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  1. im4aual

    Ranking our Head Coaches

    1. Shug/Pat 2. Tommy 3. Everybody else
  2. im4aual

    Was a Barfield offense this bad?

    I was in school during the Barfield years, my last season there was Pat Dye's first. For the most part, we put points on the board - just the other team often put up more. He won more than he lost and he was in the horrible position of following Shug and not really being able to hire his own staff. His best team was the 1979 team that went 8-3. In 1980 there were divisions inside the team that he didn't address and that probably did him in. Great guy, his grandson lives in Auburn.
  3. im4aual

    AU President

    I'm curious as to why people here think that Allen Greene is an "exceptional" athletic director. This is the guy who extended Coach Flo's contract and wouldn't interview David Marsh. Not impressed by anything he's done. Not being JJ doesn't make him exceptional.
  4. im4aual

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Could be worse for some of you, I live in Tennessee
  5. im4aual

    It's just a game

    To everyone who thinks losing a football game is the end of all happiness in their life and cause for great upheaval in every aspect of life, I am envious - your life must be completely trouble free if this is the biggest thing that you have to worry about. I had surgery to remove a malignant tumor two weeks ago, I have to go back every three months to check and see if it has spread to my lungs or brain. I wish football was my biggest concern. If the outcome of a football game is the end of the world for you, go to the local children's hospital and walk around the oncology ward for a little perspective. Go to a VA hospital and see the scars of our veterans. Go to a 12 step meeting and witness the people trying to reclaim their life from drug and alcohol addiction. Get some perspective. I am by no means new to Auburn football. I graduated from Auburn, as did both my parents, a brother, son, and nephew. I've had season tickets since 1977. I served a three year term on the Athletics Advisory Council and am currently on the Tigers Unlimited Council. Auburn is more than winning or losing a game, try to remember that the next time someone reminds you (correctly) that it is just a game. Let the retaliation to the truth begin in 3,2,1........
  6. Are SEC officials graded? If so, who has access to the grades? Since all the SEC schools except Vandy are public institutions and supported, at least in part, by taxes - shouldn't the results be made public? Has anyone ever sued to have the results made public? Just wondering.
  7. im4aual

    Anyone going to Atlanta

    Reserve a parking space on the stadium website. Download the waze app and use it to get to stadium.
  8. im4aual

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    In my prayers
  9. im4aual

    Countdown to kick off!

    Michael Dyer #5 What a waste of ability
  10. im4aual

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    Looks like Urban could punch a Clemson linebacker after an interception and keep his job
  11. im4aual

    Mark My Word 2018

    Mark my word: Tua will be bama's version of Jeremy Johnson Mark my word: Anders Carlson will win the Groza award that eluded his brother
  12. im4aual

    Countdown to kick off!

    #20 Joe Cribbs
  13. im4aual

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    In my prayers
  14. im4aual

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    He's gone. Ohio State already has major issue problems with the wrestling doctor, they can't afford more fuel on the fire.
  15. im4aual

    Countdown to kick off!

    Stacey Danley