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  1. The TD just before halftime vs uat in 93 and vs Florida 94 two of the biggest plays ever.
  2. Shug Jordan Parkway at the intersection of West Samford Avenue.
  3. The area it took place wouldn't there have to be some speeding for that kind of damage?
  4. The part when they were taking about him destroying a batting cage was great. Can you imagine what that scout thought.
  5. Gus' offense is the perfect example of system QB. Without a big run threat at QB it does not work.
  6. See Gatewood 1000+ which will in turn open up BooBee even more 1700+
  7. It's Joeys job to lose. I see a qb that can run over defenders with significant arm improvement. He plays as expected we go into Iron Bowl with winner in SEC Championship game.
  8. I personally think Gatewood will get the nod. He does what Gus likes very well, if Bo starts he is something special.
  9. Joey gets it Bo redshirts. Bo gets it Joey gone.
  10. Statins are for lowering cholesterol.
  11. I just think if Nix wins Gatewood will transfer. Gatewood wins Nix will RS. I believe unless Nix is way ahead Joey starts Game 1. But will say Bo has better speed than I had seen from him prior.
  12. How long has it been that the starter at A Day didn't start the season barring an injury situation?
  13. Same here seeing as its a Gus offense Gatewood is the better fit. Unless Nix bulks up life in SEC going to be rough.