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  1. Everyone seems to be asking of every coaching candidate "Can he recruit?". I would also like to know "Can he coach?". Remember how good Ray Goff and his staff at Georgia were at recruiting and how bad they were at coaching and the results this combination yielded on the field.
  2. The correct answer is "We respect Alabama, but we fear no one"
  3. Unto you a savior is born. Merry Christmas!
  4. My last year at Auburn, we were hiring a new coach and we were certain that we were getting Vince Dooley, then it was going to be Jackie Sherrill from Pitt, then Dan Reeves from the Dallas Cowboys. We ended up with a coach who had just gone 6-5 at Wyoming. Worked out pretty well, the field is named after him. Give this guy a chance.
  5. Such a loss. RIP Kevin. Prayers sent for your family.
  6. Sark was an average head coach at best. I could call plays to score points with the talent bama has. Not sure what all the excitement is about.
  7. Show a little class, rallying against the guy trying to hold your recruiting class together is just stupid.
  8. With only a couple of exceptions over eight years, his players grew into good Auburn men and earned their degrees while playing for him. Like it or not, that's more important than any game he coached. Thanks, Gus.
  9. Tennessee, Texas, Michigan, and Nebraska say "Welcome to the club". Hope I'm wrong.
  10. Gus didn't overthrow a wide open Eli or let an interception bounce off his hands at the goal line. Those two plays caused an eleven point swing. Sorry to let reality interrupt your Gus bashing. Continue complaining.
  11. Yea, bama is awesome, they've beaten us one year in a row. Also, anybody who thinks Auburn is a loser institution because of a football game needs to get some serious therapy. Now, go back to complaining.
  12. In 2008, Auburn and Tennessee both fired long time coaches. Since then, Tennessee has been a dumpster fire of losing and failed coaches. Since then, Auburn ha won a national title and played for a second, won two SEC titles and played for a third. Auburn players have also won a Heisman and Lombardi trophies and we have twice had the national coach of the year. The only losing season during this time was 2012, the only year Gus was not in Auburn. Like it or not, Gus is the difference between Auburn and Tennessee since 2008. Tennessee, Texas, and Michigan are all programs with more historic
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