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  1. This is funny, I think I read he approved $3 million in repairs for multiple ISU planes, one of which he wrecked? Also tried to get away with taking private flying lessons in one of the university planes. He may be just crazy enough to be a good dude. The only crazy Gogue has in him is his complete lack of concern for any Auburn athletic program.
  2. Aaron Fitt and Kendall Rogers are as knowledgeable as anybody out there, they eat, sleep and breathe college baseball. Have for a long time. But it is just a poll and won't really mean much until about June.
  3. It is still very early. Florida may not be all they were supposed to be (I'm betting they are and we just caught them at the right time) and we may not be as good every weekend as we were this past. 10 weekend series in the SEC is a hard row. These guys appear to enjoy playing for this coach, I have no doubt his disposition allows them to play looser than the previous HC. Great team chemistry comes from loving your teammates and trusting your coaches, this club seems to be on the right track.
  4. The Mizzou series was featured on the SEC network this weekend, got to watch a lot of those three games. Updykes looked like a heaping pile of elephant dung. Missouri was not great and got the sweep. LSU scored 34 runs against the dawgs in three games. It was good to be a Tiger this weekend.
  5. Gators flat out FOLDED under that pressure. HELL YES!!!!
  6. Gators just look bad against this pressure.
  7. Really easy inning from the lefty Mitchell. That was so good.
  8. Plenty of arms out there since only one reliever was used in both of the first two games. Might get to see one or two of those guys grow up on an SEC Sunday against Florida.
  9. That's worth repeating. Numbers are identical on the box score except in the run column.
  10. This is a really well coached team.
  11. That's good stuff. On the foul outside first, Lipscomb hauling butt to cover first.
  12. Boy, Lipscomb with less than his best stuff and really battling. Just really tough play all around.
  13. Gators pressing and the breaks going against them. Wow.
  14. Lipscomb not commanding the zone. Bear down.