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  1. So funny that had Hagilary won all her supposed crimes would have been fine. Why does everything have to be so hypocritical? They all lie to cheat and steal from the American population regardless don't act like Trump is something unusual. He just won when no one thought he would and the money that is flowing is to impeach him. He is no worse than the 8 year Hussein reign.
  2. You look at it wrong. White is what he is if he beats out Stidham then Stidham is a disappointment not White a surprise.
  3. Frank Sanders end of discussion.
  4. Do you really think Dilfer had anything do with that Super Bowl?
  5. The thing about Dilfer is those who can't qb get on tv and just throws things against a wall hoping for a stick.
  6. Just amazing how many qbs Auburn has missed on. I know its hit and miss with all schools but outside of 3 all have been pure **** in my 40+ years as a fan.
  7. Remove White from that statement and we are in the playoffs. I love Whites guts and determination but the arm isn't there. I look at Sean I see Gabe Gross sheer will only gets you so far.
  8. Ezekiel Elliott says hi.
  9. I wanted SW to win the starting job from day one. However, it is not working if Stidham or Barret can't beat him out 1 good thing could come from it. New HC and AD.
  10. All we are saying is give Stidham a chance.
  11. Exactly what I thought my heart sank till I opened thread.
  12. I posted the same comment on each side just reversed teams. The one on the mullet side was deleted in 10 minutes the other was still there last I checked.
  13. SIGH
  14. Gus as new Of then hire a real head coach. On a side note how long till Lashlee is Auburns new OC turned head coach?
  15. I have heard a coaches son is very interested in Auburn. Yes he I s only a sophomore but already highly touted. Being a legacy is helping also.