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  1. Odd considering we probably showed him the many ways in which he will be blocking for screens. If we showed him the 1 or 2 jump passes he's likely to catch in the end zone during games that are already decided, then you have to wonder where his mind is at.
  2. He was committed to Auburn’s risky to try and poach other school’s commits. Doesn’t UT know what the word “commit” means? 😆
  3. If Coach Steele is a misfit, at least he’s OUR misfit.
  4. Here’s a tweet video of him explaining his disappointments after a loss w/ UNC In 2018:
  5. Seeing some rumors on other free boards that Kapilovic, from Colorado, could be a front runner. Don't know if that's already been dissected over here.
  6. I agree...who got the ball in crunch time despite his fumbling problems? The guy who can make something out of nothing with our poor run-blocking line. DJ has a higher upside, but wasn't a good fit this year.
  7. I'm hopeful it's Searels, but something tells me it's going to be Simmons. Pugh might be a great fit, but he would be taking a big risk this early in his rising career.
  8. You have to wonder if the job may be too big for him? It's a difficult situation for any AD at an SEC West program that has high expectations for it's big 3 sports and a PTB that, from all accounts, has no leadership. I just hope he's not making decisions based on self-preservation (which is what seemed to plague JJ's stint) and is trying to build through boldness and vision. I've seen a fun. likable, and smart guy...but so far I haven't witnessed evidence of boldness. But I'm a total outsider.
  9. He obviously felt his hold on the position was threatened by Nix.
  10. In Tallahassee, against FSU in 1988. In Auburn? - 93 against Mississippi State.
  11. Mismanage and create a crisis, then use difficulty of navigating said crisis to lower standards moving forward. That's a game you can play indefinitely at Auburn, apparently.