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  1. Been going to Auburn games for over fifty years, and had season tickets the last 45, but I've never been less hopeful than I am now. I'll be in the stands doing all I can to support them, but last year's losing record, five game losing streak (worst in 71 years), and the blown double digit leads at home don't give me much confidence that this year's less talented team will fair better. I think we start out 3-0 and still end up with seven losses.
  2. We had a great season. Thanks to Bruce and the players - true Auburn men.
  3. First game Auburn-Georgia Tech in 1970. I've had season tickets since 1977.
  4. Rest in peace Lionel. True Auburn man. Got his family in my prayers.
  5. For everyone blaming this on the "powers that be": Please list these individuals by name and your relationship to them, also please include what you directly heard them say regarding Coach Harsin and to whom it was said.
  6. 2 We have the longest losing streak in 71 years, a losing season, no offensive coordinator in place on signing day, and little or no help on the way for the O-line.
  7. Got Kristi and family in my prayers
  8. Refs should be made available after the game to answer questions, just like coaches and players
  9. Never. I hate bama, I hate their midget coach, their lousy band, their stupid cheers, their chubby flag girls and their toothless, sister humping, trailer dwelling, bean eating fans. When I was at Auburn, the USSR national basketball team played bama in an exhibition game in Birmingham. My friends and I drove up and cheered for the Russians.
  10. I think officials should be made available to the press after each game, just like players and coaches.
  11. We lost five straight games to end the season with a losing record. Outside of the cupcake games, we really only looked good against Ole Miss. This is not acceptable, but it may be what we get when our athletic director goes to the football hotbed of Idaho to hire a coach with no SEC experience. Between donations, two club level seats, six seats in section 13, and two rooms at the conference center, I have a large investment in Auburn football each season - and I did not come close to getting what I paid for this season. We regressed and if I were grading Harsin I would give him a sold D. Allen Greene gets an F, which is more than he deserves. Having said all that, I'll still be in the stands next year, hoping that somehow we will be better. War Eagle, and than goodness for Bruce Pearl and Auburn basketball!
  12. Sad to see Smoke go, but thanks for all you've done. All Auburn man.
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