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  1. Machiavelli is an important figure to learn about. Basically promoted the idea that the ends justify the means...evil is ok if it leads to a beneficial outcome.
  2. Anybody want to throw out a guess or two on who Harsin's first commitment will be?
  3. Call me an ageist, but I thought he seemed too old for the HC job back then...add in the failed Baylor stint and lack of upward trajectory...never was excited at the thought of a journeyman DC for the HC postion.
  4. Fulmer helps land bama on probation, and now a bama coach's actions will lead to UT getting on probation and an early exit for Fulmer. The SEC is so awesome. Sometimes revenge comes 15 or 20 years later.
  5. AUFam: What does the Pruitt firing and Steele serving as interim mean for our defensive players? A few staffing scenarios at play that could affect us... Steele could get the HC job and bring Garner and TWill with him. Steele could get the DC job and still bring Garner and TWill with him. Gus could get the HC job and bring TWill. Any of those scenarios could mean multiple D players transfer over there.
  6. No we don't. Furthermore, this is a fan site...what do we know about hiring position coaches? We don't always know which players are good, much less the coaching that we're rarely privy to.
  7. 2 things: lots of new posters since Gus got canned, and the long, drawn out search raises anticipation levels.
  8. I took his words, then exaggerated what he said in a disingenuous way.
  9. I did not realize he was dead weight on the recruiting trail? And he only recruits LBs...no other position players?
  10. Sure would hate to recruit against TWill.
  11. HC does not count. On field coach # was increased a few years ago.
  12. JMO...If it was going to be twill, why not hire him last week? Seems like he was a fall-back plan...hope this means we’re about to announce a hire.
  13. We recruited him out of high school where he was an excellent TE, didn’t make his grades, went to Juco, then signed w/ us. There was discussion either here, or the ITAT boards, on whether he was a tight end or DT...I don’t believe we ever wanted him at guard...probably b/c we had a really good o line at the time. His was leaner than Pegues when he got here, though...but had similar freakish athletic abilities.
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