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  1. Use the stupid soccer aggregate where in a tie the team that's scored more that season wins.
  2. Would be wonderful but not going to happen.
  3. Would have helped to do this a little earlier for Cain.
  4. If it's anyone besides Joey or Bo it's gonna be a long long season.
  5. Thanks I had not seen the MAR info. With who he is being "compared" to I'll definitely agree.
  6. I'd say Griffin is the biggest need.
  7. We lose to Kent St. No way Gus sees Texas A&M.
  8. To me exchanges were way more smooth with Gatewood over Willis.
  9. 56-7 and Stidham still has to play? SMH
  10. This would be a chance to see what Willis can do. All these practices at the number 1 and turn him lose. Ledges ass I'm tired of everyone being so tolerant of mediocrity. Tell Gus after Iron Bowl Willis will start the bowl game practice accordingly. If he didn't like it he could quit no buyout win-win.
  11. Well next year have fun with zero QB experience. I'll remind you of this when you're pissing and moaning because of struggling to 4 wins.