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  1. Thanks for sharing, Great to hear Jared articulate what Auburn did for him and means to him.
  2. He was considered the number 1 kid coming out of high school last year - not sure how that equates to draft rankings
  3. I had seen the G league comment but this article got my attention because of the starting age of 16. Thor might have went there if this had existed last year.
  4. Surprised no one has mentioned that we might not pull Scoot now in light of this announcement yesterday (added Bold in article) Ex-UConn coach Kevin Ollie to coach new elite basketball prospect venture Apr 12, 2021 Fa print Former UConn Huskies coach and 13-year NBA veteran Kevin Ollie has been hired as head coach and director of player development for the Overtime Elite, a new professional basketball league for top prospects between 16 and 18 years old. "I'm ready to get back to what I was born to do: empowering
  5. Positive hire from my point of view. Everything I see about her in terms of ability to recruit, knowing the SEC, etc. I like.
  6. When a player puts on that Auburn jersey, I support them whether they are there for one year or for 4. If they are good enough to make it to the next level in one year (or 2), I'm happy for them. Cole is on target here. I'm happy for Auburn too because other talented players are going to want to come for that same opportunity. We are seeing that happen now and it's only going to grow because of the success of the guys Bruce has recruited that have moved on to the NBA. To think the university doesn't recover their investment in a player that's only there for one year is an incorre
  7. Funny you should mention filets. Have a couple of prime filets in the frig and my wife just suggested that for lunch today. Reverse sear and finish in the cast iron skillet sounds like the approach since rain is possible today. Now to pick out a wine. Food derails are my favorite. I remember in the coach hiring thread, there was stretch where there was some discussion of various ethnic restaurants in the greater Atlanta area. I was hoping that part of the thread would expand.
  8. So, with new staff, etc. trying to crank up their recruiting engine in the midst of the pandemic, I've pretty much just been following the 2022 Recruiting Thread with occasional glances at the Transfer Portal thread and rare glances at individual recruit threads. I had read some of Powell Gordon thread in the early stages of his thread being created. Lately, whenever I would look at the Recruiting Forum, the most recent comments were in his thread. I couldn't figure out why he was getting so many comments, so last night and this morning, I went through his thread. About the only words I have i
  9. I've embedded the defensive highlights from yesterday's Kennesaw game that were on the Auburn Softball Twitter page.If you want to see the plays all4AU referenced, go to 1:51 in the video. Packer and King made the plays back to back. Would also comment that on the FSU game, Lowe gave up a leadoff triple in the top of the 7th but kept FSU from getting the runner home.
  10. Finally remembered to make a donation. I've been on the site for 11 years so needed to say thanks.
  11. Ellitor, thanks for the half inning summaries. Enjoyed watching the 2nd game yesterday and wanted to keep up today but had other activities that precluded listening to the play by play.
  12. I don't participate in the game threads because I have enough challenges trying to keep up with the action 😀 I typically come read the thread following the game. This was by far the most enjoyable thread to read in some time. The amount of enthusiasm for what this team can be was enjoyable to read. About the game: First, I thought the announcers, even Beth, did a pretty good job. Normally, she drives me crazy but I was not even sure it was her until the game was half over. Give Dan credit for his comment about Thor "He has a pro body. Skinny Division" Good to see Cole256 in the threa
  13. As others have said, wish him only the best. He did not have a chance to play in the position he was originally recruited for as a shooting guard due to our needs at PG. Also, with Trey Alexander coming in as a highly recruited SG next year, he's doing the best for his long term basketball future. As to opening up a scholarship, I thought we originally had one for next year which was "used" when Jabari Smith committed. When Trey committed, I thought that meant we needed one current scholarship player to choose to move on.
  14. Where's the food thread I was reading yesterday? Most interesting posts in this 170+ thread. 😅
  15. So NCAA does this yesterday but can't make a decision about Sharife? Division I transfers for all sports get blanket waiver from NCAA, can play immediately Jeff Borzello ESPN Staff Writer 6:05 PM ET The NCAA Division I Council voted Wednesday to grant a blanket waiver allowing all Division I transfers to play immediately this year. The waiver covers all Division I sports, and the most immediate impact will be felt in men's college basketball, in which a number of notable players will be able to suit up immediately -- as so
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