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  1. drush

    Unispired, unprepared, underachieve

    This is what I do not understand. In 2013 it took a loss at LSU to rally the team. Last year it is said to have been the “wake up call”. Now we find ourselves here once again, only we do not know if the call will be answered again. Why, after last year’s implosion did we come out flat this year? If the coaches, ALL INCLUSIVE, couldn’t wield the revenge card any better, we are not going to realize the potential of this team. We often talk about our slow starts each and every year, like we do nothing in spring, summer, and fall to determine our identity. To me, this is the same thing. There is no reason we should have been executing at such a low level this past Saturday. I agree, the coaches do not execute, but they are the ones being compensated greatly to make that happen. Look no further than the other sideline to see how it is done firsthand. It seems Gus needs to figure out how to motivate without a loss, rather than counting on one to provide it. Don’t know if that is in his DNA.
  2. drush

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    War Eagle Jay! May God comfort family and friends is my prayer.
  3. drush

    Spuat or Thuga

    I have lived in the Atlanta area all my life (except AU years thankfully), and the leg humper fan base is unbearable. They have been forever, without being legitimate in the football landscape for decades. You can come to understand how the turd fan base is such, not Thuga, no way. As hard as it is to do, I am with most of you here in wanting the turds to win. What's another MNC added to the trillion they already claim?
  4. drush

    New Gus Theory are saying Gus doesn't use dice now??
  5. drush

    Everybody had Enough?

    There is no reason to expect anything different than what we saw today. If the offensive guru becomes this offensive, how do you turn it around? Very hard to watch and even more difficult to comprehend.
  6. drush

    Mark my words LSU edition

    MMW....I will let someone else use my tickets this weekend and stay in the tent and tailgate. This way when our coach continues to make bonehead play calls in the second half I will be certain to have alcohol readily available.
  7. drush

    Just facts

    I think we all agree our QB play is suspect, and for some reason we do not seem to have any viable options at the position. So if you subscribe to the notion the QB position is the root of our issues this season, in essence you are saying we have a coaching issue like many others are suggesting. Ask yourself this, which coaching positions on this staff should be recruiting and securing young men to play QB? I don't know of anyone on the staff that should have that more at the forefront than Gus and Rhett. Three years in and we have no one capable of running this offense, while many other teams have several options at the position (see Ohio State). Not sure how you lay blame anywhere else as far as the offense is concerned.
  8. drush

    Georgia Game Report Card and Thoughts

    What makes yesterday even more difficult to comprehend were the comments Gus made at half......something about having success running the ball and we need to keep running it. Then we come out slinging it around and playing musical chairs with QBs. Mind numbing.
  9. drush

    Auburn vs. Ole Miss Kickoff Set

    What make the reality of this time slot even worse is Alabama, LSU, Miss State and Mizzou are all off that week. Still cannot pull a better time slot.
  10. drush

    How difficult might it be to get two tickets...

    I think you are almost assured availability of tickets around the dome. However, the city does not allow the resale of tickets right outside the venue in most cases so keep your eyes out in close proximity to the dome just not right on the doorstep.
  11. drush


    That's great. Thanks!!!!!!
  12. drush


    I was also curious if you could take this list and compile a list of AU's 1000 yard rushers by year. In other words, all of the backs (and QBs) that have seasons with a 1000+ yards in that season. We have a great list lately but not sure how many from the past make it into the 1000 per season list.
  13. drush


    Thanks Auburnfan91 that is great. I had no idea we had that many. I knew there were a lot, especially of late. Oh add the list since you have it!! Thanks again
  14. drush


    Thanks for the list of our SEC leading rushers. Does anyone happen to have or know where I can get a complete list of our 1000 yard rushers?
  15. drush

    'Dawgs vs 'Jackets

    Richt is an idiot, oh wait from FSU to UGA need I say more? No one has ever done less with more. Does have our number though it seems. Don't care for leg humpers