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  1. I think this guy captured it pretty well https://cbbtoday.com/mens/auburn-hopes-the-past-is-done-the-present-is-a-guide-and-the-future-is-gold/amp/
  2. https://cbbtoday.com/nba-draft/auburn-combo-forward-chuma-okeke/amp/ Looks like the author has been reading many of Cole's posts on Chuma
  3. No apology required, E. You do a great job sharing recruiting information and I appreciate the work you do. I know of a couple times in the past where you've tried to step away and the information flow drops dramatically so I hope you continue your efforts for the good of the board. Thanks
  4. In the original OP, Pickens is shown in orange as in signed. However, he is just committed at this point, correct? I'm thinking this is just a carryover from prior to ESD when orange was used for committed. Thanks
  5. Really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing
  6. Coach, I said this in one of Stat Tiger's weekly posts, but his two posts each week and yours have been the only reason I have ventured to the Football forum each week. Really appreciate your work to do these weekly reviews. Thanks and War Eagle!
  7. Stat, thanks for your analysis. Your two weekly analysis posts and JMR's weekly post are the best posts in the football forum that make it worth coming to read. War Eagle!
  8. Might be my all time favorite. Probably know more lines in this move than Animal House or Caddyshack (I only watch high brow stuff}? Anyway back to the regularly scheduled topic: Been looking forward to getting this guy since the first picture showed up of him holding the dog.
  9. Very surprised by this move because given her first 6 years, it will take a miracle for us to see AU WBB in the upper echelon of the SEC. Might be an easy one for Greene but just don't see it based on her 6 years.
  10. Auburn won the SEC tournament in 1985. Had to win 4 games in 4 days
  11. At a certain time in the game, if visiting player misses both free throws, people can take their ticket stub by a participating location and get a free sandwich. They do the same promotion as USCe. I was at the game last year and Austin Wiley missed two. Place went nuts. We played very poorly that night so that was one of the high points of my evening entertainment plus I gave my stub to my wife so she got a sandwich a few days later
  12. He is the person I've been most impressed with. His first two years, he shot around 50%. but he's in the 70+% this year. His form and follow thru is much improved.