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  1. usatoday.com As Trump, Biden hammer at swing states, advocates work to dismantle Electoral College 9-11 minutes DENVER — As the presidential election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden focuses increasingly on a few swing states that could determine the winner, millions of Americans are asking why their votes are essentially being taken for granted. Now, a long-running effort to make the nation's presidential election a "one person, one vote" system is gaining favor among partisan Democrats still angry that Trump won the 2016 presidency despit
  2. news.yahoo.com Kavanaugh's Opinion in Wisconsin Voting Case Raises Alarms Among Democrats Jim Rutenberg and Nick Corasaniti 9-11 minutes The Supreme Court decision Monday effectively barring the counting of mail-in ballots in Wisconsin that arrive after Election Day was not a surprise for many Democrats, who had pressed for it but expected to lose. But a concurring opinion by Justice Brett Kavanaugh set off alarms among civil rights and Democratic Party lawyers, who viewed it as giving
  3. i post opinions i do not always agree with. i also do not refuse to post something i see i might not like because i think auburn fans deserve to know what is being said. i disagree with his comments about dyer and cam so save your wrath ok? it is called being informed. personally i will not buy another si mag for a long while.............
  4. si.com Forde-Yard Dash: Is Gus Malzahn the Luckiest Man Alive? Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports FOURTH QUARTER: IS GUS MALZAHN THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE? Auburn coach and Waffle House devotee Gus Malzahn (31) has been smothered and covered in blessed fortune during his eight-year tenure at the Loveliest Little Village on the Plains. Good breaks? He’s had more than his share. Chalk it up to clean living or whatever, but if Gus had ordinary luck he would be long gone as the coach of the Tigers, and several million dollars poorer. (While still quite rich.) This season,
  5. words matter. these are trump poll watchers. they are scum and if you are ok with this so are you................
  6. i would say most trump followers are not people they are sheep. grins
  7. squamis cells grow tails and can grow into your brain or heart and kill you is what they said. and since all my cancers but one according to dr ray have been squamis i want them gone because if the blue light treatment does not kill them i am set for some huge scars on my face. anywa enough of the pity party. sorry to dump that on you but i have few places to vent.
  8. well they just called and canceled because they are short of staff. now i have to worry about this crap until nov tenth. now i have two more weeks with this crap worrying me.
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