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  1. LakeBum

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    I believe Coe was a state wrestling champion. Those guys are in terrific shape, quick and always strong for their size.
  2. Auburn 50.5 point favorite.... o/u is 59.5 so Auburn 62 ASU 3
  3. LakeBum

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    Some RBs come into college thinking all they have to do is tote the rock. They have no interest in blocking, learning to block, who to block or even think they should be blocking those big DL. When they find themselves riding the pines for a year, the light may come on and they see the way to play is to do learn to do the tough things in life. It is hard to make someone do something they don't think they should be doing.
  4. LakeBum

    Top Flips Targets

    All you have to do is look at the top 10 and you can see that it is already true!
  5. LakeBum

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    I would imagine we do. It is clear to other fan bases that we acquire players by paying. (see Cam Newton) I don’t think the coaches want to know about any of that business. They need to be able to use the Sgt. Schultz defense to compliance and NCAA to keep their very high paying jobs.
  6. LakeBum

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    BBC - Big Buckeye Club..... every successful college football program has something similar to the REC. You need these guys to acquire the necessary talent to make the teams successful without involving the coaches. They keep the coaches from getting in trouble and aid players when they can to cover up small issues like being arrested for DUI and carrying an unregistered firearm. Teams that have weak or no booster clubs are the ones that have no chance to win NCs. They would be the ones outside of the top 20-30 in recruiting. Bitcoin and crypto money has made it so easy for them to send incentives to players' families with little chance of tracing it. Pretty clear that UG has upped their payroll, and would expect to see UT following suit, as well. They learned from the master.
  7. LakeBum

    expectations for 1st fall scrimmage

    He can’t wear pads due to NCAA regulations because he started practice late to attend his brother’s wedding, but he can do 7x7 work.
  8. What does Worm think about blocking some of these big, nasty defensive linemen? Are they teaching him special techniques to block them without getting crushed? Please let us know if he gets to run with the 1s in practice. I am expecting BIG things from him during his Auburn career.
  9. Not sure there will be many KO returns with the new rule in place.
  10. LakeBum

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    You can ask that question of just about any coach! Including the one across the state.
  11. LakeBum

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    Bret is a consultant with the Patriots and ole Les may want something to do. Maybe one of them wants to come back to the SEC and make amends.
  12. In keeping with the theme of this discussion, I would suggest we have a maximum of 5 years in jail for any crime. This would reduce costs significantly vs incarceration for 30 yrs, 40 yrs, life or the death penalty, significantly reduce size and power of government, be very pro-life those committing these acts (not so much for the victim, but for those that are dead anyway, not much you can do for them anyway), and reduce the cost of the judicial system dramatically. A big reduction in the number of prisons and jails. It would be way more humane not to keep people locked up for a long time.
  13. LakeBum

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Wow, how long are you guys going to keep beating on that dead horse?? 26 backs each had over 230 carries last year. 3 of them were QBs. How many teams have a 2, 3 or 4 5* running backs on the team besides UA and UG? They are the exception to the rule. They have to share carries or those guys would be transferring to somewhere where they can get on the field. Any coach is going to play a 5* RB, even if they have to rotate them. Most teams don't have them. Auburn had two really good RBs last year. One decided to take the year off and the other got hurt on a freak play in the last game of the season. I am hoping we see the Worm turn this year and we can keep our RBs healthy and ready to play.
  14. LakeBum

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    I guess rules prevent us from hiring Cadillac as an assistant, analyst, or off-field coach if Cain wants to play here?
  15. And here's to you, Mr. Robinson Auburn loves you more than you will know Wo, wo, wo Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey