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  1. Got my letter this morning. Should have been sent two weeks ago.
  2. im4aual

    Who replaces Chip?

    Silly me, I thought this was about a new OC. Can someone just make a topic for the gloom and doom we hate Gus posters to use so the rest of us could talk football.
  3. im4aual

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Gus didn't quit on his team and the team didn't quit on Gus. Give it a rest.
  4. im4aual

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Everyone seems to want a comment from Auburn on this situation, but when they said yesterday that Malzahn's "staus has not changed" since both Greene and Leath said he would be back next year and was Auburn's Coach "for the future" nobody wants to believe them. Maybe there is nothing to this this and Gus is just out recruiting and the president and AD are off doing their respective jobs. I would imagine if a rival wanted to hurt our recruiting, they would spread a rumor that Gus is being fired. If that's the case, then when he gets a statement from the AD that he will be back - maybe you start a rumor that his contract is being redone so it will be easier to fire him next year. I respect reporters, and know they have a difficult job at times. My oldest son covered sports in the Nashville area for years. I also remember the "solid" reports that Vince Dooley had accepted the Auburn job after the 1980 season, the reports that Pat Dye was going to Texas and revive the wishbone in the mid 80's. More recently we had all the "dirt" on Cam that wasn't and the "reliable" reports of Saban's wife house shopping in Austin. I don't know what's going on - and odds are you don't either. I'm just hoping recruits don't read this board. Relax, Auburn has survived worse rumors than these, and it will survive even if some of these rumors are true. Take a deep breath and watch a little basketball - it might just make you forget the rumor mill for an hour or two.
  5. im4aual

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    Take no prisoners
  6. im4aual


    Beat bama
  7. im4aual

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
  8. im4aual

    What it will take to Beat Bama

    sixty minutes (couldn't resist)
  9. im4aual

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    Probably been to twenty Iron Bowls. 1989 and 2013 were special, but the 1987 10-0 game may have been the best performance by a Pat Dye defense I witnessed. Bama block a punt and got the ball inside our ten, first and goal. I've been told by a couple of the players who were on the sidelines that the defensive coaches were running around yelling at the top of their lungs when Tracy Rocker walked over and said "Calm down, we got this". The defense went out and stuffed them three straight downs and broke up a fake field goal on fourth down. Auburn men playing Auburn football - doesn't get any better.
  10. im4aual

    Leath on Malzahn

    I'm amused at all the people who "know" what happened in all the hiring, firing, scandals, and contract negotiations in the athletic department. On a very few occasions, I have been asked to attend meetings in the athletic department where issues discussed on this forum were the topic. I later read here what "happened" at a couple of those meetings, and those accounts were not accurate in any way. I am not a big insider, and I have no idea about the details of these contract negotiations, but it has been my observation that in most cases "those who know don't talk and those who talk don't know".
  11. im4aual

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    Three of our post season games under Gus have been Rose Bowl for the NCgame, Sugar Bowl, and Peach Bowl. True, we lost each of them, but not what I would call "crappy" bowl games.
  12. im4aual

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    There was a time when a few big donors could get together and tell the AD that it was time for a coach to go, and he would be gone. Those days are over. The money brought in by TV contracts and Under Armour dwarf yearly donations given outside of ticket priorities. Yes, the AD wants their donations to keep coming, but they don't hold the sway that they once did. As far as ticket sales, do you really think I'm giving up the seats I've had for forty years because of a few bad (but winning) seasons? I've been through worse patches with Auburn. Am I disappointed in our record this year? Absolutely. Do I know all the multitude of things that contributed to it? No. I believe I know some, but not as much as the AD and his staff. Most of this board seems to have a favorable opinion of our new AD, so let him do his job. All the constant complaining probably effects potential recruits more than it does anyone in the athletic department at Auburn.
  13. im4aual

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    Don't let either of the Georgia quarterbacks beat us with their legs.
  14. im4aual

    Coe & Williams SEC Weekly Honors

    Well deserved
  15. im4aual

    Would Dye have survived the internet

    I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned that what unhappiness there might have been with Coach Dye was soothed when he fired Jack Crowe and hired Pat Sullivan after the 85 season.