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  1. Sorry, I thought this thread was about the new O-line coach. My bad, continue complaining.
  2. Allen Greene is not going to fire a coach who's never had a losing season, always made a bowl game, and has beaten Nick Saban two out of the last three years. Sorry if reality is painful,
  3. Georgia Tech in 1970. Pat Sullivan connected with Alvin Bressler for 85 yards, at the time the longest pass play in Auburn history. Auburn won, I think the score was 35-20.
  4. Thanks for all you did for Auburn and wish you only the best. You will always be family.
  5. I assume they'll hire one of the coaching geniuses from this board.
  6. Merry Christmas!! Luke 2:11
  7. In my prayers. I've had some health issues too, but finished my radiation the Monday after I got back from the Iron Bowl and I get my sutures out from my latest surgery Tuesday. Things are looking up for me and I hope the same for everyone else. War Eagle and Merry Christmas to all!!
  8. Hiring Chad Morris makes us a better team. Best coaching hire for football since Kevin Steele.
  9. I got a text on Sunday after returning home from Auburn that Pat had passed. One of my childhood heroes and probably the most humble man I have ever known. We have lost a legend.
  10. Best to honor Pat Sullivan by "Doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God"
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all. BEAT BAMA!!
  12. Officials should be required to attend a press conference after each game and answer questions just like the coaches and players.
  13. Allen Greene is not going to put the athletic department in a 26 million dollar hole to fire a coach who's never had a losing season. No matter what you hear, there are no donors willing to pony up that kind of money to fire him. He's going to be the coach for a couple of more seasons at least.