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  1. one thing about mikey is he is pretty loyal. i understand how some folks do not care for it but i bet if he was your friend and people were dissing you most of you would love the hell out of mikey. everyone is making suggestions on why gus did this or did that and it is still the same ol same ol if you say something nice about gus some on here think it automatically disqualifies him from having an opinion. does anyone really know what happened? really? i mean we have staff that betrayed gus and all of a sudden they are right? not buying it. and people on here get too much fun jumping people f
  2. al.com Playing Kentucky ‘an opportunity’ for Auburn By Giana Han 4-6 minutes Allen Flanigan (22) dribbles the ball down the court during Auburn's 95-77 win at Georgia on Jan. 13, 2021. Credit: Tony Walsh/Georgia Athletics Auburn has been playing much better basketball in recent games, thanks in part to Sharife Cooper’s return. But so has Auburn’s next opponent, the Kentucky Wildcats, coach Bruce Pearl p
  3. i want to say here that coop pretty much took an azz whuppin on the court yesterday. how many times did they knock him down or around? the man is a warrior in my eyes. i think he needs more time maybe for strength and conditioning training so he is ready for the beating he will probably endure in pro ball. am i wrong in this? i realize he might not be in great playing shape because of the ncaa so i am certainly not downing him. it sure seemed like kentucky tried to dominate him physically and maybe i am looking through auburn eyes but it seemed to be excessive to me. again, am i wrong?
  4. al.com 3 takeaways from Auburn's win over Kentucky By Giana Han 7-9 minutes Standing on the sideline as the first half clock wound down, coach Bruce Pearl shouted “SHOOT. THE. BALL!” It was the culmination of a first half against Kentucky where Auburn passed up shot after shot before settling for a difficult look when time ran out. But even when Auburn did shoot the ball, things didn’t look much better. The Tigers finished the first half shooting 24.2 percent from the field, missing 25 shots. Kentucky also struggled to get the ball in the hoop, but it finished wit
  5. lindyssports.com Auburn Smoke Clears, Future Uncertain, May Be Bright 11-14 minutes It’s usually smart to wait until the smoke clears to determine where you are and where you’re headed. That’s been especially the case regarding Auburn football, the dismissal of head coach Gus Malzahn, the hiring of Brian Harsin, and what might be expected for the program in the near future. In looking back and looking ahead at the Tiger football situation, there are really three aspects to evaluate … the firing, the hiring and the aspiring. Firing – When Auburn fired Malzahn after
  6. he says he likes it at least twice a week with his meals................boo hiss. lol 247sports.com Auburn hires Troy's Cornelius Williams as wide receivers coach ByNathan King 3-4 minutes Auburn has hired Troy wide receivers coach Cornelius Williams in the same role for its 2021 staff, Tigers head coach Bryan Harsin announced Saturday morning. "Cornelius is a great fit for the staff we are assembling," Harsin said. "He's a strong teacher of the game on the field and has been developin
  7. i think this could be great for us. did Boom not laugh about how we did recruiting and all it entails? maybe he is doing this so coaches can coach more and recruit less and still have great results? i am just making a guess here but he has a right hand man he just hired to deflect from the powers to keep interfering too much so coaches are not wasting time dancing around boosters.
  8. also in this thread what are we now? we no longer have a gus bus as it has left the station so what mode of transportation do we use? kiff has the lane train. just something to think about and play with.
  9. it should not be too long. i can say if we are not allowed a spring it would basically wreck this upcoming season. i think it hurt gus because he was bringing inchad and a new O. i cannot imagine what it would do to new D schemes as well. then we will hear about what a bad coach harsin is for months. and people can bitch about what i said but it is true and most of you know this.
  10. if i am not mistaken when he coached jville we had some ball catching receivers for sure. he seems like he would be a good pick. love him or hate him. and i magine he learned a thing or two under clark
  11. this is bad folks. this is real bad. i hope it does not happen but if he attempts this nonsense we may never recover from it. and why this country is putting up with this carp just blows my mind.
  12. Yahoo 4 minutes President Trump appears to be out of options in his quest to con his way into a second term in office. The court challenges didn’t work. Pressuring Republican politicians to hold up the certification of the election results didn’t work. Inciting a mob of thousands of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol building didn’t work. As things stand currently, Joe Biden is still scheduled to be sworn in as president on January 20th. But Donald J. Trump isn’t one to give up.
  13. al.com JT Thor’s production is taking off for Auburn By Tom Green | tgreen@al.com 5-6 minutes Auburn power forward JT Thor positions for a rebound during a game against Georgia at Stegeman Coliseum in Athens, Ga., on Wednesday, January 13, 2020. (Photo by Tony Walsh) Sharife Cooper remembers the first time he saw JT Thor play and immediately wondering, “Yo, who is that?” It was a couple
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