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  1. Florida's defensive line coach left for the Dolphins today and he did tweet about it earlier.
  2. Hope the best for the kid, he seem like a really good kid with a great family.
  3. Darius Slayton is in the studio with Godwin. Could be a good thing
  4. CeCe has really kept people on their toes throughout his entire recruiting process. Anything can still happen
  5. This weeks poll and the final poll will be much different if Auburn wins out. Im just leaving it there.
  6. IMO if Miss St. or Ole Miss are undefeated and there is a one loss SEC team like Auburn, Bama, or Ole Miss then I think two SEC teams will be in. I just cant see a one loss team out of the SEC making the bid over a one loss SEC team. So that being said a one loss Auburn should make it in. Our schedule is way toooooo tough to not be playing in the playoffs as long as we win out. We have to win first though! Also every week seems to be mixing up the playoff picture. So just as long as Auburn takes it one win at a time then I see the season evolving well for our Tigers.
  7. You'd better hope Ole Miss and Alabama keep winning or Auburn's so-called strength of schedule won't mean didley to anybody. If those losses are within the west then it shouldnt hurt us that bad. Out of conference loses will hurt us though. Lets just say if Miss State and Florida state wins out, then they are both obviously in. Now if Auburn wins out, that would most likely mean 2 teams with one loss will make the playoffs. Now do you really see two other one loss teams getting the bid over Auburn?????
  8. We lost to a top 3 team on the road.... We are in the toughest conference in the nation and we arguably have the toughest schedule in the nation. This loss did not knock us out of the playoffs at all. We just need to win out.
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