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  1. Same crap that has been going on for decades. The political party in power spends most of their time fighting to defend their position against the other party that wants to be in power. There is never any effort to find some middle ground to do something in the best interest of the country. The next four years will be trying to make the Republicans look bad so that the Democrats can be in power again and when they get in power they will have the Republicans trying to make them look bad. It has been a long time since congress and the executive branch worked together to try to make this country great again. Neither party seems interested in compromise or doing something productive.
  2. It seems likely the RB that commits to AU is the one that is planning to attend BC Weekend. I don't see RTIII on the list, but I do see Mr. Martin.
  3. Wow, nice response. A lot of recruiting has to do with the school you are at and who you are competing against. Muschump and T Rob were pulling in great recruits at UF, really good ones here and lesser ones at USCe. I doubt they will get ANY recruits that Bama or LSU want (UGA or AU for that matter). They are still great at recruiting and coaching but they will not get the 5* players to USCe because it is USCe. They need to get the good 3* and 4* players and coach them up or get lucky with the hidden gems that are out there. I think the good recruiters are ones that can evaluate HS talent and project their potential as college players that others, including the recruiting services, are not able to see.
  4. Yeah, I know I should be grateful that we have all those wise people in Washington that know what some dumb hick from Alabama like me needs more than I do. It should be so peaceful to me that I don't have to worry about anything because all these people smarter than me will tell me what to do. Sigh....
  5. I don't understand why the government needs to be involved. Why force someone to buy something they may not want or need. There is no insurance for food, housing, transportation and other basic needs, yet everyone probably needs some subset of these to live. They have jobs and pay for them, just like they should do for healthcare. There should be an option to buy catastrophic insurance if one wants to protect themselves from some unusual healthcare event, much like you can buy flood insurance or hurricane insurance.
  6. So Eugene2Auburn?
  7. His quote was "I never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign," he said in a statement. "I have no idea what this allegation is about. It is false." I have read nothing that can dispute that statement. How can someone prove what one's intentions are? A lot of people trying to derail the country. Nothing new, been going on for decades by the party out of favor whether D or R.
  8. Even two weeks ago, Trump’s claims were highly dubious. Now consider what we have learned in the last 24 hours. “Three weeks before Election Day, Donald Trump Jr. left the campaign trail and the country to speak at a private dinner in Paris organized by an obscure pro-Russia group that promotes Kremlin foreign policy initiatives and has since nominated Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize,” ABC reported. Then CNN reported that J.D. Gordon, a former national security adviser to Trump, attended an event with the Russian ambassador at the GOP convention. Trump national-security advisers Carter Page and Walid Phares were there, too. And Jared Kushner and Mike Flynn met with Russia’s ambassador at Trump Tower in December. One can imagine non-nefarious explanations for all of these meetings. USA Today’s writeup of the Cleveland RNC event makes it sound especially innocuous. But they inevitably create suspicion when they directly contradict bygone untruths told by the president and his team; follow Manafort and Flynn resigning over matters related to Russia; concern a president who will not release his tax returns; and dovetail with a dossier that alleges alarming ties between Trump and the Kremlin. Look again at Trump’s words from his press conference: “I have nothing to do with Russia,” the president said. “To the best of my knowledge no person that I deal with does.” That is bull****. Among many other things, Russia’s ambassador clearly made a concerted effort to interact with many on the Trump team and succeeded spectacularly. Nor do the contradictions end there. On CNN, Jim Acosta reported more about his phone conversation with J.D. Gordon. “Gordon said he was part of the effort pushed by the Trump campaign to put some language in the GOP platform that essentially said that the Republican Party did not advocate for arming the Ukrainians in their battle against pro-Russian separatists,” Acosta related. “He said that his is the language that Donald Trump himself wanted and advocated for back in March at a meeting at the unfinished Trump hotel here in Washington D.C. J.D. Gordon says then-candidate Trump said he did not want to ‘go to World War III over Ukraine,’ and J.D. Gordon says at the Republican convention in Cleveland he advocated for language in that Republican Party platform that reflected then-candidate Trump’s comment.” Read the rest of the article at: How would you suggest someone prove they are innocent?
  9. Well, it is wrong what ISIS and Al-Qaeda and others that build their lives around a war of terror and destruction upon the innocent people of the world. Maybe they should do what is right and give it up and we wouldn't have to detain these soldiers of war anymore. I don't see any reason to release them until this war is over. They will just go back and start killing innocent people again.
  10. Just hold them as prisoners of war. No need for a trial, no need for torture or inhumane treatment. Seems like a simple solution.
  11. If we get an early signing period, it may change how recruits and coaches handle their decision process. I think it will add some interesting situations to an already interesting process.
  12. It seems like prisoners of war are held until the war is over. During that time, I don't believe that they are normally given a trial. Perhaps at the end of the war, some are tried for war crimes.
  13. Wow, so many good RB prospects this year. It must be challenging for the coaches to rank who they want the most. It may come down to first ones to decide they want to play for Auburn.
  14. I have read where many of the Obama staffers are trying to hang onto their federal jobs because they can't find other jobs and while they despise working in the Trump administration, they have little choice. Is that "fake news"? Probably, but it could relate to some of those leaks you refer to in your Goggle Search. There are a lot of federal workers that are afraid of losing their cushy jobs if Trump follows through on his campaign promise to drain the swamp. It is possible they have an "agenda", too.
  15. That is a good analogy and I would probably take it seriously in your example. Now let's suppose the football reporter is Thayer Evans. Now, I would question his agenda. We may disagree on the bias of the media and that is fine with me. I realize that a lot of people believe what the mainstream media publishes and they believe they have no agenda other than providing news for the benefit of all.