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  1. 2015 5* DE Byron Cowart commits to AU!

    This is my thought as well.
  2. What's that called? The exercise where they are laying on a their back pushing the weight up and down? Not sure! I wonder if we should ask Yox?
  3. Russell looks like he can get the job done! Like most things though, we will just have to watch and see as time progresses.
  4. **uat game thread**

    Regardless of how today turns out and how much Verne expresses his love for Saban, I will support Auburn 100% and cheer for them for all the years ahead!
  5. Auburn at Ole Miss game thread

    Sammie has the right to speak aloud now.
  6. Auburn at Ole Miss game thread

    SL playbook this drive....Run for 10 yards. Run for 15 more. WAIT we haven't run Wildcat! Wildcat -5 yards! Sounds legit to me,
  7. Auburn at Ole Miss game thread

    Defense...STOP diving at legs!!
  8. Auburn at Ole Miss game thread

  9. Auburn at Ole Miss game thread

    Ok Scott. Running the ball is working. Keep those play calls going
  10. Auburn at Ole Miss game thread

    Ole Miss pretty much made the statement to "Keep up or go home"!
  11. Auburn at Ole Miss game thread

    Wow, we just let the QB walk by us
  12. Vote for Aubie!

    Georgia Tech 351,000 votes to Aubie's 159,000!? I don't see that ugly mascot with a trunk to vote for, so I'm guessing about 350,999 are not Georgia Tech fans.
  13. AU vs MSU Game Thread

    Blake's field vision is awesome. He knew where his blocks where and followed them perfectly!
  14. AU vs MSU Game Thread

    Tre Mason is explosive!!!
  15. I read on another board

    Not one of my favorite 30 StM songs. Last year I listen to this song on my way to the games: Lyrics are good for hype, but I think the tempo would have to increase to get the crowd going.