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  1. This was where it went sideways. Butch has got to get some help in that bullpen and sign a couple of good lefties. Reliever comes in clean to start the inning after the letdown of giving back a three run lead and promptly walks the first three batters he faces. Really took the air out of the place.
  2. I ain't ashamed to say that's completely effed up. Tells me a lot about you, which I already suspected. Sheesh.
  3. Sheds a little light on the signing day circus of 2011.
  4. Anybody see what happened in Starkville (late) last night in game two of the doubleheader? Updyke's having a historically bad season had a no hitter going against MSU through five innings...gave up 9 in the bottom of the sixth. Went to extra innings and the Hammerin' Harvey's put up 3 runs in the eleventh for what looked like the chance to salvage the final game in that series. MSU tied it in the bottom of the eleventh and then won it in the thirteenth. I'm not a karma guy, but when you thump your chest about an 18-1 win over Alcorn there's likely going to be some payback. Newly renovated stadium...$42 Million, Five year contract for new coach to go with new stadium...$2.5 Million, same old crap team...priceless.
  5. And if we were playing home run derby? We beat 'em 2-0...wouldn't know which team was leading the conference in big fly's and who was dead last by this one.
  6. Calvin Coker puts the first two on and then gets the next three out. Well done. Final - Auburn 15 Arkansas 2 Can't sweep if you don't win the first two, Looking for Davis Daniel to be even better than last week.
  7. Nothing doing for the Tigers in the bottom of the eighth. Three outs left and Calvin Coker looking to get another goose egg in the ninth.
  8. Coker sets 'em down in order in the eighth. Headed for the sixth consecutive Friday nigh conference win. Pretty sure we weren't expected to do that.
  9. Mike Rojas gets a rare plate appearance. Wondering where he had been.
  10. Calvin Coker following the script. Pretty clean inning there, got behind in the count to one batter and had to groove one. Everything else he's pitching ahead in the count and really effective. Very nice.
  11. I'm hoping that's it for Keegan. Surely that bull pen can hold a 12 run lead for three innings. Right??
  12. I heard at the KSU game this week he recently broke his pinkie on that hand. Not sure if that's correct but it is definitely to protect that hand.
  13. More smiles on that field tonight than in the previous ten seasons combined. This is starting to look like a freight train going downhill.
  14. Keegan Thompson didn't miss a beat after sitting through that long half inning. Ridiculous 3-2 curve ball for the strikeout to end the inning. Who throws a breaking ball in a 3-2 count with an 11 run lead. I guess when the coach doesn't call pitches Blake Logan gets to have all the fun he wants. Another reason to absolutely love Butch Thompson.
  15. Auburn dugout is absolutely electric after that. This is could be really fun come the first week in June.