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  1. Well anyways, it turns out he now plays baseball in the minor league now. He plays for the Salem Red Sox in Virginia. I found this out because i went to a Salem Red Sox game tonight and noticed the name and had to check to see if it was the person i thought it was. It turns out I was correct and I was just surprised to see a former Auburn recruit end up all the way in Virginia. As it turns out, he is a really nice guy and I've met him before(without knowing his last name) but never connected the dots until tonight. Just thought I'd share my story!
  2. spartanWDE

    AU Gloves

    here they are
  3. spartanWDE

    Did anyone else see...

    towards the end of the game when a UVA player, i believe 44, punched frazier in the side after the play?? i thought maybe i was the only one, but everyone else watching the game with me saw it too. Very unclassy UVA.
  4. reddit or funnyjunk????
  5. Alright so seems how i live 20 minutes from Blacksburg and Virginia Tech, i hear alot of stories about the football team. Today i heard a very intriguing story. My math teachers son is a scout team runningback for virginia tech so naturally my classmates are friends with him. Apparently Ryan Williams, the runningback at VT, also has sold his collectibles from the games hes been involved with, i assume like ACC championship and Bowl stuff, for money to pay for his tattoos. this is from a pretty trusted source, and i was wondering if this intrigues anyone else seems how the ncaa banned the OSU players for 5 games next season...
  6. spartanWDE

    weather/ humidity for ncg

    I was watching sportscenter and Nick Satan was talking about how alabama was more used to the heat in their bowl game and how michigan state wasnt used to it so they were shot after the first half. do ya'll believe that it could be the same way in the ncg? seems how auburns used to humidity and heat and oregon might not be as used to it?
  7. spartanWDE

    video- true blue

    SIAP but i found this video and i thought it was pretty sick
  8. spartanWDE

    football captains...?

    ok so this might seem really dumb to ya'll, but who are the captains?? i've missed the coin toss of every game due to marching band, and i would just like to know. thanks!
  9. spartanWDE


    If Auburn loses to Bama in the IB(wont happen BUT...), and LSwho beats Bama in a couple of weeks, who goes to the SECCG????
  10. spartanWDE

    NCAA 11 question

    i heard from a friend tonight that on this game, auburn has a pro combat uniform. is this true? i do not have the game myself so i dont know. if this is true, would someone mind posting a picture? thanks and war eagle!
  11. spartanWDE

    Anybody wanna play me in tennis?

    Don't be too sure you got that tennis title! haha ive been playing for about 10 years and play on my high school(Virginia state runner ups) team. i can beat my sister who is #3 on a D-II college team. so im pretty sure i could take you on haha. ive got a killer forehand with some wicked topspin haha
  12. Hunter's my second cousin!!!
  13. spartanWDE

    Snow? how much you got.

    yeah IManAUBURNlifer weve got a total of 44 inches for the year and im only 18. weve got 24 inches on the ground right now
  14. spartanWDE

    Snow? how much you got.

    roanoke,va we got 24 inches. too much snow for me
  15. spartanWDE

    Bammer encounter

    how tall is saban?