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  1. Kick 6 proudly seeing my 3 year old grandson running through the house screaming TOUCHDOWN AUBURN like PawPaw. With the look on the in-laws faces because their brainwashing hadn't worked.
  2. So we are completely ignoring passes that were dropped that hit WRs in the hands, face mask, and between the numbers.
  3. Cam Davis Sullivan whose nickname is BO.
  4. Harsin B Bobo C- Friend B+ CWill D Caddy B+ Beddell C Mason B Rocker B+ Schmeddinhg C Etheridge C+ Pittman D+ Lorrando B-
  5. Or they turned it down, or it was all rumor, or on and on.
  6. The Transfer Train is full and rolling lucky for us we got that 2* Grad Transfer OL from Harvard.
  7. Nope GenX here but you going instant boomer tells yours.
  8. Sorry wrong again don't have IG I'm not a tidepod eating millennial. However it being plastered everywhere else is different story....
  9. Didn't people were talking everywhere but here so I figured I'd ask here as some here seem to truly have a few connections.
  10. So he's getting a manicure or transferring.....COME ON MANICURE
  11. I read where he posted something earlier then took it down. No details as I didn't see it however, those who did said not good. If just people being a$$e$ remove thread please.
  12. Cadillac needs to stay. Nothing wrong with th RBs.
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