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  1. May the Lord help you bear the unbearable and give you strength, comfort and peace.
  2. If this additional context is correct, it sounds like both people, Coach Rocker and Coach Harsin, made the choice they thought best. I can see why both of them would believe the made the right decision. Whether or not I think I would have made the same choices is irrelevant. I don’t know all the info.
  3. Ditto to Mikey's remark, Zeek. You've dedicated lots of time and hard work to inform the board and I appreciate your efforts.
  4. Happy to help. This site is truly a gem. Thanks for your dedication and hard work.
  5. The FSU game was the 2019 season opener. It was Bachmeier's (QB) first start at BSU and he was a true freshman
  6. In Cowart's case, the change must have helped him. He got drafted by the Patriots in the 5th round and is still on the roster. When he was at AU, I don't think many of us would have predicted he'd end up an NFL draft choice.
  7. I understand the need for a change, but lighten up on Gus (and the players). He's a good guy and clearly cared about AU, the players/staff and the surrounding community...he and Kristi were very generous with their time and treasure for local causes. He donated $2 million to building the new football facility and gave strong support to other athletic programs. He ran a clean program and whoever comes next won't have a bunch of skeletons in the closet to make their job tougher. I get the criticism...also give credit where it is due. Good fortune wherever the your future takes you and Kristi, Gu
  8. Brandon, I hope you have a rapid and complete recovery followed by successful rehab. Thanks for your hard work.
  9. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this, Coach.
  10. I didn't realize Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana was such a big football fan. 😊
  11. Sad News. Thanks for the update, WDE.
  12. John McDaid sounds like a great choice. Those of you throwing shade on Steve Shaw clearly don’t know him and maybe have never even met him. From personal knowledge...a good guy that deserves better than those kind of remarks.
  13. My personal favorite was when DB came running off the sideline in the Ole Miss game and leveled their RB Ealy right as he caught a swing pass...surprised everyone on the field and probably everyone watching the game as well.
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