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  1. I guess Venables and Scott must believe Dabo is the only name on Byrne's list. They must have played rock-paper-scissors to see who had to go to Tampa. He better lock down that area in recruiting, otherwise this is a death sentence.
  2. I'm an Auburn grad, enjoy being on the golf course and playing with my granddaughter, lol. Also hope Gatewood having to sit for a year doesn't ruin his football career worse than staying at Auburn apparently would have.
  3. UGA won't see the corndogs in the regular season again until 2025. They do go to Tuscaloosa next year. Kirby gets all that in state talent and still can't deliver on every Dawg's perceived birthright as the memory of Herschel Walker fades...
  4. Corndogs say "you're welcome". Wow, do I hate everything red and black....
  5. Cannella transferred in with a fair amount of fanfare (which always amazes me about TE's in our current offensive scheme), but never seemed to get it rolling for one reason or another. The one thing about this kid though is that he stayed with it and apparently worked his ass off relentlessly in spite of any sort of significant pay off. For that reason alone I'm glad he had the chance to make a catch that his grandkids will one day tell his great-grandkids about. Thankful for "program guys" in the age of the Star Trek transfer portal.
  6. I would disagree. Short timing passes to the middle of the field, allowing the QB to pull the "read" and run outside the tackles, and actually being agressive to try and score with less than a minute before half time would be what I consider to be meaningful innovation to his offense this year. We also didn't see him ride one back between the tackles 20 times a game (albeit injury to Whitlow has forced his hand on this).
  7. Not the same guy over here... this guy has never been critical of your son's heart or play. In fact I make it a habit to almost never mention a player by name unless it's positive and have pretty much left this board BECAUSE of all the negativity of late. And I have never had a pay account on any site.
  8. Yep. Roxy and Remy did a fantastic job. Mark Dantonio seems like about the last coach to allow this...good on him.
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