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  1. The answer is 'no'. There is no way we would have been better off losing the game. Based on today's performance, it's unlikely we'll be seeing too many more wins this season. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
  2. Crazy game so far. Arky was going in for a 2-td lead, Jefferson fumbled, and aTm returned it 80+ yards for a TD
  3. Bo led a go-ahead TD drive with under 2 minutes remaining, including running for the 2-point conversion. Oregon just got a pick 6 to seal the win. Congrats to Bo.
  4. Unless we improve dramatically, we have at most 1 more win remaining this season.
  5. Honestly, I'm shocked at the support Lane is getting. I would about a million times more rather try Prime.
  6. Clearly Nick Saban really wants to coach at Auburn.
  7. I picked other because I couldn't pick more than one option. I'd be interested to see Grimes or Deion, and I know those would mean totally different things for Auburn football. I'd also be ok with Stoops, when I'm feeling patient.
  8. Auburn South Carolina LSU Mississippi State Georgia Ole Miss Kentucky Baylor Oregon USC Texas Oklahoma Ohio State Alabama Tennessee Arkansas Clemson 44
  9. OC: Kiffin DC: Kirby RB: Caddy WR: Dabo OL: Grimes or Cristobal DL. Garner LB: Venables DB: Sanders
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