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  1. Not having to play at night is probably worth 3 to 7 points.
  2. Nice to read a thread where no one is being attacked.
  3. Those who talk don't know and those who know don't talk.
  4. I'm amazed how many people want us to become Tennessee
  5. I believe we're currently the only team to beat two top twenty teams.
  6. My mom graduated from API in 1949, she has only missed two home games since 1983. She's 91 years old, and we have to use a transport chair to get her to the stadium, but she rides the elevator up to her club level seats every game - usually with one of her grandchildren. She had a class with Travis Tidwell (said he wasn't too bright) and was at the 14-13 win over bama with my Dad (lost him to cancer in 1990). She has seen a lot of football and says the 2013 team was her favorite and Eric Ramsey is the only Auburn player she's ever had a harsh word for. Hope I'm still going strong at that age.
  7. The time to ask that question is the week we play LSU. One game at a time.
  8. I didn't leave my seat either. It was one of those "you had to be there to understand" nights.
  9. Auburn and Tennessee played in the 2004 SEC championship game, Tennessee hasn't been back since. In 2008, both programs took a nosedive and fired their coaches, both with at least ten years at the helm. The difference between the two programs since then has been Gus. He was there for the three best years of the Chizik era, and came back and instantly made Auburn relevant again when the bottom fell out in 2012. Tennessee is on their 4th coach in that time frame - none as successful as Gus at Auburn. I live in Chattanooga, grew up here, and returned after graduating from Auburn. In my sixty years, I've never seen Vol fans this down. They would kill to have Gus as their coach, and many have said so. I know we lost to them last year, and it hurt, but most here in Tennessee see that as a fluke day where we played our worst and they played their best. I honestly think that Fulmer hired Pruitt instead of a more qualified coach as a way of finding a back door to be the Tennessee coach again. I think he'll let him flounder through the difficult first half of the season (Georgia, Florida, & bama), fire him and appoint himself as the interim head coach for the less difficult last part of the season (UCSe, Vandy, & Kentucky plus a homecoming patsy). When the team looks better against weaker competition, he'll be the coach again. If you think that this is too far fetched, remember how he got the head coaching job the first time when Johnny Majors was out for heart surgery. Fulmer is a snake.
  10. Just keep everybody healthy, avoid injuries and we should be fine. Leaving for Dallas in a few hours, ready for the season to begin.
  11. #3 Al Del Greco My favorite Auburn kicker. Followed his cousin Jorge Portello (who died much too young from cancer) to Auburn. Followed that with a 17 year NFL career. Now the men's golf coach at Samford.
  12. Ken Bernich, Alvin Bressler, Tim Christian, Freddy Weygand, Larry Willingham, Charlie Trottman, Reid McMillan, Bob Harris, Edmund Nelson, Ron Stallworth, Dowe Aughtman, Win Lyle - the list could go on for a long time.
  13. Mark My Word: Georgia will lose at least one game due to QB injury with no viable replacement Bama will not be called for holding in an SEC game this season. Florida will be the most disappointing team in the country Tennessee will have a losing record in the SEC Auburn will make the playoffs and some on this board will still want Gus fired. Someone on this board will blame Jay Jacobs for the Kennedy Assassination.