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  1. Put Ronnie Brown in the booth.
  2. I nearly took Coach Oliver's head off with a wayward tee shot on hole 18 at the Willow Pointe golf course on Lake Martin back in 2014. He heard me yell fore and turned around about the time my ball landed within 5 feet of him. I caught up with him at the clubhouse to apologize and he was laughing about it. Then he told me a joke that I can't repeat here and then went on about his day. He was a pretty cool guy.
  3. Prime and Pearl... PERFECT!!! Just imagine these 2 personalities together promoting Auburn. I say let Bruce go recruit Prime.
  4. Another from recent past, Will Hastings. He came to Auburn as a kicking specialist and ended up as a dependable receiver who could beat you deep with deceptive speed, or beat you by running crisp routes with great footwork to get open.
  5. Not only are we missing an 11th player, the WRs are lined up wrong in this photo. The slot receiver on the left is covered up by the wide-out, making him ineligible. Yes, the wide-out is a little further back than the slot, but he is definitely on the line of scrimmage. He is at the same depth as the LG and LT. I would have to replay the game to see the result of this play, but alignment issues and playing with only 10 men on the same play points to their position coach. You play how you practice.
  6. Keep the same OT format. However, the PAT is actually a field goal of 35 yards for the first OT. Then move the kick back 5 yards for each additional OT. If both teams miss the kick, then the first team kicks again from 5 yards closer, followed by the second team. If they both miss again. Repeat the alternating kicks from 5 yards closer. If they both make the kick, then OT resumes as normal, moving the PAT back 5 yards per OT period.
  7. A bald eagle named Clark attempted a pre-game flight at the Cotton Bowl. I don't think Clark was ready for prime time. Perhaps he can walk on at Auburn to learn from Spirit and Nova? (Copy feature was blocked, so I couldn't paste content) https://sports.yahoo.com/bald-eagle-goes-rogue-starts-landing-notre-dame-fans-start-cotton-bowl-212723954.html Clark the eagle made a few pitstops at the Cotton Bowl following the national anthem.
  8. Six Flags over Georgia. Sitting in the bar and grill.
  9. I love watching them both. Nova and Spirit have very different flights during pregame. Nova typically has a short flight because when he sees the bait, he dives towards it from a relatively high altitude and attacks it. Spirit on the other hand will soar around the stadium for a longer period of time. When she heads toward the bait, she swoops in closer to the ground. Greatest pregame on earth.
  10. Nice diagram and explanation. My personal observation on the matter is that Duke was indeed supposed to run the corner route, and the outside receiver was going to step back behind the line and fake a pop pass/screen. This would have pulled the corner up, playing man to man, and cleared that zone for Duke. Duke's defender was playing him to the inside (as he should in man to man), so Duke would have had an easy path beating him to the corner. Also, if you take a look at the video of Rhett talking to JJ, you'll see his left hand suggest a corner route, and his right hand coming back as if to suggest the pop pass/screen route. Btw, I am NOT in the know. This is just my personal observation only.
  11. Did they have the foresight to design enough gap between the bottom of the scoreboard and the top of the stadium to accommodate our opponents footballs that get tossed out after their extra point kicks?
  12. I think its bad luck to be superstitious...
  13. Hey Stat. Long time no talk to. Omac gets it done in 2012.
  14. rrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR Eagle, HEY! Man, I'm outta breath! I've been holding "WAAAAA..." for a week waiting for the Eagle to land. Great to be here. Great to see some familiar names in this thread. Can't wait to meet the rest. WDE!
  15. Been a great place to get some facts and have some laughs. I used to post a few times per day, but I had to cut way back once my career demanded more of my time... such is life. But, I still checked in every day. Its been part of my daily ritual for a few years. Gonna miss this particular site but at least its not a permanent goodbye. See you guys over there. WDE!
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