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  1. It is their 6 year old brother.
  2. Clemson CB Andrew Booth Jr. rides bus, not plane, after throwing punch Very Classy!!
  3. Any teams we have played lately that would deploy a similar defense?
  4. Passes on third and long that are picked off, could actually be better than some punts. A pick on a hail mary at half time in the end zone or to end the half are meaningless, but look bad on the stat sheet. A pick 6 returned for 90 yards as you are about to score could be devastating. So who can answer the question without more information"
  5. Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr - 6 months??
  6. Yea, because no one is drinking at an Auburn game. There are probably more empty liquor bottles in the stands after a game than empty glasses or hotdog wrappers. Of course, only the big spenders in their luxury boxes are allowed to have alcohol legally, everyone else has to smuggle it in.
  7. I wish they would get rid of the rule that lets you double dribble in the last 2 minutes of the second half or overtime.
  8. Gary Patterson makes over $5M a year coaching football!! It is no wonder he doesn't want to change anything about college football. I imagine most of the head coaches want to keep the gravy train running as it is now. Coaches walk away from contracts all the time and stiff the school and don't give a dang about the "student-athletes" they leave behind. Oh yeah, and they don't have to sit out a year before they coach at another school. Why is that? The coaches lie and deceive 18-year-old kids during recruiting and then when they get them signed, they can treat them however they like. If the kid wants to transfer, he has to sit out a year. How is that right for the kid you are so worried about Gary? If you treat them fairly and are honest up front with them, they probably won't want to leave, but if they do, wish them well and hope they succeed wherever they go. Athletics is about learning sportsmanship, competitive endeavors, and having fun, right? It should not be about winning at all costs and screwing the students over as the coaches get super rich!
  9. So if some religion in the US adopts the American Flag as a religious symbol, would that mean it could no longer be flown on government property? Seems rather subjective to rule out any religious symbol just because it was adopted by some religion. Next thing you know, someone will object to MLK holiday because he was a minister.
  10. He needed to go to a team with two footballs. He will not be happy playing with all the talent they have at WR.
  11. Well, when he was calling the plays, we scored more in the 1st Half than any other SEC team scored in their entire bowl game!
  12. LOL that he would pick UG when they just had arguably the best HS dual-threat QB in the last decade and he wants to leave because their OC had no clue how to utilize him. Oh yeah, and the bogus racism issue too.
  13. I imagine they could go back to college on a football scholarship, much as professional baseball players are allowed to go back to college on scholarship. Most of them would be athletic enough to play somewhere on the team.