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  1. A Look at the Current Coaching Staff

    Great Travis Williams Kevin Steele Rodney Garner (major improvements last couple of years out of him) Good Tim Horton (is he really responsible for ST's?...keeps him from the great category) Greg Brown Chip Lindsey (could be in the Meh category...not sure where he ends and Gus begins) Meh Larry Porter (we have TE's?) Ryan Russell (Awful lot of injuries) Get em Out of Here Kodi Burns Herb Hand Gus
  2. Tuberville's interview today (doesn't seem to have a problem with Gus, just thinks our passing game needs work):
  3. Who Put the Brakes On

    Here is what happened: Gus: “Chip, your headset is breaking up, I can’t hear you...<Gus makes static sound with his mouth> what was that?...sorry, guess I’ll just call the rest of the plays.”
  4. WR we have not named Hastings.
  5. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Offensive coordinators and their schemes have a very short shelf life in the SEC...4 years tops. An OC has to constantly adjust, if not reinvent themselves to maintain an advantage in this league. We made a dumb hire and should've known we'd only get 2 or 3 decent years out of it. His concepts were great 7 years ago...but it was never going to last. We need to move on ASAP.
  6. I think that the moment we're mathematically out of the SECCG race, he'll be let go. LSU is going to lose to bama...assuming that, means that we're really still in the race. I'd put Horton in charge for the interim and go after the biggest fish I could find. I would avoid giving Steele the interim title b/c I'd hope my next coach would consider keeping the D staff intact (At least Steele, Williams, and Garner).
  7. Auburn - Arkansas

    Will this be Gus' audition for a new job in Fayetteville?
  8. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I’m not so sure my buddies here in Tallahassee would put up much of a fight if we took Jimbo. They’d pay us Gus’ buy-out to take Trickett.
  9. Anyone talk to Gus

    Since all of our ex football coaches live in Auburn, I’m calling bs on that rumor.
  10. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    It's basically not a sports story and belongs on the back page of the Plainsman somewhere.
  11. A Quick Look at Stidham's Numbers

    I'd be happy with a balance in yardage, not necessarily attempts. Averaging 250 passing / 250 rushing would be great.
  12. 2018 QB recruiting

    Gus should be able to get almost any JUCO QB he wants...he's shown he can take those guys and make them stars. He's earned it and done a great job with that. But how do you sustain success that way? It's very hard and you have to spend 2-3X the effort recruiting more guys more often as they're gone from your program after 1 or 2 years as opposed to 3-5 years. It's very hard to sustain which led to him wrecking the QB position twice (after Cam and after Nick). Gatewood is great and all, but we're having this discussion b/c Gus missed out on another 5 star stud HIGH SCHOOL qb. He's going to have to show he can have success with HS QBs before the elite 5 stars trust him.
  13. Where are E and 23?

    TD is cool if you like to spend your time calling other people names.
  14. 2018 QB recruiting

    Until Gus develops a high school success story he'll likely have problems in this area.
  15. 2nd and 3rd team

    Agreed. Give the kid some easy throws in mop least 4 or 5 throws. Loved watching him throw against Missouri.