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  1. So if some religion in the US adopts the American Flag as a religious symbol, would that mean it could no longer be flown on government property? Seems rather subjective to rule out any religious symbol just because it was adopted by some religion. Next thing you know, someone will object to MLK holiday because he was a minister.
  2. He needed to go to a team with two footballs. He will not be happy playing with all the talent they have at WR.
  3. Well, when he was calling the plays, we scored more in the 1st Half than any other SEC team scored in their entire bowl game!
  4. LOL that he would pick UG when they just had arguably the best HS dual-threat QB in the last decade and he wants to leave because their OC had no clue how to utilize him. Oh yeah, and the bogus racism issue too.
  5. I imagine they could go back to college on a football scholarship, much as professional baseball players are allowed to go back to college on scholarship. Most of them would be athletic enough to play somewhere on the team.
  6. The same number the next guy, whoever he is will win there. - zero!
  7. He looks like he could be a good OT, pretty quick for a big guy and has a bit of a mean streak. Seems like he would have more upside there if he worked at it. Don’t know if there is any interest there.
  8. Well, I did hear that he was knocked out by a LBer, they cleared the bench and the QB was threading the needle.
  9. He should go to JC where he can play a lot and develop his skill base. He would be a huge Free Agent the following year. Could end up like Murray at OU this year. It was a major mistake to go to UG and sit on the pine.
  10. FMPOV, popularity being defined as the favor of a particular group of people, in this case the judges. The winner is the most popular amongst the judges (whoever they might be) - like the Heisman, Academy Awards, Coach of the Year, MVP etc - Typically when there are judges involved, they are subjectively selecting a winner. As opposed to being an objective measure, such as the fastest person in the 100 M at a track meet, which would not be a popularity award. I don't know how Elite 11 is named, it may be objective or subjective.
  11. He went to PSU from Vandy with the Backstabber, but your theory still holds. His Texas bio highlighting his top 5 recruits has CA listed first and NB is also on the list.
  12. What award isn’t a popularity contest? It states on the site. ‘Poll results will not be a factor in final selection.’ This is for high school achievement, not who has the best college football potential. Be happy for the kids. Congratulations Bo!! It is quite an achievement to be singled out as a candidate over the thousands of guys that play high school football!
  13. At least you can take a hit, and not run away like a coward or fall apart like a bale of hay like your two friends.
  14. Wow, really?? I do speak for myself. Secondly, I thought most of the world was in agreement (except Trump and a few right wingers) that there was global warming, so I don't get where you say a few? That seems like a large majority of the people of the world. If only a few hundred million Americans and a few hundred Europeans ACTED, it would make a significant impact, I would imagine. It just seems like a lot of people what to complain about what other folks should do, but when it comes to doing anything about it, they sit on their hands. It is similar to the folks who bellyache about why taxes should be higher, but don't ever think they could just double on their own payment to the government on their own free will. (Warren Buffett comes to mind, but there are a lot more that whine about tax cuts, but don't feel strongly enough to act on it.) I would hope they aren't a bunch of sheep that have to be told what to do by the government!