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  1. Wish you all the best, Isaac. You will always be family.
  2. LSU touchdown in 1988
  3. Not going to celebrate it, not shedding a tear either.
  4. Nobody has mentioned the LSU game in 1972, we win that and we go undefeated. I agree that the three biggest are Texas 83, LSU 88 and FSU 13.
  5. Made it through seven cancer surgeries and a round of radiation, so you're right - a bad game memory probably won't do me in.(Looks like surgery number eight in a couple of weeks, not going to let it get me either.)
  6. Gee, thanks for reminding me of that miserable game.
  7. Got you and your family in my prayers
  8. Everybody remembers the "60 minutes" to beat bama comment, but one of my favorite quotes from Coach Dye came from his first press conference. One of the bama beat writers was there and asked him how he was going to defend against bama's offense. Coach Dye said "The same way we defend everybody else". The reporter persisted, saying how bama was different and better than other teams. Dye again said, "The same way we defend against everybody else". When the reporter smirked and asked how that was, an irritated Pat Dye leaned into the microphone and growled "We're going to put on them blue jerseys and put the fear of God into 'em". I think one of his former players may have summed up Coach Dye best when he said "He could be the meanest SOB on the face of the earth and often was, but other than my momma and daddy I don't think anybody loved me as much as Coach Dye".
  9. I have so many memories of Coach Dye. I was blessed to be able to spend time with him in meetings, events, and at his home. He was always the most considerate man, always asked about my family. Still trying to sort out my memories and come to grips with his passing. He will be missed. Keeping his family in my prayers.
  10. Auburn has had plenty of good teams that did not win the conference championship. Which ones are your top five. Mine (in order) are: 1958 - Many of the players who were on both the 1957 and 58 teams say the 58 team was better. No losses, just a tie with Ga Tech. 1963 - Only lost a close game to Miss State during the regular season and another close one to Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. 1972 - Probably my sentimental favorite. I would have put them at above the 1963 team, but their loss to LSU was a blowout. 1986 - Two plays, an early whistle in the Georgia game and a fumble against Florida, probably cost them a shot at the national championship. Pat Dye's most underrated team. 1971 - A really good team, but they lost blowout games to bama and Oklahoma to end what had looked like a championship season. *The 1993 team was not eligible for the title
  11. Didn't know Tua kicked field goals
  12. Emmitt Smith Can you imagine what the 88 team would have achieved with him in the backfield?