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  1. If there was any question Stidham should come back to school, I think this answers it. He’s nowhere close to being ready for nfl
  2. Auburn always seems to send out opposing coaches with wins as they retire or leave for another school.
  3. Does Arkansas still want Gus after watching this? Can we pull a Tennessee and rip up Gus “contract”?
  4. This UCF team gave up 700 yards of offense to Memphis. I just don’t understand this.
  5. If that was the only issue, there are too many to count today
  6. I’m at a loss for words how unprepared this team was across the board. $7 million a year for this.
  7. For 7 million dollars, 10 win seasons should be the low end every year.
  8. Gus was outcoached, period. Don’t buy into this emotional spent nonsense. It’s the SEC championship game. If you can’t get up for that you don’t need to be on the field. UGA and Kirby wanted it a lot more and you could tell. Gus could have easily squashed Arkansas but he didn’t. Players still don’t even know if he’s staying, say what you will but that continues to be a distraction. I’ve seen the Jekyll and Hyde persona of Gus. Sometimes he looks like a genius and other times he looks like the worst coach I’ve ever seen. He needs to go to Arkansas. Auburn can and will do better than this.
  9. Yeah I clearly don’t. Many other insiders who have pointed him to Arkansas don’t either I guess. Get a clue.
  10. Anyone still want to bash me for saying Lane Kiffin would be a great choice? Yeah his team just won a championship and he could do the same at Auburn. Auburn should think about snatching him up before someone else does.
  11. So it takes a genius to see something other than abysmal coaching and nothing close to heart? Really?
  12. Gus to Arkansas. Gus owes Auburn an apology he checked out before this game started
  13. Or maybe others who don’t demand excellence ought to be ashamed
  14. No it’s called being a realist. Being family sometimes is showing tough love and Gus just isn’t a very good coach. Arkansas can have him. Lane Kiffin would be a much better coach
  15. Gus is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He’s being outcoached by Kirby Smart big time
  16. No, You can talk till you’re blue in the face. Backing it up are two different things and this team can’t do that
  17. Embarrassed is not even the right word. This is beyond pathetic how there is no heart or champion mindset on this team.
  18. Offsides? Are you joking? Have to beat UGA and the refs now. Unreal