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  1. I'm envisioning Arkansas over the last 4 years.
  2. That just puts us another season further from addressing OL recruiting. Need a new coach that can come in and add 4/5 star OT talent. Unfortunately I think it’s going to hinder our efforts at attracting a top coach.
  3. A neighbor's corgi killed my daughter's chicken, Hazel.
  4. NFL: Gus, we'll take your schemes and concepts, just not your players.
  5. You would think that a team following up an NCG appearance would acquire some players worthy of 1st round selection.
  6. Junior Boobie sounds pedo...but Senior Boobie sounds gross. just an observation...
  7. He seems to be dealing with a lot right now. Didn't know about the baby, but heard something on twitter about a tape getting released.
  8. Stat - Should Gatewood be credited with an impact play from the Purdue game where he almost scored on that long run?
  9. Gene Hackman plays Bruce. (non-negotiable) Jason Alexander plays Steven Leath. Denzel plays Allen Greene Bradley Cooper plays Steven Pearl
  10. I want to see a race between OMac and Harry Adams. Schwartz is everything we thought Adams could be.
  11. Haven't heard of half of those guys...are we digging waaaaaaaaaay waaaaay back? Some of those guys have to pre-date Terry Bowden.
  12. Similar measurables and game as Avery Johnson. I’d love to see him in SA.
  13. Great post...I love a good redemption story where wrong-doers are restored to God’s ideal purpose for their life. We all need second/third chances and he’s making the most of his. I think he’s still got a huge hill to climb with the media and his peers in the business...but none of that really matters...he’s accomplishing more now and having a blast doing it.