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  1. I’ve been saying that for a while now, we used to be different and special but not anymore.
  2. Fair enough, I’m not getting into a who knows who pissing match; but someone I trust said he wasn’t as close to getting fired last year as most people think and also there’s just a slim channce he’s fired this year.
  3. Just anonymous fan on a message board like everyone else on here. Just because I don’t post much doesn’t mean I don’t know anything; but, I don’t expect you to hold my opinions any higher than I hold yours.
  4. Millionaires yes, billionaires no.
  5. Good luck getting bob stoops when he sees how we treated Gus
  6. Who is a billionaire that donates to Auburn?
  7. Whose word are we taking on that, Brandon Marcelo?
  8. It was well-known speculation; not fact. How many people that we’re gonna actually write the checks came out and said they wanted him gone?
  9. Maybe they’ll hire Christobol since we know Gus is a better coach than him.
  10. I’m not smart enough to be a bot
  11. I guarantee Bama ain’t hiring another Mike Shula when Saban retires.
  12. Haha, nah I’ll pass; but I’ll read the abridged Cliff Notes if you want to throw them out there.
  13. He has an overall record of 44-53. He got out coached and beat by a high school coach that everyone wants to get rid of. He has worked for Saban, which means he will never beat him (Entering the 2019 season, Saban is 16-0 against former assistants, beating them by a combined score of 650-220. That’s an average score of about 41-14 in those games.) And, he has absolutely no connection to or desire to come to Auburn, someone please explain to me why we’re so obsessed with him.