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  1. AUFan21

    AU vs Indiana State Game Thread

    73-49 AU 7:33 left
  2. AUFan21

    AU vs. Ole Miss - Weekly Presser

    KM, MM and DB all hit the hole so much harder and faster than KJ and KP right now. It seems to me that KJ is dancing to much. I know the injuries have effected them but the younger guys have better wheels right now.
  3. AUFan21

    Finally realized who CCL reminds me of

    Private Pyle is a character in the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  4. AUFan21

    Finally realized who CCL reminds me of

    Well Private Pyle did turn out to be a good shot down range. So maybe we can get some more deep shots down field this year.
  5. It has been bugging me for a week now. I finally figured it out. Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket.
  6. AUFan21

    Sean White nugget

    4 games to be exact..we never know what we got until 4 games into the season.
  7. AUFan21

    Iron Bowl Hype Video

    I caught that also. haha
  8. AUFan21

    Daniel Carlson - Vote now

    Looks like you can't revote by just clearing your cache or cookies. So, they may be going by IP. Its not impossible to spoof but it would require some work.
  9. AUFan21

    "What are they thinking" - UGA

    I want us to make them quit like Arkansas. I want the stadium empty at halftime. I want to the tears of dawg fans flow. Its high time we get that win at their place.
  10. AUFan21

    Truce!! TAMU--MSU

    That is what I am talking about. That was only thread I looked at.
  11. AUFan21

    Malzahn's Weekly Presser - Vanderbilt Game

    I really wish they would give the reporters a mic to talk into.
  12. AUFan21

    Malzahn's Weekly Presser - Vanderbilt Game

    So, What was the question where Gus answered, "I'm not telling."
  13. AUFan21

    injuries from the ole miss game

    mustard on a patty sausage and biscuit. mmmmmmmmmm
  14. AUFan21

    CFP Ranking #9

    I was going to say 84 but that is putting to much on our guys to keep up a pace of 21 per quarter.
  15. AUFan21

    CFP Ranking #9

    I hope we hang 56 on them and they don't ever make it past the 50 yard line.