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  1. How many former players in those pictures can you name?
  2. I'm convinced a solid half of you guys lose arguments with your wives every night, then come here the next day with a mission to win the pettiest of arguments at all costs. Two reply maximum; after that, it's time to get back to making money or feeding the homeless or whatever it is God has called you to. And yes, I'm called to ride a high horse.
  3. Does anybody have a phone # for a firm like this?
  4. My ranking: 1. Newton 2. Sullivan 3. Campbell 4. Craig 5. Marshall 6. Cox 7. Slack 8. White 9. P. Nix 10. Stidham 11. Leard Don't know how far down the list past #11 Bo Nix is...I'm not too familiar with QBs before Randy Campbell.
  5. Like all entertainment, eventually doing the same thing gets stale and you need new content.
  6. The best thing you all can do to help our recruiting situation is to tweet at our recruits as often as possible. Tell them how great Auburn is and how terrible their other choices are.
  7. Harsin to recruits: "We'll have non-stop air conditioning!"
  8. You throwing rocks at me? Doesn't feel like it. If I'm out of the know, then my MO is to throw %%%% at the wall to see if it sticks....You can learn a lot by saying the wrong thing sometimes.
  9. If Pearl wants to convert the top of Haley Center into his personal office, you give it to him. SMH
  10. Was following you until this statement above. Greene went and pissed off Pearl? How and why?
  11. Don't remember his exact words, but Harsin alluded multiple times to building us back the right way and that it takes time to do it right - forgive me for what could be perceived as naivety, but I wonder if we're trying to recruit completely above board and refusing to play some of the dirty games it takes to land the 4-5 stars.
  12. Probably be signing 15 OTs to get us through the next decade.
  13. I'm still hoping for a Jason Campbell like turnaround. The thing is though, Jason was always an accurate passer, the game just seemed to move to fast for him and he would get tunnel vision. Bo seems to be the opposite - the game has never seemed too big for him, but he is not accurate.
  14. Bo is going to SEC Media Days - taking that as a sign for opening day.
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