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  1. I just keep thinking what that 01 backfield could have looked like. Rudi, Heath, Caddy, and Ronnie dare say would have improved that 7-5 record.
  2. Which is why I said BooBee had lost his starting job.
  3. What part of DJ started last few games do you not get?????
  4. He had already relinquished the starting slot to DJ at the end of last year. Now seeing missing classes and partaking in things he shouldn't. Sounds like a down hill slide.
  5. Looks like he didn't want to compete with DJ, TANK, and THE FREIGHT TRAIN WORM.
  6. It's hit the peak and going down the other side.
  7. Will 5-7 next season do it? He may pull 6-6 out his backside.
  8. 2-5 going into the bye 3 straight wins coming off bye Lose last 2 5-7
  9. Nothing will change till Gus is gone. But apparently averaging 8 wins a year is superb as long as you beat bammer every other year.
  10. Then he's good as Tre Mason was an absolute beast when he got his chance.
  11. Flipping the 5* OLineman from thUGA would be the cherry on top of a very nice class.
  12. They showed a tweet with him signing. But another guy in the pic been on signed list awhile. So fingers crossed.
  13. If he can at least get something besides a run up the gut after a first down/ big play that will be a breath of fresh air.