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  1. Have 2, 1/2 way up on east 50 yd line. best in stadium. next to student section. $120/pair
  2. Pair for sale 1/2 way up east side lower deck,50 yard line. best seats in stadium $100/pair wellsfs@yahoo.com, or 334-412-2280
  3. 50 yard line 1/2 up in lower east side. best seats in stadium, $120/pair , obo, 334-412-2280,wellsfs@yahoo.com
  4. 120 acres in north Dallas County, 15 to 35 yr old hardwood timber, 14X40 new furnished Fema trailer, two barns, water, power, food plots, deer ,turkeys, lake site, great surrounding landowners. $1475/acre. e-mail wellsfs@yahoo.com
  5. I also went quail hunting with Coach Dye when Mike Shula was just starting out as bama's coach. At breakfast the first morning, I asked Coach Dye what he thought about Coach Shula. He looked up at me from his bacon and eggs and said"I think he's cute". I said ,"No Coach. I mean do you think he will be able to make it at Alabama." And he said, " Not if he can't beat Auburn". Smart man.
  6. Can someone explain what the REC is?
  7. seems coach saban was seen sitting next to Barry Sanders Jr at a bama basketball game. I'm sure he had no illegal contact, and they never spoke.
  8. Glendale and Phoenix Stadium had no idea of what was coming. They obviously have never seen SEC or AU fans before. The stadium is surrounded by a security fence with 3 small gates for 75,000 fans to get through at one time. The body seaches for liquor(?) would make the TSA proud. Heaven forbid if someone brought a minature in to a stadium where they sold alcohol! And after the game the same 75,000 fans had to cross a 10 foot bridge to get to the post game area. One 10 foot bridge! Arizona needs some Auburn engineers (even a bammer engineer could have seen this chaos coming) Unbelievable!
  9. Premium Tickets called me tonight and reported that they cannot supply me with the 4 tickets that they guaranteed on December the 4.I already have airplane tickets and hotel rooms. I have no recourse except to say, NEVER buy anything from Premium Tickets if you expect tickets. They are a bunch of low class SOBs who will stab you in the back to make a bigger profit. Anyway, if anyone has or hears of 2-4 tickets for sale, please let me know at wellsfs@yahoo.com. My son and I are AU graduates, and I would still like to take him if possible. War Eagle
  10. How do I see the original post or article that the message boards are committing on ?
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