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  1. I have been a member of this site since the Eagle days. My post number in the single digits. However, I check in just about every day to see what is being said about my Auburn Tigers. I never met Nathan but greatly enjoyed his insights and witty post. I will miss him. Prayers for Nathan and his family and for the aufamily.
  2. Maybe AU96 Productions could put something together for Terry.
  3. Sorry, but that is not exactly accurate. You don't plead multiple murders down to obstruction if there is evidence you were involved, even if you agree to testify. The charges were reduced to obstruction due to lack of evidence of his involment in the killings. The trial of Lewis and his codefendants started during the spring after the super bowl in Atlanta. After the prosecution had presented its case, with little or no evidence that Lewis had committed any overt acts against the victims, Lewis's attorney arranged with prosecutors to dismiss the murder charges and let Lewis plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice; he also agreed to testify against his companions on the night of the killings, Oakley and Sweeting, who were each charged with murder. Lewis accepted this plea bargain, and he was sentenced to one year of unsupervised, unrestricted probation. He was also offered expungment of this record if he successfully completed his probation, and was not suspended by the NFL. He was fined a league record US$250,000. If I remember correctly neither Oakley or Sweeting were found guilty due to lack of evidence and I belive both of these men were later killed, in seperate incidents, in a violent manner. Google is your friend.
  4. Head of the NCAA was President of LSU when saban was coach there.
  5. I have noticed on a couple of sites messages critical of a block of granite being used as the Lombardi Trophy. The reason is because Vince Lombardi was one of the "seven blocks of granite" on the '36 Fordham team. A nickname given to the linemen there. I am not trying to be a know-it-all, just informative. Auburn since '57. WDE!
  6. Ed Dyas and Jackie Burkett, my first two AU heros. All the best to Dr. Dyas and his family.
  7. It's just June. Some guys that look great now may not look so great in Feb. 2011, others below the radar now may be top rated then. The big factor will be our season and how we look on both sides of the ball. If Phil Steele is correct and AU goes 11-1, we will pull a great class. Even 9-3 or 10-2 we have a very good class. I believe our season will dictate our class because the big time O kids want to see if we build on what we did last year. Just my opinion.
  8. I believe he was pretty high on our HC hire shortly after it happened. He said something to the effect that AU would be back on top quick and the rest of the SEC should be worried.
  9. According to a story I read, he changed his mind 90 minutes before his announcement..umm. I sense from his body language, that someone at bama made this young man angry. Maybe he was told he couldn't take any other visits or ...who knows, but he does seem like he is upset at someone. Hope he sticks to his word. Anyway, he says he is a Tiger, so a big WE to both he and his family and welcome to the plains!
  10. Hey Squirt, I think your issue is you think ST is giving his "opinion". His 80% on ML was based on info he received from his sources, not his just his opinion. His source said they felt good about ML so he relayed that info to us. When ML notified the coaches around 11 or so today that he was going to USCe, he got that info from his sources and he gave it to us. I have only been on here for two weeks or so but have followed AU recruting for about 45 years. He seems to do a very good job at what he does. No one, not even you, is ever 100% right. Enjoy the ride and stop expecting perfection, you will live a longer and happier life.
  11. I absolutely have no other info about this; "a former recruit told him some things he shouldn't have. made him change his mind. the former recruit got his offer yanked real fast. It is unfortunate, but Lattimore is a bit of a victim in this. " I saw the above in reference to why ML had gone from being a stong AU lean to a USCe commit. Wonder if the recruit referred to is DJ and that is why his offer was pulled. Just wondering FYI: Ed Dyas and Jackie Burkett were my first two AU football heros.
  12. On the AU Rivals site there is a lot of chatter about some bad news for bama that has just come out per an Asst. coach. Anyone know what they are talking about?
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