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  1. aubiefifty

    Most important game of the season?

    i see my plan worked to perfection! we brought the pain and showered in their tears. and yes i smoked a victory fatty`and the night was glorious indeed!
  2. aubiefifty

    Most important game of the season?

    if we come out from the start beating the pants off of them then they will be so busy covering their behinds with their hands it effects their game and we win easily.i am hoping dp continues to pick up his game and starts doing some serious balling tonight. anytime we beat the turds i say a little short and simple prayer."thank you jesus". LOL WAR EAGLE!
  3. aubiefifty

    First JR Day for 2020 Class (2/2/19)

    once again i really appreciate the work you put in el. you bust your azz and i hope they pay you for it but know tha it means a lot regardless. you are becoming a legend on this board with all that you do. if i ever make back down to auburn maybe i can buy ya a burger or decent meal when my social security kicks in later this year.
  4. aubiefifty

    Tigers Taking the Track

    Anthony Schwartz wasted no time in making his mark on the track. Competing in his first collegiate meet this week at the Bob Pollock Invitational in Clemson, S.C., the Auburn freshman wide receiver/track star took home first in the 60-meter dash. Schwartz finished the 60m final in 6.65 seconds -- 0.16 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Cole Beck of Virginia Tech--while teammate Shaun Shivers placed third in 6.83. “Anthony looked really good and Shaun ran well," Auburn coach Ralph Spry said. "Their times were very good considering they’ve only had two weeks of training. They’re starting off easy and building into the season. As the season progresses, the training will get better and they will continue to sharpen. Today was just the tip of the iceberg for those two.” Schwartz' time was two-tenths of a second off the NCAA record and 0.06 seconds slower than his personal record of 6.59 set at the New Balance Nationals Indoors in New York last spring. The freshman speedster took to Twitter on Friday evening vowing to break his personal record in due time. “It felt good (today), especially the first race back after a few months of football,” Schwartz said. “I felt like I did alright. It was kind of an easy run, but I still have a lot more work to go though.” While Schwartz and Shivers, both coming off impressive freshman debuts on the football field, finished first and third in the 60m on Friday, sophomore two-sport star Noah Igbinoghene took home second place in the long jump at the Bob Pollock Invitiational. Igbinoghene, who enjoyed a breakout season at cornerback in the fall after switching from wide receiver, enjoyed a jump of 24 feet, 5 inches on his first attempt in the event finals. Igbinoghene’s long jump tied the mark of event winner Corion Knight, but Igbinoghene fouled on his other five attempts in the finals and took home second. “Noah had some really good jumps, it’s just unfortunate he fouled on five of six of them,” Spry said. “As I told him, there were a couple jumps that looked like they were over 25 feet, but he just didn’t get the measure. The positive is he knows he can at least cover the distance, and heading into next weekend he should have a lot of confidence.” The Bob Pollock Invitational continues with Day 2 of events on Saturday.
  5. aubiefifty

    Carnell Williams new RB coach

    i believe some folks are taking a shot at caddy just because gus hired him. a lot of people other than gus i believe have to sigh off on the hire as well. caddy is a winner. he is a great person. i believe he has learned plenty enough in his playing days at the college level as well as the pro's to get our kids ready. i say welcome aboard caddy!
  6. aubiefifty

    Prayers Needed

    praying with you and lets hope they bring a great outcome or at least a lot of comort in your times of trouble.
  7. aubiefifty

    Derrick Brown returning!

    i believe Tampa just hired coach bruce arians.
  8. aubiefifty

    Derrick Brown returning!

    thanx man.....i really appreciate what you do for the board. i think your work and insights are outstanding! i seldom post in recruiting but i do visit very often.
  9. aubiefifty

    Derrick Brown returning!

    it is my understanding from another board that mr brown's draft stock would take a big hit because he cannot perform like he is capable of and his draft placement would take a hit possibly costing him some serious money? anyone else heard this? and i am certainly no throwing shade on mr brown as he is one of my favorite players. i sure am looking forward to another year of watching mr brown. i love the way he hits backfields like a wrecking ball and is always grinning after the play is over.
  10. aubiefifty

    Which Players are Leaving?

    not trying to upset you guys but i plan on staying and will be back this
  11. aubiefifty

    Which Players are Leaving?

    are you sure? i read a ton of articles on the fbi being at auburn but i will admit most of it was
  12. aubiefifty

    Which Players are Leaving?

    i believe they even claimed cecil wanted money for his church which was having some kind of problems as well. i think the laptop cam bought is what convinced many cam was lying about money from auburn. but the fbi and ncaa spent a year more or less searching every nook ans cranny and auburn came away clean. i hate cam was smeared. there is hardly a week goes by cam is not feeding the homeless or feeding needy folks at thanksgiving as well as providing hundreds of families with christmas. i love him and hope one day he gets a great team behind him and wins a superbowl.
  13. aubiefifty

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    i have none towards you as well realist. i did not go to bed last night hoping you kicked or anything.we want the same things just by different means. my love auburn goes way deeper than i can explain other than my dad playing on the frosh team in the early fifties. i am sure we might spar more down the road but i wish you the absolute best for the new year.
  14. aubiefifty

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    to be honest i am an old geezer that had no clue about until i got in this group. i also never knew the mobile press was owned until pointed out yesterday/ eugene i have absolutely no ill will towards you. i think sometimes we are like brothers fighting like crazy but at the end of the day it is not personal and we all want the same thing ultimately. well ok sometimes it might get personal for a few minutes. but other than a dust up here and there i wish no one any ill will at all. have a great day brother.............
  15. aubiefifty

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    the sad fact is post more auburn stuff than anyone else. yes i have seen attack pieces and i have seen good articles. and for the record i believe was originally posted by Mobile Press-Register and i assume just picked it up. my point is if we refused to post any news by different news outlets auburn fans did not like or approve of very very little would get published on this site. also when i post articles i try to post what i think most fans would want to read. can be a nightmare with all their adds so i finally got ad blocker and now they pop up things telling me to turn my ad blocker as someone who refuses to pay for tidbits of news concerning auburn i just get the news where i can.