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  1. Maybe he had 4 lonely days in brown LA (lower alabama) haze.
  2. And then I hope that we win all of our games.
  3. This article indicates D Craig will be hitting the recruiting trail. How is he able to do that? I thought only position coaches were allowed to operate in that manner?
  4. This. Pat Dye is calling us out the same way he did Georgia so many years ago. "We're not man enough".
  5. It's pretty simple...Rams took a chance that they could mold him into a pass didn't work.
  6. I was a 4 star architecture recruit in my own mind and chose AU over a full scholly offer at UF because of fandom.
  7. Klein was a really nice guy.
  8. Their pitching depth is going to be tough to overcome. Do we have anybody left?
  9. The socks tell me Wyoming is in the lead?
  10. yikes...strong words.
  11. Ya'll give Demontray a lot of crap, but the guy could run when he wanted to...wouldn't have beat Georgia without him.
  12. He seems to have taken the Woody news a bit hard.
  13. Those are important factors. One could say that those other schools could afford to take a guy like Barrett b/c they already have the QB position in a solid place.
  14. I'm sure he did...a highly rated QB will get lots of big school offers. However, an offensive guru shouldn't be so misled time and time again. Looks like the problem is fixed with the hiring of Chip, though. I remember Spurrier (and sure he had some misses, but the position was always in good shape) didn't offer many top rated QBs who wanted to play for him b/c they didn't have what it takes between the ears.
  15. Huge miss despite what he was ranked. AU pays Gus a bunch of money to recruit the best QBs to AU. He should be able to identify the best ones better than recruiting sites. We don't pay him to work his way down the 247 list of 5 stars...anybody can do that.