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  1. I didn't realize Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana was such a big football fan. 😊
  2. Sad News. Thanks for the update, WDE.
  3. John McDaid sounds like a great choice. Those of you throwing shade on Steve Shaw clearly don’t know him and maybe have never even met him. From personal knowledge...a good guy that deserves better than those kind of remarks.
  4. My personal favorite was when DB came running off the sideline in the Ole Miss game and leveled their RB Ealy right as he caught a swing pass...surprised everyone on the field and probably everyone watching the game as well.
  5. 1. Saw the need for a great defense and took the steps needed (hiring good coaches, getting top recruits, etc) to make it happen. 2. Cares about Auburn...put $2M of his own money into building a football only facility which will be here whether or not Gus is the HC. He never passes up a chance to tout Auburn fans as the best in college football. He thinks Auburn is special. 3. Runs a program that does everything possible to ensure the players graduate with a chance to do great things in life. It's clear that they give him their best effort and support.
  6. Arkansas is already the Vanderbilt of the West.
  7. Tough loss for sure, Red...and just when I was hoping AU would complete an epic finish.
  8. As of 2018, CKS was the 3rd highest paid Assistant Coach in the NCAA at $2,050,000 per year. Numbers 1 and 2 respectively were Dave Aranda (LSU at $2.5M) and Brent Venable’s (Clemson at $2.2M). That’s strong statement of both Coach Malzahn’s and the Auburn Athletic Department’s respect for his performance and value to the program.
  9. It wasn't pretty, but I'd rather have an ugly win than any loss. There were some things I liked, though. 1. Derrick Brown's open field tackling skills 😳...coming off the sideline and leveling the Ole Miss RB. Rich Rod's reaction in the Ole Miss booth was priceless. DB looked spry for a big man. Hustling to get on the field to replace Big Kat before the snap was great stuff. 2. DJ Williams has a knack for finding any crease to get yardage and pushes the pile forward when he's tackled. He's a good one. 3. The wheel route may be Harold Joiner's "thing." Reminds me of when Carl
  10. War Eagle. I'd love to see AU play great in all phases of the game. It will be a beautiful evening for football. I can't leave without saying. Go AF, beat Army.
  11. It’s been an interesting thread. It’s how we treat each other online, not Gus, that splits us and sometimes takes the fun out of this great forum. It doesn’t matter what Gus does if we show each other respect. We aren’t always our best selves from behind a keyboard. Too often, we feel free to “say” things about coaches, players and each other we would not (or should not) say in person. Combine that with passion about the topics (plus, possibly, an adult beverage or 2) and you have a volatile mixture. Criticism (even harsh) of points of view from posters, coaches/coaching, the team’s perf
  12. ...or when you watch a game wishing both teams could lose. UGA vs Bama comes to mind.
  13. 2019 Miss St Passing 16 of 21 335 yds 2 TDs 0 Int. Rushing 7 carries for 56 yds and 1 TD Not taking a position in the argument, just answering the question.
  14. KS has done a great job as our DC. The only HC experience on his resume is at Baylor 1999-2002...9-36 record. That was long ago and I'm sure he's learned much through the years. He would be the logical choice as an interim HC to get to the end of the season. After that...we're probably looking at younger coaches who've had more success.
  15. Played through a serious knee injury as well. Good guy.
  16. Schadenfreude: Taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others
  17. Thanks for the time and effort you spend on this post. I look forward to the information and expertise you bring each week.
  18. Locksley’s had some good stops as a position coach and/or coordinator, but his only other HC gig at New Mexico (2009-2011) was a disaster...2-26, getting fired during his 3rd season. It’s been 8 years since then, so maybe that first chance was too early and he’s ready now. He has a chance at Maryland to make that previous HC job old news. For now, I’d wait and see how things turn out this time.
  19. Appreciate you taking the time and effort to comment again this year, Coach. Great stuff. One item...while going for 1 vice 2 after the final AU TD is a decision worth plenty of discussion, it made the AU lead 6 points, not 5. With a 6 point cushion, Oregon would have needed the PAT, in addition to a successful Hail Mary, to win. I was more surprised Coach Malzahn didn’t go for 2, even with the False Start penalty, after the first AU TD. If unsuccessful, AU could still have taken the lead with a FG or TD. Thanks again, Coach.
  20. I like what I've seen from Tutt on punt returns.
  21. Congratulations Bo. Keep your head up, Joey, and keep competing. There’s lots of football left to be played.
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