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  1. From Slate Noble lies of Covid-19 From the article: "Experts on infectious diseases are not necessarily experts on social behavior." That's being very kind, imo. I'd lean more toward "pretty much ignorant" on it. Also from the article: "Noble lies are a trap. We cannot predict the public’s behavior, and loss of trust is devastating. The general population is far too skeptical to blindly follow the advice of experts, and far too intelligent to be easily duped." I wish I were as confident as the authors regarding part 1 (skepticism), but damn, the author gets i
  2. Indeed...your scathing article about the lack of sportsmanship shown in Georgia Tech's 222-0 beatdown of Cumberland College in 1916 was excellent. 👍
  3. Thanks for sharing those pictures...I've only been to NW Arkansas once, and didn't have much time to spend there, but thought it was very scenic. Getting in a camper for a couple of months and just tooling around the country with no schedule has been a long-time bucket list adventure that I want to do. That long of a trip will have to wait until retirement. Until then, will live vicariously. 👍
  4. Troll twitter account referenced...as you were.
  5. Qualified is typically interpreted through the lens of one's politics, so one person's "qualified" could be another person's "dilettante". Like you, I don't want a "conservative" justice or a "liberal" justice. The more a judge resembles a politician, the more nervous I get. My $0.02 is that a SC justice (or any judge at any level, honestly) needs to be able to check their politics at the door and thoughtfully craft decisions/opinions that they may personally disagree with, but are just from a legal standpoint. If someone is able to do that, be it a black woman, white man or yellow-
  6. There is some Venn diagram overlap of outlook that I share with Bill, and this is one of those areas. Distinguishing more clearly between liberal and leftist is something that absolutely needs to happen more.
  7. The personal connection part of it does matter more to some of us, and that is where the expansion dilutes some of that, and where you live absolutely is a factor. Also, when you don't play schools very often, there's no sense of real rivalry or connection, especially for the newer additions. A&M will be playing its 10th football season in the SEC this year, and will have played Georgia and Kentucky exactly once. Missouri has yet to play a game in Jordan-Hare...but, when you don't play over 1/3 of your conference in a given year, that'll happen. It's like we've been this big-asse
  8. Age has tempered my emotional involvement in college sports, with scattered exceptions here and there. I used to be the "Gameday, watch games all day" whether we were playing or not. Prior to cable, those ABC doubleheader days were all this kid could ask for. I don't arrange my Saturday schedule around football any longer. If I'm free to watch our game, I'll watch. If something else takes precedence, I'll track on my phone. Things change, and as Billy Joel said "The good ol' days weren't always good; tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems." My issue, full disclosure, is that the cha
  9. Guessing some of our resident autocrats wouldn't have any issue with this sort of thing happening here...
  10. That's not the correct answer, comrade. Revise and resubmit. /sarc
  11. I'm trying to tune as much of the ancillary stuff out as I can...the mute button helps. The viewing outlets that are more event-focused help, too. The Australian swim coach going bonkers and dry humping the air after their swimmer won the 400m freestyle was hilariously awesome...felt a little bad for the worker in the booth. I like Michael Phelps on swimming commentary a lot...maybe a bit too "meat and potatoes" and not enough pizzazz for some, but he's informative without being obnoxious. The cyclist that broke away from the pack without the other country's group noticing, and
  12. I think I infected it...SLAG-91 variant. Primary symptom is pernicious non sequiturs. Give it 24 hours. I'll leave this here. Wall Street Journal opinion. Can listen to it if you choose. Vaccinations and young children?
  13. RIP Dusty Hill. Gonna go put on my cheap sunglasses...here's where there were a lotta nice girls:
  14. I went to see it with my mom when it came out, and enjoyed it. Might be interesting to re-watch with 2021 eyes.
  15. I've heard some hypotheses about viral interference perhaps being a factor here, essentially "two enter, only one shall leave" sort of thing.
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