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  1. Came in with the nickname "Little Bo Peep" (supposed to be the next "BO") Good RB, but nagging injuries held him back.
  2. This!. Pass protection is vital to this, or any, offense. Sometimes it takes a while for youngsters to pick up on it.
  3. In the student section in about the 40 yard line. Loved that day!
  4. December 2nd, 1989. If you were there, you know what I'm talking about!!
  5. cowdoc


    My 10 year old son asked me the same question!
  6. I personally hope he is our next AD
  7. Yeah, and what about Sir Charles? Has anybody looked at Turner Gill' record lately?
  8. This is kinda what I was thinking, except I did not know or haven't heard that he ever indicated who initiated teh discussions.
  9. I have been folloeing the Cam situation fairly closely. There is one very important point that keeps coming up that I must have miised something on. Everyone keeps saying that Cam's father solicited money for Cam to play at MSU. There have even been reportd that he admitted to it. Now like I said, I may have missed something but the only thing I have been able to say confidently is that he admitted to DISCUSSING money with Kenny Rogers, not that he ASKED for money. I have no idea who said what or who brought up the money, but I wish people would get the facts straight and quit twisting peoples words around to fit their own ideas of what went down. I just want to know if I have missed something or what. So, do we have reaon to believe that Cam's dad actualy asked for money?
  10. You are Wade Christopher, you can take them all. Sit in the Auburn section if the weather is nice or sit in the club level seats if it is raining. Either way.............................
  11. I wasn't at the gam omn Sat. but if it was any better than Dec. 2 1989 it would be the game atmosphere of a lifetime.
  12. Yeah, if we just take care of business we should be a consensus top 10 team.
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