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  1. Time of possession is approx. 2 to 1 Louisville. Auburn O only had possession 11:31 in 1st half.
  2. Maybe off topic, but does anyone know the uniform situation for the game? Is Auburn expected to be dressed in blue or white?
  3. Malzahn and Muschamp. M and M! Me likey! Would love to see this. Enthusiasm and solid recruiting - both much needed on D at the moment.
  4. To the OP I am in Charlotte (Concord) and have Time Warner Cable and I get the SEC network - watched USCe and TA&M earlier tonight. Channel 384.
  5. I agree with the sentiments expressed in the article. What a mess. This leads me to another related and serious ongoing concern. Is it fair to assume that the poor athletic department leadership is also the primary reason we have never seen any attempts at public relations to defend or rehabilitate our reputation in the national sports arena? As we just learned in the recent presidential campaign, unanswered negative attacks do influence peoples perceptions/opinions, regardless of whether or not they are based in truth. Is anyone else annoyed like me that our universtity has never attempted to rehabilitate our reputation? I don't know if the athletic department is responsible for public relations efforts. If they are, I will be looking forward to significant improvements in this area - at least equal to what we all hope to see in the rest of our athletic operations.
  6. I feel the same way watching other teams. South Carolina is another good example. We have outrecruited them every year that Chizik has been HC. Just watching the game tonight makes me realize how far behind we have fallen with supposedly better talent. Something has to change after this year.
  7. Updated on BSPN is that De'Vinner told BSPN that the booster (Herring) "told him he provided benefits to "five or six" Missisippi State athletes".
  8. I have been noticing threads / posts with what seem to be incorrect time stamps. For example, there are multiple threads that started earlier today with PM time stamps. I am in Charlotte, NC. Is this something caused by a setting that I need to update or are others seeing the same incorrect post timestamps? By the way, I came over with merger and love this site. Keep up the good work everybody!
  9. Be patient folks. This was the first scrimmage - lots of time to bring it together.
  10. Does anyone know what constitutes a "Soft Verbal" status on Scout? The reason I ask is that one of our recruits was given that status a few years ago. Sorry, but I can't recall now who it was. Tray Matthew has recently publically announced he will make a "decision" in August. Why is this not cause to push him into the "Soft Verbal" status? For what its worth, the same thing happened with Reuben Foster - he was never given the soft verbal status.
  11. I noticed on one of the kickoffs against Georgia that our returner (Mason, I believe) was hit very hard by a Georgia defender. It appeared on the replay that the Georgia player had his head down and launched himself helmet first directly into Mason. Did anyone else think as I did that the technique used may have been an illegal play? I seem to recall that the announcers mades some comments about that being similar to hits we took in the LSU game on kick offs. However, they did not comment about whether that type of hit should be flagged for unnencessary roughness. I watched part of the Utah State vs BYU game earlier this year and saw the hit that got the Utah State defender ejected from the game. The hit on Mason was every bit as bad as that on the BYU receiver, if not worse. Is the head down, leading with helmet type of hit only called out when it happens against receivers making a catch - or punt returners making a catch as in the Vanderbilt game when the Arky defender was flagged? Sorry for the wordy post but I was a little surprised the hit on Mason was not even discussed by the announcers as a possible penalty.
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