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  1. Thanks for sharing the link. Good read on each player.
  2. JMR, I've been out of town so I was just catching up on your post and the comments because your thread and StatTiger's analysis threads are all I generally read in the football section because of the many people with agendas that aren't worth a person's time.When I first read your reply, I thought you had put the guy on ignore as someone had suggested. It wasn't until I saw all the other comments asking you to continue, that I realized I had misread your post. As many before have posted, I hope you reconsider and continue your analysis because it is beneficial and educational for many of us on here. Thank you for the time you have spent in the past and hope to see your analysis in the future. War Eagle!
  3. Thanks, that's what I figured in terms of exposure but thought maybe you knew where he was headed - in state, out of state. I agree he accomplished a great deal there but there is always the challenge of repeating at a state level. Many top level players come into college having won multiple state titles at their high school. No criticism of his decision because you have to make choices about what's best and go with it.
  4. Cole, what's up with Mark? https://www.timesdaily.com/sports/high_school/muscle_shoals/basketball-standout-mark-sears-is-no-longer-enrolled-at-muscle/article_efef8975-865f-5ae9-9590-aa42e609f9db.html Basketball standout Mark Sears is no longer enrolled at Muscle Shoals By Craig Thomas Sports Writer Mark Sears, one of the top prep basketball players in the Shoals, is no longer attending Muscle Shoals High School, Muscle Shoals coach Neal Barker confirmed to the TimesDaily. “He withdrew from our school,” Barker said. Barker said he has not heard from Sears since the start of the school year and does not know what school Sears now attends. Sears’ father did not respond to two text messages seeking comment. Asked if he was surprised by Sears’ departure, Barker said “I’d heard some rumors.” Sears, a 6-foot guard, has college scholarship offers from Elon, Missouri State, South Alabama and UAB. Sears was a Class 6A second-team all-state player as a sophomore and a first-team all-state player as a junior. He has been the TimesDaily’s big-school boys basketball player of the year each of the past two seasons. Last year as a junior, he averaged 22 points, eight rebounds and four assists per game. One of his more notable performances came in a Northwest Regional final win over Bessemer City, when he had 31 points, 12 rebounds and five assists. That victory sent Muscle Shoals to the state semifinals. Sears also played a significant role in the Trojans’ run to the 2016 Class 6A state championship game when he was an eighth-grader. The Trojans return several contributors from last year’s state semifinalist team, but Sears is not an easily replaceable player. “It’s just next man up for us,” Barker said. “It’s high school basketball, so you’ve got to go with the guys who are there.”
  5. I had missed this thread earlier (I know how because I generally don't spend a lot of time in the football forum due to the pro-con Gus back and forth). Certainly would have pegged ages of many posters incorrectly so it was interesting to see the various ages. One thing I saw in the latter posts were reminiscing about days at Auburn. Mine were a little different. My wife and I were already married almost 2 years before starting college. I was doing carpenter work and she was a secretary for Department of Social Services. I was preparing to go to work early one morning when it was 6 degrees. Threw a rod in my old VW squareback (2nd time). Still had to get to work and work out in the cold all day. When I came home that night, I told my wife that I thought I should do a career change involving college - engineering. She said that she would work. I had always been an bama fan (I was in North Alabama after all) but when I was considering an education involving engineering, it was an easy choice in the state of Alabama in 1976. She and I went to Auburn for counseling on courses to take at UNA to get pre-engineering stuff out of way at minimal total expense of living. After one semester at UNA, my wife said that she wanted to go to college as well - made sense as she was valedictorian when we graduated from our county high school. My reaction was more of how are we going to pay for school and survive. After 3 semesters for me, we moved to Auburn in the Married Students Housing. Adequate but basic accommodations. Our last summer in Auburn, I worked for the Forest Service and my wife took 23 hours to catch up so that we could graduate at the same time. She got her degree in Accounting. We had some fun in college but it was basically business for us. We both had jobs during school to provide our basics. Fortunately, college tuition and books were not as expensive as today or I'm not sure we would have been able to do it. It was the right choice and we have been blessed. We will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary in October. War Eagle!
  6. Lake Murray is huge - one of the largest with an earthen dam
  7. Certainly know where Elk River is. We still have family there so usually take Hwy 72 over and cross Elk River.
  8. 63 Male Lexington, SC (originally from Lauderdale County, Al) Class of '80 - BS Industrial Engineering Retired
  9. I'm wondering if Loof was hacked 🙄
  10. Ellitor: Must commend you for setting up this thread. It has kept many other threads relevant to topic. While it is disappointing that you are not in the job you hoped to be at this time, it's been great having you back in the recruiting forum with your organization. Thank you for your hard work on this forum.
  11. True. On the pro baseball comment, yesterday was Bobby Bonilla day for the NY Mets. " It's time for Mets fans everywhere to wish each other a Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! Why? On Monday, 56-year-old Bobby Bonilla will collect a check for $1,193,248.20 from the New York Mets, as he has and will every July 1 from 2011 through 2035." The below article shows some of the other deferred contracts: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27078321/happy-bobby-bonilla-day-why-mets-pay-119m-every-july-1
  12. I think this guy captured it pretty well https://cbbtoday.com/mens/auburn-hopes-the-past-is-done-the-present-is-a-guide-and-the-future-is-gold/amp/
  13. https://cbbtoday.com/nba-draft/auburn-combo-forward-chuma-okeke/amp/ Looks like the author has been reading many of Cole's posts on Chuma
  14. No apology required, E. You do a great job sharing recruiting information and I appreciate the work you do. I know of a couple times in the past where you've tried to step away and the information flow drops dramatically so I hope you continue your efforts for the good of the board. Thanks