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  1. I agree, but if anyone thinks this will discourage Trump from throwing his hat in the '24 ring, those people are sadly mistaken. It'll actually have the opposite effect. Trump on the Team Red ticket is the best option for Team Blue in '24...so, this is a welcome development for Team Blue, hence all of the cheerleading. Everyone loves the FBI when it suits their team's objectives. No one should trust them any further than they can be thrown.
  2. I guess one could say some of their assets got liquidated...
  3. Democrats should be praying to whatever deity they worship that Trump runs in 2024...it's the sure-fire way that Team Red could **** up the next Presidential election and hand it to Team Blue on a silver platter. Now, what could really throw things into a conundrum is if the Reps decide to go with, say, DeSantis, and Trump decides to party like it's 1992 and aim to be the Ross Perot spoiler-type. That's when the rubber would hit the road for some folks, if it happened (I put it in the "unlikely, but not impossible" category.) Are you about the person or the party?
  4. This is not the "gotcha" you think it is. Teachers across the country are leaving the profession in droves and not coming back. It's not a problem unique to Florida. Our district has about 230 open teaching positions, and we're in better shape than some of our neighboring districts. One of my favorite co-workers left for another district because he was going to be getting 40 kids per class...he rightfully said "nope" and left. Our school had multiple spots go unfilled by a certified teacher all year last year, and this also was not unique to our campus. Pay might be a reason in some places, but teachers are leaving for reasons beyond that. I'm about to start year 26, but I can see the finish line, and am investigating second career options for something to keep myself busy once I hit my retirement number. Getting back on point, a college degree is no be-all and end-all, but having said that, something between what Florida did in 2018 (essentially waiving initial certification requirements for veterans, but requiring those teaching in grades 6-12 to have at least a master's degree, and were only allowed to teach STEM courses) and their current plan would have been better. Drop the master's requirement (not sure why that was required in their 2018 legislation, because a master's is definitely not needed to teach any K-12 grade, trust me), have them go through a fall semester of student teaching (nothing like seeing everything that goes into starting a school year), broaden the courses that could be taught at the middle and high school level. That would be a good starting point. This is in the smack talk forum, so I don't expect any substantive discussion because this is the place for disingenuous bull****...but I'd wager that some of those degree-less veterans might be excellent teachers given the proper support.
  5. I'll submit for thought that, in an indirect way, the media similarly fed the Trump beast in 2015-16...free advertising by way of coverage and validating, in Trump's own mind, his candidacy. He was box office for CNN, FOX, MSNBC, all of the alphabet news reading channels, and the thought that he could actually win didn't register until it was too late. Back on topic, feeding a rattlesnake and hoping it bites someone else is risky, and kind of stupid. Spend your money propping up your own candidates, not bankrolling candidates that you find objectionable in the hopes that voters think they suck more than the one you want to win.
  6. Missing the point, as usual. If those of you who are insisting that our energy needs can and must be resolved unilaterally in a "geological overnight" (my term) because we have an existential crisis on our hands are really serious about this, then you'd be screaming to the rafters that China and India help us pull in the same direction. But as a collective, you're not. The collective you would rather see the U.S. hamstring itself to try and artificially pump up its ESG profile (that worked out well for Sri Lanka and Ghana...😐). "Mother Nature dissents", I believe was the title of a thread I saw recently. Mother Nature needs to brush up on her Hindi and Mandarin and then get back to us.
  7. Seems like I've been doing this for 30+ years now, with rare exceptions...trying to pick which turd sandwich has the least amount of mold on it.
  8. Composure under immense pressure. Young man is a hero, and no doubt saved lives by acting so quickly and decisively. He's going to get a lot of negative attention from the usual suspects, and I hope he's being prepared for it. "Neutralized"...a much more polite word than I would have used for the assassin.
  9. All according to plan, apparently...trying to turn an aircraft carrier like you would a Corvette is just going to throw lots and lots of people overboard.
  10. Tone deaf, dumb and blind. That's about the kindest thing I can say about this statement.
  11. Anyone else surprised? Didn't think so... https://www.thenationalnews.com/business/energy/2022/07/16/saudi-arabia-no-additional-capacity-to-increase-oil-production-beyond-13-million-bpd/
  12. Just saw that Oberlin got tagged with $4MM in interest charges for not paying the 31.6 million judgment that they owe the bakery. Guess they can increase tuition a bit to cushion the blow...😐
  13. "If nothing else happens for 2024, can each of the parties please run someone other than the stale-assed retreads we've been getting? Sincerely, Pretty much all of us."
