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  1. we are going to bring pain, misery, and suffering to all those that dare oppose
  2. What’s next for Joey Gatewood after losing out on Auburn starting quarterback job? Posted Aug 21, 9:15 AM Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics By Tom Green | Well before Gus Malzahn came to a decision on who would be Auburn’s starting signal-caller, Kenny Dillingham had an open discussion in the Tigers’ quarterback room. The first-year offensive coordinator wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page, regardless of the ultimate outcome of Auburn’s quarterback competition between Bo Nix and Joey Gatewood. “Everybody in that room is going to help us this year,” Dillingham said. “And you see it year in and year out. And our motto is ‘Ride for the Brand.’ So, if you're with us right now, you're with us. And that's kind of what we've talked about is in our room, we have to be the closest room on the football team regardless of who wins the job; we're going to have each other's back in all aspects of life. And that's kind of what we've talked about. And we've put that on the table since I got here, and I firmly believe in that.” Nix ultimately won the job, the news first delivered one-on-one by Malzahn early Tuesday afternoon. Malzahn then informed Gatewood personally, then the entire team during a pre-practice meeting. Nix’s coronation culminated with a press conference Tuesday evening, when he was introduced to the media for the first time since enrolling on campus in January. “He handled it, in my opinion, about as good as you can handle it,” Nix said of Gatewood. “He had a really good practice today, so obviously it didn’t faze him that much. But like I said, Joey is a great talent. He can run the ball and throw the ball just about as good as anybody. We have two really good quarterbacks on Auburn. That’s for sure.” With the spotlight now firmly on Nix as the new face of Auburn’s program, what does it mean for Gatewood, the redshirt freshman and former top-50 recruit who has drawn physical comparisons to former Heisman winner and national champion Cam Newton? How true freshman Bo Nix became QB1 at Auburn A look at how Bo Nix set himself apart from Joey Gatewood in the Tigers' quarterback competition this fall. The redshirt freshman made strides in his development over the course of spring practices, summer player workouts and fall camp, and the coaching staff appear confident in his big arm and his ability to run the ball. It’s just that Nix surpassed him over the last couple of weeks, and the decision became evident to Malzahn and Dillingham as they reviewed the totality of fall camp over a 48-hour period that began Sunday afternoon. Gatewood will be Auburn’s clear-cut backup quarterback this season, though Malzahn was sure to clarify that Nix will not be on a short leash and will be given the opportunity to play through some anticipated growing pains early in the year. “You don't want to be thinking that you're going to pull the rope on him,” Malzahn said. “You go with a guy and let him play. Especially as freshmen, it wouldn't have mattered which one — you've got to be patient.” That backup role will be vital, especially with the difficulty of Auburn’s schedule and how willing Malzahn and Dillingham appear to be in allowing Nix the freedom to run the ball this season. Injury is always a risk, in that regard, and having Gatewood ready and waiting helps ease some of those potential concerns. That’s not to say that Gatewood won’t have a role beyond serving as Nix’s backup this season. Malzahn wasn’t ready to say what the plan will be for the 6-foot-5, 233-pounder in the season opener against Oregon on Aug. 31, understandably not wanting to tip his hand toward Mario Cristobal and the Ducks. Over the course of fall camp, however, the vibe given off around the program was that, regardless of who was named QB1, both would have a role to play this season given the praise each has received and the specific skillsets each brings to the table. As parroted by Malzahn, Dillingham and players such as running back Shaun Shivers: The Tigers expect both quarterbacks will help them win this season. “He’s our backup quarterback that we have a lot of confidence in,” Malzahn said of Gatewood. “I told