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  1. I’m out of this conversation, I have no idea what you’re talking about
  2. 45!? That’s more than we used to get with Tubberville when there wasn’t a 25 scholly limit.
  3. Must not have been a good one 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Good recruiter? Wasn’t he on staff when we didn’t sign a single player in February?
  5. Impossible to lose?? It was impossible to win after the sanctions Pete left them with. Kiffen’s only mistake was taking the job right before the sanctions hit
  6. That’s where I graduated from, so I love the school; auburn football is just an added bonus
  7. Kirby Smart was a coordinator for a long time before he became a HC and that worked out okay for Georgia; however, so was Brent Venables and he seems to be a total flop so far. The point is you never know, so pick the best guy available and see what happens.
  8. You really think Pres Roberts is gonna have a clue if he’s right or not?
  9. According to Wikipedia, grimes started his coaching career at the high school ranks. No thanks, we don’t need to go down that road again.
  10. Why hasn’t anybody mentioned Venables? He was a favorite of most on this board a while back, and his time in Oklahoma might be short. Or maybe even Cristobal?
  11. If blue chips start coming because of the NIL, then they won’t care who the head coach is
  12. But isn’t that what everybody thought Gus was gonna do?
  13. The best OL coach in the country couldn’t make this line much better. They’re physically not capable of playing at an SEC level. I’m not saying he’s a good coach, but he shouldn’t shoulder all the blame.
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