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  1. Sounds like it's just a matter of time.
  2. Tackle eligible...
  3. I wonder how Ashley will fit into the equation?
  4. Well of course we're not going to run him off but he has flirted with leaving the last couple of off seasons.
  5. I could see him coaching running backs next year. No inside info, just reading the tea leaves.
  6. Too late. I quit going there several years ago.
  7. All that is true but you have to admit he doesn't have the best vision.
  8. Okay Christie
  9. Sadly with Stidham, AU will probably win 9 games next year and the year after which will be just enough for Gus to stay. 2019 we will be right back where we are now and finally by 2020 AU will be able to hire a new coach.
  10. ^^^^Buck Fama^^^^^
  11. Sorry Rhett, my crow tastes delicious.
  12. If we're counting bubble screens then I'll take the over. If not I'll take the under.
  13. So I understand the guys are getting more comfortable.
  14. One of the biggest problems I see with Gus is that his strategy to getting better is to double down on what's already not working.
  15. So if Sean gets banged up a little who is first off the bench?