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  1. "Seth Williams out" is not how any sentence should begin.
  2. Tennessee picked up another OT commit today. Why God?
  3. Mark My Word: Our long snapper will actually have to snap the ball on real offensive plays at some point this season.
  4. Really? What did he say?
  5. Going to disagree slightly about Tub not leaving Chiz enough depth to be successful. Tuberville fielded a lot of successful defensive teams without ideal depth...think 04 and lack of quality depth at LB and secondary. There was a noticeable drop off in talent after the starters (and half the starting secondary wasn't great). Tuberville's defensive teams (except for 05) played extremely disciplined...Chizik's were the opposite. Now, about Bates...what a terrible thing to say about a former coach...he was lucky to get a last minute scholarship to Auburn at the time he committed. And how
  6. Still waiting on refunds for Leon Hart and Raven Gray, too?
  7. Found an interesting twitter follow for the lazy among us...
  8. Jason Campbell would have absolutely thrived. He spent 3 years overcoming the “deer in the headlights” issues...Gus’ simplistic system would’ve been great for him.
  9. Boring game. We kept working on short throw after short throw and dropping or fumbling them. I remember very few big plays.
  10. Hastings cut.... https://clutchpoints.com/patriots-news-new-england-trims-roster-cuts-two-quarterbacks/
  11. "SG" means Split Guard...lines up between the Center and Guard. Let me clarify...between center and Left guard...didn't want to confuse you all.
  12. I think Irons got hurt against WS (hamstring?) to open the 06 season and never was fully healthy that year.
  13. You can be anti-big government all you want and believe this is a big conspiracy theory (I don't completely trust what we're told from Fauci, CDC, WHO, and a sensationalist media), but you can at least respect others enough to wear a mask and socially distance where possible. It's common courtesy
  14. Wish I was in the troll-feedin biz...just feelin like we lost a lot of momentum lately.
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