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  1. Thanks for posting this. You have been very aggressive and in my opinion out of line. Much respect to you for this post. War. Eagle
  2. I will wear blue but orange looks better on tv
  3. Same here. And especially about keeping the defense off the field to protect them. Always give your best!
  4. 100 percent agree. It would have been a great opportunity for our young receivers to get more game experience and keep the petal to the metal.
  5. Thanks for sharing the article. I believe White is doing more than "managing the game" as he displays a lot of leadership. I also believe with all of our players and especially with the qbs, it is the coaches job to create conditions for them to be successful. While we may be a "run, play-action team and when we’re able to run the football it opens up the pass" the pass also can open up the running game! It seems to me that so many times we are passing when we have too in oblivious passing situations and yet we are still being successful. I just imagine how effective we could be wi
  6. I thought he made a touchdown saving tackle on number 7
  7. Kudos to this young lady for running him down. Come on guys?...
  8. I was shocked but I heard CGM say the same thing on the after game radio show
  9. Sad to say but I am afraid what you are saying is true
  10. We are loaded with talent!! The problem is this staff is not developing our talent nor are they putting them in a position to win. It would be hard to find a worse game plan than what we saw against Clemson. Who would ever think a three QB system utilizing their strengths would work against the #2 team in the nation? And for him to get testy about people questioning that plan is beyond me. Last night was terrible as well. It is the coaching and the play calling that is the problem. We see teams every week without the "playmakers" beat teams they should not. It is because their co
  11. He is creating the perfect storm for a dumpster fire.
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