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  1. You couldn't be more right. This program is starting to show all the signs of being special. Win this next series and look out.
  2. No offense personally, but this isn't really accurate. The QB read option developed with the spread which was devised to create mismatches for smaller and faster athletes against larger and physically superior defenders. By putting the ball in the hands of a QB who, for the time between the wishbone and the spread, never ran the ball it created another element of surprise. The read component isn't the piece of cake you make it out to be. In a bona fide read situation, you've got a mesh between two players who both have to see the same thing and both have to react correctly. I would be willing to bet significant money that in the Malzahn offense at Auburn we've almost never run a true read with the QB...not with Cam, and not with Nick. Because it's not that easy and because Gus is paranoid when it comes to putting his guys in position to even remotely increase the chance of fumbling.
  3. UAB calls on the pen for their fifth pitcher..... I'm headed to the Marianna area tomorrow with some church brothers to help (some friends I don't yet know) clean up downed trees from Michael...gonna' take everything I've got for the next four days so I'm calling it a night.
  4. Bailey Horn back on the mound in the B6 and goes right back to work pounding the strike zone...uses 7 pitches to cruise through the inning. Heading to the 7th now.
  5. Bliss gets in the hit parade with a single driving Julien home. 11-4 with two out now.
  6. ED-DIE! Julien with a two run double. 10-4 with one down in the T6. Bats starting to get lively....
  7. Williams draws his second walk of the game. Runners first and second, nobody out.
  8. Holland leads off the sixth with a single.....
  9. UAB going to the pen for their fourth pitcher on the night.
  10. Bailey Horn makes quick work of the first two UAB batters in the 5th and then the plate starts to jump around on him. Walks the third batter, but gets a ground ball to end the 5th. Still 8-4 Auburn going to T6.
  11. Ward and Scheffler nothing doing for outs two and three. Going to B5 with Auburn in control now 8-4. Now if the youngsters in the pen can keep it clean for a while.
  12. Hammer is officially down...Bliss follows the Davis GS with walk, Howell singles. Runners 1st and 2nd stillonly one out in the T5.
  13. Conor Davis with the big fly. Get that bat crankin' big guy. 8-4 Auburn.
  14. As they say in golf, we just put the numbers down...we don't draw pictures. lol.