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  1. So urinating and breastfeeding are the same to you. That must have been some horrendous childhood you had there...
  2. Sorry for the long hiatus

    Welcome back oh breath of fresh air...
  3. Mueller Indictment

  4. Mueller Indictment

    I'll make it so simple even you get it. 1) The indictments if anything say specifically that no American citizen was cognitively aware of Russian influence. (No collusion.) 2) Even if the worse case scenarios were looked at, the "damage" to HRC was minimal. 3) The indictments have already been blown off by the Russians as blabber. These are indictments that will never see a courtroom. 4) You can indict a ham sandwich.... 5) Every country since probably 1800 INCLUDING THE US has been involved with other countries elections. The Obama Administration used about $3MN in total to oust Netanyahu in 2015.
  5. Mueller Indictment

    So Trump et al were involved in 2014??? Really?
  6. Mueller Indictment We have known this for months. Really nothing new here. Apparently, 13 Russians may or may not have done something that may have lead to Trump gaining a very few votes. The Russians are not going to honor extradition and are openly predicting more indictments that they consider to be just meaningless blabber. HRC still outspent Trump by $500MN. If there was any collusion, Mueller's Team is not showing it in any way and in reality, has said out loud that American involvement in this was low-level and unintentional. Just like members of the DNC have communicated since the beginning. Waters, Feinstein, Jones, et al. have said since early on that this was going nowhere. For all you know nothings out there with heads buried in the sand, I am just pointing out what was in the press. Anyone that was paying attention could read the same thing. If you want Trump gone, impeach him for something that is actually provable and actionable. Butthurt, while provable, is not actionable. HRC ran the worst campaign in history, losing to the worst opponent in history. She blew $1.2BN and lost. Justice Democrats and TYT are raising a stink with the DNC about how almost half of the $1.2BN went to 5-6 Campaign Advisors. In the details...Trump actually spent about $700MN getting elected. HRC actually only used about $600MN on actual election spending. This is where she lost.
  7. That is a third part of the failure here. But fixing this will mean addressing laws, culture, and law enforcement issues. The fix is not one thing. It is going to be all or nothing.
  8. I dont agree with the teacher that the gun is not part of the problem. It is. The gun laws are part of the problem/answer. But a culture where NO LIVES MATTER is also doing deep damage.
  9. We need to do gun laws AND take a serious look at what is going on in our culture...WE NEED BOTH.
  10. My Daughter breastfeeds, with a clothe over son. You would not believe the hate she gets, even when no one can see anything. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing there is in the world. Why do Muricans react to it so crazily?
  11. Titan, I stand by everything I just said. Most Murican Christians dont have a clue what they really stand for. They are somewhat moral folks that may even attend church but really have no understanding of what Following Christ is about. This is my last post in this thread. I firmly believe that this is a no-win scenario for real believers. If you are in business, then you need to abide by the law. As Christ said: "Give unto Ceasar those things that are Ceasars." Our govt, for good or bad is ordained by God at some level. Maybe we deserve it? Maybe so...OUT.
  12. THAT is seriously weak. You dismiss anything that challenges your off-tilt assertions. You didnt answer even one question. You are not having a discussion, you are having a browbeating. The biz owner really doesnt even know what he stands for. If he is standing for Christ, he should follow the Teachings of Christ. I am expressly NOT using guilt by association. I am demonstrating that most Murican Christians are way too squishy about their own faith (hell look at the Christians supposedly supporting Trump). I am showing that to most Murican Christians their faith hangs on nothing more than political expedience these days. IE Some Murican Christians are against homosexuality to the point of being bat crap crazy. Now, add a twist to the scenario, where it is a Muslim baker, and MOST Murican Christians would suddenly flip to favor the Gay Side. I am demonstrating that faith has just about zero to do with this. It is really all about the politics. THAT was my point. To those that want to quote Leviticus here, go ahead and quote. Leviticus is also labels Tattoos, Eating Shrimp, and 600 more totally non-applicable things as well. Sin is sin. If you are a human, you sin. Remember Jesus and the woman caught as an adulteress? THAT is Him teaching the people there that their own sin is just as bad as hers. Declaring someone else's sin worse than your own....well that's a sin too. In my book, that's about as bad a sin as you can commit...IF I BELIEVED IN HIERARCHICAL SINS, WHICH I DONT.