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  1. Tutt, Monday make quick impressions

    Should we expect another 10 minute fight scene?
  2. Was that CBP last game?

    Chuck Person was suspended without pay, and then fired in November. VerHulst and Sullivan were suspended WITH pay according to this article...and Sullivan's lawyer claims he gave no information that would implicate him in Person's issues.
  3. Was that CBP last game?

    I have received word as of about 30 minutes ago that this will indeed be his last game, until next season.
  4. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    From the comments over the last couple of pages, it seems like we need to go ahead and move this topic to the Rivals Recruiting forum.
  5. Practice stock report after week 1

    Gives the young guys a little bit of time to digest the new information? ...and you just hope they don't forget everything.
  6. Gatewood responding well

    So Gatewood is who we thought he'd be....highest upside of all our QBs, but has a looong way to go. He and Bo Nix should have a heck of a competition one day, after Malik has graduated.
  7. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    Nall had success with smaller, under the radar talent at center for a number of years.
  8. Practice stock report after week 1

    Malik Miller - probably has been discussed, but can he bulk up and handle H-Back?
  9. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    How about this... Auburn is "We-Do-More-With-Less-Talent-RB-University" ..."But-Not-Necessarily-In-The-NFL-Where-Our-Backs-Flake-Out-Or-Get-Injured-Sometimes-But-We-Used-To-Be-Really-Really-Good" That's going to be a long acronym, but it sums up the feelings around here very succinctly.
  10. Iggy A Natural At Corner

    You guys act like it's hard.
  11. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    Football speed in the 40... Harry Adams: 4.37 Tim Carter: 4.32 Had Tim focused on the track team I wonder if he could have matched Harry.
  12. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    Tim Carter was a track speedster, with more straight line speed than lateral quicks, and he worked out OK. He had a big return against LSU one year.
  13. Men vs Alabama

    Once McLemore got hurt, I consider every win after that as gravy on top of a great season. No expectations any longer. We were a fantastic team until that point. Now we're an incomplete but scrappy and talented team with a lot of heart.
  14. Whitlow like a Pettway and Kerryon mix

    Asa = Caddilac Whitlow = Brown
  15. Whitlow like a Pettway and Kerryon mix

    Whitlow sounds like the second coming of Bo Jackson...I can't wait for him to break all of our rushing records. I'm expecting it. And what's even more exciting is that the other guys are apparently just as special.