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  1. Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    Christmas came early for you. This is awesome, hope you have a fantastic time.
  2. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    You should have moved on big dog. Not sure about your "corporate world", but I've been working in construction related sales for almost thirty years and have never, ever, seen anything that could be construed as sexual harassment.
  3. FSU hires Willie Taggart

    At the risk of being "blowed up", I'll put this Mark Schlabach gem here.... “In case that happens, I’m told FSU athletic director Stan Wilcox would like to land a minority coach if they needed a replacement. So keep an eye on Oregon’s Willie Taggart, former Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin, and South Florida’s Charlie Strong.” Kind of like what MSU did when they hired Croom?
  4. Oklahoma RB facing rape charges

  5. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    One question...how would he know? Never set foot on a field against any SEC team. EVER. Kid is 5'8" and 160 pounds. I get it, if he gets loose he's gone. But if he gets hit, he may be good and gone.
  6. Scarbinsky: LSU kept Auburn out

    Yeah...if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.
  7. Kansas State to keep Snyder (father)

    Just like FSU prior to Bowden. Meanwhile Snyder kills the deal to have Leavitt take over. Venables is a grad and Sumlin is from the Bill Snyder coaching lineage, but he wants his son. I agree with most everything you assert about the respect due the elder Snyder, but for him to have to die for them to move on, one way or the other is asking a bit much.
  8. Most Wins last 100 seasons

    You are correct sir, I was looking at all time. Speaking of which.... Michigan 943 338 36 .736 137 1308 Big Ten Notre Dame 911 324 42 .730 128 1266 Independent Nebraska 893 380 40 .695 127 1313 Big Ten Ohio State 1 892 323 53 .724 127 1264 Big Ten Alabama 2 889 328 43 .722 122 1251 SEC Texas 886 360 33 .706 124 1279 Big 12 Oklahoma 883 322 53 .723 122 1249 Big 12 Penn State 877 387 41 .688 130 1305 Big Ten Tennessee 833 380 53 .679 120 1266 SEC USC 3 831 338 54 .702 123 1223 Pac-12 Georgia 806 419 54 .651 123 1277 SEC LSU 787 411 47 .651 123 1245 SEC Auburn 759 434 47 .631 124 1238 SEC West Virginia 735 487 45 .598 124 1267 Big 12 Virginia Tech 728 462 46 .608 123 1236 ACC Clemson 728 458 45 .610 121 1229 ACC Texas A&M 725 471 48 .602 122 1244 SEC Georgia Tech 5 723 490 43 .593 124 1256 ACC Washington 715 442 50 .613 127 1207 Pac-12 Pittsburgh 712 520 42 .575 127 1274 ACC Florida 710 408 40 .630 110 1158 SEC
  9. Most Wins last 100 seasons

    And we've played 9 more seasons than they have. Since the '79 season they've won 250 games.
  10. Patterson looking to transfer

  11. Jake Browning likely to return

    Just another overrated PAC 12 team. 1-8 all time against the SEC
  12. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    So we're concerned about merchandising and entertainment value? Good grief. Football is the ONLY sport that generates significant revenue. For the last (full) accounting calendar year the athletic department generated revenues of just over $140 Million. Football was responsible for just over $92 Million, which is almost 75%. Basketball contributed over $11 Million. No other single sport generated over $1 Million. Non sport specific revenues were in excess of $32 Million. Any business owner would be scared sh**less if one "customer" was driving 75% of their income and would do everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to make sure they coddled that segment of their business. If it's simply about what's relevant we should hire accordingly.
  13. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Again, Jay Jacobs was an all world fund raiser. This should not be the litmus test for AD. Preach brother, preach.
  14. Oklahoma RB facing rape charges

    Seems legit.... "Of course, as with most things in a courtroom, every rule has its exception. In the rare instance that both parties agree that the results of a polygraph exam should be admissible for some reason, the court could allow it as evidence. Polygraphs are also commonly used as part of the screening process for certain types of jobs, such as law enforcement and some high level security positions."
  15. Oklahoma RB facing rape charges

    For the record I am not a fan of anything OU related...just truth. “This week we have worked to demonstrate Mr. Anderson’s innocence,” Chance said in the statement. “That work included a polygraph examination of Mr. Anderson. The examination was conducted Tuesday afternoon by retired FBI polygraph examiner Bill Brown. As expected, the results showed Mr. Anderson is honest and truthful in his denial of the allegations. http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/ousportsextra/ou-football-rodney-anderson-passes-polygraph-test-involving-rape-accusation/article_10472098-e3ab-5811-9b75-caa3ae645fd6.html