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  1. Let's just wear Sal Canella's clothing line.
  2. We've come a long way since a fog machine and "Eye of the Tiger" blaring just before the team entrance.
  3. I still don't understand why all the fan-bases get confused over Auburn's Tiger/Eagle thing. Here we have a bird trying to be a hurricane, and an elephant representing an ocean phenomenon, and on and on.
  4. 2-3 big games a year vs. 5-6. It makes a difference.
  5. Is that white dog supposed to be an Ibis?
  6. Yeah it just looks depressing. I think all football should be played in 65 degree weather, free of clouds, outside, at the golden hour before sunset. Those 3:30 CBS games are perfect.
  7. Football shouldn't be played indoors and the NFL does waaay too much of it. College football does too much of it too.
  8. Have a seat and tell me how this makes you feel.... To be fair, 6 of those don’t belong to Gus.
  9. Never lived anywhere but college towns. Baseball is not interesting anymore - I grew up with that as my favorite sport and rooted for whatever team Bo Jackson, and later Frank Thomas, played on. I got into the Braves briefly. I usually picked a team because some dude on the baseball card had swagger. I followed the Dodgers for a couple of years because I thought Ramon Martinez might be the next big thing. I can't stand watching major league baseball now because I don't know who the good players are anymore and my kids aren't into it. Regarding college baseball...I follow Auburn and I root for FSU to lose...that's about it. The sport just doesn't interest me. To be fair, I'm finding that the older I get, any game that's not Auburn related just doesn't interest me anymore. When I was 7 or 8 I remember getting jitters and sweating when Auburn played on professional team has done that for me and I just can't imagine it.
  10. I'm not talking about the athletes're absolutely right there. And it's why I'm a fan of certain pro athletes, just not pro teams. I'm talking about the general aura around the game. It's so perfect, it's so clean, and in a sense, it's so generic. All the variables and disparity that make the game interesting to me get reduced so much because of the intense level of focus and professionalism at every level of the NFL game. And then you have the fact that these athletes, coaches, and even teams move around from city to city so much...there's no genuine connection to place. Except for a select few franchises the culture of the city hardly matters. 90% of the teams seem the same; they're just wearing different colors and they trade the same players around yearly. Jags, Dolphins...what's the difference? Titans, Falcons...same.
  11. The NFL is too white-bread, vanilla, mainstream, plastic, whatever feeling. You know that favorite band that is on an independent label that is so cool, edgy, and creative? Then they get signed by the giant record label who suddenly stylizes them for mass-appeal? That's the NFL - it's all the same and it's too perfect. Sometimes the beauty lies in the imperfection and the messiness - that's where the soul lies. NFL's got no soul.
  12. Brandon Jacobs and Courtney Taylor, Ben Obamanu, Anthony Mix Devin Aromashodu
  13. Funny thing is, that Spurs dynasty really started b/c Robinson got hurt one year and they tanked that season allowing them to get Duncan...most fortunate crappy thing to ever happen.
  14. Its great to fall asleep to on a Sunday afternoon.
  15. I just scrolled up and discovered we have a media related forum...who knew?