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  1. I bet every decently rich family in the US does the same thing. Some of the illegality of these things are just widespread. We have people asleep at the wheel.
  2. Beto raised $6.1M already, more than Sanders and enough to make Warren an underdog. biden is now said to be too old and too rich for the middle class. But can Beto beat Fellatio?
  3. I came on to this thread to share with everyone my Men's Group Meeting yesterday morning. We got to talking about the "Mosque Shooting in New Zealand." We had this new millennial type guy that showed up, and I mean this, just could not wrap his little head around the fact that it was a "mosque." He had never heard the word "mosque" before. He kept stopping the conversation and asking what church it was. If he had ever heard the word mosque, he had somehow substituted it for "church." "What denomination was it?" "How many died at the church again?" He understood it was in ChristsChurch, NZ. He just had no understanding of the word "mosque." He interrupted the conversation 6 times before we could even get it started. "What denomination was it?" They were Muslims that died.... "How many died at the church again?" It was a mosque... "How many Christians Died?" It was 49 Muslims that died. In talking with him, it became obvious that he must have had heard it completely wrong or had been listening/reading to some crazy alt-right source. This guy was just adamant that CHRISTIANS had died and had been killed by a Muslim and that Mosques was just another name for Church. I will drill into his head later on and find out. The guy was either: 1) Hardcore Ignorant (He struck me as Intelligent in prior conversation) 2) Had been getting his news from some crazy source that had literally reversed the story.
  4. On the internet, Jokes and Memes become reality. Gaslighting becomes defacto history. Sometimes, i wonder if there is any sanity on the Internet.
  5. And there is no way to make any of that permanent.
  6. That doesn’t mean I’m saying that left wing politicians are faultless, I’m not. They make mistakes too. But there’s only one party trying to take healthcare away from my child with a pre existing condition. Actually, I cant say anyone is seriously questioning pre-existing conditions anymore. There’s only one party trying to control what I and my daughters can and cannot do with our bodies. This is so old I wont even waste the server space to take it apart. There’s only one party trying to condemn my gay friends and take away their right to marry and have children. This is a 100% Agree Here. Absolutely true. There’s only one party trying to starve its citizens by eliminating SNAP. True!!!!!! There is only one party demonizing immigrants while turning a blind eye to white supremacy. Agree here too. There is only one party not addressing valid concerns of average Americans on this topic though. After sounding like DJT forever, the Dems have now forgotten everything they have said and promised in the past about illegal immigration. There’s only one party in cahoots with Russia. Mr Mueller might disagree with you. I see a huge difference. I see a difference, not much, but a difference. Some of us also wonder why after 30 years our schools are still failing. Democrat Fail. Some of us wonder why we have such a huge income and wealth gap. Republican Fail. Some of us wonder why we have a huge National Debt. Republican Fail. Some of us wonder why we have such destroyed inner cities like Detroit. Democrat Fail. Some of us wonder why we have Kids buried in College Debt. Republican Fail. Some of us wonder why we have Banking Running amok again. Republican Fail. Some of us wonder why we have SJWs screaming about Russians when no one actually looking seems to be able to find anything worth talking about. Democrat Fail. Some of us wonder why we have Everyone Covered in Health Care. Republican Fail. I do see some differences, but both parties are so tied to special interests and lobbyists that they both stab The Average American in the back most days.
  7. Mine was 64% Harris, 63% Sanders, 62% Gabbard I rounded a lil.
  8. I just hate it when we dont pay attention to the details.
  9. Wow. Yes they did. The videos have been linked on this forum several times. Because you know that when there is nothing there, and then the 2 year inv into it proves there is nothing there just like these well-connected people already knew. Remember the "Nothing Burger" comment?
  10. Okay, going to ask the obvious question: Why didnt his (Carlson's) coworkers, those that worked with him every day for years and heard this crap every day for years out the guy?
  11. I totally agree on that. DiFi, Waters, Jones said it 2+ years ago. All we had to do was listen.