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  1. i just do not understand. He is one of the biggest liars i have ever seen. and he lies every single freakin day about something. he is a bully. remember the video of him telling crowds at his rally to "hit him again......hit him again i will get ya out of jail. he made fun of a reporter that was handicapped which was one of the most classless thing i have ever seen. he made fun of gold star parents who lost a son saving most of the kids in his company. made fun of Mccain as saying his heroes do not get taken prisoner.and he said that with a straight face knowing he had FIVE deferments avoiding the draft. he is so bad running businesses in the ground he has to borrow money from other countries because he has defaulted on so many loans in america. he promised to drain the swamp but as far as i can tell he just hired better crooks. he claims to be america first but he has all of his name brand clothing made in china along with his daughter. i am pretty sure he lied to the coal miners giving them false hope knowing he entire time he was lying. he was busted screwing over thousands of folks with his trump university scam {at least he was busted for this one} and yet still made money because the fines etc were a drop in the bucket compared to the money he pulled in. hell he gave a shout out on national television asking the russians to hack hillary. i believe to this day he was thinking this was a wink wink moment between him and russia that he thought no one would notice. he has stripped more environmental laws allowing for more lead and other toxins and in our drinking water and the air we breathe saying the companies need to be able to make a profit with less regs in place. FUNNY he claims that when record profits are being made by tons of companies.recently after both houses overwhelmingly passed a sanctions bill against russia he has decided to do NOTHING. Since he began running for office and after he has taken office bullying is up. hate crimes are up. with all the removals from his cabinet etc i believe if he does not have the most corrupt cabinet he has one of the most corrupt in history. some of our staunchest allies have pulled back support. i mean jesus when the head guy for australia tells this idiot to put mommy the phone that should get someones attention.and it is no secret the queen of england....and she is not alone......does not want him in her country. hell i could go on and on and on but my fingers are falling off. so tell me.......just what the hell has trump done good for our country? i would like to know why some take up for him as hard as they do. is it because he is a racist that gives shout outs to the nazi paarty and the kkk as being good guys? the only thing i can think of is because he is white. but please let me know as i will be back to check out why folks seem to love the donald when there just does not appear to be that much to love........ no i am not a hillary guy so save your breath.
  2. Men vs. Georgia

    lets beat em like a redheaded stepchild!
  3. Military parade

    well tip I am not dead yet so i am one of todays libs. i do not agree with a lot of stuff the left comes up with as well as the right. and tip i will give you the point society looked on the military with disdain. after all the lies told to justify the war as well as killing women and children left a bad taste in their mouth. And i was as shocked as anyone. as far as most libs not joining instead of the draft i cannot prove much. I do know a lot of kids joined to be in the "buddy system".Many joined to be in the branch of service they wanted. a lot also joined because they wanted to pick their own mos instead of being a rifleman etc.AND one last point many libs as well as quite a few americans did join because after their service uncle sam paid for college for at least two years for all that served during nam. LAST POINT. you make a claim that many libs treated the troops bad during the tail end of the war.But here YOU are doing the same thing...bashing libs for something you accuse libs of. how special. you just have anger and maybe hate in your heart for folks you have demonized that you have never met or will never know. this bull of implying libs do not love their country or refuse to stand up for it is complete bull. and your boy trump had five deferments but that is perfectly ok right?
  4. Military parade

    most of us back then did not see things in left or right. and most were also drafted and i am pretty sure all of us were scared tho we would not admit it back then. but even today i have a few friends that are libs who had kids serve. maybe if you had a link? but calling libs from a younger generation basically ******* is not fair. in fact most folks think folks that are brown or black are libs today right? tell m why so many folks of color and ethnic groups are enlisted serving right now?
  5. Military parade

    not true. as a matter of fact i joined the service during nam instead of being drafted. i gave four years of my life and i can assure you there were plenty of libs in the service that i met as well. making blankets about things just creates a greater divide in this country.
  6. Military parade

    sorry anyone with five deferments does not deserve a military parade. and as an old squid i will admit most marines are pretty awesome.
  7. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    share what you smoking
  8. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    au jeff states he is a three star on his very first post of this thread just sayin...........
  9. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    i just woke up so i might have missed something but i believe ekids pic on this thread said three star? i hate being confused this early. good thing i was born blonde. but i am serious............
  10. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    why is jubiner or however ya spell his name only a three star? i thought he was a monster?
  11. Mens 2017-2018 SCHEDULE

    golf thanx for posting this! i bet i have used it a dozen times at least.
  12. Looking for a place to stay for A-Day

    you know chewacla and chewbacca are siblings right? lol lame joke i know. also i hear mr golf has a spare room if ya bring beer........
  13. Thanks mr trump

    no sir it is not. just remember i am retired and my paycheck is probably not as big as some of you make. and NO i do not like trump but the raise helps so i am honestly giving thanx. no hidden motives here at all.
  14. Wimp sanderson meltdown lmbo

