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  1. At halftime of the Arkansas State game tonight, the keys to a home and the deed will be presented to a Purple Heart recipient. Wish I could be there, and hope that the SEC Network gives it a little time, especially on the 15th anniversary weekend of 9/11. This will mark more than 700 homes the Military Warrior Support Foundation has given away, in partnership with donors and sponsors.
  2. Got an email this morning that perked my are on the way
  3. Manhattan is right on the edge of where you can see the earth curve.
  4. If you don't already have lodging set in Manhattan, forget it. There are still plenty of rooms available in Topeka (90 mins or so) away. My son and I are flying in to KC on game day, spending the night in Topeka, then back out on Friday. I spend a lot of time in KS, and Manhattan is a neat little town off the beaten track. Should be a fun environment for the AU Family to visit.
  5. This is correct He looks older than 18: And he obviously acts older than 18. The player formerly known as Mousecop.
  6. Lane F'n Kiffin............Lane F'n Kiffin. I thought that vid got pulled from YouTube. Pure gold.
  7. How is it not a good sign? I see it as a great sign b/c yet again Vegas or no one else outside of the Auburn Family believe Auburn has any shot at all. I've been riding Auburn to cover since TX A&M and made some SERIOUS money doing so. I hope the dang thing keeps going UP, UP & UP! I've put money on the ML and against the spread. Same situation, won a TV as a door prize at a charity golf tournament in Vegas right before the A&M game. $300 has turned into a nice little investment. The boss-lady asked me take a bunch out before UGA, but I'll still get 10 times the TV if they cover tonight. I'm in at 8.5.
  8. The OC/Assistant Head Coach on Terry's staff at Akron was killed in a car accident on Monday in Oxford, MS. Alan "Tank" Arrington was his name, and he was a close friend of mine. Terry was at the visitation/funeral for Tank yesterday and today, and was headed to Florida for TJ's as soon as the funeral in Oxford was over. Bobby will be in Pasadena ahead of the championship game to present an award, but back home in Florida to watch the game according to Terry.
  9. Take their DL and LB's out in the parking lot, shove them around with a hummer. When they look up, they see nothing but tail lights.
  10. And he was pretty good tonight against Mizzou. I sure do hope he wins the Ray Guy award.
  11. Not if they lose to freaking Duke.