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  1. Does Bear Bryant ring a bell, belle?
  2. His buyout is $27M, so I would say that is a no way!
  3. And you are basing this on you expert analysis of high school talent across the country or on some random dufus that makes a living writing about high school kids??? Please explain how you know so much about high school talent and how these kids will perform in college that you can criticize others. Maybe you should be a professional recruiter instead of a wanna be internet know it all.
  4. It is humorous to me that we can criticize the police force for inadequate actions, while putting up with our federal, state and local government officials that continue their impersonations of "Heckle and Jeckle" !
  5. Cutting police budgets is a great start on balancing local budgets. As long as we have the second amendment, we don't need nearly the number of police we currently have employed by governments throughout the country. Of course, politicians being politicians, will want to spend money saved on other frivolous, unnecessary programs rather than reducing taxes.
  6. Don't agree with Trump on much, but getting American troops home would be a great thing for us. We don't belong in other countries - cutting the defense budget would be a small start toward fiscal sanity.
  7. I imagine there will be some big holes to run through with the offensive linemen 6 ft apart and defensive line 6 ft from the line of scrimmage.
  8. I agree. It will take at least a year to get a vaccine that has been thoroughly tested. Until that point, we need to keep everything shut down. One thing I would like to see is Congress pass a temporary bill to eliminate passenger cars from all roads and highways. This would allow truckers to deliver food without worrying about people out driving that should be at home. Essential workers should be on a 2 weeks at work, 2 weeks at home. They could be transported home every 2 weeks by bus. There should be plenty of city buses and school buses available. Keeping people at home would have the added benefit of saving over a million lives a year from traffic accidents and significantly reducing our carbon footprint. After a year, electric and hydrogen cars and buses could be allowed on the roads, if the vaccine has proven to be effective.
  9. I guess some have missed my point. It is not to downplay how serious CV is or how awful it is for those that die from it (or have lifelong complications). Rather it is to highlight how deadly the flu is and how many people will say don't compare CV to the flu because the flu is, well, "just the flu". I was one of those that thought getting the flu was no big deal, just an inconvenient week of feeling weak, coughing, fever, etc. I would get over it and while not pleasant, I went on with my life. I never once thought, geez, I could die from the flu! The only reason I starting getting the flu vaccine every year was to avoid the inconvenience. It wasn't until CV hit that I did a lot of research and found how deadly the flu really is and yes, it too can have lifelong complications after you recover. https://www.health.com/condition/cold-flu-sinus/flu-long-term-effects I had no idea a half a million people die from "just the flu" every year. I was astonished by the numbers and really had trouble believing it. Then again, I was flabbergasted to learn that over 1 million people die every week of the year. At the end of the day, if you are sick, stay home. No matter whether you have CV or "just the flu".
  10. That is just in the US. Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year. That is an average of 25,000 to 50,000 deaths per month. So far, CV deaths in the world stand at 31,000 over 3 months, so it is not close to the number of deaths due to the "regular flu". (Aside: No one seemed to panic or shut down things because 300,000 people were dying of the flu every year) Not that deaths are good, but so far, CV is not killing more than the regular flu does each year and we don't have a vaccine for CV yet. Interestingly, on average, 150,000 people die in the world EVERY DAY!! That is about 1 MILLION deaths a week! This may help put the 30,000 CV deaths in perspective.
  11. Not sure what the big controversy is with this case. If the sentencing is not what the president thinks is just, he can always pardon the guy. If folks aren't doing their job as they see fit, then shame on them. Quitting your job is pointless. It is like taking your ball and going home if you don't like the rules or the outcome.
  12. Only real question is Was it the Russians or the Ukrainians? This is the stock question to ask when you don't win.
  13. Just to illustrate how hard it is to predict who will turn out to be a great offensive tackle based on how they were in high school, Here is ATHLON Sports 2019 NFL Tackle Rankings with their 247 HS Ranking 1. David Bakhtiari, Green Bay - 2 Stars 2. Mitchell Schwartz, Kansas City - 3 Star 3. Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams - 5 Star 4. Ryan Ramczyk, New Orleans - NO Ranking 5. Terron Armstead, New Orleans - NO Ranking 6. Lane Johnson, Philadelphia - NO Ranking (QB in HS) 7. Tyron Smith, Dallas - 4 Star 8. Joe Staley, San Francisco - 2 Star 9. Taylor Lewan, Tennessee - 4 Star 10. Jason Peters, Philadelphia - 4 Star (as a WDE)
  14. They could have skipped the last mind-numbing weeks and voted on this a month ago. The results were already predetermined. Everybody is going to vote along party lines. Same with the Senate. They should just put it to a vote and don't waste weeks of "testimony" that will not change anyone's mind or how they will vote. This is all a huge waste of time and done to placate their constituents and pretend to be someone important. I guess, since we have zero legislators in Washington that want to work with "the other side, that they wouldn't do anything anyway, but they should have all gone home and started campaigning to get re-elected, which is their primary goal anyway.
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