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  1. Stidham loses to Oregon, but beats UF/LSU.
  2. Bo needs to be accurate. If he's accurate the play calling will look a lot better.
  3. It's behind a pay wall:
  4. The scenario you’ve laid out is exactly why FSU pulled Taggart so soon. There’s an article somewhere about the complex analytics that went into their decision making.
  5. Quit sugar coating things Cole! Question for you as all I saw where 10 minutes of highlights on youtube. I saw an awful lot of uncontested baskets by GS where there were few defenders -and- many times AMac was standing under the basket not defending while the layup was happening. Do we have some defensive issues to iron out? Was he primarily trying to stay out of foul trouble? Are we not getting back on defense quickly enough?
  6. Bob Stoops was confirmed to be in Tallahassee yesterday.
  7. Question for all ya'll (because I cannot keep arguing with Loof...he's relentless) 1. Who is a coach who you thought would be a huge success, but fell flat? 2. Who is a present up and coming coach that you think will turn into a huge success? 3. Who is a coach that you knew would suck, but everyone else was into for some reason?
  8. There most definitely is someone better, always is...just have to find our Bruce Pearl of football and get out of his way.
  9. You are assuming a failed head coach will become the great head coach we need because of Coach O. Coach O and Steele are nothing alike. You're assuming that he'll buck AU's trend of coordinator to HC mediocrity/failure. You're placing VERY short term recruiting and consistency of a guy that probably has less than 4 years left in him as a priority over going after the most qualified candidates.
  10. There are no guarantees. You're making A LOT of assumptions for such an easy transition. It's as much or more of a gamble as hiring a new staff (besides the fact that I think its a horribly bad idea) #1, that Steele can be a successful HC, which he has proven to not be. #2, That replacing him with another DC that he manages is going to equal the same results on D. That Steele is capable of hiring the right OC and OL coach to rebuild our OL and entire offensive identity and transition that side of the ball smoothly. Coach O is great. He's a very unique individual and did some great things at USC in his interim role. You want to hire Coach O...b/c he's not Kevin Steele? Patchwork means we're trying to repair the same worn out fabric, or sinking ship, or old jalopy, to get us through whatever storm or journey we're on and help us survive. It's not sustainable for building a powerhouse on solid footing for a long time, and it's a lot of effort for a "meh" plan when it's all said and done. Burn it down and build new. I think we need to clean house and get new direction, new vision, and new energy. Often that requires letting go of something special.
  11. Why did QB recruiting go south? OL recruiting and development? Some critical things just seem to get ignored until they’re glaring weaknesses.
  12. The Steele thing...sounds good...but it’s not a long term solution. It’s more akin to Tubs’ move in 2003 not wanting to lose our promising offensive scheme. We’re afraid to lose what’s working so we accept a mediocre patchwork solution to force it to work. Kevin’s a Great DC under Gus, but he’s a 9-36 head coach. We would just be hoping the Auburn brand and a couple of decades would be enough to turn him into a 36-9 type coach we’re all hoping for. I’m skeptical. We need energy and vision for recruiting, sound fundamentals for development, and creativity, experience, and wisdom on game day. It’s a grind that I’m not sure he fits at this time.
  13. Sweet. I live in midtown near Betton Place. Lived here In TLH since I was born, except for my 5 years at AU in the late 90’s. Do you get involve in the TLH Auburn club?