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  1. Wish you the best Jared. Thanks for all you did for us and come back often, you will always be family.
  2. Silly me, I thought this thread was about Joey Gatewood. My bad.
  3. I view the UVA title like the football championship Colorado won after the "fifth down" against Missouri, tainted by the zebras
  4. Another overrated Tennessee player
  5. Bruce's treatment of the bus driver shows what a class act we have as our coach.
  6. Auburn man through and through
  7. I like the hire. Those who don't seem to base their opinion on two assumptions. The first is that since Gus hired him and they believe Gus to be inept at everything, so he must be bad. That's their view and they are entitled to it, although I wish that they didn't feel the need to constantly remind the rest of us that that's their view. The other assumption is that since he has limited coaching and recruiting experience, he will fail at both. I have no idea how good a coach he will be, but he certainly knows more about playing running back at the highest level than anyone on this board and deserves the benefit of the doubt if for no other reason than he has been successful at everything he has attempted. While it's true that his ability to recruit is unknown, he has all the tools to be a great recruiter. He was recruited by every elite program in high school, and has a knowledge base there that will prove valuable. Every high school coach in the country know who Cadillac Williams is, which puts him ahead of almost every other first year coach on the recruiting trail - and his accomplishments on the field earn him respect from those same coaches. Any kid who Googles his name will see a highlight reel unlikely to be matched by any other recruiter. Parents will get to meet a genuinely great individual who is the best example of what Auburn can do for their son - great college and pro career, managed his money well, got his college degree, and is now coaching a game he loves at a school he loves. Please remember, all of the negatives people are throwing out about this hire are the same things that could have been said about Pat Sullivan when Pat Dye hired him in 1986, and all he did was revamp our offense, beat bama four straight years, and win three SEC titles. Would it really be the worst thing to support Cadillac and give him a chance?
  8. Got you and your family in my prayers
  9. Isn't it time to stop talking about a player who is no longer at Auburn and move along?
  10. The first clue to all the talk about contract changes was where it originated, with a reporter who covers politics. The majority of the politicians in the state are bammers. Guess where the "info" probably came from? Almost every year a story which paints Auburn in a negative light surfaces during the end of recruiting, and they have all been false. Those who talk don't know, and those who know don't talk.
  11. Got my letter this morning. Should have been sent two weeks ago.