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  1. Thanks, mostly out in the gulf off of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.
  2. From my understanding JJ looked like a Hiesman candidate with the orange jersey on.
  3. I was thinking Carlos Dansby type LB. Yes please!
  4. I guess we'll see soon enough.
  5. Yeah I know I'm going to catch some slack about this but I think Dyer was a little overrated. Don't get me wrong, he was a really good back but was he truly elite? He had good balance and ran with some power but seemed to get ran down from behind. I just never felt he was a danger to score from anywhere in the field like some of the other backs that have played at AU. Let's face it he didn't exactly set the world on fire when he left. Curious how things would have turned out if we could have signed Lattimore.
  6. Just playing Devil's advocate here but what do you think those rushing stats would look like if the o-lines were swapped?
  7. Didn't someone pay McClover to talk crap about AU on that HBO hit piece? Could be the same type of thing.
  8. IMO 2004 would make Swiss cheese out of that 2010 defense though.
  9. I have to disagree. 2010 had too may close calls. 2004 dominated pretty much every first half and built a comfortable lead before going into the Tubershell in the second half. If Tubbs would have kept his foot on the gas almost all of our games would have been blowouts. That's how I remember it anyway.
  10. 2004 AU would have beat any team on that list.
  11. Whoever it is I hope they only go for about 850 because the carries get spread out between 3-4 backs. That way we go into amen corner with 3-4 options we trust and are relatively fresh instead of one broken down workhorse.
  12. I don't know about evolving but for whatever reason hot seat Gus seems to coach much better than comfortable Gus.
  13. I would have to say Gatewood if just going by what I saw in the A-Day game. He didn't turn the ball over and I suspect he will be the bigger run threat when the orange jerseys come off. Super small sample size though. I have to add that Nix looked impressive for a true freshman and Willis looked more comfortable and was making better decisions than in past performances. Just my untrained prospective.
  14. Well that doesn't sound too promising. Sounds like we're behind on almost all of our 2020 Oline and RB recruits.
  15. Yeah man, he talks all kinds of crap about the both of you. You can't see the posts?