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  1. Thanks for posting these. I just watched the highlights, not the whole game. Offense looked pretty good, especially passing. Of course, not many points scored, so it's interesting that there were so many offensive highlights. I really hope we throw more to Tank this year. Finley looked good in the highlights. Ashford looks like he would have been amazing in our 2013 offense. Geriner seemed like he was only looking right, other than the unsuccessful 2-point try. Is that accurate, or is that because those were the catches, while all passes over the middle or to the left side of the field were incomplete?
  2. Not sure why I can't like your post, but I agree.
  3. Totally, we need to learn from this, and I think we will. Just saying that we ought to be happy with and celebrating what's going on with our basketball team. I think we can win it all this year. We are an awesome team! Let's just keep it all in perspective and enjoy what we have.
  4. I mean, I am pretty upset about football and all that jive. I am pretty dang happy about basketball. We lost a game? A GAME? We are in good shape here, folks. Enjoy it.
  5. Man, so many of y'all sound like salty, entitled Kentucky fans. Let's be cool and enjoy what we got with our basketball team without turning into azzholes.
  6. Totally agree. They were so ready, and they played exactly how they needed to in order to win. Now, let's learn from that and make sure it doesn't happen again.
  7. Guess I haven't gotten into the whole Kentucky-esque thing. We played, we saw, they conquered. Give the other team some credit and learn from it.
  8. Arky was great this game. Y'all should give them credit.
  9. Sorry, I watched the game. We maybe didn't play our best, but Arky played great. Give them some credit!
  10. Arky played a great game! We lost. Not my preferred outcome, but let's learn from it!
  11. SIAP, but I found this article on Matt Rhule to be an interesting read. To be honest, it doesn't sound that different from what Harsin has been trying to do already.
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