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  1. And a punchers chance. Sick 'em Trovon....
  2. If you want a fun homework assigment, take a look at his Hudl video from this past season. Just shy of 5 minutes in length, shows 20 total plays...the question to answer is how many times did he get tackled in the video? http://www.hudl.com/video/3/14986612/6390be2cd21ae40d38a66bf7 The only reason he's not currently a five star is that he would break the rating system in the next two years if he was. UNREAL.
  3. Wow, that's going way out on a limb there.... Colorado's Recruiting Classes, 2002-2020 Recruiting Year National Rank No. of Commits Four-Stars / Five-Stars 2020 33rd 22 (and counting) 3/0 2019 45th 26 2/0 2018 51st 23 0/0 2017 32nd 28 2/0 2016 65th 18 2/0 2015 70th 18 0/0 2014 63rd 23 1/0 2013 67th 21 0/0 2012 36th 28 2/0 2011 74th 23 0/0 2010 66th 23 1/0 2009 48th 20 4/0 2008 15th 21 7/1 2007 32nd 28 2/1 2006 48th 22 0/0 2005 43rd 25 1/0 2004 49th 20 1/0 2003 19th 25 5/0 2002 10th 30 7/1
  4. Bobo looks to be staying at UGA; Arnett has hired former App State OC Kevin Barbay instead. I still seriously doubt Will Rogers will see another season of anywhere close to 600+ passing attempts next year....
  5. Exceptional = perfect, as there is undefeated and there is everybody else. In the last 40 years there have been 4 programs with as many as 3 undefeated seasons: Alabama, Miami, Nebraska and...Auburn. If that makes us an outlier, so be it, at least we've been as consistent as anybody in that realm. Bowden, Tuberville and Chizik were pretty milquetoast versus "risky" as coaches...and they all got fired.
  6. Curious what @GwillMac6beverage of choice is on a glorious Saturday like that is?
  7. I am in violent agreement with this....
  8. Say what you will about Saban, but wow does he change the career arc of so many people...players and coaches alike. Even when he needs to move somebody out, he does it the right way
  9. A lot of knowledgeable LSU people believed he was the best QB on the roster this year. Tremendous get for TCU...I believe he will light up the Big 12.
  10. Seriously? I guess he didn't see what everybody else saw Monday night... That's HUGE get for TCU if so.
  11. This was the one I was hoping would jump in, kid will be a serious player. Legacy LSU (father is Jamie Howard). Wonder where Freeze is on this one...he's a phenomenal dual threat.
  12. Simple logic says if Saban wanted them to stay they would have...but there have been a few this fall/winter: BRAYLEN INGRAHAM, DL - Date entered: Sept. 22 New school: Syracuse JACK MARTIN, P - Date entered: Oct. 31 New school: Houston TREY SANDERS, RB - Date entered: Nov. 22 New school: TCU KHYREE JACKSON, DB - Date entered: Dec. 5 New school: Oregon DAMIEON GEORGE, OL - Date announced: Nov. 28 CHRISTIAN LEARY, WR - Date announced: Nov. 30 New school: UCF TANNER BOWLES, OL - Date entered: Nov. 30 New school: Kentucky TRAESHON HOLDEN, WR - Date announced: Nov. 30 Oregon JAVION COHEN, OL Date announced: Dec. 4 New school: Miami JOJO EARLE, WR Date entered: Dec. 5 New school: TCU AMARI KIGHT, OL Date entered: Dec. 5 New school: UCF TOMMY BROCKERMEYER, OL Date entered: Dec. 5 New school: TCU AARON ANDERSON, WR Date entered: Dec. 12 New school: LSU
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