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  1. PowerOfDixieland

    Tate Martell Transferring

    Is it wrong to hope he struggles? Asking for a very close friend.
  2. PowerOfDixieland

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Failure is the greatest motivator I’ve been exposed to. Without any accountability it’s a non-factor and “issues” just get kicked on down the road for someone else to deal with.
  3. PowerOfDixieland

    Oregon Game Time

    Advocare Classic website showing August 31st. Has to be true if it’s on the internet, right? http://advocareclassicfootball.com/the-game/future-matchups
  4. PowerOfDixieland

    Bama departures

    I’m thinking the 49’ers steer clear for some reason. Just a guess.
  5. PowerOfDixieland

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Effing coaches, mine did the same thing....
  6. PowerOfDixieland

    DeShaun Davis accepts NFL Combine Invite!

    Heart of a lion tiger....go be ferocious in Indy and beyond, DeShaun Davis.
  7. PowerOfDixieland

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Trying to figure out how to like this twice....little help here for a greenhorn?
  8. PowerOfDixieland

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    YES, YES, YES!!! The emotional distress clause of the transfer rule... that’s it. Not to mention the pass protection requirement; betcha’ a million bucks that was never mentioned during the recruitment process. Damnit......
  9. PowerOfDixieland

    Mike Gundy - Oklahoma State

    $5 Million puts him in the top ten highest paid college coaches, and second highest paid in the Big 12. 13 seasons Gundy has had OSU finish in the AP top ten once. Football program runs middle of the Big 12 in terms of profitability I really like the guy, not knocking him at all. I think the mullet says a ton about his character (obviously doesn't take himself too seriously). Not to mention what lengths he'll go to promote the other athletic teams in Stillwater...he's the kind of coach I would have loved to play for. https://www.businessinsider.com/25-highest-paid-college-football-coaches-in-the-country-2018-11#10-scott-frost-5000000-16 https://pistolsfiringblog.com/big-12-football-schools-ranked-by-revenue/
  10. This is just the beginning....we could potentially have two or three pitchers make all conference, two or three position guys and a DH. If we repeat with four guys on the all SEC freshman team I'm going to Omaha.
  11. PowerOfDixieland

    Mike Gundy - Oklahoma State

    It hasn’t mattered much either way. Lol.
  12. PowerOfDixieland

    Mike Gundy - Oklahoma State

    Contract was extended through 2023 and will make over $5 Million this year. I really like him but he ain't worth that....wondering if Jay Jacobs is consulting with the Pokes on this? I'm telling you it would be miserable to be an Oklahoma State fan.
  13. PowerOfDixieland

    Bama departures

    That report is being denied now...by Jacobs I believe.
  14. PowerOfDixieland

    Bama departures

    Assuming Q Williams is gone (likely top 5) and he will be hard to replace. They could potentially lose a ton on defense. As always with the coaches it's the chicken/egg complex relative to the talent they have to work with. Hoping the WR's experience a drop off with Gattis leaving.