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  1. Muschamp 👎 Steele 👍 DD
  2. Plus Bo. Also, given the negatives swirling around, I'm thinking we kicked butt.
  3. Cheribundi sounds Australian. Like they need a kangaroo with an Aussie accent, like the gecko for Geico.
  4. Routing for them in this one vs. NIU. Looks like a well-coached team.
  5. I posted this on the basketball board, but thought maybe it would get more views if I posted a link here. It's Auburn and media-related, but not football. It's still a great story everyone should read. Warning -- it's a tear-jerker!
  6. Hope folks find it here. Now that we're a basketball school, I figure it's got a better chance to be seen. 😐
  7. You have got to read the rest of the story. Get some tissues ready.
  8. Not sure why you got downvoted for posting this. I think he looks great. Very positive, excited when they do well, emphasis on details and getting better.
  9. This is bound to go down in history, whether next season turns out good or bad. If the former, it will rival 'War Eagle!' (maybe, but not really, but maybe like 'War Damn!'). If the latter, it will rival 'War Eagle, anyways'.
  10. Just posting the only link I could find. It was news to me that he turned down the job. As an aside, if -- I said if -- what NGA said is true, then Gus should just be his own OC. Period. Hire a QB coach. There is absolutely NO reason to hire an OC not to do anything. This whole situation is just stupid. Leath should be getting blame for it, IMO.