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  1. Prayers please

  2. Prayers please

    So sorry to hear this, @bigbird. Keeping y'all (especially James) in my heart and prayers.
  3. Franken Resigns

    Good riddance!
  4. Why Roy Moore Matters

    'Diseased' is the right word for anyone who thinks that way
  5. Why Roy Moore Matters

    I'd have thought the failed attempt to 'sting' the post with an impostor accuser would have put that story to bed ....
  6. Why Roy Moore Matters

    Interesting. The one that blows my mind -- and tests my faith in my fellow human beings -- is that 71% think the allegations are false.
  7. Why Roy Moore Matters

    Well, I think it's less than 100%. I have some faith in my fellow human beings. I think some will vote for Jones, some will write in another name, and some will not vote at all. Whether that's enough votes to keep Moore out of the Senate is another question.
  8. Why Roy Moore Matters

    Really what I think we're seeing is a character test. How much are Republicans willing to compromise their beliefs to retain power in the Senate (or the Whitehouse, for that matter).
  9. Why Roy Moore Matters

    The end justifies the means...
  10. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    Sorry, I wasn't being precise. Bama getting into the playoff is a bit of a joke. From the perspective of an Auburn fan, the joke is on us, since we beat Bama. I think they are a good team.
  11. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    We had our destiny in our own hands, but it's hard not to feel like an injustice was done, given that we beat Bama and UGA. Not too excited about our bowl game, either. Could be worse, though. We could be Ohio State and get left out after winning. I have absolutely no problem with UGA being in. Bama is a bit of a joke, although I do think they're a really good team. Probably the fact that Oklahoma stomped Ohio State factored in; but it shouldn't have (at least not enough to let Bama in). We stomped UGA, after all. Wish we and Wisky had won. Bet the Committee does, too. Hard to be much more in the mix than playing 3 of the 4 and beating two of them, though.
  12. I think we will beat Bama. It's not often I go into that game feeling that way. But I do now. That's a big change from right after the LSU game. We finally played the way I feel like we could. Now I feel like we should play that way.
  13. Iron Bowl Kickoff Time Set

    You may just need to listen to it online.