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  1. younggun

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    Someone posted earlier that since the 3's weren't falling, they wondered what plan B was. I guess we saw what plan B was. Be aggressive as all get out and take it to the hoop.
  2. younggun

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    My takeaway was it was the definition of team win. We had 6 players in double figures. Great 2nd half
  3. younggun

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    Auburn up 12 with 5:45 to go, 72-60 Its amazing to watch the difference between the 2 halves. The aggression has really been stepped up
  4. younggun

    Men Vs. Ole Miss

    Auburn up 8 with 6:25 to go 68-60
  5. younggun

    Plays you want to see...

    Don't really care the plays, just want this to be the result after the game
  6. younggun

    Favorite game day superstition

    I drink my morning coffee from my Auburn coffee mug, I wear the same Auburn cap on big games since 2010(forgot it at this years LSU blame me for the loss) and if we are driving in a close game I get out of my chair and crouch behind it while watching over the back of the chair.
  7. Marcellus Mostella Gregg Carr Ben Tamburello Byron Franklin Fred Smith
  8. younggun

    Baseball vs. UCF Game Thread

    Anybody have any info on what to expect from Tenn Tech?
  9. younggun

    Softball vs Oklahoma Game Thread

    Arkansas football and softball don't think so
  10. younggun

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Not taking the HC job at UCONN, He's taking the OC job there.
  11. younggun

    Daniel Carlson - Vote now

    Voted at work, then voted from my phone and then voted at home. When i voted from home, Daniel was ahead 9,849 to 5,001.
  12. younggun

    Nice start to the basketball season

    I've always wanted to earn internet points, so here it is: 1998-99 season started out with wins over Southeastern Louisiana(won by 54 pts), Florida A*+&M (won by 47 pts) and Central Florida (won by 35 pts). We started the season 17-0 before losing to Kentucky and finished the season 29-4.
  13. 06 Iron Bowl-Mainly because I was sitting in the middle of the Tide Pride section. 04 SEC Championship Game
  14. younggun

    Roster notes on Woody, Tega, & Kam Martin

    May be the same guy that is weighing them is the same guy that clocks our 40 times...
  15. younggun

    Happy Birthday, ellitor!

    Happy Birthday, E