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  1. Who do you think are the three best Auburn players who did not win the Heisman? In no particular order mine are : Terry Beasley, Brent Fullwood, and Tracy Rocker. Honorable mention: Tucker Frederickson, James Brooks, Ben Tamburello
  2. Terry continues to work his way down the ladder
  3. Heartbreaking. His call of the kick six is my ringtone. Keeping his family in my prayers.
  4. I wonder where all those people are who were screaming Cadillac was a horrible hire because he wouldn't be able to recruit are?
  5. Wish you the best Jared. Thanks for all you did for us and come back often, you will always be family.
  6. Silly me, I thought this thread was about Joey Gatewood. My bad.
  7. I view the UVA title like the football championship Colorado won after the "fifth down" against Missouri, tainted by the zebras
  8. Another overrated Tennessee player
  9. Bruce's treatment of the bus driver shows what a class act we have as our coach.
  10. Auburn man through and through