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  1. Anyone think the Leath severance package is related to an impending basketball letter of allegations? He wanted to fire Pearl, we obviously didn't - thinking we could fight our way out of the mess with Pearl. Is the huge buy-out hush money so that Leath won't talk to the NCAA...heck of a black-mail job?
  2. I cut the cord about 10 years ago. I've used sling the last 4 or 5 years; it was $5 more a month to get all the ESPN channels when I signed up. I suspend service from middle of January through August to keep my original rate locked in. I get my local channels for free through Xfinity...I guess since I'm already paying $90/mo just for internet they're willing to at least giving me one perk.
  3. Replace creepy and invasive with sad and pathetic.
  4. We had 2 offensive starters transfer mid season...I'd say it was a mess.
  5. It'll be like every other coach we've had to fire before...but hopefully handled with more dignity than Terry B.
  6. Not so sure about that. Pleated may be back, and if not, it's only a matter of months. Rule of thumb...when those of us older than 35 catch on to a fashion trend...then it's officially over. IMO, you get bonus points for pleats and anything with extra pockets. And no belts...belts are totally uncool.
  7. This was necessary. A half a degree off and you could miss the pocket altogether.
  8. Two of me will watch in your absence. Football in dresses has always been a dream in my family.
  9. Do they have anything in red and green...or are we married to orange and blue? Also, the pants...what about shorts in gets really hot.
  10. Because of his “condition”.
  11. How do you feel about the ability of our OL to protect the passer long enough to make that happen?
  12. No, I didnt work on that. I master planned and developed a needs assessment for the 32 teams and programs comprising the FSU Athletic Department back in 2014. The Dept ultimately deviated from our recommendation that they build a new all-sports building so that football can grow into their current complex. Regarding the planning process...we submitted our questions to departments prior to interviews. The AD allowed some anchored coaches into those interviews, and some coaches were not given that privilege.
  13. Your post sounds great when you read it in a KP voice.