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  1. Insider on a board that I trust. Don’t remember where, could’ve been Red on the Donor board…there were more details; I try to keep things vague over here.
  2. Almost happened back in the Spring. Like, reeaallllly close.
  3. FWIW, Expect to get some news tonight that someone has fired their HC. And that someone is UW.
  4. Makes you wonder why they didn’t figure out this OL lineup in preseason. Council has practiced at center often.
  5. We made some big plays.
  6. Ashford tackles better than our entire defense.
  7. Whole conference is down the same year we completely suck.
  8. Harsin’s teams are not disciplined enough for simple tasks.
  9. James, quit looking guilty! And don’t agree with the ref!
  10. This is what it was like watching Kodi Burns play, except Robby is a little more accurate.
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