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  1. There was a time in my junior year at Vestavia that McAdory (he was a senior) played in the Rebel Classic baseball tournament and I thought I wanted a shot at throwing him out trying to steal. I didn't get that chance, probably would've wet the bed, but I did see him hit a ball into those pine trees there at what is now Sammy Dunn field. 404 to dead center with a 25' batters eye backdrop and it was still going up when it tore out 3 or four limbs. His athletic greatness can never be overstated.
  2. He's almost as good as our #2 this season...just sayin'.
  3. Here we go again. This is a legal case over which the NCAA has zero authority. Meanwhile Ole Miss dangles in the wind and bammer does whatever they want with impunity. Mark Emmert can't retire soon enough. When will the NCAA member institutions say enough is enough and go another direction?
  4. “This is the same admissions office that brought us a great deal of success over the decade,” Morrice said. “They are not the reason we have the downturn in the number of applicants and not the reason we have the downturn in yield.” Hilarious. Those dumbasses can't see what's as clear as the noses on their face. Liberalism/socialism comes at a very high price. The moral to the story is if you can't get accepted to UAt, send your application to Columbia.
  5. When did Spirit get his license back? Figured after hitting the glass against Mississippi State that his stadium flying days were over as well.
  6. Ha, I was born in Lafayette, love me some Tony Robichaux. "We want guys who drink out the water hose...." I have a great deal of respect for both those coaches (Mainieri and O'Sullivan). Very different in their approaches. Being a catcher, I also have really enjoyed watching both do their jobs very well. Papiersksi spends too much time on his knees for my liking, but they both are just about invisible in terms of realizing they're back there...neither of them hardly ever make a mistake. I expect for LSU to make it 7 for 7.
  7. And there folks is another reason to feel good about Auburn baseball. All SEC final in Omaha...what an awesome league. In every freakin' way.
  8. This will be LSU's seventh appearance in the finals. Pretty good success in the previous six.
  9. Caleb Gilbert who has been used primarily in relief (4 starts this season) goes for LSU. He has been lights out over the last month or so...pitched in relief against OSU on Monday. Drew Rasmussen will start for OSU. Feels like whoever takes this one will win it all.
  10. Louisville coach was run from the game by the second base umpire after a pretty bad call on a UL runner trying to steal second in the bottom of the eighth. That umpire will regret the entire scenario when he sees the replay later tonight. How do you eject a head coach (especially with the character and respect of Dan McDonnell) in what could be the last game of their season? The umpiring has been good, but they have certainly made it a point to be part of the show.
  11. Not even Jimbo? I thought he did a fine job with Jame is.
  12. Absolutely. This hits very close to home for my family. That kid appears to be doing everything he can to right the trajectory of his path (including voluntarily sitting out what will likely be a national championship run). I think the thing that is going to be most difficult for him to get past is the age of his victim at the time of the crime. He was also pretty young and one thing that I've learned is that there is a case to made for youthful offender...some kids just don't mature at the level of their peers.
  13. The only thing that makes sense of a baseball team from Oregon being that good is that coaching really matters. If I were a young guy looking to get into coaching baseball, I would do everything I could to find out what Pat Casey and his staff are doing. As Belle said, every aspect of their game is tight. And by the way, their number one starter (Heimlich) was not suspended. He voluntarily stepped away from the team. OSU President Ed Ray has said he will be welcomed back as a student next fall. That situation is so toxic every MLB team passed on him. For forty rounds. He's a junior that posted an 11-1 record with a less than 1.0 ERA And yes, that's the same Ed Ray who headed up the NCAA committee that dropped the hammer on Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky debacle. Also advocated against the PAC12 allowing athletes with serious criminal misconduct records from transferring into the conference. Now both sides (victims and redemption advocates) are wanting to use the kid as a poster child. Mean time all the baseball Beavers do is win. It's got to be gut wrenching for everybody involved.
  14. What Oregon State did to LSU last night was not a fluke. They are relentless on offense and precise on defense. Anybody still not convinced?
  15. For one game, Daniels was it. I sat in Sanford Stadium that night in November of '99 just gloating...that was the best (non-Heisman guy) performance I've ever witnessed. Nine receptions for 249 yards and two TD'.