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    auburn is my heart. music is one of my main loves. big reader
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huge auburn fan here. my old man played for auburn on the frosh team in the early fifties. my grandfather taught horseback riding at auburn for ROTC. my grandparents lived on east glenn street in three different houses on the same block. there is a childrens park with some baseball fields down the hill and it had a small creosote bridge crossing a creek and my grandfather used to tell me to watch out for the troll that lived underneath the bridge. he was my hero and everyone in town knew him and called him sarge.

   i am a high school drop out that joined the navy in seventy seven. that makes me a five point vet but let me be clear i never fought and i was no hero. i spent my service stationed at the pentagon making coffee and sorting message traffic in a crisis center working directly for the chief of naval ops. my only claim to fame was sneaking into a fifth floor fanroom with a young lady to smoke a joint. yep. i got high in the big war machine. i got out and got my ged and went to gadsden state jr college needing only two classes to graduate. i got band fever and hit the road singing in a traveling band.

  i can be combative with idiots or even borderline idiots but in real life i am a great guy.if you do not believe it ask me. i have been married and divorced three times. women love me they just do not love me long. most of my family is gone now and i never had any children so i have a bad habit of substituting boards and posters for family which is a shaky proposition. for the record i claim to be right most of the time but i never claim to be sane.................want to know something just ask me.

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