–1959 60 39 years, 305 days 53 39 years, 305 days George W. Norris (H, S) Republican, Independent Defeated 1861–1944 61 39 years, 305 days 54 39 years, 305 days John Taber (H) Republican Retired 1880–1965 62 39 years, 305 days 55 39 years, 305 days William M. Colmer (H) Democratic Retired 1890–1980 63 39 years, 34 days 56 39 years, 34 days Max Baucus (H, S) Democratic Appointed Ambassador to China 1941– 64 39 years, 9 days N/A Samuel Smith (H, S, I) Democratic-Republican, Democratic Retired 1752–1839 65 38 years, 329 days N/A John L. McClellan (H, S, I) Democratic Retired, died 1896–1977 66 38 years, 297 days 57 38 years, 297 days Ron Wyden (H, S) Democratic 1949– 67 38 years, 297 days 58 38 years, 297 days Pat Roberts (H, S) Republican 1936– 68 38 years, 297 days 59 38 years, 297 days Chuck Schumer (H, S) Democratic 1950– 69 38 years, 297 days 60 38 years, 297 days Hal Rogers (H) Republican 1937– 70 38 years, 297 days 61 38 years, 297 days Chris Smith (H) Republican 1953– 71 38 years, 161 days 63 38 years, 161 days Steny Hoyer (H) Democratic 1939– 72 38 years, 145 days 62 38 years, 145 days Morris Sheppard (H, S) Democratic Died 1875–1941 73 38 years, 55 days 64 38 years, 55 days Fritz Hollings (S) Democratic Retired 1922–2019 74 38 years, 9 days 65 38 years, 9 days Richard Russell Jr. (S) Democratic Died 1897–1971 75 38 years, 4 days N/A John Sherman (H, S, I) Oppositionist, Republican Appointed U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, appointed U.S. Secretary of State 1823–1900 76 38 years, 3 days 66 38 years, 3 days Russell B. Long (S) Democratic Retired 1918–2003 77 38 years, 0 days 67 38 years, 0 days Frederick H. Gillett (H, S) Republican Retired 1851–1935 78 38 years, 0 days 68 38 years, 0 days Wilbur Mills (H) Democratic Retired 1909–1992 79 38 years, 0 days 69 38 years, 0 days Dante Fascell (H) Democratic Retired 1917–1998 80 38 years, 0 days 70 38 years, 0 days Robert H. Michel (H) Republican Retired 1923–2017 81 38 years, 0 days 71 38 years, 0 days Nick Rahall (H) Democratic Defeated 1949– 82 37 years, 305 days N/A Robert Crosser (H, I) Democratic Lost renomination 1874–1957 83 37 years, 290 days N/A Bob Sikes (H, I) Democratic Resigned, retired 1906–1994 84 37 years, 255 days 72 37 years, 255 days Nathaniel Macon (H, S) Anti-Administration, Democratic-Republican Resigned 1757–1837 85 37 years, 250 days 73 37 years, 250 days Henry Cabot Lodge (H, S) Republican Died 1850–1924 86 37 years, 74 days N/A Alben W. Barkley (H, S, I) Democratic Elected Vice President of the United States, died 1877–1956 87 37 years, 60 days 74 37 years, 60 days Henry B. González (H) Democratic Retired 1916–2000 88 37 years, 6 days N/A Francis E. Warren (S, I) Republican Defeated, died 1844–1929 89 36 years, 297 days 75 36 years, 297 days Dick Durbin (H, S) Democratic 1944– 90 36 years, 297 days 76 36 years, 297 days Marcy Kaptur (H) Democratic 1946– 91 36 years, 83 days N/A James Eastland (S, I) Democratic Resigned 1904–1986 92 36 years, 12 days 77 36 years, 12 days Joe Biden (S) Democratic Elected Vice President of the United States 1942– 93 36 years, 3 days 78 36 years, 3 days John Murtha (H) Democratic Died 1932–2010 94 36 years, 0 days 79 36 years, 0 days Henry L. Dawes (H, S) Republican Retired 1816–1903 95 36 years, 0 days 80 36 years, 0 days F. Edward Hébert (H) Democratic Retired 1901–1979 96 36 years, 0 days 81 36 years, 0 days Edward Boland (H) Democratic Retired 1911–2001 97 36 years, 0 days 82 36 years, 0 days William Broomfield (H) Republican Retired 1922–2019 98 36 years, 0 days 83 36 years, 0 days Dan Rostenkowski (H) Democratic Defeated 1928–2010 99 36 years, 0 days 84 36 years, 0 days Neal Edward Smith (H) Democratic Defeated 1920– 100 36 years, 0 days 85 36 years, 0 days Claiborne Pell (S) Democratic Retired 1918–2009
  11. Was at a men's church class last nite. If they really knew what I thought about Trump...I might get tossed from the church. Every man there, and we are a diverse group, Black, Latino, White, all thought Trump was the schiznitz. I just bit my tongue and got thru the evening.
  12. Trump, Bammers, Corndogs...all together at the same place?