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  1. Dennis Collier could fire up a stadium like nobody else. Incredible passion. Benji Roland is often overlooked because he played next to Rocker and Stallworth, but he was a good one.
  2. Reese (Too Tall) McCall
  3. Terry Beasley or Tracy Rocker, can't decide. I saw both of them change the outcome of games by their play.
  4. Watched every second of every game. Sat through the cold at the A&M game until the end. (I also sat through the entire 1980 42-0 loss to Tennessee, which I thought was worse.) As long as the players wearing Auburn jerseys are risking injury while representing my alma mater, they have earned my respect and devotion, whether they are winning or losing.
  5. If it's 4th down and somebody has to go up and come down with the ball, I'd throw to Lawyer over anybody.
  6. Gonna be missed. I wish her the best. She will always be family.
  7. Fullwood, then Brooks. They were both a threat to go the distance every time they got the ball.
  8. Wish him all the best
  9. I was in the south end zone. That team never quit, never took a play off.
  10. bama lost, I'm happy.
  11. Great hire. Welcome back Al!
  12. Imagine that, a Florida coach being a jerk.
  13. Best of luck to Tyler. He will always be family.