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  1. As stated before the coaches will start whoever gives us the best chance of winning, be that Clint, Kiehl, or even Jonathon. My .02 is that with a completely new system being brought in, it levels the field on program knowledge. It's SEC experience (Clint) vs. raw talent and athleticism (Kiehl). I'm sure that they could both be successful with Lefty holding the reigns.That being said, my money's on Kiehl to come out and lead us to victory in the Georgia dome.
  2. From what I've heard physically he is ok to play. But I'm sure he still needs time mentally. He needs to come back on his own time frame.
  3. I love Kris Frost as much as the next guy, but Van Gorder's defense relies heavily on the linebackers to mop up the play after the chaos created by the line, so having someone with no experience yet kinda scares me. But if he wins the job, I have faith in him. The coaches will start whoever they think gives this team the best chance to win, so have at it
  4. Cool little fun fact. Tonight's win was Tim Hudson's 100th career win with the Bravos. War Damn and Go Chop.
  5. Unofficial: Ed Christian pronounced dead at university village. Ladarious Phillips dead in hospital, Eric Mack still alive in hospital. Per Auburn Plainsmen
  6. ST just tweeted that LP has indeed passed away
  7. Dont take it in stone but it sounds like ladarious philips has passed away as well. AU police will release details after they are finished at the crime scene
  8. Ladarious Phillips, Eric Mack, and Ed Christian have been shot on Longleaf. Ed Christian has passed away.
  9. I've been incredibly busy, and comPletely forgot about fantasy baseball. But if your interested in playing, the draft is tomorrow night at 8:30 pm League ID#: 189133 Username: AE Old Hats Password: wardamneagle Short notice I know but we need some guys asap
  10. Indeed, his account was hacked by a turd. Not true. Nothing else to see here
  11. "Just got off the phone with Coach Chizik and I'm heading back to Auburn! He said I would have a chance to compete for the starting spot! This has been a crazy day, SO BLESSED #WAREAGLE"
  12. Bummer. Postponed due to inclimate weather
  13. 5th preseason, due to our loss to the draft and graduation from last year
  14. Beautiful day here at plainsmen. Perfect weather