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  1. drush

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    More to the point here is they have an excuse for being terrible, new coach with little experience and hammered with violations. We, on the other hand, are in our sixth year of over paid Gus and are a dumpster fire, and each week getting worse. Many would say Ole Miss is in better shape for progress. It does not appear we are on a better path.
  2. drush

    AU is irrelevent in football

    I will say the UGA and Bama games were not a fluke in 2017. However, there was an LSU game in 2017 that is squarely on his shoulders as maybe one of the worst coaching episodes EVER. Then, after two good games to end the season he craps the bed in the post season. Maybe not a fluke, but certainly not worthy of much more than a "at a boy". After all, it is what he and his staff are paid to do, WIN.
  3. drush


    Yes, instead of a Head Coach in waiting we have a Head Coach in Time Out! I like it, Gus can glad hand, go to pot luck suppers, book clubs and such and leave the football to someone with some want to. This is no different than how Gus treats the players, you fumble, you don't see the field. Makes perfect sense, he is screwing up so use his own logic.
  4. drush

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    Our defense practices against our offense. Of course they get the feeling they are world beaters, who doesn’t facing this O?
  5. drush

    Our Head Coach

    Unfortunately, I believe he thinks he is making changes, he is that dumb/stubborn. The outside help he needs is figuring out how to further his career elsewhere!
  6. drush

    Our Head Coach

    Let’s be truthful,, we are a mediocre high school team utilizing high caliber D1 atheletes to be so. I think that could be had for less than $60K a year. We are so getting hosed, and will be for several more years. Call him stubborn, or just stupid, he’s the one running to the bank. I’d say he a lottery winner.
  7. drush

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    Offense. What offense?
  8. drush

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    Our coach is a clown
  9. drush

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Southern Miss

    This clown we have as an offensive guru is just that offensive. He is pathetic. We are playing Southern Miss people. If our O cannot execute plays against them, forget it. Our coach is incapable.
  10. drush

    Unispired, unprepared, underachieve

    This is what I do not understand. In 2013 it took a loss at LSU to rally the team. Last year it is said to have been the “wake up call”. Now we find ourselves here once again, only we do not know if the call will be answered again. Why, after last year’s implosion did we come out flat this year? If the coaches, ALL INCLUSIVE, couldn’t wield the revenge card any better, we are not going to realize the potential of this team. We often talk about our slow starts each and every year, like we do nothing in spring, summer, and fall to determine our identity. To me, this is the same thing. There is no reason we should have been executing at such a low level this past Saturday. I agree, the coaches do not execute, but they are the ones being compensated greatly to make that happen. Look no further than the other sideline to see how it is done firsthand. It seems Gus needs to figure out how to motivate without a loss, rather than counting on one to provide it. Don’t know if that is in his DNA.
  11. drush

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    War Eagle Jay! May God comfort family and friends is my prayer.
  12. drush

    Spuat or Thuga

    I have lived in the Atlanta area all my life (except AU years thankfully), and the leg humper fan base is unbearable. They have been forever, without being legitimate in the football landscape for decades. You can come to understand how the turd fan base is such, not Thuga, no way. As hard as it is to do, I am with most of you here in wanting the turds to win. What's another MNC added to the trillion they already claim?
  13. drush

    New Gus Theory

    Wait.......you are saying Gus doesn't use dice now??
  14. drush

    Everybody had Enough?

    There is no reason to expect anything different than what we saw today. If the offensive guru becomes this offensive, how do you turn it around? Very hard to watch and even more difficult to comprehend.
  15. drush

    Mark my words LSU edition

    MMW....I will let someone else use my tickets this weekend and stay in the tent and tailgate. This way when our coach continues to make bonehead play calls in the second half I will be certain to have alcohol readily available.