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  1. You really think there's ego involved? I was convinced this was all expert analysis.....
  2. You got company my friend (and fam!!!), DirecTV was a mess earlier for me on the ESPN channels. Looks like the "limby" weather has cleared now. I've got a few complaints, but by and large I am a mostly satisfied DTV customer.
  3. Kentucky plays two teams currently in the top 25 this year. That's IMPOSSIBLE to do in the SEC.
  4. There was pre-season chatter on this board that made him seem like a legitiimate Heisman candidate. Gus never told him we're not playing with Australian rules?
  5. Blake Logan (Video Coordinator) as well... Key Dates for Fall '19: September 27th - Fall practice start date October 9th - at Columbus State (7:00 PM EST) October 10th - "Train" with Army Rangers at Ft. Benning October 18th - VS. Auburn University Montgomery at Plainsman Park (7:00 PM CST)
  6. A lot of this is on Steve Ensminger. He was the butt of a lot of Auburn jokes over the years, but I'm afraid he's going to have the last laugh..... "Ensminger, 60, said "I have no ego" when it comes to working with Brady, 29, who replaced the retired Jerry Sullivan as LSU's passing game coordinator after spending the past two years as an offensive assistant with the New Orleans Saints." These guys should probably get rid of the shirts.....
  7. Yep. We are the #8 in the polls this week and a complete effing joke on offense. How in the hell does this happen every year?
  8. Yep. Rick Trickett was a pretty good coach once upon a time as well. How does a unit with that many starts look so unprepared?
  9. Britt tips Brown with the swat on his butt. Great D Tackles make really good LB's look all world. That one was just fantastic play from both. That right play there is absolutely textbook coordination between those two. I'm absolutely certain Kevin Steele played that one over and over about fifteen times during film review on Sunday. That's just freaking beautiful.
  10. @aubiefifty wants some of what Bryant's smoking. NFL? NFL?
  11. Pretty sure you're wrong.... You really think you needed to start a post to explain what everyone saw? Please.....
  12. You better be right. You have to be right. You are right, right? God I hope you're right.....
  13. Has he? Gus was scared sh!tless to run Stidham. I'm terrified we're going to continue being a tailback dive offense because Gus won't run the QB. When Jax State pinches the DE's it's a forgone conclusion you either don't have DT QB or you have a play caller who's scared of QB2. I genuinely hope I'm wrong.