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  1. He says that now...I suspect the negotiations to meet his price for changing his mind are underway.
  2. Yeah, I think this would be a losing proposition for them, and they are already hurting from the decline in travel over the last year. I'd be surprised to see any airlines push real hard for this. Vaccines that, while ostensibly safe, are still only under an EUA are ripe for the legal pickings as well in terms of mandating them.
  3. Barry Goldwater, who some here would pillory mercilessly as a heartless conservative (he was anything but), said in his later years re: homosexuals in the military... "You don't need to be 'straight' to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight." Essentially, "if you can do the job, welcome aboard." Expanding your recruiting pool makes perfect sense...folks of any color, background, etc. are perfectly capable of being good pilots, soldiers, etc. Competence cannot be compromised in meantime, and should still be priority #1, especially with jobs where n
  4. Another country can do whatever they want, and a country that requires one will be one I don't visit. I'm not really a world traveler, anyway, so it's a moot point. Any domestic airline that opts to make that a requirement is one I won't be using. I have no issues with driving if necessary. If it happens, I won't like it, but I'll find other ways to get to where I need to go.
  5. Our politicians these days remind me of these two characters: These two were compensated for not liking each other very much during work hours...outside of work, pretty chummy. Our media is complicit, too...fomenting division with clickbait articles is very lucrative. Follow the green.
  6. Looks like Gonzaga's best chance to get back in this has passed. Just cannot get it close enough to put any real game pressure on Baylor.
  7. This is the correct answer. There are more arcane, less "click-baity" provisions in the bill that are potentially problematic. The fundamental parts about the voting itself aren't really among them. MLB is cutting their nose off to spite their face, imo, but they are free to do grandstand away and do what they want with their All-Star game. Wonder if Rob Manfred is going to voluntarily cancel his Masters membership, since he's full of righteous indignation and all...👀
  8. That'll very likely be me as well, at least as a resident. I've been gone for almost 29 years, and I have no family that lives in Alabama any longer, either (all in Chattanooga now). It's not philosophical...just nothing there for me any longer.
  9. The more I watch it, that Suggs block/go get it/pass sequence was as impressive a 5 seconds of basketball as I've seen in a long time. Excelling at pretty much every aspect of the game (he couldn't make the pass to himself for the basket 😏). He took care of the scoring part later on, though...
  10. That really was a tremendous game. Both teams stepped up down the stretch. Won, not lost. This one is in the neighborhood of 1992 Duke-Kentucky to me.
  11. Free basketball...been a heck of a game. UCLA in their comfort zone of OT now.
  12. Disclaimer: I have not been a resident of Alabama since 1992, when yoga in schools was apparently still legal. Guy Hunt was governor until April of 1993, and I wonder if his signature was on the yoga ban...would not be surprising. This is the sort of dumb s*** that feeds the negative stereotypes people have of Alabama, and as usual, it's a few ill-informed dipsticks that make the whole lot look bad. Like Jeff Foxworthy said in one of his old routines, "Southerners are just as smart as anyone else in the country. We just can't keep the most ignorant among us off the television."
  13. The messaging from the CDC has been "malleable" for quite a while now...beginning to think they need a new Magic 8-ball to consult. I mean, who can argue with these two statements made within the last WEEK..."we say it's safe to travel...but don't travel." Right.
  14. Or another school year. This one has sucked enough ditchwater for a generation..."dystopian" would be mild.
  15. There are better ways to communicate that than saying something as over-the-top as "impending doom." It was pretty much all emotion. We hear all of these dire pronouncements, and after a while people tune it out. It's like Fauci saying that kids shouldn't play with each other without masks until they are vaccinated. Kids as a collective are at the end of the line for needing this vaccination. I'll say this for the guy: Every woman should aspire to marry someone that loves her as much as Fauci loves Fauci.
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