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  1. AUDevil

    Official New Hires Thread

    all the great OCs have baggage...they're like the Freddie Mercury of the sports world. "Respect my creative process" prima donnas that like to party wildly.
  2. AUDevil

    Could Gus be a good CEO coach?

    No, that style of leadership is not who he is. He's a hands-on creator and should go find a job somewhere that lets him fulfill that.
  3. AUDevil


    A little more moxy at QB is the difference between 6-4 and 10-0. Not sure about that. Maybe it gets us through the LSU game and makes the UGA game closer...but the other games were lost for a variety of reasons.
  4. AUDevil

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    You could build a new 80,000 sf campus facility of some sort for $32 mil. Crazy how quickly money can be raised for football as opposed to academic facilities and programs.
  5. AUDevil

    Another loss to a rival

    Hire Bill Clark.
  6. AUDevil

    2019 3* RB DJ Williams (App State)

    Yeah boy! We own App State!
  7. AUDevil

    Smart explains how Gus's offense has evolved

    If Gus is given the chance, he'll fix this...but at the neglect of 3 or 4 other important positions.
  8. That’s not what Gus does...he likes for positions to get razor thin before loading up on twice what he needs.
  9. AUDevil

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Freeze runs Gus’ scheme better than Gus and knows how to put together a passing offense.
  10. AUDevil

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    We were setting that up for the Bama how are we going to win that one?
  11. AUDevil

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    I heard that Coach Freeze phoned in the plays the last 5 minutes from his temporary office at Haley.
  12. AUDevil

    2019 3* OT Isaiah Hookfin

    That's pretty much his only play for keeping his job, right? Either that, or he suggests hiring Saban as Head Coach, second in command.
  13. AUDevil

    Seth williams

    We don't talk about him enough...Schwartz and Shivers get all the praise around here, but this dude is a monster and has made us all forget about losing NCM.
  14. AUDevil

    Article "shut down the prayer"

    Sin condemns and that condemnation, usually manifested in guilt, shame, loss of freedom, and loss of the power that you have through Christ Jesus separates us from God; God saves from condemnation. John 8:7-11, John 3:17, Romans 8:1. Satan operates solely out of spite and out of wanting others to join him in his misery and in his eternal separation.
  15. AUDevil

    Article "shut down the prayer"

    You could at least tag me