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  1. My comment was more of a joke, but your comment deserves a thread of its own. Would be interesting to dissect.
  2. If our team’s offensive football IQ was underdeveloped for nearly a decade, it stands to reason our fans’ football IQ is stunted as well. We’ve been relying on the natural raw talent of a few posters, but it’s been quite inconsistent and many have regressed. I’m looking forward to us all growing in understanding of this game as Harsin’s process shapes us into the intelligent critics we’re meant to be.
  3. I could watch this play over and over and over.
  4. Thanks for putting it in plain English. Didn’t know what Marcello was getting at.
  5. Guys on message board are armchair QBs…groundbreaking revelation!
  6. Yep, with 2-1/2 min, needed to keep doing what we were doing and drain clock.
  7. Seriously…oh it’s close, let’s give it to them! Twice!
  8. Don’t think he had time to wait, pressure came in quick. Appeared to be a one read, quick hitting play - which sux b/c TE was completely uncovered on the other side of the field. Shivers, a SR with NFL aspirations, should have caught that ball - level of difficulty was not that great.
  9. Most of us, me included, don't have any idea what goes into a single playcall getting selected and relayed down to the field. I assume there are a team of analysts or other coaches up there constantly pre-selecting groups of plays for a variety of scenarios that are bound to come up over the course of that drive. Does the coordinator even have time to really watch the play before he has to make a decision on the next one? What do they have, maybe 5 seconds to decide before it gets relayed and everybody gets lined up?
  10. That's been the case many times before...but yesterday Nix was the most accurate I've ever seen him and drops were happening on well placed balls at key moments. Kobe's the only one that did his job consistently out of that group - a couple of those sidelines grabs were beautiful. On the flipside... Maybe this group just doesn't trust Bo to place the ball where it's supposed to be and they're not mentally focused? A QB whose been largely inconsistent with ball placement his whole career can't get too upset with WRs that are also inconsistent. Just seems like both of their issues are pr
  11. I count 10 times you used the word "issue".
  12. This is Auburn in Bo Nox era…when we finally get a game where he’s accurate the receivers can’t catch $&)(&;/.
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