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  1. Report: Malzhan staying

    I think Gus needs coaches he can trust and is loyal to him at all times. Gus needs to make ALL coaching decisions. Ask Chia, he knows how important loyalty is.
  2. Report: Malzhan staying

    Team is better, program is more stable, and future looks better than Gus found it. Don't think anyone could dispute this. Could it be better? That's debatable. I think this is a good decision at this time.
  3. Recruit, recruit, recruit, and use bowl prep to the fullest. Build depth. Get ready for great season next year.
  4. Linebacker was rolling around on the ground
  5. If you refuse to play a healthy back up running back when your starter is half speed and ineffective, you need to pull their scholarships and give them to new recruits. Lack of trust, lack of talent, or lack of experience, whatver the reason it frustrates me.
  6. If the same players keep blowing assignments and you can't bench them, you don't have the amount of talent or the quality of talent you need to be elite.
  7. Our defensive players are not playing with the discipline of an elite defense. First they must trust their teammates to make the play and focus on their assignment. Much has been said about bama. You will never see 2 players in the same gap. Even on a sweep they just glide over never abandoning their assigned place, trusting their teammate to make the play.....and they do. They play their assignment. Auburn did this very well for 2 games and have been digressing ever since. One or two players leave their assignment in all out pursuit of the ball carrier and we have 4 guys covering 2 spots and 2 spots wide open and undefended. It' like in basketball, 4 guys box out their guy and that one guy doesn't, he chases the rebound, and the team suffers. Early in the year they scrimmage and the scout team did not use a ball. That was the best assignment defense they played all year.
  8. Brown and Russell have no business in the game. JMO
  9. I know everyone loves to hate on Gus, but this team is an elite RB from playoffs.
  10. Who Do You Want?

    Who has done more with less in a more hostile environment, SEC west, than Dan Mullen?
  11. Who Do You Want?

    I am not an insider, but by chance I was given info about last coaching search. Many of these coaches that are often discussed on this site arr just not interested, or was not then. One only has to read the insider's posts in recruiting threads to get a picture of how Auburn is perceived in the eyes of many. Beating bama/saban and then MCG with Cam made some influential people really mad. Coaching at AU is just not PC to those who worship Saban. And that is a large portion of college football folks.
  12. Offensive line play

    He is a good athlete but not the RB solution I was referring to. I just don't find the "Build a complete back" plan a successful option. We need a complete back in one uniform. A complete RB in CGM offense with Stidham at QB and offense would be fine.
  13. Offensive line play

    There were at least 4 plays in Clemson game that any Auburn starting RB from 1980 to 2014 would have busted for huge gains and one possibly a TD. That alone would change the way D coordinators scheme against us. Kill the QB. That's the plan. The main thing I see missing is a REAL running threat. 4 60 yrs runs as opposed to four 7 yrd runs and we would all be talking much differently today.
  14. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    There is not a real RB on this team. Would do wonders for the passing game.
  15. If us parents look in the mirror, we will be looking at the real culprits.