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  1. Auburn Alabama Georgia Ole Miss LSU Florida Missouri Utah Clemson Boston College Wisconsin 47
  2. I personally think if you are going to post a comment on ANY SITE you should verify identity. Then post with that verified ID yes comment sections such as al.com and the likes would be empty but if you got the sack to say it back it up. If you want free speech no problem just be sure you are signing for it.
  3. Maybe with a running QB match take off the backs just saying.
  4. If his accuracy is worse than BOs why is he in uniform??????? Make room for another scholarship.
  5. Georgia Arkansas LSU Ole Miss Mississippi State Alabama Vanderbilt Texas Penn State 57
  6. Enjoy your life of mediocrity never striving to improve or caring about improvement.
  7. As said previously if Bo's last name wasn't NIX he would have been benched.
  8. If Bo's last name wasn't NIX he would have been benched yesterday end of discussion.
  9. Really so Bo is getting sat for Gatewood? No so Marshall is coming back? No well well 8-4 isn't 11-1
  10. With the week off I'd give Joey the one reps and start him at rKansas. The Def is going start lagging It's year after year. They start great get tired of carrying the offense. With those turnovers should have won by 17 at minimum.
  11. No one said he was but how many 3rd and ones would have went different having to key on him also instead of just BooBee
  12. Not really went from 9-3 to 8-4
  13. That Big Mama is running her scales
  14. ******************************** There I think I made my point.