him we’re going to need him this year to be ready. We’ll see what happens with everything. It gives us a lot of flexibility, so we’ll see what that means moving forward.” Though Malzahn left his answer open-ended, that flexibility means Auburn could have specific packages designed for Gatewood while Nix still receives the majority of the snaps, or Gatewood could provide a change of pace offensively. Both are capable dual-threats, and while Nix is the more polished passer at this stage, he isn’t as physically imposing as Gatewood, who has done some of his best work when he has been able to tuck the ball, run and take on would-be tacklers. “He be trying to run everybody over,” wide receiver Eli Stove said in the spring. “He’s a strong, big guy. I would expect him to do that, too. I feel like he’s a running back with the ball, making all the cuts and all that. He’s making good decisions, too.” To be clear, if Gatewood sees time against Oregon, it won’t be some seemingly random rotation — as Malzahn previously did with multiple quarterbacks, unsuccessfully at that, during the 2016 season opener against Clemson. If anything, it would be a more refined two-quarterback system, potentially in the same vein as Florida in 2006 with Chris Leak and Tim Tebow, when Leak was the primary quarterback but then-freshman Tebow thrived in short-yardage situations with designated packages. Texas similarly used such a system in 2015 with Tyrone Swoopes, who ran the Longhorns “18-Wheeler” package after losing his starting job to then-freshman Jerrod Heard. At SEC Media Days last month, Malzahn didn’t rule out the possibility of a two-quarterback system, saying he is “open to whatever” gives Auburn’s the best chance to win games. Gatewood, of course, is no stranger to a two-quarterback system. At Bartram Trail he split time with Riley Smith, now at Boise State, and passed for 1,468 yards and 12 touchdowns while rushing for another 1,100 yards and 16 scores during his senior season. The Bears finished that season as the Class 7A state runner-up in Florida. Even if Gatewood doesn’t see the field against Oregon, Auburn will have two non-Power 5 matchups over the following two weeks — at home against Tulane and Kent State — to figure things out before the start of SEC play. It stands to reason, at least, that Malzahn will be sure to carve out a role for Gatewood during that time and see how he can be incorporated into the offense before Auburn’s schedule hits conference action. “I will say this about Joey, and I told him this: He's going to help us win games this year,” Malzahn said. “There's no doubt in my mind. The good thing is, with everything we've confirmed, is that we've got two guys that we feel like we can win with.” Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.
  3. i do not like the vampie looking spook show named sheridan but he is usually right or close to it...........
  4. i plan on getting the aubie stoner face tat in the near future............long may you run my auburn bro........
  5. hey tiger! you are using the old aubie stoner face and i just wanted to say that is awesome................grins
  6. i can understand how some really wanted one or the other in the qb race. if they wear the orange and blue and not complete idiots i got love for all the tigers. bo has worked his whole life for this moment. i am willing to bet joey will get his chance and i hope he goes lights out as well. i hate that anyone works their butt off and comes up so short it probably cannot be measured. gus knows his future is probably riding on these two gentlemen so i would think he was as fair as he could be.
  7. really? i never knew that.........i have no idea who but i do not doubt it.
  8. jalen named starter at okie and wants to play bama bad. secret aubie fan maybe?
  9. too bad they do not allow smoking in the stadium. blue dreams with some blue skies........big screen tele with a killer sound system. last time i was in jordan hare i got drunk, fell, and rolled down a few steps. it must have been epc because several fans came by to see if i was the follies of youth.................
  10. i guess i missed it but is auburtn going to do anything for rod this year like initials on helmets or whatever in his honor? i bet they are but i have seen nor heard nothing...........
