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  1. ...lost his primary tonight. Not really a surprise, and I think the House Pubs are breathing a sigh of relief.
  2. Musk isn't wrong. 2020 was Trump vs. Not Trump Biden always has been and always will be a gray spot on a gray wall...there's nothing about his multi-generational Senate stint that said "you know, that guy would make a good president someday." He was the most electable of the motley crew of candidates the Democrats paraded out there in 2020. They made, to their strategic credit only, a sound tactical decision.
  3. Cryptic post is cryptic... Also, isn't "ultra-MAGA" the term du jour right now? That's pretty much turned into the 2022 version of "deplorables" in a matter of days.
  4. "Now who could argue with that?" (Ah, Blazing Saddles, another victim of cancel culture...)
  5. This administration is tone deaf, dumb and blind...which in turn makes this decision to have a what I'll call "Ministry of Wrongspeak" wholly unsurprising.
  6. I don't have any particular insight, but your explanation seems plausible...left Harry's a time or two when the sun was coming up. I'm guessing their maintenance bill was in the tens of dollars. Some of those places on Opelika Road have been consigned to the dustbin of history...Greeley's, Hungry Hunter, Harry's, Master's Grille. Strutting Duck on Wire Road...$0.75 drafts in what had to have been a 48-ounce yellow plastic mug, do some laundry while you're there, too. That's full service right there.
  7. 13 things that lasted longer than CNN+ Yeah, it's TownHall, so some won't appreciate some of the snarky asides. New Coke...was working at Burger King the summer that it was introduced. I wasn't a Pepsi fan, so New Coke didn't do it for me, and a lot of other people. It was a huge blunder, but Coke owned it and turned lemons into lemonade (or, more accurately, New Coke into Old Coke), by marketing the return as "Coca-Cola Classic. Red, White and You."
  8. ...and while we're on stupid s*** that is not even up to the threshold of being performative... Who in the blue hell wasted their time making a big-assed mask FOR THE COSTUME BUNNY?
  9. Truth really is stranger than fiction at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This meme seems appropriate for what's going on in that snippet...
  10. Well, it's (D)ifferent, ya see. We're not being properly deferential to the mask theater.
  11. I move that AUF add a vomit emoji to the voting options...I couldn't decide if I wanted angry face, thumbs down or sad. 🤢 Heh...
  12. The hype for this one began in the pre-Covid days...been waiting on this one for 3 years or so. Not going to watch the trailer, but this is the first movie in a LONG time that I've wanted to make the effort to go see in the theater. 36 years after the first one...that's a hell of an interim between installments.
  13. Should be two pretty good games. I'm not seeing much way St. Peter's overcomes this margin.
  14. Kansas putting it on Miami in the second half...Canes going to have to get off the mat in a hurry.
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