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  1. Gus is still in the tinkering phase of the season, which lasts through game 4. I fully expect us to lose this week, then Gus makes a few changes and we go on a tear until a critical injury blows up our season just as UGA approaches.
  2. So in the Auburn Sports Rundown podcast from today, Bryan Matthews just said that Gus is playing the players that show up to practice and work hard, and that there are more talented offensive players relegated to the bench because they're not working hard. That statement came on the heels of talking about why Matt Hill isn't getting more PT.
  3. ...been missing your POV lately.
  4. 15 carries for Shiver, 15 for DJ, 10 for Boobie, and 10 for the others combined.
  5. It's to Gus' advantage for the opponent not to know whether it's predetermined or a read. We'll never find out the truth.
  6. I don't care what Gus is getting paid...we're not paying him 7 figures b/c he's so awesome; we're paying him because that's what the market dictates. I'd be more mad if AU Admin approached it like they're bargain shopping at the Dollar Tree. And regarding the divided fanbase...Gus can fix that REAL quick by winning more games.
  7. Just want to let you all know I’m back on the bandwagon. After a 2-0 start, a Purdue thrashing, some timely OL commits, and a heck of a post from @doverstutts last week I am feeling the Gus magic.
  8. It's purpose is for anyone, ANYONE, to give thoughts on football. It's not a "help board" for Auburn's coaches and players. We're not trying to solve any crisis. It's just a place to for the informed and the ignorant to gather and discuss the "what-ifs" of the game.
  9. Jackson and Johnson were on the inactive list...injuries I guess. Some reporters in the know said to not expect much out of Farrar this year. McClain got chances once Seth was injured and got open in the back of the end zone once, but Nix didn't see him and threw it away.
  10. Here is one of the frustrating plays at the end of the half....Nix has him wide open and puts way too much on the ball. I don't know how you improve on throws like this, but I hope he can master it.
  11. Maybe if they weren't so weak it would open up the play calling even more? The interior of the line lost too many man-man battles against Tulane. We're not talking about creative blitzes causing confusion.
  12. Look at the left tackle on this play at the 14 second mark...
  13. Emmitt Smith and Warrick Dunn were too small to carry the load.
  14. You’re tough for hanging around here. I’ve been an AU message board fan since the late 90’s, and many great Auburn legends we’re written off by us before they even got there chance or grew into their role.
  15. He was a QB in high school with a knack for turning broken plays into huge gains with his legs.