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  1. Exactly where I'm at. I felt my blood pressure ratchet up when I heard this. Feel for her family, and she had a remarkable run. Scalia considered her a friend, and they were on opposite sides of the political fence. But yeah, the shitstorm is in motion.
  2. I grew up in Foley...this storm was damn near a worst-case scenario for South Baldwin...torrential rain from a slow-moving storm for multiple days, then it actually strengthens as it makes landfall, so that strong wind just uproots trees like pulling weeds out of a wet garden bed...and in the eye wall for hours. 16 years to the day after Ivan, too. Hoping for the best for all concerned, and sorry about your mom's house.
  3. Website fora are, in my estimation, not nearly as indicative of the rank-and-file outlook on issues as we on this (or other) social media think. I've learned a few things about myself and other people during the last six months, and it has been illuminating. I've been on and off this forum for well over a decade...most of my posting has not been on the political boards because I tend to avoid conflict ("Avoid loud and aggressive persons, for they are a vexation to the spirit" would apply most of the time). I do think that our politicians have largely forgotten that they work for
  4. My memory of this game is a lot different than most of y'all...this game was played the evening after Hurricane Ike made landfall (I live in the Houston area) and we had no power, so I did not know anything about the outcome until I called my mom on the Sunday after the game. After the "How are you? I'm fine" portion of the call, I asked her about our game, and she told me that Auburn won 3-2...I did a double-take, thinking maybe she told me the score of the Braves game or something. Nope, she wasn't yanking my chain. 3-2 Granted, given my specific circumstances, I'd have r
  5. View from my couch: 1. I was surprised at how little I missed sports after a few weeks had gone by, and found other things to do...and I think there are lots of people that feel this way. I feel like I've detoxed, in a way. MLB did themselves no favors by the way they handled negotiations for playing (they have extensive experience in poor optics, granted), and I think a lot of us said "F it, I'm going fishing/walking/jogging/woodworking/whatever" and haven't come back. 2. I did try to watch for a bit, mainly to see how I would react. I don't like the absence of a crowd at a game eve
  6. Yep, you do...voted in a primary for the first time in the spring. Don't regret it, as I was voting for a friend, but damn, I got tired of the party spam in the mail afterward. I guess that means I'm now registered with a party...Pfft. The national red and blue parties can go piss up a rope. Sending ballots by mail to every registered voter is a recipe for a flustercuck. So many moving parts that require honesty and neutrality (people die...people move...have voting rolls been checked and purged of people no longer in a given precinct, etc.) and those qualities seem to be in damned short
  7. Our parents selected their mode of instruction this past week...very interesting results. Only 13 of my 177 AP Stats students chose F2F. We're basically doing a hard reset with schedules once our first term is over, so I have no idea what my schedule is going to look like or how I'm delivering it come October 12. We're still virtual until October 5, when kids start coming back to campus. Juniors and seniors come back on October 9, the last day of our first grading period. F2F for secondary is going full block, which we've never done district-wide before and I've never done in 23 pri
  8. I tend to be both stubborn and non-violent, so the mob's request would have mostly gotten greeted with a look like this one:
  9. Hopefully anyone who stuck around in Cameron and Lake Charles made it through alive. I've never evacuated from a hurricane (lived within 40 miles of the GoM for most of my life, grew up about 10 miles inland), but this one would have gotten me to leave if I lived in either of those two cities, Cameron especially. On another note, I wonder how the Earl Long bridge on I-10 fared...that rickety piece of shat made me nervous 20 years ago.
  10. Zero respect for that charlatan Osteen...he can go piss up a rope. Beaumont/Orange/Lake Charles, buckle up. I am beginning to think that we're getting little to no rain here (SW of Houston), so I went ahead and tempted the hurricane deities by watering the lawn.
  11. Favorite attended: 1989 Iron Bowl. I was going to have to be dead to miss that game. Favorite on TV: 1994 Florida...Nix to Sanders, and I think I scared the hell out of my apartment neighbor with my yelling. Favorite Gustav game: 2017 Georgia at J-H
  12. I think the P5 conferences are going to have to be together on this...I don't think one league can look greedy while the others are perceived as doing the right thing, just to provide one possible rationale. I am bracing for no football this fall, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  13. A thread that starts with a doctored tweet and goes to a 70s Dutch musician in a video with scantily clad women dressed as Native Americans...in less than one page! This, THIS is what makes AU Family great.
  14. If you're referring to sports in their current state in the FBS/college basketball (big $$ at stake), then I'm leaning in that direction myself. The race to have the shiniest new stadium, facilities, etc. has made college sports damn near as expensive to attend as professional sports, and I wonder if we've reached the point where it's going to collapse under its own monetary weight. The NBA has the G-league that will allow players to enter right out of HS and essentially major in hoops while making money. The NFL is a money-printing machine, and have gotten a free farm system for de
  15. Politicians of all stripes are extremely proficient in hoisting their own petard, and some treat it as a job requirement. There's no need to manufacture extra material...we're all stocked up as it is.
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