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  1. He'll exit spring somewhere between 2 and 4 on the depth chart. Bank.
  2. Do you think he can help me get rid of mole crickets in my front yard and the clover that's growing amongst my cat-tail reed?
  3. Well there is always that angle. I shall take that under advisement before rendering judgement.
  4. Kodi may turn into an adequate, or even great recruiter, one day. That day is not today...and that's a liability.
  5. We were pretty thin in the secondary during some special Tuberville 04. Hopefully we stay healthy.
  6. Gus utilized his talents extremely well. He may have helped him improve some but he didn't make him into a great QB.
  7. "botch-work" what are some examples of ways that recruiters can botch up a situation?
  8. I won't be satisfied until we play only the top 12 teams in a season...and he better win at least 11 of them or else.
  9. That last bolded statement is pretty big, too! Could it be that Jovon let him take a beating and didn't jump in to try and help him?
  10. He was just photographed at Pro Day...don't think he'd be hanging out there in his AU gear if he was about to leave.
  11. Are you going to call it and report back?
  12. There are some details you keep to yourself. How about...I went to my buddy's room to grab a beer and missed the play.
  13. Infinity likes for the above.
  14. Last quote in that article is a little unsettling for our chances.
  15. What's up with the names of the players on this recruiting cycle? Quindarious Monday, Master Teague, Tank Jenkins, Butterbean... Reminds me of this Key and Peele sketch: