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  1. amsterjam

    2020 Recruits to Know

    Well that doesn't sound too promising. Sounds like we're behind on almost all of our 2020 Oline and RB recruits.
  2. amsterjam

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Yeah man, he talks all kinds of crap about the both of you. You can't see the posts?
  3. amsterjam

    Did Chip Lindsay "coach" this year?

    Well Georgia and Bama put out consistently good defenses and Ohio St on O so not really the same meddling.
  4. amsterjam

    Gus has brought us to this. (merged threads)

    It must be so frustrating for Gus to see these boys play like this every Saturday after so many great weeks of practice.
  5. amsterjam

    AU coaches quit right before half

    Not going to beat bama by going conservative. We needed to take some chances.
  6. amsterjam

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    You seem to be missing the point. You keep comparing him to the other QB on their team. It's totally irrelevant if he's better than their other QB or not. What matters is if he's better than the other QBs on OUR team.
  7. amsterjam

    bowl practice will fix everything

    When has Gus ever tried to get quality reps for a backup QB? Backups are only for running out of the wildcat or handing the ball off.
  8. amsterjam

    Upon Further Review -Ole Miss Game

    Woody, John, Jason, Jonathan, Zeke, Kodi, Kiehl, Tyrik, Sean, Tyler and Jeremy say hello back?
  9. amsterjam

    What if Gus resigned?

    Not going to happen because he doesn't believe he's part of the problem. Have you ever heard him say "we should have called better plays"? Not even after last years LSU game. No how many times have you heard him put the blame on the players complaining about them not executing his plays properly?
  10. amsterjam

    If you were the coach

    I would send blank checks to Rhett Lashlee and Ellis Johnson. Get the ole gang back together. Ah fun times.
  11. amsterjam

    2018 Fall Camp - Day 3

    Wait did Gus say "intermediate routes"?
  12. amsterjam

    2019 3* CB Cordale Flott Flips to LSU

    Sorry but what do you mean by "de-recruiting"? I thought you guys said the instate high school coaches frowned upon that?
  13. amsterjam

    Gulf Coast fam

    Good to go here in Gulf Shores. Hardly even got any rain. Had to work today while lots of friends got to go surfing. Thanks for checking loof.
  14. amsterjam

    Darrell Williams as strong-side linebacker

    I thought he was playing us and would flip to the dark side before signing day.