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  1. Because you can’t buy championships, and the teams that beat us are making and spending just as much as us.
  2. Glad to see we finally agree on something
  3. I don’t care enough to dig through the post to prove it to you. I’m not tenacious, it’s easy to point out things that are ridiculous.
  4. That could be it, or hear me out, maybe KS never said he wouldn’t coach with Gus anymore 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. It was mentioned several times in the thread devoted to him
  6. It just vanished into thin air like most of the asinine rumors that the so called insiders come up with.
  7. That can’t be true; we were told Kevin wouldn’t coach for Malzahn anymore. That’s why he was gonna be the head coach.
  8. Justin Ferguson just wrote an in-depth article on The Athletic showing we’re we stand at each position. It’s a good read if you’re a member. Not sure how much I can put on here and not get in trouble, but I will say he has 16 offensive lineman listed with one unsigned commit (Jonathan Buskey).
  9. As it should be.
  10. You’re questioning motivation, are you serious? I was in the stands in 2012; I know what unmotivated players look like, this ain’t it, bud.
  11. The obvious point I’m making is there is value in beating Bama and knocking them out of the playoffs, which is where this conversation started 20 pages ago. The idea that the players should’ve just layed down and let Bama beat us so that we can get a new coach is asinine.
  12. There was no counter proposal, that was a stupid rumor that had no credibility.
  13. It’s not a weird agenda, as long as he’s the coach I’ll support him and the team.