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  1. KT is a perfect fit and makes too much sense not to try and go after..Therefore, it will never happen and he is not coming here. JABA
  2. That would be the most Auburn thing to happen.
  3. Ok. So insert any team in that plan, I am sure Texas Tech was the first team to pop in his head because they have an opening. I never said it was fool proof but plausible.
  4. basically something like CGM to Texas Tech and we get some high profile coach because we renegotiated his buyout.
  5. This is actually pure genius. There is no way possible anyone takes a deal like this if they are going to stay. Just sit back and relax. Phase 2 will begin shortly. And in no way do I believe our President came up with this plan or deal. BTW as tongue and cheek as it sounded, Passthebiscuits prediction could actually come life with this plan.
  6. You have a better chance proving he is an alien than he is cheating.
  7. Saban does what every successful CEO has done for eternity. He surrounds himself with the best. Saban runs that team like it is his own NFL franchise. He is the coach, GM and owner. He does what every successful Nascar team does, he finds and uses the grey areas of the rule book to his advantage. He does one thing particularly well, he is not afraid to change his system. He loves winning toooo much. Why do you think he hires all these fired coaches to be "analyst." He uses them for their knowledge. Do they cheat? Probably. Until it is proven, it is all hearsay. You will never be able to prove he was behind anything. It will be put on some analyst as a fall guy. Good luck trying to find dirt on him.
  8. KM, MM and DB all hit the hole so much harder and faster than KJ and KP right now. It seems to me that KJ is dancing to much. I know the injuries have effected them but the younger guys have better wheels right now.
  9. Private Pyle is a character in the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  10. Well Private Pyle did turn out to be a good shot down range. So maybe we can get some more deep shots down field this year.