    Ex-Alabama coach calls radio crew 'idiots,' rips ESPN analysts in hilarious segment Updated 3:33 PM; Posted 3:33 PM Former Alabama basketball coach Wimp Sanderson at the Alabama-Georgia game in 2013. (Vasha Hunt/ ) 1 share By Michael Casagrande A well-known soft drink company sponsoring a 14-minute radio interview Thursday was money well spent. The six packs commemorating Alabama's football championship got some quality time the second Wimp Sanderson's segment began. "I heard y'all's show," the former Alabama basketball coach began. "It's a joke." ADVERTISING From there, it was on. Appearing on The Roundtable on WJOX-FM in Birmingham, the 80-year old legend ripped into hosts Jim Dunaway, Ryan Brown and Lance Taylor the whole time. Radio gold in its purest form resulted from the weekly 11 a.m. Thursday phone interview. Sanderson wasn't pleased with the preceding assessment of Alabama's basketball loss to Missouri the night before. The man who coached the Tide program from 1980-92 had pointed criticisms for the hosts, bracket projections, television analysts and Arkansas. Listen along with the play by play that follows from one of the more entertaining interviews on radio. It's worth noting everyone in the studio was laughing through this. No blood was spilled -- all in the game of broadcasting sports views. The notable soundbites are noted with the timestamp in bold. After saying Dunaway was the only one with sense, he took issue with his perception of Brown comparing the Alabama situation to LSU with Ben Simmons two years ago. 1:27 Sanderson: "You need to call your daddy, Ryan. And get your daddy to explain that to you." In a phone interview with after the show, Brown said Sanderson met his dad at an event in Birmingham and often brings him up when ribbing the host. ADVERTISING They argued a bit about the pace of things, to which Sanderson noted he wasn't "passing the offering plate today." He was going to say what needed to be said. Noted. The retired coach transitioned to the atmosphere in Coleman Coliseum on Wednesday night. It wasn't too electric, which turned into a chicken vs. egg deal. Sanderson wanted to know if the hosts thought it was the crowd's job to create the atmosphere or if it was on the team to get them loud. The Roundtable crew agreed it was on the team to get things going. 2:13: Sanderson (practically shouting): "Well you're all three stupid! And you ought to be off the cotton-picking show." Sanderson also wasn't a fan of Brown comparing football and basketball. 2:28 Sanderson: "I've seen football get their butts beat a hundred times before Brown was ever born." Someone in the studio asks if Stone Cold Steve Austin is on the phone. Earlier, there was a Jim-from-Tuscaloosa reference comparing it to the infamous Paul Finebaum caller. Why is it the crowd's job, the hosts ask? 2:55 Sanderson: "You're trying to help me get better, you idiots!" That led into Sanderson making a comparison to Ryan Brown's daughters doing math problems. 3:24 Sanderson: "You guys are idiots when it comes to coaching. You always have been and you always will be." Nobody argued. They got back to discussing Simmons, whether this Alabama team would be better playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium and more. 6:57 Sanderson: It was not the fans' fault. So, when you guys call in to bust my butt when the show is over. Fine. It's not the fans' fault." They talked about the difference in era from when Sanderson led the Tide to 10 NCAA tournaments in 12 seasons 7:53 Sanderson: "Dog gone it, I'm so hacked off, I forgot what I was going to say. What was I going to say? I had something important to say. Ask me something else." Sanderson then said five SEC teams would be in the tournament if it started today: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. In the studio, someone points out ESPN tournament expert Joe Lunardi also has Arkansas in his bracket. 9:35 Sanderson: "Arkansas, think I'm going to throw up if Arkansas is in it." He also didn't enjoy the ESPN2 broadcast of the Alabama loss to Missouri on Wednesday night. 9:47 Sanderson: "What's his name, (Daymeon) Fishback who gets on there and drives me crazy. Last night, those two people who did that game, I turned them off and watched the game and just looked at the game." In the studio, they pointed out it was a different former Auburn player, Laphonso Ellis who joined Beth Mowins on the call. 10:09 Sanderson: "Well Fishback needs to go stick his head in a bucket of water. He played for Sonny (Smith) or somebody. He doesn't know left from right." Back in the studio, they pointed out it was Cliff Ellis who coached Laphonso Ellis from 1996-00. They went on to argue about the value of the RPI and whether the NCAA selection committee cares about it. Sanderson said they don't. The retired coach, when asked how to use Alabama star Collin Sexton more effectively, said the point guard should dribble-drive more and kick to teammates when they're open. Wimp says the RPI doesn't mean much to the selection committee. They repeated the sponsorship for a third time back in the studio. 13:18 Sanderson: "I'll probably be advertised by water next week after this deal. Not water from Piggly Wiggly, the faucet. ... Anyway, I love you guys." Everyone back in the studio agrees. This radio opera is winding down but not before they make things right. 13:46 Sanderson: "Anyway, if you have basketball questions, just call me." 13:53 Studio: "All right Wimp, love you." 13:54 Sanderson: (sounding reluctant): "Love you, bye" Michael Casagrande is an Alabama beat writer for the Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @ByCasagrande.
  15. Kickoff time set for 2018 A-Day

    my dad told me they came to the pits for a good workout and a cat had been using it as a litter box. coach did not care. he said he wanted to see some of the human variety to know the boys were getting after ok i made that up lol. pretty sure shug was not there yet when my dad played...........