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  1. Kessler #1 on his top 40, but neither of our 2 guards made the list.
  2. I think you can transition from regular football to dummy football quickly...not so sure you can transition from dummy football to a modern offense without it being a multi-year effort. And with a shaky OL and inconsistent QB, doesn't look good.
  3. Shoutout to the regular students!
  4. The problem is if we win that game against USC, we don't lose to GT, Jetgate probably doesn't happen, we don't have a renewed Tuberville, and Nallsminger still runs the offense. Maybe Tommy should've just hired Borges in 03...would've saved a huge headache.
  5. How does this affect us? College basketball turns into college baseball? We ultimately just get a less talented sport to watch? Does it create parity, or do the blue bloods still reign?
  6. Feels like I'm back in 10th grade Latin.
  7. I predict receiving yards, touchdowns, and catches leader will be either Johnson, Hudson, Caper, Canion, or Johnson.
  8. Misleading statement. The coaching change did not cost us $73 mil...we would be paying for each of the coaching positions whether Gus or Bryan was here. The only number that truly counts is the buy-out amount of the staff...that's money that is going to nothing of value currently.
  9. I can't imagine Auburn placing higher academic standards on the same players being recruited at alabama. I think UGA tried that under Richt and it didn't go well. If the topic is, does alabama have a greater network of high school staff that are willing to help an athlete's grade up to where it needs to be to qualify to bama, then that's a discussion we can argue about all day long. Everybody knows somebody that did something.
  10. Wait, is that saying “Clemson is Auburn with luck”?
  11. You guys this is so amazing...I’ve been waiting on this my whole life and have literally called every one of my friends to tell them! I can’t wait!
  12. Usually the quality of the graphic design is a giveaway as to whether AU did it or not.
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