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  1. I like it; good name recognition with the kids to help with recruiting. Lack of coaching experience doesn’t really matter in my opinion because does our offensive position coaches actually coach anyway?
  2. Man, I’m usually really good at sensing sarcasm, I just totally missed that one.
  3. Because you gotta have more than 2 good blockers, how did the other 3 (or 4 counting TE/H back) grade out?
  4. What leads you to believe that? Not arguing, just curious why you think that since their history says otherwise, and Wilcox isn’t exactly tearing it up.
  5. Only thing I think needs to be changed is to make the seats wider, my kids are barely able to sit in the 10 inches currently layed out. Fewer people is fine since we rarely have a true sale out where everyone actually shows up.
  6. Why’s everyone saying the locker room was bad, didn’t we just remodel it last year? I’ll show myself out.
  7. Keep on beating that dead horse if you want; I’ll continue to feel better about next season.
  8. I quit paying attention to most of the writers a long time ago. There used to be a time when even if the beat writers didn’t like the program the covered they still keep it professional, now it seams they do all they can to smear the program.
  9. Never said I only wanted sunshine; only that the bash Gus topic has been beat to death already. Also, there’s not a rule that says every opinion has to rebutted.
  10. I understand what boards are for, but every topic doesn’t have to devolve into a bash Gus thread. The OP was giving reasons to look forward to next season, not debate for the thousandth time if Gus is good or bad.
  11. Haven’t we had enough Gus is a bad coach discussions?
  12. When have you seen him throw enough to know that any of this is true?
  13. No offense, but I’m really skeptical of rumors confirmed by insiders, they don’t have a whole lot of credibility lately. I do agree with the short sightedness of the PTB, though.
  14. Please don’t tell us you think the reason he got to stay is because they thought he was getting Kelley Bryant.