  11. heck maybe it is just me and not lol
  12. After reconfiguring his body, Seth Williams ready to take next step as Auburn’s top receiver Posted Aug 20, 7:00 AM AP By Tom Green | Seth Williams wants to clear the air and issue a correction. His listed weight on Auburn’s official roster, 224 pounds, isn’t what he actually weighs heading into his sophomore season. “The roster lied,” Williams said. “I looked at that and I said, ‘The roster got me looking kind of big on here.’ But I ain’t mad, though. I look like I got some muscle.” The truth of the matter is Williams hasn’t put on a substantial amount of weight since his breakout freshman campaign. The 6-foot-3 receiver who led the SEC in yards per catch (20.54) last season said he has dropped about 10 pounds since then, though he was listed at 210 last year and says he’s now between 212 and 215 pounds. What that number actually is doesn’t actually matter; more importantly, Williams has reconfigured his body composition — cutting down his body fat considerably, according to strength and conditioning coach Ryan Russell. “I think he’s going to be able to run now,” Auburn wide receivers coach Kodi Burns said. “He’s a guy who has awesome hands. He can do up and get the ball, which we saw last year. The guy is a freakshow in the red zone, especially. But now that he’s lost some weight, I think he can open up and run a little bit more.” That could herald in bad news for opposing secondaries this fall, as Williams looks to take the next step in his evolution as a receiver. After emerging as a threat as a freshman, reeling in 26 receptions for 534 yards five scores in 2018, Williams is expected to take over the mantle of Auburn’s No. 1 receiver this season. Seth Williams wants to turn Auburn into 'Wide Receiver U' Auburn has not had a strong history of producing receivers, and the program hasn't had a 1,000-yard receiver since 1999. Part of that is the ability to play more snaps over the course of a game without getting worn out. That, naturally, goes hand in hand with the reshaping of his body this offseason, but there’s more to Williams’ progression as a wide receiver prospect. When he arrived at Auburn last year, the Cottondale native was simply a raw prospect. A four-star prospect and the No. 35 receiver in the 2018 class, Williams was surviving mostly on natural athleticism last year. He played multiple sports throughout high school — he was an All-State basketball player, played baseball and medaled in the long jump and high jump at AHSAA state track meets — and never really had the opportunity to just focus on developing as a football player. “When Seth got here and when I recruited Seth, I knew he was a heck of an athlete,” Burns said. “I watched him on the basketball court, and he could dunk a basketball every which way, but he was really raw. He wasn't really coached up as far as receiver.” Much of Williams’ freshman year was spent with Burns and other offensive staffers working to sharpen his skills at the position, helping Williams get a firm understanding of the offense and the principals of the Tigers’ route tree, as well as how to read a defense and identify coverages. “It’s more of a mental game,” Williams said. “I see that now.” In a way, his sheer rawness at the position made his accomplishments in 2018 even more impressive. Along with leading the SEC in yards per catch, Williams also had the game-winning touchdown catch against Texas A&M last year at Jordan-Hare Stadium. He became a viable possession receiver who had the ability to outleap and outmuscle defensive backs on jump-balls downfield. “That's extremely impressive,” Burns said. “I think I kind of look at him like I look at Noah. You look at Noah Igbinoghene, the dude had never played DB in his life, and he ends up starting for us in SEC games and making plays. And he has a chance to end up being a heck of a player. Then you look at Seth, a guy who wasn't a natural receiver in high school — a great athlete — but then he makes impact plays as a freshman. So, I'm excited to see his development and kind of where he's going to be at this year.” So is Williams, especially after a full offseason of focusing solely on football and honing his skillset as a receiver — even if it has been, for lack of a better word, boring for him not playing all the other sports he excelled at in high school. “I’m not going to say it has been the most boring, but it’s kind of been like ‘dang, I’ve got to wait until football season comes around to play,’” Williams said. “I have to wait for spring and fall to come around just to play a sport. Just sitting there focusing on football and taking the offseason to learn the game more and sitting and watching film, I feel like that’s helped me a lot. Instead of being in another sport and taking my mind completely off football, being in football has helped me a lot.” Fall is here now, of course. Auburn wrapped up the camp portion of its preseason practices on Sunday, and the team will begin preparation in earnest for its Aug. 31 season opener against Oregon when it reconvenes for practice Tuesday — and Williams is fully ready for it, even if he anticipates some double-teams headed his way this season. He has worked on improving his releases off the line and his breaks on routes, as well as developing a rapport with quarterbacks Bo Nix and Joey Gatewood. With his reconfigured body composition, he said he feels lighter, which he hopes will help him be able to move more freely in the open field and get open easier. After dealing with a minor back injury that limited him for parts of fall camp, Williams is feeling healthier too. He returned full speed to practice late last week, and he said he feels like he’s at “98 percent” with the season fast approaching — and one simple goal in mind as the team’s presumptive No. 1 receiver. “Ball out,” Williams said. “That’s all my goal is, to ball out. I don’t set personal goals for myself. My goal is to ball out and do what I do.” Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.
  13. got a link to that? i hate being a pain but i would love to watch some of that.
  14. what auburn cheerleaders made the ath..........