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  1. I am sure you misunderstood me. I didn't intend to sound judgemental. I was not pointing at any group. Actually just the opposite. We are all sinners and will be as long as we are in this flesh. This flesh is corrupt and entered this world that way (Psalm 51:5) To live as we are is to follow the flesh, which is corrupt. Everyone of us, regardless of how we may be divided up, is in this same condtion. I am sorry if anyone thought I was pointing fingers, I was suggesting we all are in a struggle against "What comes natural".
  2. The goal of ALL Christians should be not to live as we are......sinners.
  3. God put man in a in a world that was created for him and it was GOOD. Ge 2: 16- 17 God commands not to eat of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden or "In the day you eat of it you will surely die". When the fruit was eaten, death (spiritual and physical) entered what was GOOD. When I study this with many other references to sinful nature and flesh, and how God rescues, I tend to believe that AIDS as well as flu, cancer, and everything else that restricts life entered as a result of sin. To say that God does not "punish" would not be accurate, for He is sovereign. God did use poisonous snakes in the wilderness to bring His people back to Himself. But one thing I believe to be true: God is the answer, not the problem. And the subject is sin and what to do about it. There have been times I feel God has punished me (I remember only times being after salvation) to call me back to Himself and a better life, but mostly bad things happen to me as a RESULT of sin. And Christ is the only remedy for sin. Christ is a gift to sinners from a Good, Good Father.
  4. I guess many today argue over whose side God is on. I think Abraham Lincoln said it best when he was asked that during the Civil War. Lincoln replied" Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side, my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right. You mentioned timing. God's word is always on time. Rom 13: 1- 2 tells us God has picked our leaders, and we should not rebel against them. Now, I have not always understood God's hand, but I trust His heart. If Romans be correct then Pres Trump is president by divine appointment, and I am to respect that. I am also to pray for him according to 1 Timothy 2:1-2. I have struggled with this myself, and I had to decide if I was going "To be on God's side or not". It was not always easy but, I did show respect for my leaders(most of the time. the other times I was sinning) and prayed for them. I don't know if my prayers concerning the leaders were answered, but God did a work on me. I learned how to better enjoy the peace of my salvation. As for Franklin, I still don't find what he is teaching to be in conflict with God's word. Maybe as his brothers and sisters we should just pray for him and not argue with the brethren before the lost. I love you Tiger and hope you find true peace in the next few years. I really mean that. Its God's will for you.
  5. Understanding that God calls us, through the Holy Spirit, to certain tasks of His divine choosing, I feel it best not to pass judgment on his ministry. I am sure there were folks complaining that Joshua did not do things like Moses, but Joshua did follow God's will as he was led. If Franklin is indeed following the guidance of the Spirit, then to chastise Franklin is really to chastise the divine sovereignty of the Holy Spirit. He is certainly not his dad, but he may very well be exactly who God wants him to be. 1 Corinthians 1: 12-13 clearly explains how God uses different people with different personalities for different purposes, but all for the glory of God. Many godly men and women in the bible made their views of state leaders known. First to come to mind was John the Baptist, who Jesus said was the greatest man born to a woman. He made no bones about King Herod's sinful lifestyle. I hope my post does not seem aggressive or argumentative. Franklin has been pretty solid in his teaching/preaching and I know I personally lack the divine wisdom to know he is being disobedient to the Spirit. I believe he is my brother in Christ, and I will love and encourage him in his journey. I certainly need it!
  6. For a church leader to encourage the church to oppose, at the voting booth, ungodly practices is not out of line. Prophet after prophet did just this throughout scripture. Just like today, their message was mostly rejected. Anyone who believes the Word of God is inclusive is not reading the word. Jesus' ministry of 3 plus years produced only 120 in an upper room just 10 days after ascending back to heaven. I know there were others not in Jerusalem, but by enlarge, His message was rejected by the masses. Fact is, we either accept that God is God, and we are not, or we make ourselves god, our make up a God that pleases us. I have not heard Franklin speak contrary to scripture. And if he speaks truthfully from scripture, no believer should object. Gods Word does convict and offend, believers and non-believers, but God's Word is to be loved by the believers. Ps 119:47-48, Ps119:97, Ps 119:127, John 14:15. These are just a few examples, but it only scratches the surface.
  7. The restricted space or , "Groom box", around Area 51 is 23mi x 25mi. Or 575 linear miles. That's getting on up there. I wonder about the security budget. I am not being facetious at all. I think common sense is, by in large, absent in DC. And I am tired of being taken as a fool by ALL of the svengalies.
  8. I have heard MANY comment that the border cannot be completely secure and a barrier is useless. I challenge you to climb or dig under the fence/wall at the Redstone Arsenal, and send us all a selfie in front of an experimental lab. THEN I will believe America does not have the ability to secure our border.
  9. Like Bama never changes assistant coaches???
  10. I think Gus needs coaches he can trust and is loyal to him at all times. Gus needs to make ALL coaching decisions. Ask Chia, he knows how important loyalty is.
  11. Team is better, program is more stable, and future looks better than Gus found it. Don't think anyone could dispute this. Could it be better? That's debatable. I think this is a good decision at this time.
  12. Recruit, recruit, recruit, and use bowl prep to the fullest. Build depth. Get ready for great season next year.
  13. If you refuse to play a healthy back up running back when your starter is half speed and ineffective, you need to pull their scholarships and give them to new recruits. Lack of trust, lack of talent, or lack of experience, whatver the reason it frustrates me.