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  1. Buffalo New Mexico State UTSA USC TCU Toledo Troy Georgia Tulane Boise State Michigan Clemson 45
  2. Except for @bigbirdand @augolf1716, of course...
  3. Arkansas Florida State Alabama Georgia Clemson Kentucky LSU Tennessee Ole Miss Texas Kansas State Washington North Carolina Tulane Ohio State Oregon Notre Dame 45
  4. Caddy looks good out there. Whatever happens, this game already feels better. War Eagle!
  5. I am close to this. Prime Grimes tied for #1 for me. I'd be thrilled with either. The one guy I don't want is Freeze. I would even take Lane over him, and I find Lane to be a bit of a punk. He's gotten better with age, but not much.
  6. No inside information here, but that sounds like sour grapes to me. Oh, you want to go to Auburn? We didn't want you, anyway. (Ignore that we just offered you a raise and the longest extension allowed under Mississippi law.)
  7. No offense to the OP, but how is this thread different from the one posted by @Malcolm_FleX48 a little while ago that got merged into the coaches thread?
  8. Hang tough, Golf and everyone in Ian's path!
  9. The answer is 'no'. There is no way we would have been better off losing the game. Based on today's performance, it's unlikely we'll be seeing too many more wins this season. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
  10. Crazy game so far. Arky was going in for a 2-td lead, Jefferson fumbled, and aTm returned it 80+ yards for a TD
  11. Bo led a go-ahead TD drive with under 2 minutes remaining, including running for the 2-point conversion. Oregon just got a pick 6 to seal the win. Congrats to Bo.
  12. Unless we improve dramatically, we have at most 1 more win remaining this season.
  13. Honestly, I'm shocked at the support Lane is getting. I would about a million times more rather try Prime.
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