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  1. I almost liked that and then, the thought of a President Pence...He is sssooo out there calling himself Christian that he scares me about as much, if not more than, Trump.
  2. If you aint mad, you arent paying attention.
  3. So Wallace acted like a Journalist and he is supposed to be shamed for doing so?
  4. Wow, only channonc and McLoofus are to the Left with me.
  5. Anyone remember the 2012 VP Debate? Swapped Roles. You know, when you have no context things lose perspective. In 2012, Biden was a complete ass then.
  6. We have been electing clowns in DC for 40 years. Problem: It probably would not have looked too much different with the next set of candidates.
  7. We have had our disputes, but I just cant see the manchild winning. Even his worst supporters have to be able to see he is unhinged.
  8. That is like 50 posts on my FB Wall this AM...Is this all we got??? These two losers are running for President of the US???
  9. It seems odd that: When Obama was in power, the DNC hated whistleblowers like Snowden. The DNC hated Wikileaks for outing the DNC Emails. The actively went after members of the press over leaks. The Obama Administration was actually received an award for openness...THAT CEREMONY CLOSED THE CAPITAL BUILDING WHILE WE WERE IN DC. Award Openness...in a closed door ceremony??? WTF? The RNC, they hate that Trump's taxes were dumped by the NYT. Well, as politely as i can say it, Sucks to be you. If you are running for office, you are interviewing for the job. Outside of your minor ch
  10. Please God, let the rest of the nation forget its anger and see this the way Gerson and I see it. HRC and Biden are both Corrupt Elites in the eyes of most Middle-Class Americans. People who have been in political leadership positions for 30-40 years while America's Promise has cratered and the American Middle-Class was economically sodomized while the Corporations, the 1%ers, and the Political Elites themselves made ever more obscene profits. This will not end with the removal of a poor choice to lead like Trump, Come 2024, Populism may well be the only subject of relevance for the Pres
  11. You could stop reading right there. I have never believed the BS Trump has spewed for decades. When they write the book on Trump, it may well be titled Potemkin Empire.
  12. You do realize that every single word you just wrote applies to the Trump and his Administration too, right? Trump et al have been under the microscope for 4 years. Lets put the microscope on the people that looked for four years and found essentially nothing. Lets investigate them. Lets get the FBI to destroy them. Lets get the FBI to falsify Emails on them. Lets get the FBI to lie to judges about warrants on them. And remember, if anyone of the them slip up, we can convict them of lying to the FBI. The FBI is looking more and more like the DNC Gestapo every day in this.
  13. Well, I got my Early Dismissal all right. If they dont agree with you , they just dismiss everything. By now, I think everyone with attention span as long as Biden's has come to the conclusion that the dossier was as bad as advertised. If it wasnt: Why did the FBI have to lie to the FISA Courts? Why did the FBI have to generate completely bogus evidence? Falsify emails? Face jail time? They didnt do all that because the dossier was sound. It now turns out that Steele's main and sub sources were known or suspected by everyone in the world to be Russian Spies. https://www.nat
  14. It took Jones 25 years to get two conviction on the 16th St Bombing Case. He was in court in 1977 when the first one went to trial. He got the last two in 2001 and 2002. Aint no quit in Doug Jones.
  15. Being able to spot people like Trump and watch as the rest of the world figures them out...Well, it just makes cold beer taste sssooo much better...
  16. There is still a God, and I believe we can win.
  17. Social, you are the one still buying that Trump went to drain the DC Swamp. I am telling you that the man was so corrupt for the last 30+ years he is actually skinny dipping in the DC Swamp. He is not draining it at all. He is indulging himself in it.
  18. Its only funny because its true...
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