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  1. Thanks for the time and effort you spend on this post. I look forward to the information and expertise you bring each week.
  2. Locksley’s had some good stops as a position coach and/or coordinator, but his only other HC gig at New Mexico (2009-2011) was a disaster...2-26, getting fired during his 3rd season. It’s been 8 years since then, so maybe that first chance was too early and he’s ready now. He has a chance at Maryland to make that previous HC job old news. For now, I’d wait and see how things turn out this time.
  3. Appreciate you taking the time and effort to comment again this year, Coach. Great stuff. One item...while going for 1 vice 2 after the final AU TD is a decision worth plenty of discussion, it made the AU lead 6 points, not 5. With a 6 point cushion, Oregon would have needed the PAT, in addition to a successful Hail Mary, to win. I was more surprised Coach Malzahn didn’t go for 2, even with the False Start penalty, after the first AU TD. If unsuccessful, AU could still have taken the lead with a FG or TD. Thanks again, Coach.
  4. I like what I've seen from Tutt on punt returns.
  5. Congratulations Bo. Keep your head up, Joey, and keep competing. There’s lots of football left to be played.
  6. So sorry Doc. I’m familiar with the issues you and family are facing. Caregiving is challenging and it helps when everyone shares the load. Even in this situation, there can be unexpected joys spending time with those we love.
  7. Thanks bird. Interesting vid.
  8. Not making any comparison, just saying that’s the only recent event that came to my mind that might fit JJ’s comments. Might be something else.
  9. When I read the post, I thought it might refer to Duke Williams recently signing a reserve/future contract with the Buffalo Bills while JJ has not gotten an opportunity with any NFL teams.
  10. 2018 Stats from the official AU site show Wooten starting for the UT and T A&M games.
  11. The official participation list did not show Troxell playing, though it did show Sharp.
  12. Welcome to Auburn, Coach Dillingham. I wish you great success as part of the Orange & Blue Tigers.