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  1. Wouldn't mind if the rain shows up again this afternoon and pushes this game to Thursday.
  2. 9-1 Auburn. Davis Daniel moved up a day after Mize couldn't go ("minor arm discomfort"). Went 6 1/3 gave up four hits, one run and struck out 8. Offense had 13 hits, including 5 doubles and a triple. Oh, and did anybody mention they all cut their hair?
  3. They never stopped.
  4. Ole Miss is so loaded with talent...number one signing class in the current group of Freshman. In fact, the natives are getting restless with Mike Bianco in Oxford (and oh by the way his son signed with LSU). They really have no business losing three to us, but I'm hoping we get red hot again and get to 17 conference wins.
  5. Mowins was given a Monday Night Football play-by-play assignment the first week of the NFL regular season. Partnered with Rex Ryan. ESPN continues to do stupid things.
  6. The way the coach articulates how the rules apply is dumber.
  7. I have held my commentary regarding your posts as long as I can. You have got to be the biggest dumbass this board has ever seen. That's going some...seriously do you have a double digit IQ? You should find some other group of 18-22 year olds who are much more to your liking.
  8. A guy who is a caricature of himself, an eighty something year old with obvious stroke related issues putting on college mascot heads and having the likes of Desmond Howard laugh his ass off at him is a national treasure? Whatever....
  9. KT threw that pitch to Papierski, but being a catcher I put at least half the blame on Blake Logan. He has been really good behind the plate for four years so I'm not beating him up, but when Thompson threw over to first about a dozen times Logan should have gone to the mound to jerk him back to reality. That was a kid hitting just over .200 (not to mention from his much weaker left side) that hit a ball just over 330 feet that wound up being the game winner. This program still has to learn to get to the place of complete mental focus. I seriously believe they are giving 100% of their physical effort on every play and I for one can gladly live with that.
  10. Probably need to bunt more
  11. Jonah Todd still giving everything he's got. Takes second with two out in the ninth.
  12. It's the toughest division of the toughest league in the country for a reason. No quarter given.
  13. Yep. For those that may have doubts, that play proved these guys are putting it all out there to win. Three guys trying to occupy the same space at full speed to catch a foul ball.
  14. Going to the ninth, got to get it going guys. Down 5-3.