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  1. online classes?
  2. It's natural to wonder that...and whether coaching or conditioning is at play....or is it a problem all teams are facing or just coincidence.
  3. What was Corey's situation?
  4. Do you think they get a similar treatment as recent football players. We had some guys arrested last year that I don't recall missing a whole lot of time. Nick missed a half a game.
  5. Kyle Davis is really really good.
  6. You guys are friends?
  7. Pretty dumb move by Jacobs. Was Chizik instructed to stay out of Xs and Os meetings?...b/c that's the only way that setup works...make Chizik a figure head only who gives some rah rah speeches, seals the deal on recruits/staff, and fundraises. No self-respecting coach with ambitions would agree to that...should have drug on old coach like Pat Dye out of retirement if that's what he wanted.
  8. Seems like Saban has a dozen of these types of analysts helping his team every year and it's no big deal. I feel like we're making a bigger deal out of it than it really is.
  9. I see your schwartz is as big as mine.
  10. There's always enough time to re-evaluate your ideology, if not totally reinvent yourself if you're hungry enough. Creativity is not purely a youthful trait, it's a state of mind. As long as you have a desire to innovate you have a shot at remaining relevant. *Getting off my Creative Director's soapbox now.
  11. If anything, our pre-snap motion has the potential to be great.
  12. I'm convinced at halftime Gus tells them what a wonderful job they're doing and how they should feel good about all they've accomplished.
  13. How dumb does this guy have to be to not take out Rick and the gang when he has the chance.
  14. Also curious as to why Martin didn't look good. He had no problem being productive last year.
  15. Curious why you think RB depth is a concern. Pettway, Johnson, Martin, Miller...then Barrett and Williams (hopefully). 6 guys should be plenty. Cubelic seemed to like our starting OL play...said that depth is a big concern.