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  1. #24

    I bought his autographed rookie card wearing his Auburn University on I get my Auburn auto cards out often to reremember the old times. And caddy was pretty smooth when he ran and I always watch those long runs with a big smile. He seemed to run with a different gait or style. Well he did to me. And last I heard he was a pretty good guy as well.
  2. Tigers are Stronger than Cancer

    Warm thoughts and prayers to ya AUIH1.
  3. Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    The Auburn hate was from cheating done when dye was coach. It is common knowledge so Google that bad boy. And I watched Bowden and Corso have their spat on ESPN. Dye might have kicked Corso out of practice but this is the first I have heard of it.
  4. Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    Does anyone think with stidhams shoulder injury they let him run less?
  5. Peach Bowl runner-up vinyl

    This ol boy reminds bama fans regularly on beating bama. Beating bama is something very few teams get to crow about. We did it and i guarantee you I am not nor will I be silent. As for the two losses to end the season our running backs were just beat down.js was playing hurt. There were a bunch of folks playing injured and a lot of the team was sick with the flu and or some kind of stomach bug. Yes it was tough but that is part of the game.
  6. Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    Unless we have a ton of injuries I expect us to be good. We need to quit picking things apart and enjoy his positive spin on our team.I doubt you young pups remember but way back in the day he pretty much hated Auburn. And he was not bashful about it. Him and Terry Bowden had one hell of an argument on national TV over Auburn cheating. That is why auburn fans cheered when corso's rental was struck by lightening in the parking lot outside the stadium. Times change and he is showing us love so why not enjoy it?
  7. Oddsmakers expect another ten win season

    Auburn is gonna kick azz this year. You heard it here first.....
  8. hard work ahead for Stidham

    Well now that many of us are relieved Gus did not mention the injury js took I wonder if it sunk in to the Gus haters. Some always bitch about Gus holding injury info but I bet there is a purpose for it just like keeping js's injury a secret so opposing D's could not tee off on him.
  9. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    you can believe anything you want. how many schools,bars,and churches been shot up and folks killed. and no one is doing anything to help them? how many years? this kids have had enough. cpr and a bucket of rocks is plain ol bullsh#t. some of you just repeat what you hear on fox. we have a serious problem and no one else is doing anything but making fun of those that were being shot at........
  10. Kerryon Johnson will be signing autographs

    usually auburn and players from that toerh school hit martins in oxford, gadsden, and huntsville.......
  11. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    are ads REALLY supposed to sit on ice cream cones and tell folks what flavor it is?
  12. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    People will throw dirt on your name and get mad when flowers grow from it.
  13. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    i got a quick look at some photo's of dead children before they were banned and removed online from one of the school shootings a few years back. you go look at a kid totally destroyed by an assault weapon and call these kids idiots......useful or otherwise. i am sad MORE kids are not speaking out.
  14. About that Cuban Flag Patch...

    when you call her an idiot for standing up for her rights it is...............not a good look for the record.
  15. at martins in oxford alabama april 7.....same day as the aday game. from a reliable friend. when i get a link of more info i will post.