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  1. I missed this tidbit…that makes so much sense. Hope he can get his confidence back and establish himself as a leader this summer as all the new talent gets acclimated. He was so far inside his own head last year…needs to be more in the moment. If he does well in these G League tryouts and gets some public praise it should jumpstart a great year.
  2. He hit all the threes in the highlights I watched. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. For being as proud of our trailer park student housing as we are, we’ve never had a lanky white dude with a mullet on our basketball team. That needs to change…bring Mayer home!
  4. At some point you’ve got to weigh the $ they’re seeking against the value added to the team. As a projected late bloomer, but also one/done maybe everyone agreed he wasn’t worth $2 mil…maybe Bruce thinks he should/could get much more for that figure. If I’m making that kind of ask from the money people I’d want to asssure them that the production received will make a difference.
  5. So we need a better shooting Devan Cambridge?
  6. Had the same feel prior to the Broome commitment.
  7. This has me thinking about the NFL salary cap. Have pro teams tried to do similar…where they orchestrate a deal with Nike or UA behind the scenes for a star player so they can officially pay the player less?
  8. If we lose to mizzou then we’re looking at 3-4 wins tops…that’s when the wheels fall off in subsequent weeks. Those boosters will start having anti-Harsin news articles written and, with very little goodwill built up, he gets run out of town after UGA. Absolutely a must win game or it’s a ‘98 / ‘12 type year.
  9. Just feels like one of those preseasons where we’re trying to convince ourselves that we’re better than we really are. Too many “if”s.
  10. Just discovered his name is pronounced Juh-NIGH. I was thinking it was Joe-nee.
  11. Need to update their logo…it’s a little fussy/awkward and has fallen out of trend. It’ll be back in style in 10 years, but a more timeless design would help keep their apparel relevant continuously.
  12. Speaking in broad general terms without getting into specifics, there's criticism (not strong criticism) and questioning of Pearl out there for a multitude of things...shows how far the program has come.
  13. I love how we’re talking about basketball recruiting the same way we used to talk about football recruiting…criticizing the coach, “slow-playing”, other coaches are lying, etc. Thank you, Bruce.
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