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  1. Seriously, I LMAO at this woman. I truly didnt think anyone could think like this. Anyone know what church she goes to? I am guessing an Independent Holiness Church, COG or COC maybe?
  2. Sorry Fiddy, but someone has to point out the obvious even though the mods log since gave up being fair on this.
  3. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!!! or some other nonsense.... https://health.wusf.usf.edu/health-news-florida/2022-05-28/state-probe-finds-rebekah-jones-claims-of-data-manipulation-is-unsubstantiated-and-unfounded https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/05/rebekah-jones-the-covid-whistleblower-who-wasnt/
  4. Let them join the rest of us? https://news.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx Table with 4 columns and 389 rows. Currently displaying rows 1 to 24. Republicans Independents Democrats % % % 2022 Aug 1-23 24 43 30
  5. fiddy, while that may some of them, even Biden recognizes that it is not all of them. And you know me man, I never liked trump for even a second. But not all of Team Blue nor all of Team Red is bad. I promise, it is just the few.
  6. Fellow Extremists? Want to discuss that accusation? Who said anyone here was an Extremist? Were they arrested? Did you call the FBI on them? Have they made Death Threats on the forum we dont know about? Whether Left or Right, I think calling people here extremists is way over the top there fiddy...Are you just lonesome? need some love????
  7. it is laughable, the pearl clutching and teeth gnashing over 48 Venezuelan Immigrants in MV. El Paso is taking in 2000/per day. They are declaring a Disaster Decree, but that's okay. No Privileged White Folks there to complain.... Lets just openly admit one thing here. America has an Immigration CRISIS and both parties are either ignoring (Dems) or exploiting (Reps) for political gain the whole issue.
  8. I am doing one thing here. I am pointing out that 1) Both parties want to do something about immigration. trump tried to secure the borders while still processing refugees into the country. 2) What exactly is the Democrat plan on Immigration? KH was put in charge of the Border mess and she just dissolved. What is her great plan? Anyone know? She went to the border and said: "Do not come. There are legal methods to make sure that Legal Migration and can and should occur." We now have 200K illegals per month THAT WE KNOW ABOUT crossing the border. Even more that we do not. What policy is the Biden Adm working now? The Biden Adm has the WH, HOR, and the Senate under its direction. So tell me, what is the policy that allows 200K per month thru the border? Could it just be allow these immigrants into the border states and allow them to rot there and cruelly and inhumanely overwhelm the border states? That we have a secure border... NO ONE BELIEVES THAT. Reporter was shut down and to address ALL questions to the WH.
  9. But showing me and millions of Americans any courtesy or respect is just way too much?
  10. Possibly the ultimate view of America. Thank you Bill... "When did the GOP become NWA?" Boebert: "I dont like this Separation of Church and State..." then go away... Stolen Land: "Give it back or STFU!" Sign off: "America is still best greatest hopes in the world."
  11. It isnt about how anyone defines themselves. It is about DEMANDING that everyone else acknowledge and CELEBRATE whatever is your view du jour. At some point the world has to get back to sanity. Sanity: You do you, I will do me, and we wont do each other. Will I generally acknowledge you and your journey? Sure! But dont expect me to be 100% perfect while you explore yourself. I am busy feeding my family, dealing with a job that is about to end, a sick child, and dying parent. If i dont have time to prioritize your never ending changing gender fluidity where you transition between the 57 identified genders changing sometime by the day, sometimes by the hour. I dont have time to engage on your personal journey 24-7. I have a spouse, a family, a job, a career, a church or an NGO I serve daily. Again: You do you, I will do me, and we wont do each other.
  12. CBH’s four biggest challenges are: Offense Defense Special Teams Recruiting
  13. Yea, it was ugly…fall on your ass and grab your knee? WTF? no offense young lady
  14. That was my take last week. Bar field was better and a far better recruiter.
  15. And the gender nonsense is a completely different study. I have several trans friends. I knew a transitioner back in 76, then he was a black male and the best majorette on the team. I still love her, and the others i know too. But the attention whore Pronoun Posse are expecting to DEMAND that others change their ways to suit their whim of the moment, i do not support. Your reality does not take precedence over my own reality.
  16. Let me take off my costume for a moment here. Homie is dead on correct. I am trying to get everyone to see we are in fact governing by not governing. We have no sound stated Immigration Policy and that was the whole point of the troll session that was this thread, and will continue to be. We have 2M or more Illegal Immigrants at the border in a year. We are basically borderless now. Even if we turn those we have "encounters" with it is just a sieve. We have no idea how many are actually crossing the border. NO IDEA AT ALL. The thought that 48 Venezuelans means anything more than bupkis in all this is just flat out ******* lunacy. We have 200K per month crossing THAT WE KNOW OF. And we are going to clutch pearls at 48? Was it a stunt that the State of FL authorized money for? Yes it was. It was a stunt to get everyone's attention on Immigration Reform. That 2M/year into FL, TX, NM, AZ and CA is completely unsubstainable. The fact that some privileged white people in MV got shamed in front of the nation was just for humor. And yes I enjoyed watching them eat the same s*** sandwich they want to the border states to eat everyday. And BTW:
  17. Then, said school, church, etc should follow their conscience and not accept the money. End of story. Man that was sssooo simple. It costs nothing too. How any real religious organization would take money that would force them to alter their core beliefs is just INSANE. What Crazy Man Cruz is saying here is completely tone deaf. The US is a secular nation. We have to all submit to the will of the majority here. Plainly most of America, Most Republicans included, accept gay marriage. End of story. The people that cant accept that are the ones that LITERALLY do want to impose a Theocracy on the Nation. Theocracy is just a moment away from Sharia Law. I want no part of that. At 60, I would have no problem picking up a gun to stop anyone from imposing Theocratic Laws and Customs on this Nation.
  18. Gaetz and Cawthorn, Making Sexual Perversion Great Again. This is why I dont even consider the Republicans even a serious political party anymore. If the party leaders cannot or will not take care of this, then they really need to resign.
  19. And this is why I cannot, do not support Reps anymore. I just cant. They are not even thinking about supporting the middle class. They blindly support corps. Maybe i truly dont criticize the Reps enough. That is likely fair. But it is not because i like them at all. It is just on average this forum is on the verge of beating the dead horse criticizing them most days.
  20. But please o'please Sir dont send any of them to those cities that love to rant about how much they love the Refugees... Illegal Immigration is just fine as long as NIMBY...
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