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  1. PowerOfDixieland

    Proposed Baseball Rule Changes for 2019

    How in the hell does a pitcher throwing from the wind stand with his "free foot" behind the front edge of the rubber? I assume the intent is to outlaw the hybrid wind, which will jack up some pretty good pitchers, but the wording is going to have to be changed on that one.
  2. PowerOfDixieland

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    I think the Bryce Harper model applies here.
  3. PowerOfDixieland

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    I am the biggest of Steven Williams fans, but he is not a great receiver and struggles to block. He is a hitter first, foremost and always. And we need that beautiful left handed swing in the line up every freakin' day.
  4. PowerOfDixieland

    Jeremy Johnson Transferring

    Johnson was a Golloway flyer...most likely to get "in" at 6-4-3 Baseball Academy. That was actually one of his better ideas. I don't believe Williams is the answer behind the plate, long term. I think he will be best suited in RF or 1B at the next level. Probably too big of an arm to waste at first.
  5. PowerOfDixieland

    bama Reports Minor Violations

    You keep telling yourself that.... "Don't waste any time with cheap shucks and misdemeanors." Amiright?
  6. PowerOfDixieland

    Stidham gets engaged

    Here's to beautiful babies.
  7. PowerOfDixieland

    how about this auburn tiger?

    My money's on these guys.....
  8. When the product is greater than the sum total of all the parts the coaching has been pretty good. For perspective on just how ridiculous this season was.... 2018 SEC Baseball Coaches Preseason Poll Eastern Division Florida - 91 Kentucky - 74 Vanderbilt - 72 South Carolina - 50 Georgia - 41 Missouri - 32 Tennessee - 25 Western Division Arkansas - 90 Texas A&M - 72 Ole Miss - 62 LSU - 59 Mississippi State - 44 Auburn - 38 Alabama - 20
  9. PowerOfDixieland

    4 Make Freshman All American Team

    Belle knows.....
  10. PowerOfDixieland

    Jay Jacobs Hired by UF

    He is significantly less than that.
  11. PowerOfDixieland

    Davis Daniel to return for his junior year

    Paging @Tigerbelle.....
  12. PowerOfDixieland

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Gates (1B) should have bailed way earlier and not even been in the vicinity. Shaddy (2B) let desire override priority...Cole (RF) should have taken over that play.
  13. PowerOfDixieland

    Auburn Baseball Summer League Update

    Some of these leagues are far better than others in terms of competition. Pretty sure I could get a few hits in the Sunbelt League .The fact that so many of our guys are playing in the CC league is huge.
  14. PowerOfDixieland

    Thompson's contract extended to 2024

    Quite simply... AS IT SHOULD BE.
  15. PowerOfDixieland

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread