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  1. The SEC

    I was under the impression we were now running Chip's offense and Steele's defense. Much like when CGC was head coach, we ran Gus's offense.
  2. Sounds like we should just ban free speech since it is clear whenever someone says something, it offends someone else. Or maybe, just ban the free speech of those we disagree with. Of course, I want to keep my free speech, but you need to give yours up. People always want to shut down those they disagree with, be it republican, democrat, white, black, christian, atheist, islamic, rich, poor, and on and on. However, it might be much easier to ignore what others have to say. There are already plenty of laws that prevent any kind of violence on each other.
  3. I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    Or maybe a big, ugly elephant! Most are running along beside it, ready to jump back on 'just in case' they were wrong.
  4. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Visiting LSU this weekend!
  5. Fun Fact

    3 against Saban...hahaha
  6. Pettway vs. Clemson

    Clemson was getting gashed by Bama until their RB got hurt. I expect CCL has watched that game a few times in preparation and we try to do the same thing. Bama lost because they got away from their game plan. Also, Watson was unbelievably good. Glad he is gone.
  7. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    All I would say is go bet your house and everything you can borrow on Clemson then. If you are that sure they are going to blow us out, you will be rich enough to buy out Gus's contract and get the coach of your choice here at Auburn next year.
  8. Weekend Visitors - AU vs GSU

    If he is half the player his big brother is, sign him up!
  9. KJ injury update?

    Maybe you missed the GT QB running the ball 40 times and playing almost the entire game. If there is a problem, which I doubt there is, it is conditioning. If a player isn't ready to go, he can raise his hand and come out of the game.
  10. Georgia Southern Game Report Card

    Is it possible that a lot of these plays were RPO plays that JS chose the run because that is what he was reading from the defense?
  11. Pick the winners

    Going out on a limb with those picks.
  12. triple option will present challenges

    Exactly! Put the QB on the ground every play. Best way to defend the option. Wear him out!
  13. Who is Auburn's 2nd toughest opponent?

    That new coordinator was fired from NCST 2 years ago, so it is not like he is some offensive genius.