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  1. rophle

    Poll: Where do you stand with Gus?

    He’s shown that he’s capable with the right personnel; he’s beaten Bama twice during their current dynasty, and that doesn’t happen by accident. I know this season hasn’t lived up to anyone’s expectations, but due to the stupid extension and buyout he’s gonna be around a while so we need to support the program. I do think the past two weeks have been a total cluster and the person who should be held accountable is Leath with his total lack of leadership.
  2. rophle

    Allen Greene comments

    That was before the stupid knee jerk contract extension.
  3. rophle

    Allen Greene comments

    Gus is not going anywhere this year, you all need to understand that and get over it. 32 million plus the staffs buyouts and then 10 million for the new coaching staff is too much money; I don’t care how many deep pocket supporters we have, that’s too much money. Chip is going to be the sacrificial lamb and buy Gus another year or two, after that if there isn’t a 10 win season then he’s gone.
  4. rophle

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Gus isn’t going anywhere, Chip is going to be the sacrificial lamb that gets him a couple more years.
  5. rophle

    Zac Etheridge

    I had shoulder surgery about a year ago at Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze and while I was in the recovery room Zac was in there too for knee surgery. My wife said he and I had a really good conversation in our post surgery anesthesia drunkenness.
  6. rophle

    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    Too much money for me. Bought 4 at $150 a piece for Washington that’s all I can spend on big games for the season. I’ll probably go to another couple of cupcakes when tickets will be practically given away.
  7. rophle

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Where are these refs from?
  8. rophle

    Tiger Walk

    Anyone have information on when and where Tiger Walk will be?
  9. rophle

    Are we wearing Blue or White vs Washington?

    Are the fans wearing a certain color; Navy or Orange?
  10. I see this as a positive, hopefully this is a sign that we will use our tight ends in an entirely different way. Maybe actually use them as a weapon instead of just blocking.
  11. rophle

    Dameyune Craig fired

    Saban had him as a GA at LSU and a ST coach at Miami, not exactly a ringing endorsement of his QB coaching abilities. not trying to argue, but if he was a great QB coach he'd have been given other opportunities by now.
  12. rophle

    Dameyune Craig fired

    Fair or not, a coach is judged by results and his aren't good when come to on the field matters.
  13. rophle

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    My complaint is that he acted like we had a great season because we didn't finish almost last in the conference, which is where he said we were predicted to finish. We should never be predicted to finish almost last in the conference, especially in his 4th season.
  14. rophle

    Men vs. Mercer - Game Thread

    College basketball is tough to watch at times, I hate all the stoppages.
  15. rophle

    ESPN's SEC Preseason Power Rankings

    Until we start beating good teams again, you can't really argue with us being ranked this low.