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  1. wde1968

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    If it's anyone besides Joey or Bo it's gonna be a long long season.
  2. wde1968

    Class Projections 1/13/19

    Thanks I had not seen the MAR info. With who he is being "compared" to I'll definitely agree.
  3. wde1968

    Class Projections 1/13/19

    I'd say Griffin is the biggest need.
  4. wde1968

    An underrated game next year

    We lose to Kent St. No way Gus sees Texas A&M.
  5. wde1968

    Gatewood in only

    To me exchanges were way more smooth with Gatewood over Willis.
  6. wde1968

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    56-7 and Stidham still has to play? SMH
  7. wde1968

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    Great for a leaving QB.
  8. wde1968

    New approach in bowl preparation

    This would be a chance to see what Willis can do. All these practices at the number 1 and turn him lose. Ledges ass I'm tired of everyone being so tolerant of mediocrity. Tell Gus after Iron Bowl Willis will start the bowl game practice accordingly. If he didn't like it he could quit no buyout win-win.
  9. wde1968

    New approach in bowl preparation

    Well next year have fun with zero QB experience. I'll remind you of this when you're pissing and moaning because of struggling to 4 wins.
  10. wde1968

    New approach in bowl preparation

    Stidham is going pro let him. START AND PLAY THE OTHER QBS.
  11. wde1968

    Music City Score Prediction

    Like he wasn't calling plays this year. Same plays as always just no Oline or running QB. Last year Kerryon was a beast.
  12. wde1968

    ***Early NSD Discussion Thread***

    A Running Back would be nice
  13. Only complaint I have seen about Shaun is Gus not using him enough. Most heart and fastest in the nation 2 carries a game just didn't make sense.
  14. wde1968

    Last Call for the Gus Bus?

    That just isn't coaching it takes players as well. The Oline is really going to need improvement. Also, Gatewood needs to explode or a transfer come in or Nicks speed isn't going to be there.