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  1. Auburn at Ga Tech

    Mize going against last year's SEC pitcher of the year Sean Hjelle. Dude's almost 7 feet tall.
  2. Baseball Rankings - 3/19/18 Update

    I think Kentucky may be especially pissed off after what the Hogs did to them over this past weekend...gave up 39 runs in three games, 14 and 16 on Saturday and Sunday respectively.
  3. Baseball Rankings - 3/19/18 Update

    Updated to reflect this weeks poll in OP. Kentucky in Lexington will be a tall order. Friday night will feature two of the best pitchers in the country. Hjelle got beat up a bit in Fayetteville last week, you can bet he will be ready to go.
  4. Can it get any worse?

    What's to call out? The report is accurate...and as for "proclaming"? "So where does blame lie here? First and foremost with the referees, but also with any court-side officials, and even with Charleston players, coaches, or any member of the team’s staff."
  5. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    It was really moving all around. The A&M lefty starter was getting what looked to be a foot inside to right handed batters called a strike. Right handed pitchers didn't seem to get the pitch off the plate in to the right handed batters box. Vertically he was pretty tight, although I thought the Aggie catcher did a better job receiving on balls down. They seemed to get more of those pitches at the bottom of the strike zone. I'd be willing to bet he's not as good at third as the guy today was....that guy was in absolutely perfect position for the slide by Venter late. One last thing, this was definitely a strike....
  6. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    19-1 2-0
  7. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Making it look easy.
  8. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

  9. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Aggie freshman reliever getting an ugly indoctrination into the SEC. Brett Wright with a 2-0 double into the corner in left. 11-4 Auburn. Runners at second and third still two outs.
  10. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Did I mention their 2B throws like an old woman? A&M in total collapse mode now. Walk followed by an error... Auburn with runners at first and second still two outs.
  11. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Devastating if you're wearing maroon.
  12. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Is that the sweetest swing ever???????? Grand slam Williams.
  13. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Get greedy Steven Williams....bases loaded now two outs.
  14. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    Aggies now burning through the bullpen.
  15. Baseball vs A&M Game 2

    aTm ain't all that. Back to back HBP and the Tigers push across another run. 6-4, bases still loaded and still only one out.