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  1. interesting to see all the white guys on the field for an HBC university. My son who is a white kid played travel ball at 15 for a mostly black organization, Atlanta Blue Jays, and absolutely loved it. Culture and coaching was so different to what he was used to. Played up (16U) at a PG event at Jet Blue Park and lost a double header the first day after an all night bus ride. Pulling into the hotel his coach told them "most of you guys need to just go on up to the top floor when we get in...go ahead and jump off". The next day I found a video with him in his boxer shorts running windsprints in the parking lot at about 2:00 am for being up after curfew talking to girls in the lobby. Those coaches were very passionate, and didn't coddle.
  2. I am just now seeing all this. From the play by play transcript it looks like FAMU was unbelievably aggressive early in the counts. I assume looking first pitch fastball strikes, which I believe we threw a ton of in the GW series. Klobosits and Anderson got lit up like the Fourth of July. This was one our guys could have easily given up on...way to show some mental toughness staying in it even late.
  3. You're not the only one in that boat. However, if it took this long to level the charges at them (and, as stated above, no mention of the Tunsil allegations) I would assume another two or three years for this case to play out.
  4. Looking like Hugh Freeze really was as stupid as portrayed in The Blind Side.
  5. Starting to find out what we got. 3 out of 4 to start the season ain't bad. Hard to stay focused for 36 innings of baseball in just over 48 hours, no matter what the age group. Anybody got anything on the D Rob injury? Gotta' say I was a little surprised to see Thompson trot him out to the mound but he looked like a stud getting out of the jam. I thought that experiment might've been over with the shellacking he took this summer. Lots of opening weekend losses in the SEC...Dawgs came within a whisker of getting swept by College of Charleston. Ole Miss is already on a roll.
  6. Kid came in believing everything he had read. Pitching at a high level is not just throwing hard. What I am absolutely certain of is that he is in one of the best proving grounds and learning from one of the best teachers available to him. And, as previously stated, a blow up in late February in his sophomore season is of very minor consequence. He will get it.
  7. No, Sprinkle came unglued in the ninth. Gave up 3 singles, a double and had two wild pitches. Tagged with 4 earned runs and the loss. He will learn from this one, he's got way too much talent to pitch like that very often.
  8. So you have a problem with the NFL taking a stand against incoming employees having a record of violent crime? Or just this particular crime or criminal? I have no problem with the rule, in fact they should apply it to all current employees as well.
  9. This should be Saban's man.... “Dear person who reads Nick Saban’s emails, Once again I am reaching out in interest for the open job of OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR/PERSON WHO REFUSES TO RUN THE DAMN BALL IN A WAY THAT PLEASES ALL PEOPLE. As I am sure you remember, I also reached out in interest when Coach Kiffin resigned to be a club manager in Boca. I must say that I find myself slightly frustrated that I wasn’t given ample opportunity to enhance my resume between openings. For the love of God people, it was 3 weeks. Similar to anyone looking for a job opportunity, I often have to er…enhance my resume. For example, a 119 rushing yard performance may be rounded up to 350. My ruler skips directly from 3 inches to 7, if you catch my drift. However, I can unabashedly state that I will not have to exaggerate on this resume. I have a better career win percentage at my middle school than Coach Sarkisian had at the University of Alabama. As a matter of fact, I have more than 10x the wins than Coach Sark was able to tally as Offensive Coordinator. Not only have I managed to tally more Ws, but I also have a lower percentage of boogers ate on national television. I also have been drunk on an airplane less than my predecessor, although it is worth noting that the only time I have flown was when my father placed me in an overhead compartment to “minimize the family’s expenditure.” I feel as if the University of Alabama offers a unique opportunity. I already have a gameplan in place that will improve on what Coach Sark started. For example, I noticed that the roster on RollTide.com shows more than 1 runningback. I’m sure Coach Sark’s short turnaround caused him to miss this fact, but I am already prepared. I also want to bring an innovative approach to the offense by only using bubble screens. My passing philosophy is “If it’s past the line, that sh*t ain’t fine.” I also plan to recruit sumo wrestlers as slot receivers to effectively run pick plays. Apparently that’s how things are done now. I can only hope to follow in the steps of a man who’s offensive play calls in the second half cost him a championship. Coach Sark was able to use this approach to replace Kyle Shanahan, a coach who’s offensive play calls in the second half cost him a championship. I’ve gone Negan on two televisions this year. Unfortunately, Lucile is the name of my dog. I look forward to hearing from you, tjelliott12″
  10. Confirmed by the state senate today as an at large member to the Auburn University Board of Trustees. What an awesome role model for our young athletes. War Damn and congratulations "Q"!! http://www.oanow.com/news/local/alabama-senate-confirms-new-auburn-university-trustees/article_8d488418-eee3-11e6-8c5a-07590bffccb5.html
  11. SEC west in baseball is significantly tougher than the SEC west in football. They can finish dead last in the west and still easily make the tournament. Should be 8-10 SEC teams qualify every year.
  12. His son is a 2019 grad at Auburn High School. Apparently started some for the football team as a sophomore and Coach Chizik didn't see him play a down. As he stated "It's time for me to walk the talk". That, my friends, is a real man in every sense of the word. Much respect.
  13. Spring football practices start February 28th and finish up with the A Day game on April 8th.
  14. Why do you have this overwhelming compulsion to respond to every frickin' post? More than once. Sometimes it's better not to respond than...never mind.
  15. Yeah.... Saban: "We just lost our 5th offensive coordinator in ten years." Battle: "That's ridiculous Nick, we need to get stability at such a key position. You're about to hire your third OC in less than a month?!!" Saban: "Just can't figure out what's going on, or how to stop the revolving door there." Battle: "I'm going to contact a search firm to give you a hand, maybe there's something you're just not aware of." Saban: "Bill, that's a great idea, so glad you're still here for another month to help out!"