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  1. PowerOfDixieland

    Post game Gif party

    I first wanted to set myself on fire in protest...then I wanted to jump off of the roof. This morning? Both.
  2. PowerOfDixieland

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    You mentioned previously what the difference maker should be, and that is Allen Greene. To @Mid Atlantic Tiger point that Auburn couldn't do this or that, the commonality to your post above is that under Jay Jacobs we couldn't. He didn't hire Tuberville. Greene has already begun to clean up the athletic department, and don't forget he has been around for exactly four Auburn football's going to take just a little more time to undo all that Jacobs did (bless his heart).
  3. PowerOfDixieland

    2019 Baseball Schedule Announced

    Not any "sexy" names or big early season tourneys but it is definitely an upgrade. Georgia Southern (SoCon), Texas San Antonio(CUSA) and Central Florida (AAC) all play in serious baseball conferences and will be much stiffer competition than what we've seen in the first four weeks of previous seasons. There's a real good chance we won't start 2019 by going 15-0. Glad to see Jax State back on the schedule...I guess UNA replaces Troy which I suppose is useful at that point in the season. If anybody is looking for a road trip the new stadium in Starkville will be pretty spectacular (as are the ones in Columbia and Baton Rouge).
  4. PowerOfDixieland

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    I am in violent agreement with this post.... Every year I am hopeful that Gus will grow in humility, lose the (high school coach) chip and evolve/adapt his offensive philosophies. I think it happens, but just not as fast as I would like. I am amazed at how far we've come on the defensive side; the Roof, Van Gorder, Johnson years were a freaking nightmare.
  5. PowerOfDixieland

    Nate Craig-Myers

    You're such a one trick pony. Oh, and pissed. You are so pissed....
  6. PowerOfDixieland

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    Buddy Anderson? LOL. Jalen Harris is a complete stud and will be a tremendous success no matter where he goes or what he does. He's earned this at the very least.
  7. PowerOfDixieland

    GIF - That last pass interference was the correct call

    Still don't see how the field judge called it...there was a replay looking down the boundary and his view was shielded by the receivers' body. Anybody know that guy, Phillip Davenport from Jasper?
  8. PowerOfDixieland

    Media Using Our Posts

    I must confess I jumped on Hogville last night just to make myself feel better. Damn do they hate us and our coach.
  9. PowerOfDixieland

    Keep in mind

    And the snap on the field goal, who's that on?
  10. PowerOfDixieland

    Gus’ Ceiling

    Yup. Without the studs up front this offense CAN’T succeed against elite defenses consistently without a true dual threat QB. Cam could turn a sack into a touchdown. Stidham can only turn a sack into an INT.
  11. PowerOfDixieland


    War Eagle from the left Napa for a conference with work. Finishing up this morning and heading down to watch the game with the fam at the NorCal Auburn club in San Francisco. Will be watching for our O Line to impose their game plan.
  12. PowerOfDixieland

    Gus donates 2 million towards Fball only complex

    Yup. He obviously believes in Auburn and his relationship...this sets everything in a different light. Just wow.
  13. PowerOfDixieland

    Scouting Report: LSU Tigers Defense

    Paging Kaleb Kim..... We will not beat that defense if we consistently have to go outside.
  14. PowerOfDixieland

    Jarrett's Moment

    O Line has got to come of age or we could see something like Clemson ‘17. LSU’s defense is incredibly athletic and dangerous an JB Grimes is not unaware. This is the game where Chip Lindsay needs his offense to show it’s identity. With force....
  15. PowerOfDixieland

    Good stuff!

    "NOT YOU"...that's funny right there. No fruit sucks like the Big Orange and they sucked pretty badly.