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  1. 247sports.com Auburn's Bryan Harsin makes list of best head coaching hires ByMatt Howe 3-4 minutes Back in December, Auburn shocked the college football world when they fired coach Gus Malzahn. A few weeks later, the Tigers announced they were hiring former Boise State coach Bryan Harsin. In seven seasons at Boise State, Harsin owned a 69-19 record including a 3-2 record in bowl games. In a recent article written by David Kenyon of Bleacher Report, Kenyon ranks Auburn’s hire of Harsin as the fourth-best hire in the entire country after the 2020 college football se
  2. al.com How Bryan Harsin built reputation as a QB coach By Giana Han 5-7 minutes Beyond the playbook, beyond the footwork and form, there is something that all successful quarterbacks must have. It’s hard to put into words, former Boise State quarterback Bart Hendricks said. You could call it a “feel,” a toughness, or the way a quarterback carries himself before, during and after plays. Hendricks might not be able to describe it, but he knows that new Auburn coach and his former teammate Bryan Harsin gets it. “That’s a subtlety that I think only people who played the po
  3. i say folks his age make a lot of mistakes. i did as well as most of the people i know. also there is no telling what the young man was told with all the rumors floating around. he trusted some of the old coaches and folks say one of them was running his mouth spinning stuff.he seemed to behave while he was at auburn so if he wants to return i say let him. the new staff might unleash the beast in him.
  4. i spent hundreds of weekends playing in bars in one band or another and i learned to judge most folks real well. i rarely got fooled and i just knew trump would be serious trouble and an embarrassment before he was elected. i am still shocked he got elected with his background. i think most people would not believe it because he seemed ok because of his show. i never watched his show. but i saw and googled enough to know better. i still laugh inside when folks were giving trump a pass on his bull and when i started doing the same attitude like he did it is my understanding a whole lot of peopl
  5. well biden says he has always been for law and order and no riots will be tolerated unless they are lawful. lets see if he keeps his word. i expect the minorities to slow down or stop since trump is not gaslighting folks anymore. again, we shall see.
  6. fox is back to their old tricks. they have been calling the national guard the democratic army like we just took over the country. rand paul is still talking his nonsense and now repubs are trying to sneak guns into the floor of one of the houses. this beats anything i have ever seen in my life. how in the hell did some nut jobs get so make it this far trying to derail the country? now i am not blaming the whole party but it is bad. hell people around my area like shrinks and important people in my area are super mad believing the election was stolen because of covie and trying to protect folk
  7. that was interesting. with all the insight into gus was different. they ran four plays but so much more was expected more than normal i understand now why some players did not see the field much. what gave me hope was where it was said the strength and conditioning coach was kind of old fashioned but when players start doing his workouts it is going to be like a punch in the face. i also agree where i hate we lost out s and c guy because it was said he knew certain things to do to keep players from getting hurt much and i have head that before about our old s and c coach. and i was shocked onl
  8. Julie Sanderson Kravec WAR EAGLE ROOM ....AUBURN FANS ONLY 6tohScponsoregd · Kodi Burns was one of my all time favorite Auburn players and subsequently one of my favorite coaches. I had hoped he would be retained but no such luck. Our loss is Central Florida's gain. Kodi, thanks for all you did for Auburn and War Eagle forever!
  9. if we kiss i am gonna slip him the tongue...........lol
  10. ok i will come stay with you and the wife in your room...lol. i kid i kid............
  11. i read "a duel of eagles" by i think jeff long. he wrote a great novel warts and all of all the main characters and i mowed through it.the captain from alabama ran off from paying his debts and left his family. jim was a slave guy. they said crockett made a mistake and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. hell even santa anna was a coke freak. i loved it. his point was these guys......not santa anna of course made bad mistakes but redeemed themselves and the book was about redemption. some still hated it but for any book worms out there it is a great read.
  12. man i do not drive to birmingham anymore so i doubt i come to texas tho i always wanted to see the alamo. i am just sheet outta luck lol
  13. i keep forgetting we have 35 likes a day and i still find my self judging if i need to burn one{get it} or go ahead and use it since we have so many.
  14. u warm my heart freak. i will share..............
  15. send me a pot sucker. you have my addy........i want to say i tried one before i kick if you will.
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