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  1. KD playing under control…it’s like the boys are maturing.
  2. USC’s run started when we rested Wen and brought in Tre.
  3. Jackson would look good in O&B.
  4. And plenty of great transfer QBs have been brought in in May, sometimes later.
  5. I think what Metafour is trying to get at is that Robbie is not a very good QB as his #86 ranked QBR indicates. He's ours so we try and make excuses for him and look at him through the best lens possible...if we squint our eyes a little you can't see the flaws as much. Better to deal with reality and get a QB with all of the necessary skills. Here are the rankings. He's #116 when you rate him by how many points he generates vs the average QB (-23). https://www.espn.com/college-football/qbr/_/sort/qbpaa/dir/desc
  6. Ace Bailey to Rutgers. Hugh taking all the NIL money?
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