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  1. Fortunately the NCAA selection committee won't use that as part of their criteria. 14-16 and #8 in the toughest conference on the planet will speak volumes. RPI is currently #19 and with that there is absolutely no way they will be left out. And, oh by the way, strength of schedule is #1. Even still, we will be limping severely into the big tournament...I hope we don't get anybody else hurt in Hoover.
  2. Red Stick is certainly hell, but that pitching staff may be their worst ever. They throw strikes less frequently than we do
  3. Sorry, wasn't an attack...just emphasizing nothing comes easy in this league. Absolutely nothing is given.
  4. You saw last night, right? That's a top 5 team with two guys on the mound throwing harder than most in the big leagues....
  5. The first two were nowhere close. Neither was the third.
  6. After last night, today was more than a gut check. Georgia has got some huge power arms on that staff and some how our offense went toe to toe with them. And that BADASS Bull.....
  7. I would take that today...Russ Chandler is as benign a place to play as anywhere in the country. I have lived in Atlanta for 30 years and been to many regionals with the overriding thought being it's a lovely place to play...just lovely. It was also my first road game as a bullpen catcher in the spring of 1984. Coach Nix always had to have the pre-game meal at The Varsity.
  8. Unless we go 4-2 against UGa and LSU or make a run to the SEC tournament finals, I don't see us being a regional 1...just too many better SEC teams that will be. Edit: Surely I read that wrong're thinking we'll be at a non-top 8 regional as a #2 or #3, yes? We've got to have two more conference wins at the very least. That Georgia offense is going to score a bunch of runs and LSU might be looking to make a statement towards hosting. This league is just freaking brutal.
  9. Williams went from looking like absolute dog s*** on the three pitch strike out in the seventh to the guy with the most beautiful swing in college baseball in the eighth. Gabe's just got to get him stay in on pitches like the no doubter....
  10. "He's obliterating his minor league competition so far." Exhibit "A" for his former mound mates as to what throwing strikes will do for you, 32 strikeouts and 2 (TWO!!!!) walks. And that splitter....
  11. Nonemaker is the unsung hero of Butch's staff currently.
  12. Danny Etling 2018 (7) LSU Jacoby Brissett 2016 (3) NC State Jimmy Garoppolo 2014 (2) Eastern Illinois Ryan Mallett 2011 (3) Arkansas Zac Robinson 2010 (7) Oklahoma State Kevin O'Connell 2008 (3) San Diego State Matt Cassell 2005 (7) USC Klif Kingsbury 2003 (6) Texas Tech Rohan Davie 2002 (4) LSU
  13. Count me in as well, this kid is just an absolutely fantastic person. Pretty damn good linebacker also. I pull for all our guys, this one is just a little bit special to me for what he's been through and how gracefully he's handled it...he didn't get bitter he got better.
  14. There are some really strong lineups in the SEC, but the offensive pressure Vandy applies early in games is oppressive. In the first three innings of the series they scored 16 runs combined. In each game, going to the top of the 4th inning, they were up 7-0, 4-0 and 5-1. The contrast between the two was stark, and absolutely begs for accountability from Butch and Gabe. Three of our four returning regulars have significantly regressed. We don't have a single regular hitting over .300...Vandy's team BA is .317.