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  1. Well, that's a straw man. But compare Obama to Zuckerberg's defense of Holocaust deniers today. I'm a huge supporter of free speech. But someone needs to do better than Mr. Facebook to defend it.
  2. Honestly, I'm more interested in why Republicans (not the politicians, who are mostly corrupt, but good people) continue to support the lies. I mean, it's completely obvious at this point that Trump is totally in Putin's pocket. Can anyone really not see it at this point? So what's the explanation for the continued support?
  3. AUbritt

    Constitution question

    Sorry, been distracted and busy. Yes, the amendment process is how changeability was written in. Agree with @bigbird
  4. AUbritt

    Constitution question

    The framers of the Constitution wrote changeability into it. They clearly recognized that they were men, not gods, and so both fallible and correctable. Judges don't have the power to change the Constitution. That's part of the design. So, the correct answer, given the options stated in the OP, is 'somewhere in between'.
  5. AUbritt

    McMaster Gone

    How do y'all feel about Bolton? Here's one scary take.
  6. AUbritt

    Who Brought NK to Negoiatig Table?

    Bringing in Bolton puts a new twist on this. Not sure this is just posturing ....
  7. AUbritt

    Russia and Trump

    Turns out Guccifer 2.0 is ... wait for it ... a Russian agent. Now, who would've suspected that?
  8. I'm with you and wish regulation were not the best or most likely option. Smart people should be able to get themselves out of FB's clutches or at least figure out when algorithms are manipulating them.
  9. AUbritt

    Russia and Trump

    Trump is really a double-agent working in the interests of the United States. It just looks like he's betraying us. How else can he gain Putin's trust? Oh, you forgot that he had time to call and congratulate Vlad on his 're-election'. Wonder whether he gave him a hard time about not just making himself president for life?
  10. Took him long enough. I suspect he is really ignorant of how powerful his platform and he himself have become. Either that, or he doesn't care to know, since it's not power, but profit he's after. It will be really interesting to see whether Congress decides to regulate FB.
  11. Y'all know it. Just divest and admit it. Love y'all.
  12. AUbritt

    Prayers please

  13. AUbritt

    Prayers please

    So sorry to hear this, @bigbird. Keeping y'all (especially James) in my heart and prayers.
  14. AUbritt

    Franken Resigns

    Good riddance!