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  1. afblue

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    2018 Stats from the official AU site show Wooten starting for the UT and T A&M games.
  2. afblue

    Where was Troxall yesterday?

    The official participation list did not show Troxell playing, though it did show Sharp.
  3. afblue

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Welcome to Auburn, Coach Dillingham. I wish you great success as part of the Orange & Blue Tigers.
  4. afblue

    Stidham going pro

    I Wish you well at the next level, Jarrett. Thanks for some great memories.
  5. afblue

    No Matter What Happens!!!!

    Adding to the comments about Gus the person...I have to give him props for pledging $2 million back in September towards a football only facility. He was walking the walk, not just talking the talk the it came to making needed facility improvements for the program.
  6. Not at all, Cole. Just giving the reason I didn’t laugh at the original quote. My bad if I answered a rhetorical question or one you only meant for a specific person. I really did find the skill and effort on the play it referenced to be a positive.
  7. Didn't see any reason to laugh. It was a good throw and a great catch. Seth Williams is a joy to watch.
  8. afblue

    Secondary school

    Maybe the phone was sending a message.
  9. afblue

    Liberty post game

    Another point of view...I attended the game yesterday. Beautiful weather; I enjoyed both the game and weekend in Auburn immensely. To each his/her own.
  10. afblue


    Beautiful morning on the Plains. Looking forward to a great afternoon in Jordan-Hare. War Eagle!
  11. afblue

    Serious discussion

    I'm always ready to see Auburn look good and win.
  12. afblue

    Secondary school

    Great topic one since the Demographic thread.
  13. afblue

    Secondary school

    My alma mater Air Force is first in my heart, just a whisker ahead of AU. The ability to stream sports has made a huge difference. I can watch all AF football and some AF Basketball and Ice Hockey games as well as listen to the radio broadcast of many events. In my much younger days with football televised only on the Big 3 networks, you were lucky to see your team on TV once a year.
  14. afblue


    That’s great you were able to keep the faith, Swamp. It was the same for me as well. I think my view of overall fan feelings was probably influenced by the group of pals with whom I talked football.
  15. afblue


    Sorry Swamp, my recollection wouldn’t back that view. Other oldies may have a different memory. Unhappy fans are now easily heard because of internet outlets such as this forum making the voices seem louder, but feelings then were very negative, probably because of the loss streak to Bama that continued through Barfield’s entire tenure. It felt like there was just no way to win vs Bama. On a side note, while I’m all in on fans going at it concerning the proper direction for AU football, both Doug Barefield and Gus Malzahn are good men who care(d) about AU and their players. While they both may be the wrong guys for AU HC, it pains me when posters direct nasty remarks, “pet names” and snark at them personally instead of sticking to critiques of their performance (or lack thereof). It just feels wrong.