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  1. Serious question...Would you trade Bruce Pearl for Nick Saban?
  2. 100% Correct...Auburn basketball halftimes turned into the Cliff Ellis elevator music show. I remember looking around and wondering if I was the only one who thought it was extremely annoying. The music alone made it a justifiable firing.
  3. Back against the wall, desperate Gus = 10 wins. That's how he's wired.
  4. And no YouTube highlight compilation. ☹️ Auburn basketball puts one out shortly after each game.
  5. Waters took 3 maybe 4 steps on that layup
  6. So we can expect a bunch of new WDE posts tomorrow morning that you may or may not have to walk back a year from now?
  7. Give me the 2nd team offense, but swap for the 1st team OL.
  8. AUDevil


    How much height do you need on a WR screen?
  9. How we communicated that message is where distrust could come from. If we communicated to his coach, “hey, let Cox know if DL doesn’t work out, we’d love to try him at OL.” That’s completely different than, “hey coach, just between you and me, DL may not work out for him and that’s OK b/c we’ll move him to OL.” One statement is up front and the other statement is evasive (and a stupid thing to say!)
  10. Of course those opportunities are available for anyone equipped to seize them. Some of these guys may not be able to take advantage for any number of reasons...that's life.
  11. I'm still wondering how all this relates to Demouy? That was my original question. How are Cox and Demouy related? What have we done to screw ourselves with Demouy? Not rhetorical AT ALL.
  12. What's our track record w/ Mobile kids once they come to AU? Have we really screwed anyone over? If Cox found out about the plan AFTER NSD...that's screwing him over. He still had options at that point.
  13. DST got you a little slow today...getting off on tangents with Mikey, not picking up's OK