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  1. Just do a round robin tournament between Auburn, bama, uga, lsu, tamu, and Florida. That’s all we really care about.
  2. Just days ago who would have thought UGA and Arkansas would be co-SEC Tournament champions?
  3. Who was the highly rated QB recruit from Mississippi we signed the year before Campbell? He transferred out after a couple of years.
  4. Yes, but *generic argument back*. I mean, what do you say to that?
  5. Fannin's bum shoulder and fumbling problems kept him from having a Ronnie Brown like career at AU.
  6. I'm concerned that it's not going to matter which way we arrange the deck chairs if Gus can't recruit the OT position. Chad's got a tough situation to overcome. We keep dipping into the transfer portal and JUCOs just to have a manageable line. Jackie Sherrill built a good team at MSU out of JUCOs, and it worked until it didn't, and then it got bad fast.
  7. I'd forgotten about that; thanks for the reminder!
  8. Polamalu is probably in better playing shape these days.
  9. The day's tornado is finally over. We can rest now!
  10. I first went with a snarky reason, then a short worded reason, then gave some of my credentials (I name dropped you guys). No luck all 3 times.
  11. my bad, didn't realize I'd already asked you. I was thinking, maybe, with your clout, you could pull some strings.
  12. The fact that it came from Jay Tate is a clue to go check out his site and see if it's free content before posting. On another note to you and @ellitor, how did you gain access to post on the Auburn Rant site? I've been trying off and on for 2 years with no luck.
  13. When I don't get respect at home I dang sure expect to get it when I come onto AUFam.