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  1. Or maybe Mueller has moved on to the more easily provable stuff like money laundering etc. If Mueller isnt interviewing her, then folks, there is no more real effort by Mueller to prove collusion between Trump Campaign and Russia. Just like we have heard from leading Democrats for over a year...
  2. I see those as valid but yet secondary issues. Look, when you have 2/3 of all wealth on the planet in the hands of 1%, that is just a moral wrong. No one needs that much wealth. We are all part of the same community here on the planet. How many homes and cars and jets and property do you need to be happy when there are millions starving, going without health care poorly educated? How much is enough?
  3. Folks on the Right have to wake up to the fact that Trickle Down has failed absolutely. We desperately need a progressive tax structure AND wealth transfer. We would all benefit from it on this board.
  4. From a talking head on cable: Paraphrased... Question: "Why the lawsuit? Why now?" Answer: "What the Democrats have now in their corner is an excited, energized base. What happens to that base if it becomes widely known before the midterms that the Mueller Investigation is producing nothing criminal on Collusion? They are so tied to the Collusion Story that should that case fall apart, their base may well fall apart. With this lawsuit, they can now point to some legal proceeding as still ongoing. This civil case may be an insurance policy keep the base from falling apart before the midterms."
  5. Been watching politics too long. This tells me a few things. 1) The DNC must realize that Mueller is not going to go after Trump and they must do it on their own OR 2) The level of evidence, whatever that evidence is, may not be good enough for the criminal court but may be okay for the much lower civil standard. OR 3) Could mean that they are banking on this dragging out to 2020 for the Presidential race, OR 4) It could just mean that the DNC is having trouble raising funding after 2016...
  6. See I dont believe this anymore... Just read an article that showed that 2 American Corps, ADM? and another were moving to take over Big Marijuana. Folks, trust me on this. I LOOKED AND LOOKED for the article, even went thru browser history. If I find it I will link to it. There are literally hundreds of articles out there on this but this article was in Forbes or some business mag and was printed in the last week. As soon as Big Marijuana forms up...Look out the lobby money will flow and it will be a done deal.
  7. Wow...the level of insanity in this thread... Someone, please find the lock button.
  8. Farragut is a true hero in many many ways. I have never, and I mean never, understood why southerners built statues to CSA Heroes in any place other than Museums, Battlefields, and Cemetries
  9. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    Now wait just a minute...You are making no sense. If you think I am pro-Republican, you have lost all your marbles. I mean every one of them. Screw the party of Zero Fiscal Responsibility and Licks the Backsides of the Corporate World. I have ranted on the Reps more than the Dems. I hate Trump and have disliked the guy for 30 years. Titan and I were the first people on this forum to describe him as a clown and still do. 1) Russia didnt want HRC because HRC was so HAWKISH toward Putin/Russia, or so the Party says. 2) Trump was "colluded with by the Russians" because he was going to be Putin's Lap Dog. So in your twisted little mind how do the Republicans come off as the pro-war party when the Russians so-called colluded with them for just the opposite reason? Your problem is that, like homey, you are such a partisan that you cannot bear to hear the truth about your party. So you leap to defying reason and logic in defense of the indefensible.
  10. <smdh> She is likely our next governor. It is sssooo sad...
  11. ASSINATED? WTH? What is ASSINATED? Is that like getting Fisted without lube or something?
  12. Well we all know you hate the "Why cant we do better for poor folks" threads too...
  13. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    1) That was seven pages and 18 days ago and included a turn in the conversation that you obviously overlooked. 2) It is most certainly is whataboutism when you are quoting this post that mentions nothing about Emma Gonzalez. It is whataboutism when what you are talking about had zero to do with what you quoted... But please try again, this is fun...