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  1. I kept waiting to hear Harsin's take on Bo. Did I miss it?
  2. I hate the big TV. It totally changes the game experience, for the worse, imo.
  3. Would a football only barber shop specialize in bowl cuts and fades?
  4. Sounded to me like Pitman was focusing on basic lifts like deadlift and squat, which is fine if you want to focus mainly on strength; but that Russell had many more innovative approaches to strength AND conditioning AND overall health.
  5. Agreed, but that's also what has me encouraged about Harsin. Sounds like he could be the right coach at the right time (or maybe late, but better late than never).
  6. The work ethic comments stood out to me, too. I suspect that's why Caddy was retained.
  7. I guess I heard it differently this time because it came directly from the mouths of players and from their perspective. It's one thing to read posters talking about Gus's passing routes lacking sophistication, hearing that Gus was paranoid and narcissistic, and so on. For me, anyway, it was shocking to hear from players how all that played out and had such a negative impact on them in terms of both their performance at Auburn and their preparation for the pros. It's kind of surprising we won as much as we did under Gus.
  8. Listening to this podcast made me both angry at Gus and hopeful about Harsin. I can't believe that he didn't care enough about the players to teach them what they needed to know about football. It's shocking and disheartening. It's also bodes well for the future that the program is in for a culture change. Hearing those linemen talk about position players not working out hard is horrifying. The only thing that was a slight letdown about the future was what they had to say about losing Russel as S&C coach. Every other change sounds positive. Thanks for posting it, @ValleyTige
  9. This is just smart thinking for our fanbase. We need to expect the worst even if we hope for the best. It will give us time to adjust and Coach Harsin time to make things happen the way he wants to.
  10. Just assumed, based on OP, that this is what I'd see when I opened thread.
  11. Mapple horpay? Mapple horpay? Hmmmmmmm ..... Maybe, just maybe, it's pronounced like the syrup (maple) and the awesome athlete (Jim Thorpe). Maple Thorpe. Robert Mapplethorpe.
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