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  1. FWIW.

    I agree, but Louisville is the only team (imo) that can beat them on the schedule. I think they are on a relatively easy path to the playoffs.
  2. Hurricane Harvey

    Prayers with you guys in Texas. Let us know if there is anything we can do.
  3. Wait -- Golden Corral has a cheese fountain?
  4. 2017 QB thread (Merged)

    Worst case scenario: Stidham decides to quit and transfers to LSU. White's arms are cut off in a freak boating accident on Lake Martin, but doesn't tell the coaches. Gus doesn't notice that White has no arms and doesn't take him out against UGA. UGA wins 2-0. New AU President Bobby Lowder gives JJ a ten-year extension.
  5. AUbritt

    Britt is heading to the airport. He's flying off to get married to the rich neighbor's daughter his family wants him to marry, but he is not really in love with. Dixie will have to hurry to the airport before Britt catches that flight!
  6. Chip Lindsey new OC

    I've been recaulking the bathtubs. Did I miss something?
  7. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    If true, time for the meltdown thread to come back.
  8. He's taking an OV to New Mexico.
  9. ***Auburn 7 Georgia 13 - Postgame Thread***

    Horrible coaching instincts on offense. Lashee did not help White with his hurt shoulder. Empty backfield on third and shorts? Defense played great. I put this game on Gus and Lashlee's shoulders.
  10. So Rick Neuheisel...

    Completely agree with this.