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  1. What's up with Eli Stove? I really loved the way he played last year. Would appreciate any updates.
  2. Dowe Aughtman impressed at just over 200lbs nose tackle
  3. I really enjoyed watching Ricky Neal play
  4. Pat Dye on finebaum show

    One only has to read these post trashing Coach Dye to realize AU not only does not have the same tradition, but does not know how to build tradition either. You will never hear ua fans trashing Bryant. Had it not been for Dye, AU football would be so bad you wouldn't have enough people for a forum to trash him on.
  5. Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    I am sick of the lack of discipline on defense. Nobody stays in their lanes. We always have two or three guys in one gap and nobody in another. NO improvement in this area in years. The second OU touchdown was classic example. Davis filling one gap and D Williams is one step, DIRECTLY behind him and the RB cuts to open gap. This crap been happening for years. NO teamwork at all. Very selfish
  6. Everybody had Enough?

    Can't back it up, but I believe in my heart if CGM and AU staff were coaching the red team and CNS and UA staff were coaching the white team, The red team would have put an absolute beat down on the white team. NO FREAKING COMPARISON talent wise in these two teams. I am very upset with the entire QB situation, but I do know there were some very good QB's recruited by Gus that chose to go elsewhere. There are good, even very good players on this team, but they are by enlarge surrounded by average ball players.
  7. What was Comey thinking?

    Wow! Auburn folks sure treat each other differently than when I walked to and from on The Loveliest Village.
  8. LSU head coach

    I am going with B Petrino
  9. Favorite obscure Auburn Players

    The Evans kid that went to bama. Was his father not a RB on that team as well?
  10. Favorite obscure Auburn Players

    Does anyone remember a RB named Colis Campbell that was same class with Bo and Fullwood? Would like to have him on roster.
  11. Deshaun Davis

    If this back shoulder pass is impossible to defend, why the crap don't we use it??? Then when other defenses stop us, we might learn how to defend it ourselves. I am sure no one is going to allow Auburn to do that all game long.
  12. I work for a public utility company and have for ten plus years. In these years I have worked in rain, sleet, storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, darkness, and other such conditions. I have also worked when I was sick, lacking sleep, distracted as result of things away from my job as well as frustrated from work. I know there wee times when my work did not meet standards and mistakes were made. I don't know of any injuries or deaths to the public or co-workers, thank God. But, freaky things are always possible. I am not a criminal and would never want to hurt anyone, but I am not perfect 24/7 365. I am so thankful that America has a justice system that puts the burden of proof on the prosecution and everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Verdicts derived from evidence and not emotion, politic, or public pressure. Our system is designed to where guilty will walk before innocent serve time. It is not perfect but it is still the best I know of. I also believe ALL people in America have benefited from this great(but not perfect) system. I don't know what went on in that van, and doubt anyone does. But I pray we never change our justice system where folks are sent to prison without proof without reasonable doubt for specific violation of the law. There will always be cases like this one. If there are none, it means many innocent citizens are not getting justice. I just pray our nation could stop the infighting. It breaks my heart to read some of these post and the anger and venom spewed between folks basically wanting the same ends.
  13. 2017 4* LB Will Ignont (Vols 10/26/16)

    If our staff pulls his offer for "Playing games", it probably costs one good LBer. But recruits WHO ARE SERIOUS about AU will most likely quit playing these games with AU that we all are so sick of. Every time these KIDS play or staff it really, really hurts how other recruit view AU and our staff. I say build a program, not a class. We may miss a top recruit from time to time, but I don't see many. Most kids that play us are not really serious about signing.
  14. What ways do you have in mind TT?
  15. Large boundaries can be secured at minimal costs. Area 51's exterior is comparable to our southern border and I doubt anyone on this board could slip in and homestead there. As far as deporting folks. If there are no jobs(E-verify) or safe (from law enforcement) places to hide, most will return just as they entered. It is really a matter of will. I can't imagine a leader (Mexican or any other) That would want their most determined and dream driven citizens leaving for another land. Just think of the industrial education these illegal immigrants have got from on the job training. If Mexico had a "Real" leader with a real vision for his country he would be far more interested in stopping illegal immigration than the US. If all the South American countries had their citizens back, with all they have learned, it could transform these drug cartel controlled countries into a much better place to live. I really believe most love their country, and would prefer to live there with their families. As American's I feel we should be doing everything in our power to help "Transform" these countries as opposed to being the world's refugee camp.