  14. From John Adams to Abigail, July 3, 1776: Printed version: I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forevermore.
  15. The reason your original post got "noped" a lot is because it was an unfocused, irrational rant. Pretty much everyone is of the opinion that the Uvalde police did a reprehensible job, and that they made a "business decision." It stinks from the top down. No argument there. Your extrapolating that to all police everywhere is what people did, and do, take issue with. You're free to say it, but we're also free to call you on it.
  16. Heh...the all-time classic. If there were some good tongue-in-cheek commentary, kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000, I'd probably watch it. 😅
  17. So you support us common folk taking it in the shorts at the gas pump and just say "oh, it's for a 'noble' cause"? Your question is irrelevant, as I believe Sleepyhead Joe's premise is flawed (and that's generous). I'll answer it, though. No, I didn't. I know you love to argue, but I ain't biting any further, as we're not going to agree. Have the last word if you like.
  18. We're doin' great, Joe...keep thinking we're being "noble" by paying out the wazoo for gas (and everything else). 🤡
  19. This is the way it needs to happen. There is much too much reliance on using the judiciary to "legislate" (or, in the case of multiple presidents, overusing EOs), instead of the House and Senate crafting legislation that is agreeable to a sizable majority. The opportunity has been there for, well, a long time to codify abortion legislatively. Legislators need to, well, legislate. No one in Foggy Bottom wants to farm in that land of "not too extreme one way or the other," though. They're too busy getting elected and too risk-averse to put their names on a bill that *might* not make everyone happy, so they punt and say "nope, not our problem."
  20. I liked hot dogs a lot more before ingredient publication became a thing. I will occasionally give in and eat one at a baseball game, but yeah, I imagine if I had a tour of a hot dog plant imprinted in my brain, I'd probably swear them off forever, too. Another one: People who are *really* slow runners getting up front at the beginning of a road race instead of lining up toward the back...the two-legged version of the slow car in the fast lane.
  21. Well, here's the conference opponent breakdown for this season. Can't really complain too much about this.
  22. There's a local brewing company here that makes a pretty good hazy IPA (Sittin' Sidehaze), so I'll respectfully disagree on that one, and get a 2-fer on the pet peeve violation meter. 😁 The shopping cart one also makes me crazy, but that's also me remembering my 17-year-old self going on cart runs at Greer's. Oh, will add this one*: Hot dogs? Packs of 10. Buns? Packs of 8. Get it together, y'all! * I don't eat hot dogs often, but this one has always mystified me.
  23. Thanks...pretty much no surprises to be found in that list.
  24. Meaning that those issues would be returned to the states to decide on their own as well. Broadly speaking, I'm in favor of letting states decide things that are not specifically under federal purview. No one else joined him in his opinion, for what it's worth. This is from Kavanaugh's opinion: "When precisely should the Court overrule an erroneous constitutional precedent? The history of stare decisis in this Court establishes that a constitutional precedent maybe overruled only when (i) the prior decision is not just wrong, but is egregiously wrong, (ii) the prior decision has caused significant negative jurisprudential or real-world consequences, and (iii) overruling the prior decision would not unduly upset legitimate reliance interests. See Ramos v. Louisiana, 590 U. S. ___, ______ (2020) (KAVANAUGH, J., concurring in part) (slip op., at 78)." Overturning those that you mentioned would definitely fall into part (iii), since many states wouldn't ban same-sex marriage. Abortion clearly has some very unique things about it that do not apply to the same-sex marriage issue, so I'm not sure extrapolating Thomas' opinion to the others in this particular instance would be a worry. Honestly, I wish government would get out of the marriage business altogether. If two non-related adults wish to enter a binding agreement for the purposes of tax benefits, raising children, health care decisions, etc., then that's fine by me. Since I live in the real world, though, the same-sex marriage issue, imo, should be viewed similarly to a driver's license. My driver's license is valid in every state, even though there may be differences in the requirements to obtain said driver's license from state to state. Valid license in TX = valid license in VT. Same should be true of states that allow same-sex marriage...if you're married in a state that permits it, you're married in all 50 of them, regardless of whether a given state chooses to legalize same-sex marriage or not. If you get divorced in one, you're divorced in all of them.
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