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  1. aubcali

    HUGE opportunity today

    If Auburn loses, it's not the end of the world. 😉
  2. aubcali

    Anyone talk to Gus

    Yes, I talked to him. He's says it's all a big misunderstanding. He thought it was the end of the world last Saturday with Planet X Nibiru. He put on his red sneakers at half and decided to call his last game during the 2nd half. He was shocked that the world didn't end by the end of the game. That's why he proclaimed the game wasn't the end of the world at his post game presser -- he was being literal. He feels silly about it. Don't worry, everything is all good now. No more worries. A big misunderstanding.
  3. aubcali

    My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    It's bad. Even Chuck Person is thinking -- at least I'm not Gus right now.
  4. I don't know at this point with the play calling especially at an away game with a desperate team and coach.
  5. Fire Gus just like USC fired Lane Kiffin. Don't let him on the bus...
  6. Thank you. I'll take the short term recruiting hit. If Gus can't win with this talent, Auburn will not win any championships in the foreseeable future.
  7. aubcali


    I agree, but Louisville is the only team (imo) that can beat them on the schedule. I think they are on a relatively easy path to the playoffs.
  8. aubcali

    Hurricane Harvey

    Prayers with you guys in Texas. Let us know if there is anything we can do.
  9. aubcali

    2018 4* S Smoke Monday (AU 7/11/17)

    Huge. Good news!
  10. Wait -- Golden Corral has a cheese fountain?
  11. aubcali

    2017 QB thread (Merged)

    Worst case scenario: Stidham decides to quit and transfers to LSU. White's arms are cut off in a freak boating accident on Lake Martin, but doesn't tell the coaches. Gus doesn't notice that White has no arms and doesn't take him out against UGA. UGA wins 2-0. New AU President Bobby Lowder gives JJ a ten-year extension.