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  1. This just warms my heart, really happy your load has been liffted so.
  2. Gotcha'....Coach (wink, wink). Whatever else you're privy to, is that a collection of crap pulled from all over the net like the Dose? The only opinion of his own that he pushes is his lofy opinion of himself (so happy that he finally got the house at the lake that validates). What Dean knows about football is what you Ray and Stat tell him...if it had any value he'd have a real sponsor. Please tell him to stop with the "Get Away You Two" already. The self promoters in here is where the BS you're seeing past, or not, is coming from. You guys really think a lot of yourselves. that's impressive.
  3. Historically he's the ultimate...mate. The Daily Dose is typically nothig but O&B sunshine....
  4. That's funny, item 1A is from Doug Dean, the ultimate sunshine pumper....
  5. Yup...this is the problem. To expect that this was going to be a championship team is completely insane. Trying to deal in logic with folks who are delusional is insane as well. Only idiots have idiotic expectations.
  6. But always right on worries.
  7. There's no such thing in @aubiefifty's world.
  8. Correct.... An offensive receiver on his line may contact the defender across the line from them but, contact must terminate before traveling more than 2 yards down field if the ball is thrown across the line of scrimmage. Offensive receivers need to avoid contact with all defensive players as defenders are eligible receivers also. Any blocking down field by an offensive player is Offensive Pass interference if the ball crosses the line of scrimmage. On the play in question, the line of scrimmage was the USC 5 yard line and the inside Florida receiver terminates contact with both DB's at the 1. The the slot receiver catches the ball at the goal line. Clearly not OPI
  9. Back judge didn't hesitate to throw a flag on this brutal act of unnecessary roughness ... That was a critical call on a failed third down conversion, extended the drive. What a joke.
  10. He doesn't just look really bad, he actually plays that way. Sumlin ran off all that QB talent and Fisher obviously hasn't recovered. He's awful.
  11. Since Chryst ate it this afternoon, is Lovie Smith the flavor of the week? This thread.....
  12. KMart goes down way too easily to make a living running inside...where Gus seems to always want to go. He's serviceable in space, but with our O Line being what it is, the Joiner/Williams option is far more likely to get the 3-4 yards per carry between the tackles that this offense is built on. Oh, and pretty sure nobody here has claimed to coach for a living since CorchJay got thrown out.