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  1. In Westwood? Are you talking about Falafel King?
  2. Should I stop using AltaVista? 🤷‍♂️
  3. I’m not crazy — thanks!!!
  4. Tangent here — Anybody see the “What’s Happening?” episode when Rerun is talked into illegally recording The Doobies in concert? Yes, this random, but I basically had a flashback to my early childhood. My wife is questioning my sanity and doesn’t believe me, but I remember. I think. 🤔
  5. He’s from Sugar Hill, GA — he’s a lot closer to his family. You guys will find this kid is a baller with no give up in him. A lot of you guys will be pleasantly surprised. Great pick up for AU.
  6. Dominant performance. I was in awe watching McCreary play today. If he wasn’t on a NFL’s team draft radar, he is now. That is all.
  7. It wasn’t a great game for Nix, but I put this game on Bobo. Didn’t like the offensive game plan. Learn and improve. Hopefully, they can close out the season strong. Elmer T. Lee will help me get over the disappointment tonight. War Eagle!!!
  8. I thought Bird played in the NHL.
  9. If the last name is Manning, I’m good with it.
  10. He’s a hero. Would love to do a biopic or doc about him and what he had to endure.
  11. The Auburn football season can’t begin soon enough.
  12. Get the Texas cheesesteak melt with hash browns smothered and covered. That’ll put a dent in his pocket.
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