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  1. macus23

    Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Six Flags over Georgia. Sitting in the bar and grill.
  2. macus23

    Nova won't fly this season

    I love watching them both. Nova and Spirit have very different flights during pregame. Nova typically has a short flight because when he sees the bait, he dives towards it from a relatively high altitude and attacks it. Spirit on the other hand will soar around the stadium for a longer period of time. When she heads toward the bait, she swoops in closer to the ground. Greatest pregame on earth.
  3. macus23

    A Question for those "in the know"

    Nice diagram and explanation. My personal observation on the matter is that Duke was indeed supposed to run the corner route, and the outside receiver was going to step back behind the line and fake a pop pass/screen. This would have pulled the corner up, playing man to man, and cleared that zone for Duke. Duke's defender was playing him to the inside (as he should in man to man), so Duke would have had an easy path beating him to the corner. Also, if you take a look at the video of Rhett talking to JJ, you'll see his left hand suggest a corner route, and his right hand coming back as if to suggest the pop pass/screen route. Btw, I am NOT in the know. This is just my personal observation only.
  4. macus23

    New Scoreboard - Construction Progress

    Did they have the foresight to design enough gap between the bottom of the scoreboard and the top of the stadium to accommodate our opponents footballs that get tossed out after their extra point kicks?
  5. macus23

    For the Supersticious

    I think its bad luck to be superstitious...
  6. macus23

    Onterio McCalebb closes on Bo Jackson

    Hey Stat. Long time no talk to. Omac gets it done in 2012.
  7. macus23

    And We're Back!

    rrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR Eagle, HEY! Man, I'm outta breath! I've been holding "WAAAAA..." for a week waiting for the Eagle to land. Great to be here. Great to see some familiar names in this thread. Can't wait to meet the rest. WDE!
  8. macus23

    Auburn Eagle, Goodbye Ole Girl

    Been a great place to get some facts and have some laughs. I used to post a few times per day, but I had to cut way back once my career demanded more of my time... such is life. But, I still checked in every day. Its been part of my daily ritual for a few years. Gonna miss this particular site but at least its not a permanent goodbye. See you guys over there. WDE!
  9. Celebrity Sponsor??? Sorry Weegs
  10. macus23

    Mr. Frazier is coming.

    Size wise, he reminds me more of Reggie Slack...
  11. macus23

    It's coming

    I voted "Is It Real" because vests have arm holes, bicycles don't. There aint no bones in ice cream. duh...
  12. macus23

    Wade Christopher inside joke?

    Wade Christopher already has the iPhone 12
  13. macus23

    Best Defensive Performance

    1957 National champs: 10-0 Gave up only 28 points all season No rushing touchdowns I know this thread is about single games, but this HAD to be mentioned. WDE!
  14. macus23

    Orange facemask!

    Looks like a giant trailer hitch... of champions! Any idea of the size of the truck bumper that fits?
  15. macus23

    Favorite .gifs of all time thread!

    Incomplete list without this one...