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  1. The game is live on the Big Ten Network if available in your area.
  2. Joe Whitt Jr for AD and Kevin Green Head Coach? KG would defiantly bring some boom.
  3. Tigerwar, I have 3 in section 123. Make me an offer.
  4. I Have 3 tickets in The AU section 123 row 9. I will take 375.00 total to Auburn fans. Thats what I have in them. If interested email me at jwmau1@aol.com. Tickets Sold.
  5. My brother had to cancel at last minute. 2- sec 112 row 1. $200.00 for the pair to AU fans only. Will be in Auburn today so I can meet Fri or Sat before game. Email at mathishvac@yahoo.com.
  6. I would think Neal Caudle would make a great replacement as Grad assistant when Lashlee leaves.
  7. Just ordered mine from J&M Bookstore for $10.95 each. They said stock was going fast.
  8. Any news on where the team will be staying?
  9. Stayed at the team hotel for the Outback Bowl last year. It is cool to have players and coaches walking around. Also a lot of former players.
  10. I agree! I joined a few weeks ago and just kinda lurk. But it is a great source of info. :tdau:
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