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  1. If he flips I'm guessing Lil Nick will tell him to Yeldon the AU staff. I'll believe he's coming when he puts pen to paper regardless of what he's saying.
  2. On Halloween bammers pump kin.
  3. It's getting pretty bad when it's so personal you don't want your backup QB to have ANY experience running the full offense. It's not like Gus is know for having a plan b when things aren't going our way so I guess that's par for the course with the Gus bus riders.
  4. With the orange jerseys on right? If they could wear them during the games then your point might be valid.
  5. People on here saying they know the limitations on a QB they've never even seen cut loose is laughable. Especially when the very small sample size we have seen he's look great. Truth is no one knows what's going to happen when JG is cut loose under the lights in front of a live crowd. Not you, not me, not Gus not even Joey himself.
  6. I don't think anyone is saying he should for sure be benched. I think most are saying Joey deserves at least a chance so see what he can do while at the very least give Nix a breather and let him clear his head for a minute. Some people act like they would rather see Auburn lose than see Gatewood get a shot to see if he can help and I don't understand that logic.
  7. So according to your logic we should bench Tega and Iggy since they've been at their position a shorter amount of time than JG has been playing QB I guess you missed this report but I'm sure you know more than his own teammates anyway so no worries.
  8. So basically what you're saying is that for Gus' offense to run you have to have a QB that can make something out of nothing. Lol Sadly I agree.
  9. No that's not at all what I was saying. Im saying since the buyout was too large to cut Gus last year I would have hired an experienced OC with a proven track record instead of letting Gus pick yet another under qualified youngster and gave him full control of the O much like Steele has with the D. I'm saying I want someone actually proven and qualified to run the O as long as we're stuck with Gus.
  10. If I'm Allen Green I have already made a move. I see that we've seen the same tired plays no matter the coordinator so instead of yet letting Gus hire yet another under qualified youngster for his offensive staff I find a coordinator that has a proven track record at big name schools. I try to emulate on offense what we have on defense. I let that new coordinator come in and hire his own offensive staff and tell Gus to let the man do his job like he does Steele.
  11. So we lose to LSU, GA and UA again but absolutely hammer some mid tier team from out west or up north and all is forgiven.
  12. Market price? Gus makes more than Dabo Swinney and Kirby Smart.
  13. Sadly I have to agree. Making excuses why top 5 pay should not have to yield top 5 results. IMO Gus' greed will be his downfall. He brought the added pressure on himself by flirting with leaving unless he got top 5 money. When you demand top 5 money from someone then you better be ready to produce top 5 results. If he would have been satisfied with his top 25 money I don't think people would be quite as upset about his top 25 results.
  14. You don't pay someone 7mil a year for that though do you?