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  1. Just can't bear the thought of not answering all those phone solicitations, eh? http://www.boldoldphones.com/orangegif2.gif
  2. I have a 21 year old that you would lump into that category. Went to a Christian private high school, received a Presidential scholarship to Auburn, wound up following right in my footsteps.... Until he got caught. In the spring of his freshman year he was charged with three felony counts of distribution of a controlled substance (was buying Xanax on the dark web in pretty large quantities), wound up on WSB news here in Atlanta. I can tell you that I very frequently thank God that no one died ingesting what he was selling, he had no idea what it was. In his case he was very fortunate that his father could afford a very competent attorney that was well connected (and I believe highly respected) within the Lee County justice system. In this case I believe my son was the poster child for "youthful offender" as he has always been well behind his peers in his ability to maturely evaluate situation and outcomes. I clearly believe that our justice system is the greatest in the world and, in my biased opinion, works incredibly well. I trust that the facts will be exhibited by highly capable attorneys in a court of law, a very capable judge will preside over the case and potentially a jury of decent human beings will determine an appropriate outcome for this young man. I can tell you from experience that my heart breaks for him and especially his family. My heart is also irreparably broken for the Bramblett and greater Auburn family. I don't know what shapes your opinion, I certainly hope it isn't one of first hand experience...I also hope it's not simply knee jerk. As an aside, I found out about an hour ago that my son had his request for early termination of probation granted. He can now go back to pursuing his college education and growing toward being the "better" flawed person we all know he can be. Just like me...and maybe you?
  3. I think Caldwell may be piling on to an extent, but likely recognizes the greatness that lies within this head coach. Even if we're still at the bottom of the SEC we're likely in the top 10 in the country. I haven't seen Vandy's facilities lately, but I'm betting they're not on par with Florida, LSU, Miss State, aTm, Arkansas....good Lord those are college baseball shrines. Founders Park in Columbia rivals any minor league facility...those guys have won big, and they've lost big....will likely be looking for a new HC in the next two or three years. We've experienced the misery that comes with being tied to a mediocre coach. All that Allen Greene has to do is figure out a way to keep Butch Thompson in Auburn and everything eles will take care of itself. Tim Corbin should be the blueprint.
  4. There is no doubt that Butch Thompson will not wait around for our board, president and athletic department to get their collective sh!t together. This is pathetic that the baseball program is relegated to begging for dollars to make minimal expenditures. We are headed back to the days of Tom Slater, Ron Pawlowski and Sonny Golloway....
  5. Koolaid, LOL. Go back and look what these guys have done. They have no business being where they are.
  6. Yeah, he's not a third baseman. Bliss isn't a second baseman, Woley's not a first baseman, Williams isn't an outfiielder and Sheffler as soft as it gets behind the plate. And Butch has this team in Omaha.
  7. You guys are kidding right? These guys are in Omaha, lose a really tough one, and everybody bails? After what these guys did to get there???? Sheesh.
  8. Gotta' lose two. Until the finals, then it's best of three..
  9. Wow, talk about just flat out choking.....just cut it loose Eddie.
  10. Ground ball, turn two. Come on defense, get it done.