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  1. Anyone have info on today's meet?
  2. Thanks for the updates. Exciting for volleyball to get to this point this quick.
  3. Thanks for posting status. Don't have ESPN+ so you are it 😀 War Eagle! Let's go ladies!
  4. Ladies win 86-46 over UCF. Improvement under Coach Harris is even more evident this year
  5. 5 minutes left in the 4th and Auburn has increased their lead to 37 points - score is 77-40
  6. Auburn with a dominating first half, leads UCF 46-17. Game is on SEC+.
  7. @AUBwinsPull us through. War Eagle
  8. Heck of an assist by Westry (Traore scoring) Best game of the year for both Westry and Traore
  9. Lost the 4th 16-25. Final game (to 15) shortly
  10. Head golf coach Clinard was the celebrity N tonight. Coaching the currently #1 ranked golf team in the country.
  11. Slow start for AU in 4th game down 3-10
  12. AU wins 3rd set 25-20. Need one more set.
  13. Let's go AU ladies - split first two games 21-25 Creighton, 25-21 AU in 2nd
  14. Traore has at least had couple good plays already. Pass to Cardwell and then Cardwell passed to him down lane for dunk. The other was a heckuva rebound and very good pass to Broome for the basket.
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