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  1. Checking in with some dates and updates (Coach Thompson feed....) ABCA Assistant Coach of the Year – Karl Nonemaker Coach Nonemaker has been named the 2022 American Baseball Coaches Association NCAA Division I Assistant Coach of the Year. He is Auburn’s first assistant coach to earn the recognition, and we could not be prouder of who he is and what he means to this program. Coach Nonemaker will be honored at the 2023 American Baseball Coaches Association in Nashville, TN on January 6. Fall Games - The Tigers will host two fall games in 2022. Both events will be non-ticketed. The first fall game will be against Louisiana Tech University on Saturday, October 15th at 1:00pm. The second fall game will be against The University of Alabama on Friday, October 28th at 6:00pm. We hope to see you at Plainsman Park this fall.
  2. We're so not there yet with Harsin...are we? L.O.L. Anything (absolutely anything) for a rush these days.
  3. Jimmy freakin' Rayne. If we're gonna' go, why not go big? Just turn the whole dadgum thing over to him, I would assume he'd pea his size 60" pants to take it.
  4. No chance any game in the last five years and for the next two or three years qualifies as "the biggest" anything....
  5. And if your aunt had balls she'd be your uncle. Your point? If anybody thought we wouldn't suck loudly this year, you weren't paying attention 'round about February of this year.
  6. Get used to this. I know you're on it, but for those that aren't aware, Butch is the man....
  7. Baseball season was always the easiest from an academic perspective. Instructors were more than willing to work with players. It was fall that was a beast, nearly killed me....
  8. Yeah, I had forgotten how messy that one was.....
  9. A four game series is tough on everybody except the regulars who get a ton of AB's. The way this one started out, Butch had to be worried about torching the bullpen in game one, Armstrong, Skipper and Burkhalter had to combine for 150+ pitches but got things settled and finished the job in good fashion (especially with the free passes). Pitching is going to have to be waaaaay better this year than last.
  10. And is a testimony to the value of the transfer portal. Whether it was Gus or Malik that wasn't going to budge, the player needed to find a coach who believed in him and that he could trust in terms of committing all out effort to. Worked out beautifully for Willis...and for those who love redemption stories, it's inspiring.
  11. Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing,? Got his whole freakin' suitcase laid out right there in the street and pulls out some garment still brand new in the bag and gives it away...who does THAT??? Compassion on whole different level.
  12. Pretty cool...he's the epitome of a gentle soul.
  13. You got that right....great coach and even better human being. I'd love to see Allen Greene give him a lifetime contract as well.
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