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  1. The random single point that can be scored independent of a touchdown is sometimes amusing. I did a double-take when channel flipping some time ago and saw a game that was 1-1. You expect that with hockey or baseball, but not football.
  2. Did NOT see that outing coming from Valdez. At all. Feels like playing with house money at this point, honestly.
  3. Our current occupant of the White House isn't too enamored with the whole answering questions thing, either, so the example has been set. "Ask better questions" is most likely code for "I need questions for which I have a canned answer that makes me look informed." It'll maybe be a little closer than expected, but the swamp critters and the associated worker bees in NoVa will push McAuliffe through, I figure.
  4. When the starters go a combined 5 1/3 innings in 3 games, you're pretty much ******. The '27 Yankees would have a hard time overcoming that level of suckitude. I guess an upside is that the proverbial bullet to the head was once again delivered early, so I got a head start on some much-needed sleep last night. Grienke has to find a way to eat some innings today and maybe we can win one 13-12 or something.
  5. One upside of the first couple of innings is that I got a good walk/jog in today...weather was fantastic. My hope for the Astros this season was about as far as they've gotten now...and the Red Sox have zero excuse for losing this series. Astros had thin pitching at best coming in, and no McCullers pretty much put a stick of dynamite in the staff. Bats will have to be on point and then some...can't count on that game in and game out, though. So, expectations have been managed.
  6. I'll have bacon with a side of bacon...
  7. Stallions were a, by USFL standards, pretty successful franchise. Maybe it'll take this time...and without this getting political, Trump's pushing the league to compete in the fall with the NFL was idiotic. "Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?" is a decent 30 for 30 watch if you get the chance.
  8. Hopefully that trend reverses....need some anti-blue blood sentiment up in here. Only bad thing about the Yankees-Red Sox wild card game is that one of them had to win. Hopefully we've got a Dirty South World Series on the way...not holding my breath, admittedly, because I figure at least one of the Dodgers or Red Sox will get there.
  9. Schedule always looks tougher when you're not quite as good as the other guys, and doesn't look quite as formidable when you're really good. Also, "longest road trip possible to South Carolina"? Huh? It's 316 miles. Maybe you're thinking of Columbia, Missouri...733 miles. (Fun fact while I was looking this up: Auburn to Columbia, SC and Auburn to Knoxville are almost identical distances (1 mile difference)). Outside of a nonconference patsy, South Carolina is pretty close to the best non-Vanderbilt option we could have from the East. Flipping the trips to College Station and Col
  10. Australian Rules Football was on ESPN fairly regularly in the early 80s before they got prime programming like college football and such...the main things I remember are that it was non-stop running, it looked rough as hell and the officials by the goalposts had some cool hand signals for when a score occurred.
  11. Accentuated for accuracy. Trench pony difference today for us vs. Georgia was massive.
  12. Pretty much a perfect day for Aggie fans...beat #1 and Texas loses in excruciating fashion. Florida showed Alabama was vulnerable, and A&M actually finished it off. Looked like they were done after getting behind 38-31...big ups to them for bouncing back.
  13. If we're going to NFL-ize college football, then none of these half measures with pods and s***... Two divisions, 8 teams each. 14 game schedule. One nonconference game, 13 conference. Everyone plays 7 home, 7 away. Set up the nonconference game to be a home game when you have the 6 home, 7 away split, and a road game when you have the 7 home, 6 away split. Play 6 of the 8 in the other division, and 4 of those are permanent...establish a rotation for the others. East: AU, FL, GA, SC, TN, KY, VU, AL West: TAMU, UT, ARK, LSU, MO, MSU, OM, OU I guess since this
  14. Cardinals' streak at the end of the season reminds me a little of the 2007 Rockies that caught fire at the end of the season and made it to the World Series. Giants just hoping tonight goes 20 innings and both teams burn a lot of arms.
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