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  1. Thanks bird. Interesting vid.
  2. Not making any comparison, just saying that’s the only recent event that came to my mind that might fit JJ’s comments. Might be something else.
  3. When I read the post, I thought it might refer to Duke Williams recently signing a reserve/future contract with the Buffalo Bills while JJ has not gotten an opportunity with any NFL teams.
  4. 2018 Stats from the official AU site show Wooten starting for the UT and T A&M games.
  5. The official participation list did not show Troxell playing, though it did show Sharp.
  6. Welcome to Auburn, Coach Dillingham. I wish you great success as part of the Orange & Blue Tigers.
  7. I Wish you well at the next level, Jarrett. Thanks for some great memories.
  8. Adding to the comments about Gus the person...I have to give him props for pledging $2 million back in September towards a football only facility. He was walking the walk, not just talking the talk the it came to making needed facility improvements for the program.
  9. Not at all, Cole. Just giving the reason I didn’t laugh at the original quote. My bad if I answered a rhetorical question or one you only meant for a specific person. I really did find the skill and effort on the play it referenced to be a positive.
  10. Didn't see any reason to laugh. It was a good throw and a great catch. Seth Williams is a joy to watch.
  11. Maybe the phone was sending a message.
  12. Another point of view...I attended the game yesterday. Beautiful weather; I enjoyed both the game and weekend in Auburn immensely. To each his/her own.
  13. Beautiful morning on the Plains. Looking forward to a great afternoon in Jordan-Hare. War Eagle!