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  1. Excuse the local Fox affiliate sourcing. The State of Alabama does bids similar to this all the time. Alabama Incentives for Toyota-Mazda Factory Top $700 Million Personally, I think winning the bid for Amazon would be great at the NY Prices. 25 Years from now as they take in taxes from employees and satellite businesses all this should be long forgotten. Comments?
  2. I have been playing with grammarly and maybe it did something screwy with the post. There is some weirdness with the spacing on the thing, I must admit. Apologies if it wasnt you. About the thread title, again you were wrong about that tho. I would never write something that snarky. Hell this whole thread was about how I felt it was a good thing they got together. Included both links and cleaned it up a bit by only using the youtube video. I will correct back to the original. As for homey, he obviously gets to say or do anything on the board, lie after lie after lie. You sent us a "send it to PMs" one time. It wasnt worth the time. He went totally nuts just repeating the same crapola over and over and over and over and over and over and over like he did out here on the forums after you told him to knock it off. But he went on and on dragging this out over and over again, of course, nothing happened to him. He runs over you ad nauseum.
  3. DKW 86

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    I dug this one up for all here. There isnt one moment in all OF THE SUPPOSED WORST between Trump & Acosta that would warrant credential revocation. Remember folks, this is the "Worst Of" Compilation.
  4. The Right often criticized Obama for this kind of stuff. (IE the 9-11 Flag Stuff) Trump has zero cover here, zero. Military people should be rightly pissed. Want to see Honor, at the Tomb of the Unknowns... It has always galled the crap out of me how people like Trump, Rush, Hannity, Gingrich, (WJC too, to be fair) etc TALK about Honor and such but never actually show any of it. They just talk about Honor, or participate when it's convenient. They may not actively degrade veterans like a very few of the SJW crowd, but they are only a smidge better overall. None of the above served a single day in the military and then criticize those that have actually served. The day Trump lit up McCain was a true low in American Politics.
  5. Whatever. You let homey damn near ruin the board with his infantile crap. You obviously never said a word to him in a PM as I asked you to multiple times. I blocked him a good faith effort to stop the silliness. I tried and tried to disengage from him for weeks. He kept right on with his never-ending s***. And you let him bore the board to death. the only way you deal with someone so immature is to disengage. homey has lied about me dozens and dozens of times on this board. All that freak-a-zoid does is lie his ass off. PT might bother you with his repetitive crap from Fox etc, but apparently homey can lie and lie and lie and lie and lie with impunity and not one of the mods here will stand up to him. Hell he just runs over you 24-7, as per usual. As to the title of the thread. I have FOR 17 YEARS here on this board ALWAYS have posted the TITLE of the LINK in the THREAD TITLE. Apparently 17 frickin years of repetition and over 23K posts you still cant see that pattern. <eyeroll>
  6. But i didnt tho... You know, that really doesnt matter. The fact that you took a wiseass shot at me because you, as usual, dont bother to look nor ask before you leap to some crazy conclusion. Brian, if you thought I would ever write that, you need to get off the crack.
  7. Nope both links were in the original. Wonder who had the power to do that....hhhmmmmmmmm.... Either way, I had exactly zero to do with the title of the original source.
  8. SSSOOOMMEEEHHHOOOWWW the link that went with the original post got removed. The title comes from the original link THAT SSSOOOMMMEEHHHOOOWWWW got removed. Wonder who did that......
  9. I totally agree but it may not matter tho. Perez et al are essentially Clinton staffers at some point. The only person that I believe has no chance is Bernie Sanders.
  10. Folks, Perez and the now DNC Leadership are far more Pro-Clinton than they were in 2016. If she runs, short of some seismic shift in the primaries, she will get the nomination.
  11. OPed in WSJ from Clinton Advisor Mark Penn says a Third Run from the Winner of the Popular Vote in 2016 is now underway. Hillary Will Run Again Use handheld if denied full article.
  12. This is actually very well done. When Crenshaw's phone goes off, I almost feel sorry for Davidson. SNL's Pete Davidson eats crow for mocking wounded vet Dan Crenshaw, who delivers more in person
  13. That was funny and well done.
  14. DKW 86

    Georgia Game Report Card

    One out of how many? almost 72?