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  1. New Hampshire has always given me the impression of being a state that bucks the solidly blue remainder of New England. Republican governor (and yes, a NE Republican is not necessarily cut from the same ideological cloth as a Southern Republican), Democratic senators. They've gone Democratic in the last few presidential elections, but the margins are closer. I fully expect them to do their own thing next February...and dear God, we're really that close to the presidential primary season beginning? Oof...🤕🤒
  2. Pretty much speaks for itself.
  3. Big "what if" for me is Len Bias' death right after the '86 draft. Celtics were coming off of an NBA title, and their '86 team was the best one of their three title teams in the 80s (lost one home game all season, including the playoffs...50-1). Celtics had the #2 pick, and Bias was going to be the next star to be their bridge to potentially maintaining their dominance past Bird-Parish-McHale. Once the Celtics ran out of steam in '88, they had a long stretch of not doing much until their '08 title.
  4. If you dish it out, best be prepared to take it, and it would appear that the Cincinnati mayor has pretty well owned it. Not the dumbest thing a mayor of Cincinnati has ever done, though, not by a longshot. Jerry Springer will likely hold that title forever. Kelce is half-a-screw loose on a typical day, so him going full Rock wasn't a surprise.
  5. Pssh...details. Knowing trivial stuff like, oh, actual Cabinet positions (for which he purportedly submitted nominees) doesn't matter a whit. I mean, hell, Secretary of War would have been better, and that position was abolished over 75 years ago to create the current SecDef spot. That was back when Joe was driving 18-wheelers and telling Corn Pop what was up.
  6. Public officials and alleged corruption...dang, you almost NEVER see this sort of thing, do you? 🤯
  7. I'll keep saying it...a liberal would have massive and numerous issues with what happened in this instance. Leftists, on the other hand, don't even see that this sort of reporting system is problematic. Punishing Wrongthink...an illiberal position for much too long.
  8. Harris County judge gonna Harris County judge...what a naive idiot.
  9. I'd say Friedman's role, and it was not an insignificant one, in helping bring about the end of the draft in 1973 would count. What do I win? Never mind, I'll win a facepalm if I'm lucky.
  10. This is beyond patently ridiculous. I'll submit the post quoted above for the "lead paint chip eating, freezing cold take" of the day, and possibly 2023 to date.
  11. Private AP math tutoring, you say? Straight cash, homey.
  12. Is that XBB variant the one that is being called the Kraken? Next one needs to be called Locutus of Borg...it's definitely on the verge of assimilating us.
  13. It's well-established that Hunter, the erstwhile artist/international entrepreneur, is a massive, odiferous POS. I think mom is overestimating the benefits of that last name, but this is probably her one opportunity to cash in. The kid, as usual, is the one who will have to ultimately deal with the fallout. That's where my sympathy lies. Hopefully a positive influence will show up, because she's not bloody likely to get it from her paternal DNA contributor.
  14. There's a Bloom County cartoon from a couple of generations ago now that sums up all of this picayune bull**** re: what to call what pretty well. Berke Breathed was much more ahead of his time than he ever imagined. https://www.gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2014/08/02
  15. I expect to see this thoroughly investigated by our ostensibly even-handed media. 🦗 🦗 🦗 Or, much more likely, this will be memory-holed in about half a news cycle, so about 10 A.M. tomorrow we'll have moved on to the Kraken Covid variant...or was that last week?
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